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***Final Edition*** – Remember to pack your bags tonight!

Station Times

50 years of Lochearnhead Edition 24th August 2012 - Issue 13

Sinking the Titanic Weather The West Highlands Light wind; occasional rain, cloud mostly confined to higher tops.

How Windy? Direction likely to vary, but mostly southerly; mostly less than 10mph.

How Wet? Pockets of light rain lasting an hour or two, but near and west of Loch Linnhe, the rain may be persistent for several hours.

Cloud on the hills? Many summits substantially free of cloud by late morning, but where rain sets in, so cloud will form, widely above 600m, and fragments to very low level.

Sunshine - Air clarity? Very little sunshine due to high level cloud. Visibility generally very good, although foggy on some hills, locally to low level.

Sailing was meant to be safe and a fun day, without the risk of sinking boats, but not today with William steering the boat he named the titanic. Like the original titanic, being called unsinkable means it will, when it came to turning our faithful boat around to return to the side, we got caught on some rocks in shallow water that caused the boat to list heavily to one side, jack tried to hold on to one of the rocks to prevent the boat from capsizing. Jack had to let go in order to save himself from being pulled into the icy water, wolfie came to the rescue in the powerboat but after one attempt to right our boat he gave up and drove off, leaving us to capsize into the water. Thankfully we were only a few meters from the beach, so we walked back to the jetty. The session ended with all of us being allowed to run and jump into the loch from the jetty.

A wee dip in the loch – Editorial Correction, Yesterdays issue Team Derrick, Dan and Rosie decided that staying dry wasn’t for them...After missing a ball – and nearly crashing into a boat – they finally forgot about their nice warm dry clothes. Having got the boat back up the right way they ventured out again only to decide that one swim wasn’t sufficient so off they went again, dereks hat was the only casualty. Apart from the wet clothes!

Teamwork in action (Olympic points please) Saviours of the day rescued numerous stranded animals ... a dragonfly, a moth and a pretty young owl that was stuck in the reeds. Working as a team to find and rescue the poor creatures.

How Cold? o

6 C (at 900m) o 14 C (at Station)

The teamwork escalated and continued when an idea was brought about, the crafty theft of Hunt’s kayak as he was otherwise engaged – departing. The genius, yet criminal, mindsets of Hawkins and Goodwin thought up the blueprints then Hart and Budd proceeded to put it into action. They towed Hunt’s kayak away from the shore. The rest of patrol A joined together to form a four man, five kayak raft. After Hunt’s begging, pleading and weeping the kayak was returned via yet another excellent example of teamwork from the BEST PATROL!

Jamie just chilling at climbing.

Whilst out on the water, the good man M. Hart pointed out the cavernous sky surrounding us, in tune with the amazing acoustic trees and mountains meant that any loud noises would create a long and eerie echo. We spent a few minutes experimenting as a team with words before we decided the best word to shout was ‘JAAAAAAAAANEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET’. Kayak thieving, animal saving and tutu & tie wearing... all in a day’s work for patrol A. NOTE: NO HUNT’S WERE HARMED IN THE MAKING OF THIS ARTICLE... AND NO SPAM WAS THROWN EITHER.

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Mountains are steep, slippery and rocky! 2 days ago E & F set off on their overnight hike. It was an interesting trip. We found a new mascot his name is Jim, it’s a sheep skull. When we reached camp we set up our tents. Then group E started to finish the hike up Ben Lawers.

The views were really pretty, then we finally reached the top we were greeted by torrential winds, we made our way back down to camp.

Meanwhile group F were off back to camp, because their mountain was to steep, slippery and rocky, the sheep managed to get up there. We camped by a fresh mountain water spring, the water was very nice and cold. We all sat down and cooked pasta for ourselves and the leaders. The next morning we had powdered milk, mars bars, weetabix ETC for breakfast. Lucy thought a stone was in front of her but it was deep bog and got her foot, sock and boot stuck in it. It looked like poo! We set off back to the car park and we passed group D.

Danny has decided the mountains are not for him. Size 7 boots for sale on ebay!

Over-all we enjoyed it. Imongen & Mila, Ft Lucy

Tip for the day However hard you scrub a bruise does not wash off!

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It was a cliff-hanger We arrived at the location and put on the safety gear and started to shimmy across a small rock face. Then we started the real thing we hook up and began to climb soon we began to climb and we all gave it a go and it all went well.

Then when we thought it was getting easy Steve our instructor changed the position of the ropes and then it became a challenge but still most of us got up to the top but Brendan found a nice spot in the rock to have a nap. Then we went abseiling and most gave it a go. Then we sweet to the shop and everyone bought sweets and we got back in the mini bus and with the sound of laughter we headed back to the station.

Tales from the loch side

Yet more hands in pockets

So nearly and week gone on the side of the loch and it has sailed by. I was promised, rain, midges, locadiles, good food, busy days and scouts who had fun. We have had all of that although I wasn't expecting sunshine and just like Alex a flying tin of spam. I have seen ripples on the surface and a skull but still no actual sightings of the elusive wee beasties. There are 35 scouts who have earnt their basic nautical skills badge well done to you all. Thanks to the all the leaders who have helped me during the week and particularly Chris who has driven the powerboat through the week and for understanding the most of random signs I have used to ask of the powerboat to be somewhere. The biggest relief of the week was to find on the windiest day with the younger scouts we had two excellent sailors to help me. Jamie and Joe thanks for being there and sharing your brilliant skills with the other scouts. This was my first time at Lochearnhead it has been great and I hope Like you I am able to come back again.

A RETRACTION The Station Times prides itself on reporting the facts. However, yesterday we clearly got ourselves into a stew over our pie story. It was never our intention to suggest heather over cooked the crusts and, as our reporter says: “We got this one wrong and I have already had a toasting and had to eat humble pie. There was no fowl play and I certainly have no beef with the excellent catering team – I can see why it’s not a trifling matter and obviously I do not want to end up doing porridge for this. Out story did highlight the cooking was supreme. “I trust my apology is accepted. I’m not trying to curry favour but I am looking forward to redeeming myself as a member of tomorrow’s recordbreaking washing up team.

Mug shot of the day. Mugsy's attempt at running away to Hogwarts was not going well!

Lochearnhead Newsletter Week 2 Issue 13

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