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Power Cut Special

Station Times

50 years of Lochearnhead Edition 16th August 2012 - Volume 1, Issue 5

Sailing was Baaaarillient! Weather The West Highlands

Wind slowly easing; showers. Cloud often above summits afternoon.

How Windy? Southerly in the range 35 to 45mph, gusts may reach 60mph on higher western summits and ridges. Will ease slowly to 25-30mph through the day.

How Wet? Scattered but heavy showers, mainly afternoon. Small risk lightning.

Cloud on the hills? Cloud base will lift, with highest bases toward north. By early afternoon, varying between 700 and 1000m on Mull and near and south of the A85, and 1100 or often above the summits northern Lochaber. The lowest bases will be near showers.

Sunshine - Air clarity? Patchwork of sunshine, mostly north. Good visibility, although slight haze How Cold? o 9 C (at 900m) o 19 C (at Station)

Dinner Menu Starter: Soup

Main: Cottage Pie Sweetcorn Cabbage Served with Gravy

Dessert: Treacle Sponge with Jam and Custard

Abby Northover Christian Allan

We started at the boat house where we dropped off the power boat, then we walked down to the beach.We then set up the boats and sailed into the abyss…… then we sailed back for lunch!, then in about 15 minutes we sailed off again or we went into the power boat. Wizzing around crashing into waves and then landing hard in more waves. A we fun filled day Isaac Sunderland - Bravest and most Enthusiastic! - Bravery Award for jumping in when he is a weak swimmer!

Woah Mama …was amazing, we had great fun trying to paddle in a straight line and capsizing, we then turned to swap boats and we all fell in. When freya fell in she didn’t scream she shouted “Woah Mama” and the rest of us were just saying it is cold!

How do to a Poo (with a view) 1. 2. 3.

Find a reasonably high mountain Find a soft spot on the ground behind a rock Dig a hole about 3 inches deep (in the soft spot!!!) 4. Pull your Pantaloons down 5. Squat down, aiming for the hole (do not miss) 6. POO!!! And admire the view! 7. when you have finished wiping your personal poop dispenser (with tissues) 8. Put your your dirty tissues in a sandwich bag (remember to take the sandwiches out first0 9. Cover up your waster with the grass that you dug up! 10. Pull up your pantaloons (make sure your bottom is clean) 11. Dispose of your dirty tissues by handing the bag to your group Leader. Amber & Ruby

Mug shot of the day. The Mug shot of the day.thug

Who forgot what?

mug responsible for the kitchen incident has been apprehended! A vacancy now exists in the mug cupboard abandoned mugs can apply.

Competition! What did Gareth forget to pack!

Daniel learns the benefit of a survival bag when cold! He also learns about mobility issues when it comes to walking! Luckily he got a lift!

Lochearnhead Newsletter Week 1 Issue 5