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Long Beach Day Nursery 2017-2018 Annual Report

The mission of the Long Beach Day Nursery is to provide high quality early care & education for young children of working parents.

Greetings! We are pleased to present to you the highlights of 2017-2018, and look forward to our many plans that are rolling out in the 2018-2019 year.

- The Strategic Plan, a 3 year road map for LBDN's future, was created with the insight, expertise, and diverse experience of the Strategic Planning Task Force.   - Expansion grants have given LBDN the ability to increase student capacity and renovate existing classrooms.   - Increased support from longtime grantees has allowed more support for teachers, including worthy wages.

Under the guidance of our Executive Director, Whitney Leathers, the Long Beach Day Nursery continues to be at the forefront of early childhood care and education. Her visionary mindset oversees the big picture, our strength and challenges, and continues to establish Long Beach Day Nursery at the leadership position of early childhood education not only in Long Beach but in the greater Los Angeles area. Our tenure and

2017-2018 Board of Directors

strength is a credit to the community members, elected officials and area foundations that have invested in LBDN, and to the unwavering dedication and brilliance of our staff (some of whom have been with us for decades!).

Debbie Thorpe, Chair Michele Dobson, Chair-Elect Joen Garnica, 1st Vice Chair

The progress this past year illustrates the power and strength of the Long Beach Day Nursery, our staff, board of directors, donors, and friends.

To all of our long-time supporters, generous foundations and friends, we thank you and are grateful for all whom share the vision of our founders. Your gifts enable the Long 

Robyn Gordon-Peterson, 2nd Vice Chair Theresa Landers, Treasurer Sharon Barker, Recording Secretary

Board Members: Gina Ballard Brett Bradbury

Beach Day Nursery to remain true to our mission, to provide high quality early care and education for young children of working parents.

Patricia Ellington Allison Green Nancy Hays

Florence Bixby would be so proud!

Debra Kahookele Ann Mantel


Daniel Tapia

Debbie Thorpe Chair, Board of Directors


Long Beach Day Nursery

Annual Report 2017-2018

Strategic Plan In our 106 years, we have always been forward thinking, seeking out new and better ways to support children and working families. This year we worked with a powerhouse Strategic Planning Task Force to realign our mission vision and goals and created our new 2018-2021 Strategic Plan. This plan continues the forward thinking legacy of LBDN. As our community and field evolve, so too are we evolving to best meet the needs of our community, students, families, and team. Our Plan calls for continued investment in high quality, research-based programming that engage and embrace the whole child and their family. It calls for investing in our team who work tirelessly to provide a strong foundation of love and learning. It calls for deepening partnerships to coordinate and maximize our efforts on behalf of families, young children and our early childhood workforce. The plan calls for further mobilizing our supporters to advance our comprehensive vision of the future. Won’t you join us in meeting our goals and objectives?

Goal #1

Goal #2

Expanding high-

Foster an environment

quality, innovative services

that supports workforce

for young children & their

development & staff



Goal #3 Amplify LBDN visibility & brand awareness

Goal #4 Increase community investment in early care & education

1.1 - Increase infant & toddler

2.1 - Support access to higher

3.1 - Increase community

4.1 - Launch a multi-year

care at the West Branch

education & increased

awareness & recognition of

development plan to support

credentials for LBDN team

LBDN brand

the organization's ambition &

1.2 - Enhance program offerings 1.3 - Integrate technology to

2.2 - Ensure worthy wages for


facilitate: learning,

LBDN team

3.2 - Maintain & increase

4.2 - Maintain a vibrant &

communication, & efficient

2.3 - Promote a culture of

meaningful partnerships whose

active Board of Directors


ongoing appreciation & wellness

priorities align with LBDN

4.3 - Advocate for increased

1.4 - Increase school to home

2.4 - Strengthen leadership

public funding for early care &

community building including:

capacity to support a high


activate parent voice,

performing nonprofit

volunteerism, & engagement



Long Beach Day Nursery

Annual Report 2017-2018

Programs Overview & Data

296 Families Served

95% Parent Participation



Vision & Dental

Meals Provided




Hours of Early

Hours of Literacy

Intervention Support


1,000+ Hours of Professional Development

100% of Families Satisfied!


Long Beach Day Nursery

Annual Report 2017-2018

Gallery of Supporters Thank you to all of our wonderful supporters! July 1, 2017 - June 30, 2018

$50,000 + The Atlas Family Foundation The Carl & Roberta Deutsch            Foundation The Earl B. & Loraine H. Miller            Foundation

$25,000-$49,999 The Rudolph J. & Daphne A.              Munzer Foundation Ruth Peck

$10,000-$24,999 Altha M. Fry Trust Josephine S. Gumbiner                     Foundation John Fielder and Donita Van             Horik Family Foundation

Michele Dobson

Steven Finch

Farmers & Merchants Bank

Annemarie Forster

Jennifer Gilbert

Gail and Jim Gray Family              

Eric & Robyn Gordon-Peterson


John & Liz Hancock

David & Harriet Golding

Debra Kahookele

John W. Hancock Foundation

Tom & Joan Alderson

Douglas & Sandra Leafstedt

Betty Hagan

Roger & Sharon Barker

The Jan & Jerry Maize                   

Page Henley

Berro Family Foundation, Inc.


Robert & Annie Johnson

Brett & Megan Bradbury

Frank & Margie Newell

Hideo & Jeanne Karatsu

Kevin Conklin

Rancho Los Alamitos

Nancy Kneuer

Kathleen Costello-Pitts

Marian Stocking

Hisaye 'JoAnn' Kuroda

Patricia Ellington

Temple Family Charitable             

Richard & Linda Landes

Diego Lopez & Joen Garnica


Jonathan Leigh

Sheldon & Barbara Gebb

Charice Vaughan

Emily Lloyd

Scott & Traci Glassock


Theresa & Bud Landers Aaron & Maureen Price Jean Bixby Smith James & Debbie Thorpe


Gregory & Martha Haeseler Stephen Kirchhoff Nancy Hays & Cary Lewis


Long Beach Community               

The Evalyn M. Bauer                     



Ann Mantel

James & Patricia Craig

Sandor & Deloris Mayuga

Jean Egan

David & Suzanne Nosworthy

The Stuart Higley Foundation,       

Paragon Equities



Linda Silver Preston & Nancy Smith Gary Whitley

John & Helen Apostle Foundation

The Works Consulting

George & Gloria Deukmejian

Green Zahn & Associates

Mitchell & Jan Dion Blanche, Augustus, & Wes            


 Harrison Foundation

Paul & Patti Brown

Barbara Lopp Terry Marte-Greco

Terrance Hodel & Tamara Achauer

Victor & Patricia McCarty

Rich & Pat Archbold

Alejandra Albarran Moses

Bradley & Gina Ballard

Mike Murray

Meri Anne & Milton Bartlett

K.J. Neal

Richard & Susan Bell

Beverly Lewis O'Neill

Theresa Bixby

James & Deborah Russell

Robert & Mary Alice Braly

Margaret Russell

Penny Brocksen

Gail Schwandner

George Jackson & Daphne

Robert Soth


Henry & Julia Taboada

Sharon Civalleri

Daniel Tapia

Denise Dahlhausen

Tracey Thorpe

Lynn Danielson

Lisa Tyra

Daughters of Scotia

Joseph & Joan Van Hooten

Brian & Karen Donaldson

David & Melanie Werts

Scott Donnelly

Sharon Westafer

Charles & Margaret Durnin

Elaine Winston


Long Beach Day Nursery

Annual Report 2017-2018

$1-$100 Donald & Joyce Bailey Barbara Bixby Blackwell Anne Blayden Carrie Brookshire Victoria Brown Patricia Buehnerkemper Cecilia Canut Sherry Cheak Jerene Chiaro James & Rozanne Churchill Community Action Team Chris & Jane E. Conway Craig Cross Marilyn Day Porter & Coralee De Dubovay Mark & Charlene S. Ebright Norma Fast Edwin Feo Eduardo & Patricia Ferrer Robert Fielding Jeremiah & Patricia Flanigan Sandy Gill Norma Grady Marta & Rob Griffin James and Mary Hansen C.W. & Nancy Hegelheimer Tom & Lynn Hermstad Barbara Hernandez Nancy Higginson Marion Hinze Judith Hirsch Lorraine Hutton Jack & Barbara Irvin Richard & Janet Johnson Michael & Lois Jordan

Judith Kaho

John & Sandra Wells

Chuck Lineberger

Alexander & Jacque Kemp

Merideth Wiberg

William & Claire Marmion

Thomas Kennelly

Loyd & Virginia Wilcox

Louie Myers

Richard & Janis Kleinberg

William & Shirley Wild

Alima Sherman

Karen Kozaites

Jeffrey Williams

Nelle Loder Richards

James & Thora Lamhofer Jerry & Gillian Lane

Preston & Nancy Smith

LBS Financial Credit Union

In Memory Of

Jeff & Joanne Levin

Calvin P. Andrews

James & Kathy Lingle

Carrie Brookshire

William & Claire Marmion

Linda Brown

Jana Martin

Paul & Lorie Merrill

James & Joan McCormack

George Deukmejian

Mary Soth C.W. & Nancy Hegelheimer Jana Martin Robert Soth

In Honor Of

Paul & Lorie Merrill

Penny Brocksen

Marvin Day

Kate Mueller

Helen & Herbert Fielding

Marylin Day

George & Joyce Murchison

Robert Fielding

Jean & Merideth on their 80th

Virginia Oleen

Mary Lamb

Barbara Lopp

Carmen O. Perez

Margaret Russell

Whitney Leathers

Debra Randall

Audrey Langslet

George Jackson & Daphne

John & Joann Rich

Berro Family Foundation, Inc.


Amber Robbins

Paul & Patricia Brown

Beverly O'Neill

Donna Rogahn

Kathleen Costello-Pitts

Tom & Lynn Hermstad

Katherine Russell

Craig Cross

Paul & Lorie Merrill

Barbara Santage

George & Gloria Deukmejian

Mike Murray

Steve & Natalie Sellers

Brian & Karen Donaldson

John & Joann Rich

Alima Sherman

Mark & Charlene S. Ebright

Preston & Nancy Smith

Pam Spoo

Gail & Jim Gray Family Foundation

Temple Family Charitable             

Ronald & Cindy Summers

John W. Hancock Foundation


Sonya Swartout

James & Mary Hansen

William & Shirley Wild

Catherine Vandenberg Smith

Jack & Barbara Irvin

Margaret Russell

Robert & Diane Trunek

Karen Kozaites

Katherine Russell

Sandy VandenBerge

James & Thora Lamhofer

Margaret Russell

Chis Vella

Jerry & Gillian Lane

The children of LBDN

Lillian Villaneda

Victor & Patricia McCarty

Patricia Buehnerkemper

Valerie Nicole Vlahos Maes

George & Joyce Murchison

The teaching staff at LBDN

Dana Watkins

David & Suzanne Nosworthy

George Jackson & Daphne

Sheila Watson

Christopher & Kimri Vella



Long Beach Day Nursery

Annual Report 2017-2018

In Honor Of (Cont.) The wonderful LBDN staff Jana Martin

Debbie Thorpe Tracey Thorpe

Gary Whitley & Whitney               Leathers Jennifer Gilbert Valerie Nicole Vlahos Maes

In Kind

Fit & Style

James & Deborah Russell

Gallagher Chiropractic

Santa Anita Park

Diego Lopez & Joen Garnica

Schooner or Later

Gladstone's Long Beach

Share & Do Good

Golf N' Stuff

Sandy Silverman

The Gondola Getaway

Spirit Cruises

Eric & Robyn Gordon-Peterson

Henry & Julia Taboada

Justin & Liz Hall

Sandy Tessier

The Ice House Comedy &             

James & Debbie Thorpe


The Orleans Hotel & Casino Las   

Nancy Hays & Cary Lewis


A Better U Fitness

Hotel Maya - A DoubleTree by     

The Wine Country

Alamitos Bay Yarn Company

 the Hilton

The World Famous Laugh Factory

Aquarium of the Pacific

Incredible Journey Travel

Aquarius Casino Resort

International City Theater

The Auld Dubliner Irish Pub &         Odessa Izuhara    Restaurant

J & L Jewelry

Bay Shore Community Church

Joe Jost's

Michael Betts

John Garey Fitness & Pilates

Bo Beau Kitchen + Roof Tap

Debra Kahookele

Boathouse on the Bay

Lakeshore Learning

Boulder Creek Golf & Country       Bud & Theresa Landers

Interested in getting more out of your donation? Please check with your employer about matching gifts! Here is a list of the programs that matched gifts in 2017-2018:

Gift Matching


Legends Sports Bar

Buono's Authentic Pizzeria

Long Beach Marriott


Marc & Melissa Cadorette

Long Beach Symphony                  

Apple Inc.

Cal State Long Beach Baseball


The Boeing Company Gift Match Program

Callaway Vineyard & Winery

Los Alamitos Race Course

Costco Wholesale Corporation Gift Match

Catalina Express

The Los Angeles Clippers

Flour Foundation Matching Funds

Lynell Chun

Luna Belmont Shore

Wells Fargo Foundation Educational Matching Gifts Program

The Clubhouse at Anaheim Hills     McCarty's Jewelry    Golf Course

Rachel Montecinos

The Comedy & Magic Club

Naples Rib Company

The Crooked Duck

Parker's Lighthouse

Michele Dobson

Pioneer Hotel & Gambling Hall


Polly's Pies Restaurant

Patricia Ellington

PRP Wine International, Inc.

If your name has been inadvertently omitted or misspelled, please contact us at (562) 591-0509. Thank you!


Long Beach Day Nursery

Annual Report 2017-2018

Thank you for supporting our mission!

You can make your donation online! Visit us at lbdn.org & click 'Donate Now!'


Long Beach Day Nursery

Annual Report 2017-2018

Stepping Stones to Success Scholarship Campaign Thank you and congratulations to our 2017-2018 Stepping Stones to Success Honorary Chair, Beverly O'Neill, for her dedication to this year's campaign which exceeded it's original goal and helped us to raise more than $70,000! Beverly is a past LBDN alumni, and long time avid supporter of LBDN and early childhood care and education. Contributions to the Stepping Stones to Success campaign assist LBDN in providing scholarships to working families who are unable to afford high quality care and education for their young children. Thank you so much for sharing our vision of better lives for the children we serve!

Stepping Stones Donors Tom & Joan Alderson

The Earl B. & Loraine H. Miller

Bud & Theresa Landers

Alima Sherman

Donald & Joyce Bailey


Barbara Lopp

Linda Silver

Berro Family Foundation, Inc.

The Evalyn M. Bauer                

William & Claire Marmion

Preston & Nancy Smith

Jean Bixby Smith


Sandor & Deloris Mayuga

Robert Soth

Penny Brocksen

John & Liz Hancock

Paul & Lorie Merrill

Henry & Julia Taboada

Carrie Brookshire

Tom & Lynn Hermstad

Mike Murray

Temple Family Charitable        

Victoria Brown

Nancy Higginson

Frank & Margie Newell


Patricia Buehnerkemper

John Fielder & Donita Van      

David & Suzanne Nosworthy

James & Debbie Thorpe

Marilyn Day

 Horik Family Foundation

Virginia Oleen

Robert & Diane Trunek

George & Gloria Deukmejian

Josephine S. Gumbiner            

John & Joann Rich

David & Melanie Werts

Charles & Margaret Durnin


Donna Rogahn

Loyd & Virginia Wilcox

Hideo & Jeanne Karatsu

Steve & Natalie Sellers

William & Shirley Wild


Long Beach Day Nursery

Annual Report 2017-2018

Building Blocks - Legacy Long Beach Day Nursery's Building Blocks for the Future is a group of individuals who have invested in the future of the Nursery by including Long Beach Day Nursery in their estate planning. LBDN has received bequests of this type from faithful supporters throughout its long history - 82 and counting!

If you have already named Long Beach Day Nursery in your estate plans, please let us know so we can count you in as a member of Building Blocks for the Future! And, if you are considering taking this step, please let us know how we can assist you in making this important decision.

We acknowledge and honor those who have made planned gifts - past, present, and future - by including their names in

Building Blocks for the Future: Tom & Joan Alderson

Elise Cummings

Herbert G. Halliday

Esther McCaughan

Preston & Nancy Smith

Della G. Allen

Don & Kathy De Silva

Wesley L. Harrison

Louise McClaughrey

Robert & Mary Soth

H.G. 'Hap' Appleton

John Clare Dixon

Eleanor N. Hatch

Paul & Lorie Merrill

Morse Sorowitz

Herbert Bell

The Doolittle Estate

Robert & Annie Johnson

Elizabeth McNeal

Marian Stocking

Betty Bixby

Mildred Draper

Mrs. C.F.A. Johnson

Ann Artman Morales

Randy & Barbara Stricklin

Barbara Bixby Blackwell

Sarah Louise Duncon

Ronella Marshall Jones

Michael & Barbara Newton

Mallie E. Swinney

Opal Boone

Ruth Fairfield

Evelyn Keely

Dorothy Nichols

George W. Trammell

Jane Buel Bradley

Elsie Faris

Richard & Ann King

Elanor M. Nye

Jon Fielder & Donita Van    

Carrie Brookshire

Lois T. Fisher

Maymie R. Krythe

William & Beverly O'Neill


Frank G. Butler

Harvey B. Franklin

Agnes Kuffel

Zoe H. Person

Mary Ella Weber

Clarisse & Martin Clancy

Altha M. Fry

Bud & Theresa Landers

Mary J. Remmers

Jonn & Sandy Wells

Maude H. Clock

Rocco Gallo

L. Christine Langemo

Nelle Richards

David & Melanie Werts

Homer & Leamel                   Sheldon & Barbara Gebb

Margaret Leake

Myrtle Robbins

Juanita B. Wissler


Don & Sandra Gill

Hazel Liff

Charles F. Ross

Patrice Wong

Kathleen Costello- Pitts

Judy Gumbiner

Mary Ruth Long

Mary M. Savery

Daris Zinsmeyer

James G. Craig Sr.

Emma Gunkel

George & Della Marx

Edna D. Sellers

Lois M. Zelsdorg

Beverly Culbertson

Gregory Haeseler

Sandor & Deloris Mayuga

Jean Bixby Smith

If you have already named LBDN to receive a planned gift, we do not need to know how much only that you did. Please consider being one of our Building Blocks.


Long Beach Day Nursery

Annual Report 2017-2018

Financial Statements Assets

Statement of Financial Position at June 30, 2018

Statement of Activities July 1, 2017 to June 30, 2018 Unrestricted Net Assets

Current assets: Cash & cash equivalents

$968, 104

Accounts receivable


Prepaid expenses


Government contracts Child care food program Family fees - certified children

Total current assets


Family fees - noncertified children Supplemental funding



Investments - Designated Beneficiary


Property & equipment, net


Funds held for a deferred compensation plan


Other program fees Contributions United Way Special events Interest & dividend income on investments

Total assets


Realized gain on sale of investments Net unrealized gain on investments

Liabilities & Net Assets

Temporarily Restricted Net Assets


Other interest income


Contributions $1,196,256


104,308 41,535 940,329

Net assets released from


donor restrictions

12,296 5,851 722,760

Decrease in temporarily


restricted net assets

571 19,330 54,362

Permanently Restricted Net Assets $6,750


48,161 95,064 472


Increase in permanently restricted net assets

Liabilities: Accounts payable


Accrued expenses


Deferred revenue


Deferred compensation plan liability


Total liabilities


Total support

Net assets released from restrictions

Total operating & support revenue





Total increase in net assets

Net assets, beginning of year

Net assets, end of the year



Expenses: Net assets:

Program services:

Unrestricted net assets: Board designated Fixed assets

East branch program 2,144,752

West branch program



Permanently restricted net assets

Total net assets

Total liabilities & net assets

14,631 1,251,868



General & administrative Development

Total expenses

Increase in unrestricted net assets

services of the Long Beach Day Nursery are made possible by the financial support


of its donors and program fees. The

Supporting services: Temporarily restricted net assets

Long Beach Day Nursery is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. The programs and

2,171,437 Total program services

Total unrestricted net assets


361,593 66,768

information shown herein has been summarized from financial statements as audited by Goodrich Baron Goodyear LLP.


Copies of audited statements are available on request.



Long Beach Day Nursery

Annual Report 2017-2018

Financial Statements At LBDN we are proud of our ability to put our resources directly toward program & services, 87% of all funding goes towards programs & services.

Net Investments

Administrative & Development



Program Revenue 31%

Government Contracts 40%

Contributions & Grants

Programs & Services





40% Government Contracts - $1,300,564

87% Programs & Services - $2,805,226

31% Program Revenue - $1,000,011

13%Â Administrative & Development - $428,361

23% Contributions & Grants - $770,461

6% Net Investments - $198,059


Long Beach Day Nursery

Annual Report 2017-2018

Celebrating our Staff

Years Committed to our Mission East Branch:

Years of Service

Deborah Napoleon-Holifield

Long Beach Day Nursery is proud of our team! More than half of whom have been with LBDN for five years or more. In fact, some are celebrating as many as 20 or more years with us! This is an unusual achievement for an industry that is characterized by high turnover. The stability and long-term tenure of our team is yet another indication of our commitment to the highest standards of quality and integrity.


Rosa Taosoga


Dianna Lynn Pyland


Carla Sta. Ana Chua


Xochitl Marie Ramirez


Maria Arias


Claudia Ninoska Baide


Cherrel Rosten


Diondra R. Wall


Richard Noceda Panganiban


Ericka Palacios


Cheryl Partee


Noelia Zaragoza


Mercedes Uchi Maglonzo


Stephanie S. Dignadice


Mayra Espinoza


Angie Rodriguez


Daniella Hagood


Tameca Hodo


Atalia Melendez


Natalie Ugalde


Monica Lopez


Norma Gonzalez


Maria T. Landa-Lopez


Hibet Lopez Martinez


Arlene Rodriguez


West Branch: Linda Jean Blackshire


Maria Alicia Guevara


Larae Metz


Evangelina Ortiz Jimenez


Franchell Marie Lawton


Sara Cun Vicente


Jacqueline Vallejo


Vicenta Torres


Yanira Hernandez-Gomez


Anya Mazariegos


Administration: Margaret McMahon


Whitney Leathers


Stacy Bass


Ryan Carrell



Long Beach Day Nursery

Annual Report 2017-2018

Long Beach Day Nursery 1548 Chestnut Avenue Long Beach, CA 90813

www.lbdn.org Address Service Requested

Accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children

Profile for Long Beach Day Nursery

Annual Report 17-18 - Long Beach Day Nursery  

Annual Report 17-18 - Long Beach Day Nursery  

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