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from seeing the opportunity, can make a significant and positive difference to someone else. When we choose to stop for a moment and look up from our smart phones we reconnect with our surroundings and start to see what and who is around us. Which means we notice that someone is struggling to find change to pay for their parking ticket in the car park – why not pay it for them. It might mean when meeting a friend for coffee, pay for theirs as well as your own.

recent bequest of $3 billion on his passing. We sometimes need the social proof to see others behaving in a certain way before we will buy into the same activity. That of course is why events such as Telethons are so effective, donors are publically identified and when it’s little Jimmy donating his piggy bank containing $5.45, we feel compelled to join in and donate too.


In August, a group of Perth hairdressers (in conjunction with the Salvation Army) hit the headlines It might mean offering to drop a work for their ‘Short Back and Sidewalks colleague home in your car when it’s Project’, giving free haircuts to the raining cats and dogs because you know homeless with the aim of helping them they usually catch the bus. get back on their feet. Or it might mean choosing to volunteer The $36 dollar haircuts provided for to work at a soup station for the free did something more than simply homeless. tidy up someone’s appearance; they provided a huge dose of confidence. DEVELOPING CORPORATE Personal grooming is about self-esteem and feeling good about ourselves, PHILANTHROPY which puts us automatically in a far better place mentally to cope with our In Australia, corporate philanthropy daily challenges. The broad smiles on is catching on in a big way. Mining the faces of those giving the haircuts magnate Andrew Forrest and his matched those on the receiving end and wife donated $50 million to fund the project is now being rolled out to scholarships at WA’s five Universities. more centres. The Packer Family’s National Philanthropic Fund has contributed Many corporates now seek to “give” $200 million, Westpac have donated $100 million to a scholarship fund and through personal activity and then of course there was Paul Ramsey’s endeavour rather than simply handing