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they do; it’s a by product of a passion - donate to one that does something that isn’t easily subdued. Musk seeks primary research, programs that focus to make the world greener, the stars on the cause, not the by product. closer, and now schools more engaging. Donate to homes that desex animals I guess it is easy to be a philanthropist rather than put them down - get a when you are rich though - take a punt rescue dog. Focus on the cause. on things that you are passionate about, Secondly, treat your donations like maybe with the view to leaving your legacy. Be completely comfortable with you do with your money normally - do your research and make sure most of spending your millions on something the money is going to direct action, that may or may not work.

‘WHEN SOMETHING IS IMPORTANT ENOUGH, YOU DO IT EVEN IF THE ODDS ARE NOT IN YOUR FAVOUR.’ - ELON MUSK But what of the average, normal, everyday person. Can we be philanthropists? Will it make any difference to the world if we all start up institutes that make a difference to the world? Nope. But. We can live with the same values of making the world better. Imagine your day tomorrow, or today if you are impatient, if that was your whole goal for everything you did. How could you live in a philanthropic way? For a start, philanthropists tend to focus on root causes. So don’t donate to a charity that promotes ‘awareness’

not administration (as a side note, I don’t trust any organisation that says it raises money and donates 100% of it - there is always a catch. Maybe they don’t do research on the success of their programs, or maybe they don’t have continuity of staff, but there is always a catch). Finally - ask yourself what type of world is my money going to create? Is that a world I want to live in? If the answer is yes, then you are living as a philanthropist. Just make sure you leave room for stamps.