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We of People Development and Retail.

using luxurious proprietary fabrics. They’ve taken the elements they love about luxury fibres – the softness of cashmere and the cool-hand feel of silk – and added in technical materials like elastane and viscose. The result is fabrications that can stand up to all-day wear – and your washing machine. The Kit and Ace technical design extends to even the smallest details, like the seams of their machine washable Technical Cashmere™ t-shirts that are flat-locked for comfort and enhanced with stretch to move with you.

Beauty and style is now comfort like never before, and busy business people rejoice as a result of not having to pack five outfits to get through one day!

The Integral In store experience

Kit and Ace address the bricks and mortar versus online question perfectly by treating the in store experience as not just as a place to build the brand and test marketing as well as create a customer and community focused experience too.

It is clear they are proud of their shop design and the way in which they incorporate hyper-local elements from in-market designers into each of their shops. Moving forward collaborating with local designers will continue to be part of their strategy. Soon they will be introducing their first Technical Atelier – an in-shop tailor shop, offering complimentary tailoring to save people time.

The Technical Atelier is also a local design lab for upand-coming designers. Designers-in-residence are handpicked locally and work in the Technical Atelier for a 10-month period. The designers work with already existing Kit and Ace styles to conceptualize new designs and create regionally inspired styles using the company’s proprietary fabrics.

Shannon Wilson says, “Our technical fabrications and designs set us apart. We plan to lead by creating a new category of apparel, rather than compete.

The key is making sure that they work together. We’re working hard behind the scenes to build platforms that integrate the shopping experience on and offline so that the consumer has a consistent experience with the brand.”

From Me to We inside and outside

Kit and Ace incorporates “hyper-local” elements – custom quality pieces created by local artists and contractors – into its shops to reflect the community it operates in. Each shop has a Supper Club table and Feature Lights that are created by local designers, and an Iconic Photograph taken by a local photographer. Kit and Ace also has an in-shop gallery space – The Wall – at select locations where up-and-coming artists are featured quarterly. Artwork on The Wall is available for

sale, with proceeds going directly to the artist. The owners have worked hard to focus on the people aspect of the brand both externally and internally. They have hired some of the most talented people around the world to work at Kit and Ace, and Shannon is known to often say, “Kit and Ace is as much a people development company as it is about retail. Each of our team members is entrepreneurial in their own way, creating a community around our brand. We believe in our people, as well as the quality of our products. We’ve seen a positive reaction to what we’re doing and will continue to grow to meet demands.” Mindfulness is the new black Kit and Ace is committed to mindfulness as a crucial component of a full-contact life. The Wilsons came up with a concept for 60-second meditation and invested in Whil – a digital platform for training in mindfulness meditation, yoga and leadership – to bring that idea to life. At Kit and Ace, they use Whil to aid in their pursuit of audacious goals. It is their belief that in a fastpaced world, meditation and mindfulness are key to maintaining focus and balance. As Shannon says, “some of the most successful business people in the world practice meditation. It allows practitioners to remain efficient and keep the mind clutter-free by focusing on the moment and living with intention.” Kit and Ace extends its commitment to mindfulness beyond the workplace to engage with customers in shop locations across North America, Australia and the United Kingdom. The company offers complimentary 60-day Whil trial codes to customers on every payment receipt and plans to host experiential events throughout 2016 to increase awareness of mindfulness meditation. A comfortable but stylish future Kit and Ace provide us a fashionable gift where we no longer put on comfortable clothing after a long day but instead wear comfortable clothing for that long day, while looking good, too. Shannon Wilson says it best, “gym clothes should be left at the gym” and I am now completely okay with that because my Kit and Ace apparel is even more comfy than my active wear, and ten times more appropriate! Prepare to see Kit and Ace spreading their wings into a full lifestyle brand to include children’s wear and homewares with the same function meets innovation and style approach. Kit and Ace currently have six Australian stores in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. . GLOSS APRIL - MAY 2016 | 11

Gloss April - May 2016  

Articles and insights from today's business leaders and thought leaders to drive your business and personal success.

Gloss April - May 2016  

Articles and insights from today's business leaders and thought leaders to drive your business and personal success.