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Student Body President ! Mid Year Report 1st Edition

Ministering, Maximizing, and Managing

Letter from our Student Body President Dear Fellow Students, Greetings in the Name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! It is with much thankfulness that we present to you the first edition of the Lancaster Bible College student body President Report, brought to you by the SGA Communication and Multimedia Committee. As we come to the end of a wonderful semester, we cannot celebrate the journey of this semester until we examine the faithfulness of God which extends to LBC not just during the semester, but for the past 80 years. Because of his faithfulness, I believe we can all agree with David when he said, “God’s faithfulness endures through all generations.” (Psalm 119:90).  The close of 2013 fall semester brings us to the midpoint of our SGA one-year strategic plan, “Project Next Level”. The SGA officers and I have had countless meetings focused on organizing and strategizing in order to have a strong foundation, and we believe that we are are now at the point where we can mobilize effectively. This report offers a glimpse of the significant strides we have made within the fall semester. Opening of the SGA Office on page 4 Launching of the new SGA committees on page 5 Newly appointed President Cabinet Members on page 6 Launching New Operational Model on page 7  As our president Dr. Peter W. Teague said in the Winter 2013 Echo Magazine, “For the past several years at our Commencement, we have sung Richard Allen Farmer’s song “To Our God,” which contains the lyrics, “We cannot fulfill our mission holding to the things we’ve done.” And we say a hearty, “Amen!.” While we begin to expand the SGA, we do so in accordance with our commitment to serve the student organization/clubs and the student body with excellence. It has been an extreme honor to serve as this year's Student Body President. The accomplishments of SGA this semester (on page 5) could not be done without the untiring efforts of the SGA   Executive Officers, and Class Senators. Even though the Fall Semester is now over, it doesn’t mean our work is over, for it is our goal to serve the student body and organizations of Lancaster Bible College with excellence and premier service at all times. As our motto states “Servants Serving Servants,” we hold to 1 Corinthians 10:31, “So, whether you eat or drink, or whatever you do, do all to the glory of God.” In His Service,

Rodney L. Carter, Jr.

Your Voice! Your SGA!

The Student Government Association seeks to lead with integrity and promote unity within the student body by providing advocacy, quality services for residential and commuter students, a united voice for all students, and representation in all areas of leadership and policy. We exist to inform and correspond with the college leadership on behalf of the students in order to implement growth in social, educational, and spiritual aspects of campus life.

Our general vision is not only to be the students voice to the administration, but an organization that promotes unity within the student body; by providing quality services and activities for residential and commuter students.

Your School! Your SGA!

Vision For A Renewed SGA Article Written by Kyle Brennen You’ve been in that room before. Remember getting your Lancaster Bible College ID photo taken? You probably sat in a little office in Upper Miller Hall, smiled for the camera, and got your ID card right away. Go back there today, though, and you will be greeted by something much friendlier than a mammoth card-printing machine. For the first time in several years, LBC’s Student Government Association (SGA) will be keeping regular office hours. “It’s has always been the SGA office. It’s just never been fully used,” Rodney Carter, this year’s student body president. He motioned to some cardboard boxes as evidence of the space’s recent reorganization, and explained his goal: “I wanted to make this to be a hub that students can come to…lay out their concerns, lay out their needs, but also a place to interact with them.” No schedule has been announced yet, but the executive branch’s four members will rotate in staffing the office. In addition to Carter, Vice President Brian Taliercio, Executive Secretary Megan McNally, and Chaplain Andrew Keenan will be there throughout the week, eager to interact with other students. Connection with the student body is the theme driving many of the changes in store for the SGA. “There are a lot of things we’re hoping to do, but our main concern is really hearing more needs of students, and I’ve gotten a lot of emails in regards to what students want to see,” Carter said. Carter’s team is fully supportive of his vision to inject new life into the SGA. This administration is gearing up to be one of the most active in years, with plans being made for different ways to provide a listening ear and an organized voice for the student body. One of those ways will be the formation of committees. Carter is excited about his new initiative and appears to have them well planned-out. “Right now, we’re in the organization stage, and we should be complete by, probably, mid-October,” he said, without a hint of trepidation about the SGA’a ability to accomplish all it is planning. Why the confidence? One reason may be his team. “Rodney picked his people based on skill,” Megan said, “not on popularity, not on how long we’ve been here—and everybody’s good at what they do.” Another reason may be Carter’s experience last year as student body president of Washington Bible College. He transferred to LBC in January and, according to Keenan, he quickly gained an understanding and care for the students here. “He’s gotten such a good grasp of LBC’s culture,” Keenan said. Still, Carter did not agree with the statement that his previous student government experience makes him more comfortable in this role. “I’m always scared to say comfortable,” he said. He is trusting that God knows each step the SGA, and LBC, should take. Carter’s goals are to seek God, stay humble and help others students find ways to serve. “My mission is to find the gift in students and help them be more effective in their gift,” he said, “and I think this is a wonderful place for them to be able to accomplish that.”

SGA Office  Before  

SGA Office  A-er  

Semester Glance of Accomplishments AUGUST   President  Carter  welcomed  212  new  students  to   LBC,  during  the  President’s  Dinner.  

The SGA  Execu/ve  Board  revealed  the  new  SGA   logo,  and  the  revised  mission  and  vision  statement.  

Class Senate  Officers  partnered  with  ACE  to  lead   their  classes,  during  Spirit  Week/Homecoming.     The  SGA  Execu/ve  Board  provided  $10  Charge   Bucks  for  Commuter  Students.     The  SGA  Execu/ve  Board  provided  30  meals  for   students  who  stayed  on  campus,  during  the  fall   break.   The  Junior  Class  Senate  started  the  “LBC  Go   Green”  Campaign,  which  will  help  LBC  become  a   greener  ins/tu/on.     SGA  Execu/ve  Board  greeted  Messiah  College  SGA   Execu/ve  Board  to  LBC,  to  start  a  fellowship   between  ins/tu/ons.  

NOVEMBER   The  SGA  Execu/ve  Board  assisted  in  providing  care   packages  and  moving  hands  for  the  students  who   were  affected  by  the  fire  in  Weber  Hall.    

DECEMBER   SGA  Senior  Class  Senate  hosted  a  celebra/on  to   honor  December  graduates.  

SGA held  their  first  mee/ng  of  the  year  with  100%   par/cipa/on.    

SEPTEMBER Class  Senate  Officers  hosted  their  first  class  mee/ngs,   and  welcomed  the  newly  elected  Freshmen  Class   Senate  Officers.     OCTOBER   President  Carter  aCended  the  American  Student   Government  Associa/on  Conference  with  over  300   student  body  president  and  delegates  from  around   the  United  States  and  abroad.    

SGA hosted  the  Fall  Day  of  Prayer,  and  had  over  200   students  and  10  faculty/staff  members  par/cipate  in   the  prayer  breakfast,  and  the  breast  cancer  prayer   walk.  The  SGA  partnered  with  the  Baseball  Team  for   the  breast  cancer  walk.     The  Freshmen  Class  Senate  hosted  a  Movie  night   with  over  25  persons  in  aCendance.   SGA  held  its  first  Town  Hall  Mee/ng  in  Teague   Learning  Commons  and  received  over  13  comments   and  concerns.     President  Carter  presented  “Project  Next  Level”  to   the  Senate,  which  is  a  new  SGA  opera/onal  model,   which  the  Senate  Approved.     The  Sophomore  Class  Senate  hosted  a  Pizza/Game   Night  during  finals  week  with  over  50  sophomores  in   aCendance.  

SGA Senate has voted that due to the size of our institution, and the concerns voiced by the students at our recent Town Hall Meeting, which was held on October 30, 2013. SGA is now choosing to expand their operational model, which consist of functioning with committees. It is SGA President Carter’s desire to developed an effective and comprehensive model that will align the student organizations and the student body with the flow of the administration of LBC.

New SGA Committees Campus Concerns Committee

plays a major role on the campus of Lancaster Bible College. This committee deals with on-campus needs and issues and is responsible for drafting proposals for improvements on campus, as well as advocating the needs of students.

Communications & Multi Media Committee

main purpose is to keep the SGA connected to the students, faculty/staff, and is responsible for maintaining all logistical and communication aspects of the SGA, including website, social media, graphic design, advertisement, and much more.

The Joint Committee for Student Organizations relations between the SGA and Student Organizations and Clubs.

main responsibility is to oversee

Academic Affairs Committee focuses on ensuring students have the best academic experience possible and focuses on issues regarding the education process. Addressing areas concerning the core curriculum, instructor/course evaluations, academic advising, registration, or other pertinent areas not mentioned herein.

Restored Committees Budget & Finances Committee

is responsible for reviewing the budget and recommend dispersal of SGA Student Activities Fee, as well as oversee financial concerns of the students.

Intercollegiate Relations Committee is responsible for maintaining cooperative relations with student representatives of other colligate institutions, and engaging both the exchange of ideas and the development of meaningful SGA programs.

Commuter Committee

promotes fellowship and spiritual life among commuter students, furthering commuter interests, and meeting commuters' unique needs. (The Commuter Council will remain as a committee until further notice)

Strategic Appointees…. Amanda Principato’15 Executive Assistant to the President

Anna Stefano’17 Executive Assistant to the VP & Exec. Secretary

Michael Bright’15 Secretary of Polices and Procedures

Andrew Keenan’14 Secretary of Academic Affairs

Anne Poinsett’17 Secretary of Organizations

Donavan Bratton’14 Secretary of Campus Concerns

Chris Crosdale’15 Director of Communications

Zachary Kauffman’16 Secretary of Finances

Due to the new SGA operational model, and the committees, SGA president Rodney L. Carter, Jr. and SGA vice president Brian Taliercio have appointed with the approval of the Senate to appoint members of the SGA President’s Cabinet. The Cabinet members will function as advisors to SGA Executive Officers; assume responsibilities over specific areas, and chair SGA committees. These officers have been appointed based upon dedication, experience, and most of all have met biblical and administrative qualifications.

2013-2014 Student Body Leadership Executive Officers Rodney Carter, Jr…………….....….......………..President Brian Taliercio………………..………....……....Vice President Megan McNally………………..….……...……..Executive Secretary Andrew Keenan…………….......……………….Chaplain President’s Cabinet Michael Bright………………………………………..Secretary of Policies and Procedures Donavan Bratton………………………………….…..Secretary of Campus Concerns Chris Crosdale………………………………………..Director of Communications Zachary Kauffman…………………………………....Secretary of Finances Andrew Keenan…………………………….………...Secretary of Academic Affairs Amanda Principato………………..……….…...….…Executive Assistant to the SGA President Annie Poinsett……………………………………......Secretary of Organizations Anna Stefano……………………….………...…...….Executive Assistant to the SGA VP & Executive Secretary

Class Officers

Senior Senate Class of 2014 Aaron Spangler, Senior Class President Kyle Ierly, Vice President Marianna Bewersdorff, Secretary/ Treasurer Lauren D'antonio, Representative Matt Day, Representative Tim Devries, Representative

Junior Senate Class of 2015 Mandy Principato, Junior Class President Justin Bendo, Vice President Shannon McNally, Secretary/Treasurer Michael Bright, Representative Chris Crossdal, Representative Jacob Watson, Representative

Sophomore Senate Class of 2016 Bradley Wilcox, Sophomore Class President Lindsey Blest, Vice President Rebecca Redman, Secretary/Treasurer Jonathan Dinkle, Representative Heather Good, Representative Joel Madas, Representative Jonah Martin, Representative

Freshmen Senate Class of 2017 Ethan Prouse, Freshman Class President Anna Stefano, Vice President Bryson Buffington, Secretary/ Treasurer Derek Bigley, Representative Marc Cooper, Representative Anne Poinsett, Representative Jarrett Reineer, Representative


Your Student Government Association wants to connect with you! Lancaster Bible College: 901 Eden Road. Lancaster, PA 17601 SGA Office (Upper Miller Hall) Phone: 717.560.8240 ex. 5438 ~ Email: Twitter: @lbcsga ~ Facebook:

Student Body President Mid-Year Report (Lancaster Bible College)  
Student Body President Mid-Year Report (Lancaster Bible College)