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Homepage Computers are part of our everyday life now-a-days. All important data is stored in computers for most businesses. It can be important documents, files, pictures, music and so on. Without a computer many businesses can not operate with their normal schedule. It’s a big struggle for many businesses and people when a computer breaks down all of a sudden. Long Beach Computer Repair center has all the answers related to any computer repair problems. Long Beach Computer Repair specializes in a range of computer and laptop repair services, technical support, providing server support and computer repair. They support leading computer brands such as Dell, IBM, HP, Compaq, Sony, Acer, Samsung and many more. The most common computer problems are virus removal, computer freezes, operating system failures, spyware removal, data recovery, and server support.

We have extremely knowledgeable, qualified and experienced technicians in all aspects of computer repair. They provide both hardware and software support. The other services that Long Beach Computer Repair provides are new technology deployment, upgrades and installs, remote office support and preventive maintenance, just to name a few.

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PC Repair

Looking for proficient PC repair expert!! Don’t worry. You’ve visited the right website. We provide the best solutions for all types of computer-related problems. We can help, no matter what problem you must be facing.

Mac Repair

Different kinds of peculiar technical-problems emerge in Mac computers repair. Over the years we have seen many of these problems and helped a variety of customers solve many Mac issues.

Data Recovery

One of the most outstanding services we do excel in is the data recovery. No matter what type of computer or electronic gadget, such as multimedia phone or digital camera, we can recover its lost data.

Virus Removal

If your personal computer seems to have been threatened or you have become susceptible to virus-attack, you should fortify it with antivirus protection. However, if you aren’t able to remove it, call us and we will make sure you become virus free.

Computer Sales

If you are planning to buy a computer, laptop or any multimedia phone you should visit at our shop, Long Beach Computer Shop. We carry a wide variety of computer brands including Dell & Gateway to suit any computer needs that you may have.


The power networking makes the internet & online job easier, smoother and faster. If a computer’s software happens to be of inferior standard, requiring prompt networking solution, help us get rid of poor networking problems.

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At Long Beach Computer Shop we can fix and repair any kind of laptop and desktop issues. We provide Long Beach Computer Repair, Data Recover...

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