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November 2004 Vol. 11 No. 8


California Chamber of Commerce “ADVOCACY PARTNER OF THE YEAR” for 2003 & 2004

Anti-Jobs Legislators at it Again The 2004 Vote Record: The 26 Bills Tracked by The Chamber and How Senator Betty Karnette, Assemblymember Alan Lowenthal, and Assemblymember Jenny Oropeza Voted


n March of 2004, the Government Affairs Council (GAC) of the Long Beach Area Chamber of Commence voted unanimously to track 26 priority bills that will have an impact on the Long Beach job climate. Each year, the GAC members review any proposed local, state or federal legislation or issue which might have ramifications for Long Beach businesses. The composition of GAC is representative of the general Long Beach Chamber membership consisting of 21 Long Beach Chamber members in good standing. Our local legislators, Senator Betty Karnette, Assemblymember Alan Lowenthal, and Assemblymember Jenny Oropeza each received official position letters on each of the 26 bills tracked by The Chamber. "We are pleased to see our hard work and efforts have worked," stated Randy Gordon, President and CEO of the Long Beach Chamber. "However, there is more work to be done. We won’t stop until our legislators stop their support for anti-business and anti-jobs votes. We will continue to write the numerous letters to them on all of our priority bills and prod our membership to do the same next year,” Gordon continued.

"Accountability is important," adds Lou Anne Bynum, Long Beach Chamber Chairman of the Board. "Communicating our position on bills and then holding our elected officials accountable to their entire constituency is a core principle of democracy," Neary stated. Of The Chamber's 26 priority bills, the Long Beach Chamber lobbied extensively to OPPOSE 11 bills and SUPPORT another 15 bills. The Chamber's position on each of the 26 priority bills has been available online since March 2004 at "We believe it was important to communicate to our 2,000 members the amount of anti-jobs legislation that impacts our members bottom line supported by our local three legislators," stated Gordon. Each bill online included a summary and an explanation of why the Long Beach Chamber supported or opposed a particular bill. Finally, the average supporting more jobs percentages are based on the number of times our local legislators agreed with the Long Beach Chamber position divided by the number of opportunities to vote

on a particular bill either in committee or on the Senate or Assembly floor. Summary of How Our Legislators Voted in 2004

Of the 26 Bills tracked by the Chamber, 13 legislative bills came before Senator Betty Karnette for her vote; and 10 legislative bills for Assemblymember Oropeza’s vote; and 11 legislative bills for Assemblymember Alan Lowenthal.

Long Beach Legislator

Karnette Oropeza Lowenthal

Total In Accord with The Chamber




Total Against The Chamber







Supporting Pro-Jobs Legislation Percentage

Anti-Jobs Legislator, Betty Karnette, Out Spends Steve Kuykendall in a Close Race


n November 2, 2004, Betty Karnette, defeated Long Beach Chamber recruited and endorsed candidate Steve Kuykendall in the race for Long Beach’s state assembly seat. In August of 2003, the Long Beach Chamber announced the recruitment and endorsement of Steve Kuykendall for the 54th Assembly District seat. The endorsement of Steve Kuykendall marks the Long Beach Chamber’s first direct involvement in an election for state office. For the past six years, the Long Beach Chamber has endorsed candidates for city council, city prosecutor and the Mayor’s race. “I’m proud of our efforts to be pro-active on behalf of our membership,” stated Randy Gordon, president and CEO of The Chamber. “In the end, our members benefited from our journey regardless of the outcome.” The Long Beach Chamber is the first local chamber

of commerce in California to spend two years recruiting and campaigning for a pro-jobs candidate for the state assembly. The Long Beach Chamber’s support of Steve Kuykendall was clear: he is a pro-jobs and pro-business

inside ▪ ▪ ▪



Chairman’s Message

Investing in our Youth

“The Long Beach Chamber’s opposition to Betty Karnette was based upon her lack of leadership on behalf of our business community.” leader, with a proven record, who will represent the communities in the 54th Assembly District and will fight for the needs of the districts businesses and residents. In his years in the Congress, the State Assembly, as a councilman and mayor and as a businessman Steve has been a leader in cutting taxes and government waste, balancing budgets and working to help business create

jobs and economic prosperity. The Long Beach Chamber’s opposition to Betty Karnette was based upon her lack of leadership on behalf of our business community. The Long Beach Chamber has tracked Assembly Member-elect Betty Karnette’s business voting record for the past three years. In 2002, she supported Long Beach Chamber priorities 6% of the time, 10%, and 31% of the time in 2003 and 2004 respectively. The Long Beach Chamber is committed to increasing Assembly Member-elect Betty Karnette’s support of business over the next two years as our state assembly member. Although the November 2004 election was not successful for Steve Kuykendall, the Long Beach Chamber is proud of his fight and congratulates the hard work of his campaign. We look forward to November 2006.

4 How our Legislators Voted in 2004

Chairman’s Message Lou Anne Bynum

Long Beach City College


ctober and November are busy months for The Chamber. Supporting Steve Kuykendall for the 54th Assembly, our first statewide candidate, has been a seminal event for us. And locally, there are a number of contentious issues that will have a significant economic impact in our community. Expansion of Pier J at the Port will ultimately improve goods movement by allowing for perimeter rail docking and increasing rail container traffic via the Alameda Corridor. Increasing efficiencies for an economic engine that generates $90 billion in trade, creates 320,000 jobs and supports $15 billion in wages deserves our support. The Chamber applauds the Port for revisiting the EIR and encourages the Port to continue to be proactive in finding solutions to health and environment issues associated with Port activity. The Chamber supports the Airport’s recommended scope of the revitalization project. Providing decent accommodations and facilities within the confines of the current noise ordinance enhances our ability to protect the ordinance. And the revenue generated through improved concessions will fill some of the painful gaps in programs and services no longer covered by the City’s General Fund. “Our stand on these issues, along with our support of a pro-business candidate in November, points to the leadership your Chamber is taking on behalf of business. ” The proposed Douglas Park development needs support. Long Beach is a built out city and with little space available for new quality housing we need to capture high wage employees that can live, work, and spend their dollars in our City. Douglas Park offers quality housing and a well thought out mixed use commercial plan. The plan will not only mitigate but actually improve traffic flow in the area while creating a family-oriented neighborhood environment. It’s the best possible solution for the site. Our stand on these issues, along with our support of a pro-business candidate in November, points to the leadership your Chamber is taking on behalf of business. However, we recognize that limiting trade ultimately impacts the multiplier effects of producing quality jobs for the huge numbers of people in our region who need them. This, too, is a quality of life issue.

Maps Bring in More Business


he popular Long Beach Map works. Visitors ask for it. Newcomers use it daily. Business people need the Map. It is a great resource for all new people. This is a Chamber benefit that works for everyone. Sales will begin this month for the new updated 2005 image piece that will showcase the Long Beach community to visitors and newcomers. As the demand for maps never slows down, the new Map will be published as quickly as possible. Thousands of copies of the Long Beach Map are given away by The Chamber and the Long Beach Area Convention & Visitors Bureau throughout the community each year. The Map is an exciting marketing tool that produces results because it reaches new people every day and will bring people and dollars into member businesses.

Again this year, there will not be room for all members to be on the Map. An attempt will be made to create a few new spaces this year. First chance at any new spaces will be accepted according to the earliest flyers that are faxed or mailed back. (Please look for the Map flyer inside this newsletter!) Long time member firm, awardwinning Century Publishing’s map division, Map Masters, will again help The Chamber to design and quickly publish the Long Beach Map. Terry Shapiro can help members with new market strategies to achieve maximum results. Send the flier in today or call The Chamber for an appointment. Want more business? Be visible on The Chamber’s new image piece, the exciting 2005 Long Beach Map to reach more new business.

2004-2005 Chairman’s Circle Diamond City National Bank

DeVry University ■ Hilton Long Beach ■ Long Beach Memorial Medical Center Port of Long Beach ■ Press-Telegram ■ Verizon

Platinum Boeing Realty / Douglas Park

Long Beach City College

The Boeing Company

Gold Community Hospital of Long Beach ■ Farmers & Merchants Bank ■ Keesal, Young & Logan Marriott/Renaissance Properties ■ Nextel ■ Seaside Printing Company, Inc. ■ Toyota Affiliated Companies ■ Universal Care

Silver BP Products North America, Inc. ■ California State University, Long Beach ■ Catalina Express DENSO Sales California, Inc. ■ Epson America, Inc. ■ Hilton Long Beach ■ LBWTC Real Estate Partners Long Beach Airport ■ Long Beach Business Journal ■ Long Beach Ice Dogs ■ St. Mary Medical Center The Queen Mary ■ WestLand Construction Inc. ■ Windes & McClaughry Accountancy Corp.

Bronze AEG Home Depot Center ■ Aon Group ■ Aquarium of the Pacific ■ Bryson Financial Group DDR/City Place ■ Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage ■ Color Broadband ■ Comerica Bank The Davis Group ■ DIRECTV–California Broadcast Center ■ EarthTech ■ Ernst & Young LLP ■ Ford West Genesis Real Estate Group ■ Guzman & Gray, CPAs ■ Holthouse Carlin & Van Trigt, LLP ■ Hyatt Regency Long Beach LaserFiche Document Imaging ■ Long Beach Convention & Entertainment Center ■ Long Beach Towne Center Moffatt & Nichol Engineers ■ Paragon Steel ■ Parkers’ Lighthouse ■ Sea Launch ■ Southern California Edison Spirit Cruises ■ Tax Technology Research ■ Thums Long Beach Company ■ Via Media Graphic Design Water Replenishment District of Southern California ■ Watson Land Company ■ The Westin Long Beach The “Chairman’s Circle” is a special group of members that have committed to support the LBACC through sponsorships at various financial levels and at special events. If your company would like to become a member of the Chairman’s Circle, please contact Randy Gordon, President/CEO, at (562) 432-7830 for details.




Creating a Stronger Workforce

Investing in our Youth By Frank Colonna, Vice Mayor and 3rd District Councilmember


s a real estate broker, I emphasize the advantage of investing in property. A good investment portfolio is essential in keeping up with current economic realities. Today, I want to urge my fellow business owners to invest in our youth. The Chamber has been working with the City’s Youth Opportunity Center to promote the need to provide our young people with internship opportunities. Several years ago, I convened a meeting of City officials and school district administrators and together we kicked off a City government internship program. Now in its fifth year, hundreds of youth have been given the opportunity to learn about how government works as well as develop their work skills. However, as we look at the magnitude of young people who need and want to hone their work skills, it

is obvious that more opportunities in the private sector must be made available. I was struck by a recent report addressing the impact of early work experience on young people over the age of 14. The Center for Labor Market Studies found that work experience (less than 20 hours a week) or internships actually increased academic performance. We face many challenges if we are to sustain economic growth in this community and among the challenges is ensuring a skilled workforce. The Workforce Development Board and education partners do wonderful things to ensure that adults have the skills that are desired by employers. However, neither can provide the needed work sites where young people can learn “how to work!” It is up to us to provide the opportunities where our future workforce can “learn” to work and to become inspired to pursue a specific career. The City’s new Inspired Internship campaign is making it easier to mitigate workers compensation issues and organize school credit for participating youth. The Inspired Internship program has formed a partnership with the Industry Education Council for the purpose of raising funds through tax-deductible

One World Trade Center, Suite 206 Long Beach, California 90831-0206 PH (562) 436-1251 n FAX 436-7099 w w w . l b c h a m b e r . c o m

Chamber Staff: Randy Gordon . . . . . . President & CEO . . . . . . . . . (562) 436-6723 Judy Donley . . . . . . . . Administrator . . . . . . . . . . . . (562) 437-8823 Janet Nguyen. . . . . . . VP Government Affairs . . . . (562) 983-1241 Shaun Lumachi . . . . . . Advisor, Government Affairs (562) 843-0947 Jackie Kuhl . . . . . . . . . VP Special Events . . . . . . . . (562) 436-2810 Judy Nelson . . . . . . . . VP Business Councils . . . . . . (562) 432-8128 Michele Woods . . . . . VP Member Services . . . . . . (562) 590-9234 Kelly Stortz . . . . . . . . . Assistant to the President. . . (562) 432-7830 Bobbie Spohn . . . . . . Receptionist . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . ext 100 Alice Curran . . . . . . . . Member Services Executive . . . . . . . ext 108 Vivian Tondreault . . . . Member Services Executive . . . . . . . ext 111 Linda Izzo . . . . . . . . . . Member Relations Executive . . . . . . ext 101

Graphic Design . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Via Media Printing . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Seaside Printing Assembly . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .Goodwill Industries Members wishing to submit articles, press releases, or member news items for upcoming issues of Long Beach Business, please fax to (562) 436-7099, attn: Jackie Kuhl, or e-mail Circulation: Long Beach Business is mailed directly to more than 2400 Long Beach Area Chamber of Commerce members, elected officials and community leaders.

Mission Statement

Vision Statement

The Chamber is the platform for business to provide leadership, education and advocacy so that the Long Beach area thrives in the 21st century.

The Chamber will be the acknowledged leader in creating community consensus to support local, regional, and international business.




contributions and foundation grants that will provide internship stipends. Nearly two thousand youth have responded to say they want to learn and to work. What the youth need now is a place to start. Please join us in investing in our youth by providing a work site. It is an investment that will provide you and our community with great dividends! For more information on the City’s new Inspired Interns program, please contact Kristen Major at 562-570-4733 or email

Better Business in 90 Minutes Seminar

Are the pressures of business demanding that you

find ways to make your employees more productive, that you reach more customers and serve them better? Are you being forced to do more—with less? If so, you can’t miss the next Better Business in 90 Minutes Seminar focused on improving your business productivity. These and other critical business issues will be addressed in our next informative session. You will hear a Microsoft business specialist identify the newest software solutions and show how they are designed to help small businesses improve their bottom line. You will hear an actual business owner describe the challenges he faced and tell how he installed an “out of the box” solution that helped his company become more productive and provide better customer service… Even though he was on a tight budget and had no in-house IT staff! This FREE, informative seminar on Thursday, December 9 is co-sponsored by the Long Beach Area Chamber of Commerce, Professional Business Services, and Administaff. It will be held at the Long Beach Courtyard by Marriott (500 E. First Street) from 11:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. A complimentary lunch will be served. Seating is limited so sign up online now for Professional Business Services Event #100387 at or call Michele Woods at (562) 590-9234.

Serving as the Voice of Business

The Long Beach Area Chamber of Commerce 2004 Priority Bills

How Long Beach Legislators Voted 2004 Bills

Chamber Position

Senator Betty Karnette

Assemblymember Assemblymember Jenny Oropeza Alan Lowenthal

Governor Schwarzenegger’s Action

SB 1397 (Escutia) Air Pollution: Locomotives & Rail Yards OPPOSE ABSENT/ABSTAIN ABSENT/ABSTAIN SUPPORT SB 1397 would require specified vehicles to install emission retrofits and additionally impose a “mitigation fee” on railroad companies. SB 1456 (Kuehl): Contamination OPPOSE SUPPORT SUPPORT SB 1456 prohibits the sale, transfer, or lease of a Ventura County site known as the Santa Susana Field Laboratory (SSFL).



SB 921 (Kuehl): Health Care




SB 796 (Dunn): Sue Your Boss






SB 1477 (Sher): Water Quality





SB 1505 (McClintock): Small Business Regulatory SUPPORT — — — DIED IN COMMITTEE Flexibility Act of 2004 SB 1505 requires state agencies examine and understand the economic impacts a proposed rule might have on small businesses. SB 1179 (Ducheny): Enterprise Zone 5-Year Extension SUPPORT SUPPORT — — DIED IN COMMITTEE SB 1179 extends the life of the Enterprise Zones in Los Angeles, Santa Ana and other soon-to-expire Zones in Southern and Northern California for five (5) years. SB 595 (Johnson): UI Fraud Detection: Employer Reports SUPPORT SUPPORT — — DIED IN COMMITTEE SB 595 will provide more frequent reports of unemployment account activities to California employers in order to detect fraudulent claims sooner and ensure that employer UI tax dollars are not misspent. SB 1410 (Poochigian and Alpert): Unemployment SUPPORT — — Insurance Reform SB 1410 will increase the minimum earnings requirement to match the percentage increase in the minimum wage.


SB 1412 (Poochigian): Unemployment Insurance Reform SUPPORT — — — SB 1412 will improve electronic data transfer on UI claims and tax information. This bill is sponsored by the California Chamber of Commerce.


AB 2317 (Oropeza): Excessive Liquidated Damages OPPOSE SUPPORT AB 2317 makes employers potentially liable for liquated damages equal to the wage loss and interest.


AB 2545 (Koretz): Worker Exits: New Prohibitions OPPOSE SUPPORT SUPPORT AB 2545 prohibits all public and private employers from locking the doors, windows, or other exits of the place of employment.





AB 2832 (Lieber): Mandated Minimum Wage Increase OPPOSE SUPPORT SUPPORT SUPPORT VETOED BY GOVERNOR AB 2832 mandates a two-tier increase in the state minimum wage from the current level of $6.75 per hour to $7.25 per hour in 2005, and a second increase to $7.75 per hour in 2006. AB 2889 (Laird): Employment Discrimination OPPOSE SUPPORT ABSENT/ABSTAIN SUPPORT DIED IN COMMITTEE AB 2889 provides that public and private employers will be held liable, under the provisions of the Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA) for the harassment of a worker by a third party, such as clients or customers. AB 2732 (Dymaly): Hazardous Rags OPPOSE — — — On and after January 1, 2006, every wiping rag that comes into contact with a hazardous material, shall have a warning label printed on the wiping rag. AB 2042 (Lowenthal): Port of Long Beach and Los Angeles






AB 2076 (Dutton): Manufacturer’s Investment Credit SUPPORT — — — DIED IN COMMITTEE AB 2076 reinstates the manufacturer’s investment credit and establishes a 6% credit against personal income and corporate tax for the creation of electrical power. AB 1912 (Richman): Privileged communications SUPPORT — SUPPORT SUPPORT DIED IN COMMITTEE AB 1912 gives employers significant additional protections against liability for defamation when they make statements regarding a current or former employee to a prospective employer. AB 2650 (Bates): Small Business Exemption SUPPORT — — — DIED IN COMMITTEE AB 2650 provides that only state labor enforcement officials may investigate, cite or prosecute to enforce California Labor Code violations when the business has less than 100 employees. AB 1869 (Maldonado): Sales and Use Tax Exemption: SUPPORT — — — DIED IN COMMITTEE spaceflight AB 1869 would expand the existing “qualified property” definition to include property used for the purpose of assembly, launch, or transport, as well as tangible property used in spaceport operations. AB 2006 (Nunez): Electrical restructuringSUPPORT SUPPORT SUPPORT SUPPORT VETOED BY GOVERNOR Reliable Electric Service Act of 2004 AB 2006 seeks to ensure reliable electricity at stable and affordable rates for small customers, while allowing larger customers to shop for power by establishing a “core/non-core” model in which utilities are obligated to meet the needs of customers with demands of less than 500 kilowatts. AB 2992 (McCarthy): School and community colleges: SUPPORT — — — DIED IN COMMITTEE contracting AB 2992 will allow education leaders to decide the most efficient and cost-saving means of providing non-instructional services like maintenance or transportation. AB 2415 (Benoit): Educational Services, Contracting SUPPORT — — Existing law permits a school or community college district to enter into personal services contracts to achieve cost savings.

AB 2991 (Runner): Manufacturers Investment Credit SUPPORT — — — AB 2991 reinstates the manufacturers investment tax credit that expired at the end of 2003, thereby making California more competitive with other states.


AB 2320 (Bates and Richman): Delay of 2005 UI Benefit Increase SUPPORT — — — DIED IN COMMITTEE AB 2320 puts off the 2005 UI benefit increase until the bankrupt UI trust fund is back in the black. This bill is sponsored by the California Chamber of Commerce. AB 2309 (Richman): UI Reform SUPPORT — Spot bill regarding UI eligibility issues. This bill is sponsored by the California Chamber of Commerce. LONG BEACH




Highlighting the Membership

Signature Chocolate of Torrance, California recently expanded into the international market by establishing its first franchise in the United Kingdom, which will be active by the first of the year. The company's U.K. representative will be responsible for expanding and managing Signature Chocolate's dealer base in England, Scotland and Wales. Signature Chocolate designs and manufactures custom logo chocolates for businesses, organizations and special events through catalog sales, e-commerce and more than 350 authorized dealers across the United States. For additional information, call 800-961-2387 or visit

The seasonal splendor of the Crystal Cathedral’s Glory of Christmas began with the goal of becoming a holiday tradition in Southern California. Today it draws visitors from around the world to witness its unique pageantry. Through the creative blend of Christmas carols, pageantry of live animals, flying angels and special effects, the nativity unfolds with colorful wonder. Pre-recorded orchestration by the London Symphony Orchestra provides the musical backdrop for live performances by adult and child soloists. The Cathedral’s world-renowned pipe organ also fills the all-glass structure with glorious sounds. Chamber members and anyone living in Long Beach are entitled to discount tickets ranging from $25, $30, and $35 for the following evenings: November 26, 27, 28 and December 3, 4, 5, 10, 11, and 12. To receive these discounted prices, you must reference the following code: C16. To order tickets by phone or for more info, call (714) 54-GLORY. You can also visit their website at:

Web Stats

Beginning in November, a winter schedule takes effect on Long Beach Transit’s water taxis, and the AquaLink takes on a new look! The brightly colored, twinhulled AquaLink vessel will be removed from the water while it is having maintenance work conducted. The second of the two smaller, red AquaBus vessels will operate the service in its place until May, when the AquaLink will be returned to the water. The regular AquaBus service in Queensway Bay between the Queen Mary, the Coast Hotel, Catalina Landing, the Aquarium of the Pacific, the Pike and Shoreline Village will continue its same time schedule. However, it will begin operating on its Winter schedule, which is on Saturdays and Sundays only. The adjusted schedule for the AquaLink water taxi service between Queensway Bay and Alamitos Bay will be slightly different from the Winter schedule published early on in the year. It will operate on Saturdays and Sunday only beginning in early November also. Service on both water taxis will resume increased operation some time in May.

Our Members are Saying...

I was thrilled that Discover Card paid my Chamber dues and all I had to do was open an account with Discover. The whole transaction was so easy. What a great new Chamber benefit! –Roger Kroll, Orchid Graphics

, member listings were requested in September 2004 on the Business directory of The top five categories requested were: Hotels & Motels, Things to See & Do, Restaurants, Catalina Island Trips & Transportation, Real Estate- Residential The top five members requested were: Dockside Bed & Boat, Hyatt Regency Hotel, Renaissance Long Beach Hotel, Courtyard by Marriott, Hilton Hotel

Thank You to: The Long Beach Ice Dogs for Hosting The Chamber’s September Board of Directors Meeting and…

The Hyatt Regency Long Beach for Hosting The Chamber’s October Board of Directors Meeting

You’ve made a commitment to your health.

So have we.

For more information, contact your broker or Universal Care at 800-380-2522.




Pizza Place & Garden Café (with owner Tina Linis and son Chris) still goes strong after 25 years of service.

The Pizza Place and Garden Café is celebrating 25 years of service in Long Beach and it has grown into an institution. This family run business owned by Tina Linis has seen some changes over the years including a larger space, a patio, delivery service, and the menu has grown as the business has. But the quality of the heart of the business—the pizza and classic Italian meals— has not changed. The freshly made pizza and unique outdoor garden setting has created a loyal following. Owner Tina is still there every day along with her son Chris who is the manager. While the community has given a lot of support to the restaurant, Tina and the Pizza Place have given a lot back participating in several charitable endeavors throughout the year. The Pizza Place, now employing about 30 people, is located at 1431 E. Broadway. For deliveries, call (562) 432-6000.

Maximizing Your Membership

Meet Our New Vice President of Governmental & Public Affairs—Janet Nguyen


anet Nguyen was elected to the Garden Grove City Council on November 2, 2004. She is the first woman elected in over 30 years and the highest ranking Vietnamese American elected official in the nation. Prior to the election, Janet served on the Janet Nguyen Garden Grove Planning Commission and was former District Director for Assemblyman Ken Maddox, of the 68th Assembly District. In addition, she has served on the Garden Grove Traffic Commission (Vice-Chair), and has been a former board member for the Orange County Alcohol and Drug Advisory Board. Janet is a graduate of the University of California, Irvine where she received a Bachelors Degree in Political Science. Janet also taught the Law Student Admission

in California to hold the District Director position for a Test’s (LSAT) preparation course to potential law students state or federal legislator’s office. for the Princeton Review. In addition, she owns a consulting Janet has dedicated countless hours to different business for public, government, and community relations. organizations throughout Experienced in local Garden Grove. She is government issues, Janet “With extensive years of public experience in currently a board member has worked for now retired state and local government, she will bring our for the Garden Grove Chairman of the Orange advocacy department to another level.” Hospital, Senior Meals on County Board of Supervi—Randy Gordon Wheels, and the Grove sors, William G. Steiner, Theatre Center. She is also and retired Chairwoman an associate member of the Garden Grove Strawberry Cynthia P. Coad. She began working for State AssemblyFestival Association and a member of Soroptomist man Maddox in May of 1999 as a Field Representative. International of Garden Grove. “We are very excited to have Janet join our Chamber. As a result of her dedicated community service, With extensive years of public experience in state and Janet was awarded the “We Give Thanks 2004 Women local government, she will bring our advocacy departof Vision” award. The organization began the Women of ment to another level,” said Randy Gordon, President Vision award in 2001 to recognize outstanding women and CEO of The Chamber. who have dedicated many years of invaluable contribuAccording to the Asian Pacific American Legislative tions and outstanding service to the community. Staff Association, Janet was the first Vietnamese-American

New Partnership Announcement! The Chamber and U.S.Chamber of Commerce Form Small Business Alliance


he Long Beach Area Chamber of Commerce and the United States Chamber of Commerce have partnered to provide your business with a membership in both organizations. Now, your local chamber membership brings you even more benefits and services than ever before. By maintaining your Long Beach Chamber membership, you also obtain Federation Membership in the U.S. Chamber, the world’s largest business federation. By maintaining your Long Beach Chamber membership, you also obtain Federation Membership in the U.S. Chamber, the world’s largest business federation. In this new partnership, The Chamber will continue to focus on local issues and programs. The U.S. Chamber will provide information on national issues, including health care accessibility and taxes. Through this unique

opportunity, your interests are protected by two effective organizations in Long Beach and in Washington, D.C. In addition to The Chamber’s programs you value, your new Federation Membership through the U.S. Chamber offers your business the following: • Small business resources: The U.S. Chamber’s Small Business Center provides access to business tools and information, as well as a directory of local, state, and federal elected officials. Whether you need a financial toolkit or want to view your representative’s voting record, this is where you’ll find it. • Weekly: This e-newsletter, delivered weekly, gives you exclusive access to current news, commentary, tips and tools, and legislative updates specific to your region.

• Discounts and services: Receive deep discounts from market leaders on a variety of services, from shipping to office supplies. The U.S. Chamber and its partners help you save money and increase profits. The U.S. Chamber fights for your interests every day… but they can’t do it alone. Your voice has power on Capitol Hill. On Occasion, you will be asked to raise your voice on behalf of small businesses everywhere. “This partnership leverages The Chamber’s relationship with the U.S. Chamber to ensure that the issues that matter to small business stay at the forefront of the nation’s business agenda,” said Randy Gordon, president and CEO of The Chamber. Federation Membership is provided at no cost to you or The Chamber. We hope you take full advantage of this unique opportunity. If you are interested in accessing these benefits to obtain your U.S. Chamber member number, please contact Michele Woods at (562) 590-9234 or with your e-mail address.

U.S. CHAMBER, U.S. CHAMBER OF COMMERCE and the “Spirit of Enterprise” logo are registered marks of and are used under license from the Chamber of Commerce of the United States.”

Help put veterans back to work! How? By working with VETERANS INDUSTRIES! Veterans Industries can place veterans at your worksite or perform the work at our onsite sheltered workshop. How can working with Veterans Industries benefit you? • Reduces your costs because there is no workers’ compensation, social security, medical insurance, vacation/sick pay • • • • •

or other “employee” costs. Performs assembly, packaging, sorting, labeling, and other jobs at our workshop. Provides you with a pool of pre-screened workers. Lowers your costs while meeting your production needs. Brings together qualified veterans and employers for the benefit of both. Competitive bids without cost or obligation.




For more information please contact Cheryl Iwata at (562) 826-5590 or e-mail at Visit our national website at

Volunteer Opportunities

International Business Association

Women’s Council President, Lori M. Lofstrom Holmes and Lofstrom, LLP

President, Jim Conner Lockwood Greene Engineers

Voting is a Privilege—Use It!

WC Provides November of Networking


want to share a recent experience that has caused me think and be more aware as I go about life every day. I participated in a recent training session focused on “Leadership Training.” At first you think Leadership is a personal trait that a lucky few have but after some reflection it does make sense that it is a behavior that can be taught at all ages. Since then, we have been exchanging ideas and examples “leadership moments” to improve personally and in business. The recent November elections provided an opportunity to be a leader and an example to your children, friends, co-workers and community. I hope you simply learned about the individuals who were asking you to hire them to run your community and your country. Our ability to vote openly on our government is what makes


hanks to all who came out to help with our water station at the Long Beach International City Bank Marathon. We had a great time and showed our usual WC spirit at mile 5! Please make a note that the WC will hold our first Mixer of this year on Thursday, November 11th at the Long Beach Museum of Art. These have historically been very successful, the last one had almost 100 in

Title Sponsors: Ernst & Young LLP / Long Beach Memorial Medical Center Eagle Sponsor: Farmers & Merchants Bank Major Sponsors: AES Alamitos / Comerica / Earth Tech / INCO Company Seaside Printing Co. / Universal Care / WestLand Construction Corporate Sponsors: Ford West / St. Mary Medical Center Live Auction Sponsors: Catalina Express / DENSO Sales CA Farmers & Merchants Bank / Fields & Israel LLP / First Bank & Trust Victoria Fullerton / Holthouse, Carlin & Van Trigt / Matson Navigation Sea Launch / WestLand Construction / Windes & McClaughry

Hospitality Sponsors:.

Congratulations to the Farmers & Merchants Bank team— Champions of the Golf Classic!

LONG BEACH MEMORIAL MEDICAL CENTER OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH SERVICES The one source for occupational health services with two Long Beach locations.

(562) 933-0085

networking and helpful advice to help you build a bigger, better business. Networking starts at 11:30 a.m. For information on joining the Women’s Council, contact Judy Nelson at, or call 432-8128.

Special thanks to the following sponsors for their overwhelming support of the Golf Classic...

this country a special place to live. Need some motivation? Just watch the evening news and how much of the world lives and really think about the freedom we have in this country to influence what happens to us. I challenge everyone to join me in your next opportunity to vote. Ask around your friends and family. Find at least one person not registered or unwilling to vote and take them with you to the polls. Pick them up if you have to. Think about the impact if every voter took another that would not have voted to the polls! It is a privilege that many of our citizens fought to get and died to keep. I encourage you to use it. I also encourage you to attend the next IBA Luncheon on November 19th. Our special guest is Juilet Funt, daughter of Alan Funt from Candid Camera.

Buffum Medical Pavillion Long Beach Memorial Medical Center

"Join us for the next monthly luncheon on Thursday, November 18th… As always, great networking and helpful advice to help you build a bigger, better business."

The Chamber’s 16th Annual Golf Classic

“At first you think Leadership is a personal trait that a lucky few have but after some reflection it does make sense that it is a behavior that can be taught at all ages.”

Memorial Occupational Medical Services 450 E. Spring, Ste. 8

attendance! Come and join us whether to network, mingle or enjoy the lovely ambiance and artwork. We will have door prizes and hope to have a couple silent auction items to help us raise money for scholarships. Join us for the next monthly luncheon on Thursday, November 18th at Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. Our speaker, Audrey Burton, will present some ideas for better marketing and sales for your business. As always, great

Memorial Maritime Clinic 150 S. Pico Ave.

(562) 432-2821 Port of Long Beach




Upcoming Events November 2004 See Enclosed Flyers

Annual Holiday Mixer & Tree Lighting Ceremony WEDNESDAY, DEC 8 • 5:00 PM – 7:00 PM Aboard the Queen Mary, Britannia Salon Please bring a canned food item to help the less fortunate. The tree-lighting ceremony with Mayor O’Neill begins at 7:00 p.m.

Michele Woods (562) 590-9234 •

Better Business in 90 Minutes Seminar (FREE!) Improving Business Productivity THURSDAY, DEC 9 • 11:30 AM – 1:00 PM Long Beach Courtyard by Marriott 500 E. 1st Street A complimentary lunch will be served.

Michele Woods (562) 590-9234 •

Joint Holiday Party with… Airport Area Business Council, Int’l Business Association & Tech Point FRIDAY, DEC 10 • 11:30 AM – 1:30 PM Judy Nelson (562) 432-8128 •

California Visionaries Luncheon with U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein (Tentative) FRIDAY, DEC 17 • 11:30 AM – 1:30 PM Hyatt Regency Long Beach, Beacon Room Shaun Lumachi (562) 983-1241 •

State of the City Luncheon JANUARY 11, 2005 • 11:00 AM – 1:30 PM LB Convention Center, Grand Ballroom Jackie Kuhl (562) 436-2810 •

A Perfect Corporate Outing!



P E R F O R M A N C E S !

Saturday, December 11 at 8pm and Sunday, December 12 at 2 pm • Terrace Theater Mark Mandarano, conductor starring Broadway Vocalist Michael Maguire featuring the Angeles Chorale, the Azusa Pacific University Handbell Choir, the Southern California Children’s Chorus and the Orange County High School of the Arts Dancers Sponsored by: Craig Dougherty, The Dougherty Co. Insurance Brokers, Farmers & Merchants Bank, JetBlue Airways and the Press Telegram

One World Trade Center, Suite 206 Long Beach, California 90831-0206

Tickets on sale now! For Information Call: (562) 436-3203, ext 1 For group reservations call: (562) 436-3203, ext 233 •




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