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Supervisor Don Knabe to Deliver State of the County Address on November 4 Port of Long Beach will share news of job-creating construction boom as keynote sponsor of this event Chairman of the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors Don Knabe will take the podium on Wednesday, November 4, 2009 to deliver the third annual Chamber-hosted, Port of Long Beach-sponsored State of the County Address. Each year, Supervisor Knabe, representing LA’s Fourth District, delivers his address before an audience of over 1,100 people at the Long Beach Convention Center providing a detailed update on the many issues impacting the entire county and the lives of his more than 2 million constituents.

Elected to the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors in 1996 and overwhelmingly reelected in 2000, 2004 and 2008, Supervisor Knabe represents the Fourth District—a uniquely diverse area that includes the Ports of LA and Long Beach and the Los Angeles International Airport and stretches from Marina del Rey to the Palos Verdes Peninsula to Long Beach, Catalina and San Clemente Islands all the way east to Diamond Bar.

The Port of Long Beach will serve as the keynote sponsor of the third annual State of the County Address and will share some of the spotlight to discuss a new Port construction

“This vibrant activity at the Port is providing a major economic boost throughout the Southern California region and generating thousands of construction and support jobs.” boom which will employ thousands. In sluggish economic times like these, you might expect a slowdown in construction at the Port of Long Beach. Not so. These days the Port is abuzz with the sounds of excavators, concrete

mixers and jackhammers as blueprints are rolled out for environmental upgrades, trafficflow improvements, shipping terminal modernization projects and more. This vibrant activity at the Port is providing a major economic boost throughout the Southern California region and generating thousands of construction and support jobs. The Port’s current projects— part of about $2.6 billion in planned improvements in the next decade—have been in the planning and environmental review stages for some time and are now moving into construction, despite the economic downturn. Construction projects now underway include: • A new administration complex at Pier G for terminal operator International Transportation Service is generating 220 jobs a year over three years. • A $70 million soil cleanup at Pier A West is supporting 555 jobs for one year. • Adding environmentally friendly shore power (which cuts air pollution from ships at berth) at Matson’s Pier C container terminal is generating nearly 60 jobs over the 400-day construction period. • Storm-water runoff control improvements Portwide are generating 27 jobs over one year. • A refrigerated shipping container project recently completed at Pier G generated 34 jobs over the project’s one-year duration. Approved projects that will start construction in the next few months (by January 2010) include: • The $750 million Middle Harbor Redevelopment Project to modernize two older shipping terminals and cut air pollution by 50 percent will generate up to 1,000 jobs a year for 10 years (and another 14,000 permanent jobs during operation). • A new maintenance/repair facility at Pier G will support up to 400 jobs a year on average during the 27-month project.

• Renovations to improve Pier G’s on-dock rail capacity and reduce the need for truck trips will generate about 500 jobs during the 17month project. Funding for Port terminal development projects comes from Port revenues, received mostly from leases with private shipping terminal operators.

In addition to thousands of temporary and permanent jobs being created by the new development, the Port already supports about 30,000 jobs in Long Beach, 316,000 jobs in

the Southern California region and 1.5 million jobs across the nation. Attend the State of the County on Wednesday, November 4 to hear about this Port construction boom and listen to Supervisor Knabe illustrate how the County of Los Angeles impacts you and what you can do to play a role in furthering the many issues of importance to America’s largest County. The luncheon begins at 11:00am at the Long Beach Convention Center in the Grand Ballroom. Individual tickets are $50 and various levels of table sponsorships are available. To reserve your table or individual seat, register online at

Chamber Trains Candidates for Public Service The Long Beach Chamber hosted its fourth Candidate Academy this summer giving the Long Beach community an opportunity to learn what it takes to run for public office. Whether a person’s passion is best served as a member of the City Council, the School Board or even at the State or Federal levels of government, The Chamber gave all interested people an opportunity to learn what it takes in four classes held during the month of August. The Chamber’s Candidate Academy has been a political springboard for several public officials over the last few years. Congresswoman Laura Richardson, State Senator Rod Wright, City Councilman Gary DeLong and

In this Issue:

LBUSD School Board member Felton Williams, to name a few, are all alumni. The Chamber’s Candidate Academy is oneof-a-kind. In four consecutive Thursday evenings, attendees learned the skills and tools needed to run a well-funded, structured and successful campaign from some of the greatest minds in the political arena—including those who have used these tools to achieve their political dreams. Congresswoman Richardson served as the first speaker of the 2009 class for a discussion on developing the passion to run for office. The goal of the Candidate Academy is to give an opportunity to those who feel the call

2 Small Business CEOs Share Strategies

to serve. “I am proud of all 27 members of this year’s class who took the time to learn what it takes,” stated Dave Neary, chairman of the Long Beach Chamber Candidate Academy. “They all

“The Chamber is committed to developing quality leaders, because that’s what’s best for Long Beach” look forward to making a difference in their neighborhood and our City, and we think they deserve the chance to try,” continued Neary.

4 Long Beach Arts Goes Global

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Fall 2009

Chamber Shines Light On Unions Fighting Hilton How do you give a business a fighting chance during a less than desirable economy? Better yet, how do you try to make it so a business, its employees and the community do not fail during one of the toughest markets in recent history? UNITE HERE Local 11, the Los Angelesbased union attempting to organize the Long Beach Hilton, has an interesting approach to these questions. Their answer: use irresponsible intimidation and illegal tactics to place their need to boost their coffers before the needs of our community and the very employees whom they so desperately want to become dues-paying members. “Their tactics may whip up a little fervor among the rank and file,” stated Randy Gordon, President and CEO of the Long Beach Chamber, “but let’s stop and look at how their latest stunt fits with the reality we face every day.” Right now, in Long Beach, the unemployment rate is soaring and thousands of people are looking for work. Our local business community is shrinking. Yet, the leaders of UNITE HERE feel it is in the best interest of the Hilton employees to stop business from coming, period. Not only have they called a boycott against the hotel but they have proceeded to use sirens, drums and bullhorns at the incredibly early hour of 6:00 a.m. outside of the hotel to disturb the peace of the guests, the employees, and the city of Long Beach. Luckily, the Long

“Their tactics may whip up a little fervor among the rank and file, but let’s stop and look at how their latest stunt fits with the reality we face every day.” Beach Police Department was there to protect the laws of this city and issued misdemeanor citations to stop the noise. Everything about the action from the union smacks of irresponsibility, intimidation and now illegal activity. From its timing to its blatant disregard for the well being of the employees and our community, it must be squashed. Regardless of the state of our economy, businesses, and their employees, must always be afforded the opportunity to operate free from intimidation. Moreover, there is no place in our community for the counterintuitive tactics being used by UNITE HERE Local 11 because, UNITE HERE does not accurately represent every voice they claim to represent. Take Maria Castro, for example. Singled out by the Press Telegram in a recent article, Castro stood with anti-union workers in front of the Downtown Long Beach Hilton holding signs that read “Union X” and “We love Hilton.” According to Castro, “I don’t have nothing against their right to decide whether you be in the union or not, but they’re talking for everybody, and it’s not everybody. We have families to support. We have bills to pay.” So, how do you try to make it so a business, its employees and the community do not fail during one of the toughest markets in recent history? The Chamber and our entire community must work together to find ways to support local businesses so they can create more jobs.

5 Defining the Economic Benefits of Parks

Leadership Cabinet Chairman of the Board

Lori M. Lofstrom Managing Shareholder, Holmes Lofstrom, PC Chairman-Elect

James H. Eaton

Chairman’s Message

Small Business CEOs Share Strategies and Best Practices to Help Weather the Storm

President, Airdrome Precision Components Immediate Past Chairman

Blake E. Christian Partner, Holthouse Carlin & Van Trigt LLP Chief Financial Officer

Pei Pei Wang Partner, Windes & McClaughry Accountancy Corp.

by Lori M. Lofstrom Managing Shareholder HOLMES LOFSTROM, PC

Vice Chair of Economic Development

Jerry Miller Managing Partner, IMC Municipal Vice Chair of Community Development

Cindy Wymore Director of Government & Public Affairs, BP America, Inc. Vice Chair of Membership

LaDonna DiCamillo Director of Government Affairs, BNSF Railway Vice Chair of Government & Public Affairs

Joanne Davis President, Davis Group At Large

Tony Chavez President/Plant Manager, AES Alamitos Generating Station At Large

Jan Maize Vice President, The Maize Tuebner Maize Group/Smith Barney At Large

John Howard Owner/Operator, Chick-Fil-A Legal Counsel

Robert Stemler Partner, Keesal, Young & Logan

It is such a difficult time for business. The most poignant quote that sums up what many business owners are currently feeling came not from a famous pundit but instead from a business colleague of mine. She said, “I’ve never worked so hard, for so little and been so thankful!” So often the conversation these days turns to the struggles that business owners are experiencing, including concerns about making payroll, keeping the doors open just long enough to “ride out the storm” or the number of weeks or even months since the owner took a paycheck and the resulting stress on owners, families, and organizations. This conversation is almost a form of therapy to in fact verify that we are not alone and to search for possible solutions from others that we discover are in the same or similar circumstance. I truly believe that the only way to get through this difficult time successfully is by helping each other, learning from each other, sharing information

President & CEO Long Beach Area Chamber of Commerce

Audrianne Adams-Lee

Edward Herro

HR Network

Farmers & Merchants Bank

Dan Alf

Ken Houp

DENSO Sales CA, Inc.

UHS Insurance Agency

Kristi Allen

Kjell Karlsen

Hilton Long Beach

Mike Bafan TABC, Inc./Toyota

Thomas Berg

Sea Launch Company, LLC

Frank Komin THUMS Long Beach

JetBlue Airways

Larry Labrado

William Bettison

Southern California Edison

Enterprise Rent A Car

Becky Blair Blair Commercial Real Estate

Gregory Burnight Newell, Curtis, Nelson & Burnight LLP

David Cameron

Glenn Maddalon Community Hospital of Long Beach Foundation

Joseph Magaddino

Syndi CroadDalton

Michael McCarthy


Jimmy Crosby Paramount Petroleum

Mark DeVoss The Boeing Company

Robert Garey Cushman & Wakefield, Inc.

Tom Good “As a CPA I tend to look at the economy a bit more conservatively than others. While there are various statistics such as a drop in the national unemployment rate, increasing equipment, home and car sales in July, I believe these one-month positive statistics do not establish a trend. The real wild card is when the commercial real estate and credit card company fall-out will hit. While there are a few bright spots, I do believe there will be more pain before the real recovery,” said Blake Christian, immediate past chairman of the Long Beach Chamber Board of Directors.

“Experts Consensus: We Have Likely Hit Bottom”, September 1, 2009

Los Angeles Business Journal The potential hike in commercial property taxes is of great concern to the Long Beach Area Chamber of Commerce. “A split-roll property tax would mean a $7.5 billion tax increase on employers, further deepening the impacts of this tough economy and doing nothing toward creating jobs,” said Randy Gordon, chief executive of the Long Beach Chamber.

“Business Groups Boo Tax Boosts”

Port of Long Beach

Cal State University Long Beach

John Crochet

franchise industry in general, are experiencing record low sales due to the credit crunch and the difficulties that prospective franchisees are having obtaining loans to buy franchises. One of the new Chamber programs we have set up this year designed to address the

Chris Lytle

City National Bank

Moondance Catering

“One of the new Chamber programs we have set up this year designed to address the most critical concerns of small business, is the “Small Business CEO Roundtable.”

Moffatt & Nichol

Bob Michell Turner Construction

Jill Morgan

Los Angeles Business Journal, August 31, 2009

Los Angeles Times “It’s about time that Mr. Ellis finally admitted to himself that he’s not a good school board member and he’s not doing what the residents elected him to do,” said Randy Gordon, president and chief executive of the chamber.

“Long Beach school board member resigns” Los Angeles Times, August 7, 2009

Press-Telegram Every year or two, the Long Beach Area Chamber of Commerce hosts a candidate academy to give would-be candidates a little guidance and a sense of what it takes to run for office. “Although throwing one’s hat in the ring may seem appealing, many people jump into it without thinking, not realizing the time, money and work involved,” said Chamber President and CEO Randy Gordon. The four-day academy is designed to “scare (candidates) away” or “give them the incentive to run,” Gordon said.


“Inside City Hall: Becoming a Candidate 101”

Eloy Oakley Long Beach City College

Kristie Pabst Pabst, Kinney & Associates

most critical concerns of small business, is the “Small Business CEO Roundtable.” We plan on having these quarterly, with a different group of CEOs to provide a forum to openly discuss the most pressing issues CEOs are facing in both small and large companies such as cash flow, lines of credit, expense management and new business generation. The first such Roundtable was held just recently and we invited 10 different CEOs from different industries to participate. The discussion began with a pledge of confidentiality to encourage open communication and, my hope is, that after the two hour meeting, we provided information, a strategy or a resource that made a positive difference for those attending. I want to thank Chamber President and CEO Randy Gordon and the staff for pulling this first Small Business CEO Roundtable together. I also want to thank accountant and Chamber member, Joan Green (of Green Zahn & Associates) for volunteering her assistance and serving as a valuable resource on tax and accounting issues. Finally, “Thank you!” to all of the brave CEOs who shared openly and added their own insights to try to help offer some “best practices” of their own to their fellow entrepreneurs. It was inspiring.

Media Notes &Quotes

Randy Gordon

Board of Directors

that under “normal” circumstances we would likely never think of divulging. Since I became chairman of The Chamber in July, I have remained committed to my goal of helping small business, especially during this year, since I believe this will be a “make it or break it” year for many small businesses. As business attorneys, our firm sees clients and colleagues going through extremely challenging times, the likes of which most have never experienced. Our franchisor clients, like the

Press-Telegram, August 26, 2009

Long Beach Area Chamber of Commerce president and CEO Randy Gordon said that Long Beach overall provides more opportunities for Tesla employees, especially freeway access and housing stock. “Our city, the services, our city’s capacity to support this operation have got to be greater than the smaller city of Downey," Gordon said.

Matson Navigation Co., Inc.

Andy Perez Union Pacific Railroad

“Long Beach lures Tesla to Boeing site with state enterprise zone”

Jeffrey Green

William Phillips

Press-Telegram, September 5, 2009


Simon Grieve Gazette Newspapers

Michele Grubbs Pacific Merchant Shipping Association

Del Heinz Charter Communications

Diana Hendel, PhD Long Beach Memorial Medical Center/Miller Children’s Hospital

Comerica Bank

Ed Proenza Sarah Nguyen . . . . . . (562) 432-7830

Ensemble Real Estate

Executive Assistant to President/CEO

Aaron Rios Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.

Bill Shumard Special Olympics of Southern California

Mark Stevens Long Beach Magazine

John Wagner St. Mary Foundation



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munity consensus to support local, regional, and international business. Our Core Competencies n Economic Development: Creating a Strong Local Economy n Public Policy: Representing the Interest of Business with Government n Community Development: Promoting the Community n Membership Services: Providing Networking Opportunities

California Chamber of Commerce’s “Advocacy Partner of the Year” for 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006 “Political Partner of the Year” for 2008

Creating a Strong Local Economy President’s Message

Trucker Unionization is Bad for Business by Randy Gordon President and CEO

For many decades, the Port of Long Beach has been a particularly strong point of pride for our city, both as an economic engine and a major employer. Massive amounts of container traffic passed through our harbor each and every day, helping to make Southern California’s second-largest port essential to the financial health of the entire country. The Port has been an economic steward for so long, and has taken on a new role as an environmental caretaker in recent years after implementing new practices to reverse environmental harms that they have caused to the region.

It has been a noble and successful fight as the Port of Long Beach has become one of the most environmentally-friendly ports in America, and the world. The nearby Port of Los Angeles joined into the spirit of this new “Green” transition, but with a few small differences. Unfortunately, today we are seeing that these differences have caused huge rifts in the transportation industry that may negatively affect business in the entire region, and prove that the Port of Los Angeles was using the veil of environmental efficiency to attempt an industry takeover based on power and greed. Now, when the shipping industry is slowing rapidly and ports should do everything they can to attract business, the Port of Los Angeles is pushing potential clients away and alienating those that work long, dangerous hours for them. And they may be dragging the Port of Long Beach down with them. The Port of Los Angeles is lobbying the Federal Aviation Administration Authorization Act (F4A) so they can have greater control over the trucking industry. Their ultimate goal: to prevent independent truckers from operating at their Port that will lead to full unionization of all truckers. The Port of Long Beach is not participating in this advocacy sham. Obviously, the Port of Los Angeles signed up with the Clean Trucks Act not to

improve the environment, but to impose its will on its business partners. Why does this matter in Long Beach? Well, the two ports are in such close proximity to one another that they are often confused to be one large port, and any bullying tactics used in Los Angeles could also be negatively attributed to Long Beach. Ultimately this will make shipping companies less willing to do business here. Such a chain reaction would be devastating to the Port of Long Beach, which has seen container traffic steadily decline for the last two years with no signs of relenting. In fact, because of increasing fees, taxes and generally poor repu-

“Obviously, the Port of Los Angeles signed up with the Clean Trucks Act not to improve the environment, but to impose its will on its business partners.” tations (thanks to the Port of Los Angeles), shipping companies have made it no secret that they prefer to take their business elsewhere. In about five years, a widening of the Panama Canal will make it easier for Asian companies to bypass the West Coast and head to the other side of the nation—something they will gladly do to avoid higher fees. Meanwhile, Gulf Coast and East Coast ports are expanding in anticipation of the surge in business. The Port of Los Angeles is lobbying hard to pass their bullying tactics into the F4A. Well, we must lobby Congress even harder to ensure that their efforts are not successful. The Port of Long Beach has been an excellent community partner for many decades, and it’s time we step up for them.

Members Reveal Positive Returns on Their Investment

“It was a pleasure to attend The Chamber’s recent Better Business in 90 Minutes Seminar on Human Resource solutions. This seminar came at a perfect time as we are updating our employee handbook and will be incorporating their suggested HR policies and procedures. Also helpful were the tips on managing and keeping employees during these tough economic times. I applaud

The Chamber for this educational and worthwhile seminar.” –Maria E. Cochran Dramatic Results

to thank and acknowledge the Long Beach Chamber for the warm welcome that we received at the recent Good Morning Long Beach breakfast. As

“Of all the email news that comes to my mailbox from The Chamber, I most enjoy the “Strictly Business” letters from Chamber President and CEO Randy Gordon. These frequent updates keep me apprised on the issues facing our business community. They are

a new member of The Chamber, Interface is excited at the opportunity to be moving 40+ employees into the Douglas Smart Park Development this November. The GMLB breakfast was a great chance to network with other businesses.” –Adam Harrold Interface Systems

gets tough, I know our Chamber is there to support business. Period.” –Cynthia Byrd Via Media Graphic Design

“On behalf of the employees at Interface Systems, I would like

informative and upbeat and make me feel good to be doing business in Long Beach. When the going

“Once again, the Long Beach Chamber provides nothing but the best with the who’s who of politics at their biannual Candidate Academy. Guest speakers such as LA County Supervisor Don Knabe, U.S. Congresswoman Laura Richardson, State Senator Rod Wright, just to mention a few, complement each other and set a standard that is hard to beat. If you’re interested in the political campaigning process this is one event you will not want to miss!” –Mike Hedges Candidate for Long Beach 5th District City Council


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Join the Chamber Trade Missions to:

Italy’s Amalfi Coast February 17-25, 2010

For tour itineraries and more information, contact Leanna Rodgers, Trade Development Consultant • (562) 436-1254

Spain’s Costa del Sol China, Yangtze River

March 10-18, 2010

March 23-April 1, 2010


Signature Events

Long Beach Arts Goes Global by Craig Watson CEO, Arroyo Communications Executive Director, Arts Council for Long Beach

Members of the International Business Association strategize for the coming year at their annual board retreat.

(L to R) Kelly King, Joen Garnica, Laura Foster, Anne Miller and other members of the Women’s Business Council collaborate during a summer planning session.

Nationally, the nonprofit arts and culture industry generated $166.2 billion in economic activity last year—$63.1 billion in spending by organizations and an additional $103.1 billion in event-related spending by their audiences. This level of economic activity is equivalent to 5.7 million jobs. By any objective standard, the arts are an important part of our overall national economy. Likewise, local arts activity creates real jobs and stimulates strong economic benefits…think “dinner before the concert, artists buying supplies, shopping after the Museum visit, performers picking up paychecks and paying rent.” At the Arts Council for Long Beach we are trying to improve the cultural AND economic climate of the city. As the official non-profit “arts agency” for the City of Long Beach, we take these challenges seriously. One way we are doing this is to “reinvent” the annual recognition of our national “October is Arts and Humanities Month” celebration. Across the nation, communities take time in October to emphasize the contributions

“Local arts activity creates real jobs and stimulates strong economic benefits.” made by local artists and arts groups. We are taking this several steps further by the creation of GLOBAL…a new, annual, month-long arts festival intended to showcase the best of the arts locally, but more than that…growing it into an event that will attract regional and international visitors.

Partially inspired by a recent column by Mary Barton in the Long Beach Business Journal, we are hard at work building this festival. Barton wrote, “Imagine Long Beach as a magnet that attracts thousands of visitors here to enjoy the best our culture has to offer—a festive celebration of literature and arts! Imagine that throngs travel here to captivate their imaginations, laugh till their sides ache, experiment with their own creativity and find friendships through exploring new dimensions of talent. They will come back year after year for a grand time… Imagine taking it to another level: national sponsors providing a financial foundation, television rights going to the highest bidder and people flocking from all over the country to stay in our hotels, stroll our beautiful streets and beaches, and enjoy the brilliant events of Long Beach. Travelers for arts events are reputed to stay longer and spend more than other tourists—it could be a bonanza in our hometown.” We couldn’t agree more and are helping to make it happen! With over fifty different arts groups and business partners onboard and more on the way, this year’s GLOBAL celebration will be an “appetizer” for the full-course meal we intend to serve in years to come. Anchored by a block-buster opening weekend for the month that includes Green Port Fest at the Port of Long Beach, a Southeast Asia festival at the Aquarium, free admission at the Museum of Latin American Art, SoundWalk in the East Village, the Mid-City Studio Tour and more…GLOBAL already has over 120 events and performances listed on the master calendar. For more details, go to the festival’s website at We are still looking for arts-friendly business partners who see the arts “mean business” and there are natural and mutually beneficial ways to harness the creative depth of our local arts community.

Chamber Opposes Federal Healthcare Plan Adrienne Gunde Photography

(L to R) Chamber President & CEO Randy Gordon; Ron Piazza, president of Ronald McDonald House Charities of Southern California; Steve Goodling, president & CEO of the LB Convention & Visitors Bureau; Mayor Bob Foster; Kam Babaoff, founder and managing director of Ensemble Real Estate; Patti O’Keefe, regional vice president of CFRST Hotels; and Master of Ceremonies Jim Gray at the grand opening of the Residence Inn by Marriott Long Beach Downtown.

Consider the plight of the hard-working employee who’s earned the right to obtain benefits from their employer after years of loyal service—a coverage plan that works for the employee and is affordable for the employer. All of a sudden, that efficient agreement is interrupted by a government attempt to interfere and mandate the terms of the employee’s coverage while possibly instituting new fees (or even fines) to the employer. The Congress and President Obama insist on interfering in the perfectly efficient way that employees across the nation receive healthcare coverage. Many businesses and employees long ago figured out how to come to an agreement on proper coverage terms, with both sides coming away satisfied. And that’s the way it should be. The govern-

“Obama should reconsider a plan that adds unneeded strain to those that aren’t asking for it.” Photo credit: Caught in the Moment Photography

(L to R) The Museum of Latin American Art’s President & CEO Richard Townsend; Chip Conley, founder and CEO of Joie de Vivre Hospitality and parent company of the Hotel Maya; along with Kam Babaoff, founder and managing director of Ensemble Real Estate, give welcoming remarks at the grand opening celebration of the Hotel Maya.

ment’s plan is to provide healthcare for any and everyone. The Long Beach Chamber expressed its strong opposition to these proposed healthcare reforms being considered in the United States Congress. The Chamber believes that the current form of healthcare reform

being pushed through the Congress should be reconsidered and altered in order to provide new quality care to some, while preserving quality care that others already enjoy. “President Obama and his team may well be on their way to a revolutionary new healthcare system that provides the best possible coverage at a reasonable rate,” stated Randy Gordon, president and CEO of the Long Beach Chamber, “But this is not that plan.” The Long Beach Chamber would like to join the 64% of Americans that said they do not believe President Obama’s healthcare plan is a good one (according to a recent Wall Street Journal & NBC News survey). With a majority of his citizens against him, and an ailing business community struggling to free itself from the reigns of recession, Obama should reconsider a plan that adds unneeded strain to those that aren’t asking for it. President Obama’s healthcare plan will hurt more people than it will help, but this does not mean that our voice can’t be heard. We need help from legislators, businesses, and YOU to make it known that we will not stand for further government interference into our healthcare problem. Log on to for more information on the Long Beach Chamber’s award-winning advocacy efforts.

Dine Out, Save, and Support Area Eateries Chamber Membership saves you money at restaurants with new rewards program The Chamber has started a new Restaurant Loyalty Program as another benefit for members. All you have to do is present your Restaurant Loyalty Rewards card to receive a 10% discount on your food bill. And some restaurants are offering more than 10% off so be sure to inquire within. Contact Kelly DeSimas at or call (562) 436-1253 to receive your rewards card. Bon appetite! The following Long Beach restaurants are participating in the program as of August 2009:

Photo credit:

(L to R) Tony Isaac, president of Lodgeworks, parent company of AVIA Hotels; John Cantele, sr. vice president of Lodgeworks; Mayor Bob Foster; Rafael Llorente, director of group sales for AVIA Long Beach, and Ken Dickson, general manager of the AVIA Long Beach at the AVIA housewarming event on September 14.

Buono’s Pizzeria 401 W. Willow Street Long Beach, CA 90806 562-595-6138 Chick-fil-A 7681 Carson Blvd. Long Beach, CA 90808 562-425-4232 Extreme Pizza at the Pike 21 The Paseo Long Beach CA 90802 562-901-9700 Frenchy’s Bistro 4137 E Anaheim St Long Beach CA 90804-4201 562-494-8787

Kavikas Grill and Bar hosted The Chamber’s recent networking Mixer. Shown above are team members from the Guest House Hotel in Long Beach.


Fresh Foods Café 340 Golden Shore Long Beach CA 90802 562-980-9200

Gladstones 330 S. Pine Ave. Long Beach CA 90802 562-432-8588 Johnny Rebs’ Southern Roadhouse 4663 N Long Beach Blvd Long Beach CA 90805-6929 562-423-7327

Parkers’ Lighthouse 435 Shoreline Village Dr. Long Beach CA 90802-4550 562-432-6500

The Sky Room 40 S. Locust Ave. Long Beach, CA 90802 562-983-2703

Pizza Place & Garden Café 1431 E Broadway Long Beach CA 90802-4033 562-432-6000

Smooth’s Sports Grille 144 Pine Ave Long Beach CA 90802 562-437-7700

KAVIKAS Grill & Bar 95 Aquarium Way Long Beach, CA 90802 562-432-8700 Michael’s on Naples Ristorante 5620 E. Second St. Long Beach, CA 90803 562-439-7080

Renaissance Bar & Grill 111 East Ocean Blvd. Long Beach, CA 90802 562-499-2533

Stefano’s Pizza & Pasta 429 C Shoreline Village Dr. Long Beach CA 90802-4541 562-437-2880

Ristorante da Vinci 2801 E. Spring St., Suite 300 Long Beach CA 90806 562-685-8111

Tides Restaurant at the Hyatt Regency Long Beach 200 S. Pine Ave. Long Beach, CA 90802 562-624-6020

Rock Bottom Restaurant & Brewery 1 Pine Avenue Long Beach, CA 90802 562-308-2255

WOKCANO 199 The Promenade North Long Beach, CA 90802 562-951-9652

Naples Rib Company 5800 E. Second St. Long Beach CA 90803 562-439-7427

Representing the Interest of Business with Government

Defining the Economic Benefits of Parks by Diane Wiley Executive Director, Partners of Parks

When asked what makes a great city people will often cite parks, open spaces, and recreation amenities as a key definer of quality of life. But as a businessperson struggling to survive in these uncertain times, you may ask, why are parks important to you and your business? The answer is one of simple economics. Well-planned and wellmaintained parks are a positive economic force in the community. Granted, the effects may not be as easily measured as crime statistics, but they are there nonetheless. There are three primary benefits of parks to our local Long Beach economy: 1) Workforce quality of life, 2) Real estate values, and 3) Tourism. According to William B. Rogers, CEO of the Trust for Public Land, “In America’s new service and technology economy, quality of life for our workforce has become a tremendous competitive driver.” When comparing two different job offers of equal merit, an employee will often use the community’s quality of life, which is defined in part by recreation amenities and open space, as the determining factor. Consequently, the city with the most appealing parks that offer multiple recreation opportunities will have a competitive edge when it comes to attracting and retaining the best employees. Along with quality of life is the impact on real estate values. It is thoroughly documented that proximity to well cared for parks

can have a significant positive effect on residential and commercial property values. In the mid-1800’s, the concept of increased real estate value attributed to park proximity was recognized and used to make the argument for capitalization of park lands due to the long-term financial benefit to the community. More recently, in a study conducted by the American Planning Association, market value of properties within a three-block radius of a developed park (with appealing landscaping, benches, picnic tables, etc.) was found to be between 5% and 20% higher than those properties located beyond the park’s influence. Finally, beautiful parks, open spaces, and beaches attract tourists and visitors. Long Beach is able to host outdoor events throughout the year, and the numerous festivals, parades, and spectator events that take place in and around our parks and on our beaches bring in millions of dollars annually. As visitors support local businesses—such as hotels, restaurants, tour operators, equipment rental shops, and gift shops—there is a trickle down effect: local businesses not only provide jobs, but spend in the local community as well…which, in turn, supports other businesses.

2009 Candidate Academy

Long Beach Business Journal photograph

2009 Candidate Academy: (Standing L to R) Thomas Leary, Mike Hedges, Terry Ulaszewski, Denny Moore, Raymond Chavarria, Jon Schultz, Otha Ray Scott, Scott Schultz, James Johnson, Steve Blount, and David Kuoch. (Seated L to R) Jana Shields, Anna Ulaszewski, Ranell Makeever, Jill Hill, Jasmin Carlson, Pauline Stenberg, Polly Thomas, and Marie Deary.

“The city with the most appealing parks that offer multiple recreation opportunities will have a competitive edge when it comes to attracting and retaining the best employees.” There are many factors that impact the health of our business community. Certainly the overall economic climate creates an effect that everyone feels. However, at the local level, it is important to understand that we build our economic strength on the foundation of our community, and that a solid and sustainable local economy is dependent upon a vibrant, thriving city that provides a great quality of life for its residents. And parks are a significant contributor to that…by any definition.

Congresswoman Laura Richardson addresses The Chamber’s Candidate Academy attendees on her experience as a city councilmember, state assembly member and U.S. Representative.

Chamber Thanks Wal-Mart for Youth Job Funding In 2009, being a good business partner doesn’t just mean turning a profit. It means giving back. It means providing opportunities. It means understanding the needs and priorities of the community. Walmart has shown time and time again that they are that kind of corporation, and proved it once more recently with the presentation of a $550,000 check to fund environmental services and youth job training at the Conservation Corps of Long Beach. Walmart presented six of these checks to the US Conference of Mayors and asked them to decide which programs across the nation were most worthy of receiving the funds. The Conference quickly pointed to the Conservation Corps of Long

“Being a good business partner doesn’t just mean turning a profit. It means giving back.” Beach, an organization that provides job training to at-risk youth by teaching them sustainable and environmental skills like recycling and solar installation. The young workers develop strong work ethics and learn valuable skills, and are required to attend school while enrolled in the program.

“The grant is a win-win for everyone,” stated Cindy Wymore, community development vice chairman of the Long Beach Chamber Board of Directors. “Walmart does their part to serve the community they operate in, the Conservation Corps receives some much-needed assistance, and the City of Long Beach benefits as opportunities increase for our youth and our desire to become more environmentally-friendly as a city is fulfilled,” continued Wymore. New programs can be pursued now that Walmart’s grant has reached the hands of the Conservation Corps. Recycling and environmental services like planting new trees are a core function of the organization, but new sustainable technology emerges each and every day. This grant allows the Conservation Corps to keep up with the latest industry developments and keep their workers sharp. In this way, at-risk youth are not only learning skills so that they can work now; they’re learning skills that are going to keep them employed in the environmental field for a long, long time. One of the most environmentally-conscious cities in America, Long Beach has a wide range of Green initiatives ranging from solar energy to water quality. But there is always more that can be done, and the training going on at the Conservation Corps will keep our city on the cutting edge of sustainability.

L.A. County Supervisor Don Knabe gives his point of view for running a successful campaign.

Picking issues for a campaign and sticking to them are key to consistent messaging, according to Senator Rod Wright.

City Council Approves Chamber-Supported Hotel In July 2009, the Long Beach City Council voted to approve the construction of the Hotel Sierra to be built Downtown. The Hotel was aggressively supported by The Chamber and the City Council ultimately agreed. Just as a hotel would not turn away someone interested in a room, The Chamber believed the City Council should not turn away someone interested in developing a new hotel downtown. Approving the project meant Long Beach gains much needed jobs in this struggling economy. This is a troubling time for the hotel industry, but hotel developer Lodgeworks has years of experience and a sterling reputation that should put any concerns at ease. If Lodgeworks see an opportunity in investing further in the area with a new hotel, The Chamber believes they should be supported to take the chance.

“The jobs created by building and operating Hotel Sierra cannot be overstated.” The Pike has so much commercial potential that it is still striving to fulfill. Progress at the Pike has been slow, which is why the Hotel Sierra may just be the kick-start that the Pike needs. More importantly, given the current crisis in our financial markets, Lodgeworks has already secured the needed financing for the construction of Hotel Sierra.

The Chamber was a loud advocate for the Hotel convincing the City Council that any friction between the Council and the developer should be solved before the hotel came back to Council for consideration. “We made our point very clear to the entire Council that if they attempted to delay this project at all, it will solve nothing but increase construction costs,” stated Lori Lofstrom, chairman of the Long Beach Chamber Board of Directors. “And, any delay would have surely killed the project. We thank the City Council for moving forward with this project.” Also, in this climate of mass unemployment, the jobs created by building and operating Hotel Sierra cannot be overstated. The construction industry has been crippled by the economic crisis, but a five-story hotel with 125 rooms will not build itself. It will provide relief to many construction workers looking for a project. Once built, the Hotel Sierra will employ nearly 30 fulltime employees who will be provided with benefits, and Lodgeworks boasts an outstanding record of providing competitive wages. Additionally, the Hotel Sierra will provide an estimated $650,000 per year in increased tax revenue, not to mention parking revenue and money spent in local shops and restaurants. The Hotel Sierra will be a Long Beach gem, a new beginning for the Pike, and a benefit for workers and city funds facing hard times.

First District Councilmember Robert Garcia shares his recent experience running for Long Beach City Council.

(L to R) Ryan ZumMallen of, Dave Wielenga of The District Weekly and Paul Eakins of the Press-Telegram shared their insight about how the media cover elections and what it means to be a candidate.


Welcome New Members We are pleased to welcome our newest investors in The Chamber, who joined during the months of July and August.

Airship Ventures, Inc. Pamela Wright (650) 969-8100 Attractions – Things to See & Do

Laufer Group International Eric Hamre (562) 628-1111 Imports/Exports & Distribution Laugh Factory Long Beach Jamie Masada (562) 495-2844 Comedy Club Long Beach Playhouse Joan Van Hooten (562) 494-1014 Theatres Los Angeles Helicopters, LLC Michael Rogers (562) 377-0396 Aircraft – Charter, Leasing, Rental & Sales

Americana Termite Co., Inc. Gary & Patty Schlenk (562) 494-6737 Pest Control

Marcus & Millichap Real Estate Investment Services Brendan Thomas Erickson (562) 257-1234 Real Estate – Investments

Architects McDonald, Soutar & Paz, Inc. Mike Soutar (562) 427-5007 Architects/Architectural Designers

Marcus & Millichap Capital Corporation Michael Derk (562) 257-1271 Real Estate – Finance

Best Buy Corey Otero (562) 431-5026 Stores & Retailers

Optimist Youth Homes & Family Services Jennifer D’Alvarez (323) 443-3127 Non-Profit Organizations

Buchalter Nemer Jack Scharringhausen (213) 891-0700 Attorneys/Law Firms

Panama Joe’s Mexican Restaurant Fabius Rizk (562) 434-7417 Restaurants

The Business Card Holder Alisa Moffett (562) 421-7979 Marketing & Advertising

Pilates Joe Kimberly Marsh (562) 286-4028 Fitness

Cash America Payday Advance Melinda Andry (562) 424-6000 Financial Services & Advisors Catalina Island Conservancy Jen Poyer (562) 437-8555 Non-Profit Organizations Clear Channel Interspace Airports Judi Boyer (800) 628-6800 Advertising Barbara Holbrook (562) 230-4449 News Media Fineline Printing Terri Norman (714) 690-6494 Printing & Copying Gold’s Gym Sherry Robeson (562) 436-4653 Health Clubs

Platinum Properties, Inc. Luis Castro (424) 224-7651 Real Estate – Commercial Leasing & Prop. Mgmt. Primal Alchemy Catering Dana Buchanan (562) 708-6998 Catering & Banquets/Food Service Professional Service Industries, Inc. Jeffrey Davies (562) 597-3977 Engineering Quality Inn Long Beach Brenda Harris (562) 597-3374 Hotels/Motels Regal Entertainment Group Stacy Peterson (562) 429-3321 Movie Theater ROEL Construction Company Inc. Mike Kearon (800) 221-0363 General Contractors The Shirt Tale Carolyn Evans (562) 544-4741 Men’s Custom Shirts

Heery International, Inc. Richard Dilday (562) 437-4020 Architects/Architectural Designers Theresa Spalding Grimaldi (310) 317-8488 Community Online Information Services

K1 Speed, Inc. (310) 532-2478 Indoor Go-Kart Racing

U.S. Healthworks Sonia Lovato (562) 432-2821 Occupational Medical Services Provider

Kensington Investment Counsel Jeff Wimbish (562) 983-6677 Investment Advisors KJAZZ 88.1 FM – America’s Jazz & Blues Station Kane Biscaya (562) 985-2999 Radio Stations Labor Ready Tommy Dube (562) 432-3521 Employment Agencies & Services

When you have a choice, choose the best.


Valley Power Products, Inc. Gary Denton (562) 437-4734 Marine Services or Supplies VNT IMEX LLC Duke Quach (562) 425-0393 Imports/Exports & Distribution Wordsmith Consulting Genevieve Zuidervaart (562) 219-3261 Marketing

Nonprofit Event Master Calendar We are pleased to feature a calendar listing major fundraising events for our nonprofit members in the greater Long Beach area. If you would like to promote a nonprofit event, contact Jackie Kuhl at OCTOBER OCTOBER 1 Brain Injury & Rehabilitation Network – “Brain Storm” Concert (714) 625-7225 1 Boy Scout’s Shipping Transportation Dinner (562) 427-0911 ext. 272 4 American Diabetes Association’s “Step Out: Walk to Fight Diabetes” (323) 966-2890 8 Goodwill SOLAC – “Eco-Couture” Fashion Show (562) 435-3411 9 Food Finders – Autumn Harvest Ball (562) 598-3003 11 Long Beach International City Bank Marathon – 12 American Red Cross – 11th Annual Golf Tournament (562) 490-4002 17 Aquarium of the Pacific – SEA FARE (562) 951-1606 22 Leadership Long Beach – Excellence in Leadership Luncheon (562) 997-9194 22 CCEJ – 35th Annual Food & Beverage Humanitarian Awards Dinner (562) 435-8184 23 Long Beach City College Foundation – Hall of Fame Induction Luncheon Ceremony (562) 938-4134 26 Opportunity Schools – 6th Annual Golf Tournament (714) 761-5062 29 Long Beach Day Nursery – Open Golf Tournament (562) 591-0509 30 Soroptimist International of Long Beach – Monster Bash (562) 596-6859 NOVEMBER NOVEMBER 4 The Chamber’s State of the County with Supervisor Don Knabe (562) 983-1241 9 Miller Children’s Hospital 8th Annual Wally Joyner Golf Classic (562) 933-1676 14 St. Mary Medical Center Foundation – 29th Annual Dinner (562) 491-9000 x2241 16 Boy Scout’s 35th Annual Golf Tournament (562) 427-0911 ext. 272 19 Children Today – 12th Annual Holiday Cheer (562) 432-1224 21 Community Hospital of Long Beach Foundation – Condit Dinner (562) 494-0576 DECEMBER DECEMBER 3 Young Horizons Annual Dinner & Auction (562) 437-8991 7 Toyota Symphony Golf Classic (562) 436-3203 ext 228 JANUARY 2010 JANUARY 29 The Chamber’s State of the Port (562) 432-8128

Candidate Academy Continued from page 1

The Chamber’s Candidate Academy is a nonpartisan program. This is not about The Chamber’s views or positions on issues. “This program is about providing people with the tools necessary to rise to public service so they can let their voice be heard and let their leadership show,” stated Lori Lofstrom, Chairman of the Long Beach Chamber Board of Directors. “The Chamber is committed to developing quality leaders, because that’s what’s best for Long Beach,” continued Lofstrom. “This year’s class was The Chamber’s fourth Candidate Academy class since 2005,” stated Randy Gordon, president and CEO of the Long Beach Chamber. “Prior to this year, we trained a total of 76 people to run for public office. Of the 76 people, 17 actually ran for office and of those 17, six won and are currently

FEBRUARY FEBRUARY 6 Miller Children’s Hospital Gala — “Dancing for our Stars, too” (562) 933-1656 14 Long Beach Playhouse – 80th Anniversary Celebration Dinner (562) 494-1014 MARCH MARCH 13 Elwyn California – 12th Annual Bowlathon (714) 557-6313 20 Jewish Community Center Gala (562) 426-7601 APRIL APRIL 2 YMCA – Annual Good Friday Breakfast (562) 279-1700 8 Long Beach Commercial Real Estate Council Annual Luncheon (562) 495-6070 10 Catalina Conservancy Ball – (562) 437-8555 ext. 231 10 Long Beach Symphony Orchestra – CRESCENDO: 27th Annual Gala (562) 436-3203 ext 228 12 Long Beach Grand Prix Foundation Charity Golf Tournament (562) 490-4509 14 Long Beach Grand Prix Foundation Ball (562) 490-4509 24 LB Cancer League Dinner (562) 437-0791 MAY MAY 1 55th Annual Boys & Girls Club of Long Beach Gala (562) 595-5945 1 Rancho Los Amigos Foundation – 24th Annual Amistad Gala (562) 401-7053 6 The Chamber’s City National Bank Entrepreneur of the Year Luncheon (562) 432-7830 8 Special Olympics Southern California – “A Bid of Excitement” (562) 354-2606 15 Long Beach State Athletics – Jewels of the Night (562) 985-4662 20 CCEJ – 47th Annual Humanitarian Awards Dinner (562) 435-8184 JUNE JUNE 4 Community Hospital of Long Beach – 28th Annual Community Golf Classic (562) 494-0835 12 Aquarium of the Pacific – Ocean Conservation Awards Gala (562) 951-1606 12-13 Special Olympics Southern California – Summer Games at CSULB (562) 354-2606 24 The Chamber’s 119th Inaugural Gala (562) 432-7830 SEPTEMBER SEPTEMBER 23 The Chamber’s Annual Golf Classic (562) 436-1251

serving in some capacity ranging from Long Beach City Council, to the State Senate to Congress,” continued Gordon. The following 17 alumni of the 2005, 2006 and 2007 Candidate Academies ran for public office between 2005 and 2009. The plus “+” sign next to a name indicates they are currently serving in public office:

Al Austin Alex Cherin Alfredo Hernandez Alvaro Castillo Becky Blair Bill Grisolia Charlie Legeman Dan Pressburg Ed Barwick

Edward Acevedo Felton Williams+ Gary DeLong+ John Meyer+ Laura Richardson+ Michael A. Jackson Roderick Wright+ Val Lerch+

Log on to for more information on the Long Beach Chamber’s award-winning advocacy efforts.

Providing Networking Opportunities

Win a Trip to Spain for Two! Here’s How… Press your luck and take a chance at winning an all-expense paid trip to Spain for two people on March 10-18, 2010 by entering in The Chamber’s opportunity drawing. Spend only $25 for one chance or $100 for five chances for a trip valued at $3,800. The winning ticket will be announced on January 29, 2010 at The Chamber’s State of the Port Luncheon.* If you’ve been considering this tour, or know someone who has, this is a great opportunity with an added benefit: If you purchase five tickets for $100 and your ticket is not pulled, you can apply the $100 as a credit towards this tour of Spain or any other future Chamber tour. Good luck! * Winner need not be present Your confirmation and receipt will be mailed to the address listed below.

Please return the completed ticket with payment to: Long Beach Area Chamber of Commerce 1 World Trade Center, Ste. 206 Long Beach, CA 90831-0206 M


1 ticket for $25 (not eligible for credit toward future trip) 5 tickets for $100 (may credit toward a future trip—limit $100 per person)




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Members Making News Storage Solutions Acquires More Square Feet Storage Solutions, through its affiliates, Barker Pacific Group (BPG) and Union Development Company (UDC), has acquired Elsinore Valley Self Storage, a self-storage and RV storage facility located in the city of Lake Elsinore, in western Riverside County, from DGS Development Partners, a California company. The acquisition includes over 100,000 square feet of rentable space with 600 storage units and RV parking spaces on six acres. Storage Solutions is a growing leader in the self-storage industry. The transaction brings Storage Solutions’ total number of stores to 19 serving the Southern California markets of Los Angeles, Orange, Santa Barbara, Riverside, and San Bernardino counties. Cerritos College Names New Superintendent/President The Cerritos College board of trustees has named Dr. Linda Lacy as the new superintendent/president of Cerritos College. Dr. Lacy is currently serving as vice chancellor of student services and operations at Riverside City College. Dr. Lacy has dedicated 23 years to serving Riverside City College in multiple capacities beginning in 1986 as an instructor and coach. She also served twelve years as an instructor and assistant principal in a K-12 system in Oklahoma. Her start date is still to be determined. William C. Farmer, who has led the college as acting president since July 2008, will continue to serve the college as vice president of academic affairs. Long Beach Day Nursery Named “Unsung Hero” Long Beach’s own Day Nursery was one of just three organizations honored in the “Education” category by the California Community Foundation and The Eisner Foundation at their annual Unsung Heroes award night. Fifteen non-profits from around Los Angeles County were recognized for their outstanding work in under-served communities. Each organization being honored received a $5,000 prize. Long Beach Day Nursery is the only honoree from the entire South Bay area that was honored. The Nursery teaches social skills to children—aged six months to five years—in an area where the service is not readily available. Over 90% of the children attend the Day Nursery with the assistance of California public education subsidies. Glenn E. Thomas Dodge Marks 100th Year Glenn E. Thomas Dodge Chrysler Jeep Company in Signal Hill celebrates its 100th year of selling cars in the Long Beach area. The company has sold more than 100,000 vehicles in its 100-year history and this year also marks the 75th year as a Chrysler franchise. Since the beginning, the Glenn E. Thomas Company has been a staple in the Long Beach community and has been recognized nationally for its excel-

lence in sales and service. It is the third-largest volume Dodge dealership in California and the oldest established Charger dealer in the country. Long Beach Balloon Artists Win Top Honors Danny and Bambi Bremgartner, owners of Aah-Inspiring Balloons based in Long Beach, have won the “2009 Designer of the Year Award” presented at this year’s International Summer Balloon Conference held in Las Vegas. They finished in first place in two main categories, Large Balloon Sculpture and Small Round Balloon Sculpture. Capturing these two top finishes is how they grabbed the title of “Designer of the Year.” As Certified Balloon Artists, and members of the worldwide Qualatex Balloon Network,™ their creations have been seen on the 80th Academy Awards (The Oscars) in 2008, in various television shows, in films, and at various corporate and private functions. Pathways Volunteer Hospice Installs New Chair Leigh Clausen, vice president and regional manager of Gateway Business Bank in Lakewood has been installed as the new Board Chair for Pathways Volunteer Hospice. Ms. Clausen has been on the Pathways board since 2004, the last two years serving as Vice Chair. Board Member Jim Edwards, Council Member for the City of Cerritos, will serve as the new Vice Chair. Pathways is a community-based Volunteer Hospice that began as a community outreach program in 1985 in partnership with Lakewood Regional Medical Center. Since 1987, they have operated as a separate entity, incorporated in the State of California as a 501c (3) agency.

Chamber Hosts Free E-Waste Collection Help Long Beach get rid of electronic waste (E-Waste) the right way by sending it to a proper recycling process and not into the landfills! On Friday, November 13 and Saturday, November 14, The Chamber is hosting a free E-Waste collection event. E-Waste is any consumer electronic equipment that has reached its ‘end-oflife’ or ‘end-of-usage,’ whether in full or non-working condition. It includes most electronics or electric appliances with a cord or circuit board such as: Computer monitors, television sets, PC systems, printers, laptops, copiers, scanners, fax machines, toner cartridges, etc. Drop off your E-Waste items in the Broadway parking lot of the World Trade Center in downtown Long Beach from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. For more information, call (562) 436-1251.

Long Beach Playhouse Celebrates 80 Years Established in 1929, the Long Beach Playhouse is a landmark in the City of Long Beach. The Playhouse produces 16 shows annually with a new play or musical every three weeks on the The Mainstage, or upstairs in the Studio Theatre. Long Beach’s flagship professional theatre is entirely self-supporting through ticket sales and membership support. In celebration of 80 years of continuous operation in Long Beach, The Playhouse presents “An Evening at the Speakeasy,” on Sunday, February 14, 2010 at the Westin Long Beach. Following a VIP reception, guests will enjoy ragtime and jazz music as they dine on elegant 20s fare. Visit for more info. New President for Leadership Long Beach Carolyn Smith Watts joins Leadership Long Beach as the new president for the 2009-2010 year. Smith Watts is the founder of Boloph’s Specialty, a company that specializes in community marketing, corporate training, political campaigning, and event planning. The former Michigan police officer came to Long Beach two decades ago where she has been active in the community. She was also named “Woman of the Year” by the California Senate 25th District in 2009. New Management Takes Helm at Queen Mary Delaware North Companies will take over daily management aboard the Queen Mary this fall, after it finalizes agreements with owner Garrison Investment Group. Replacing Hostmark Hospitality Group, Delaware North operates 15 properties throughout the country, including Sequoia National Park, Yosemite National Park, the Kennedy Space Center, and Niagara Falls State Park, to name a few. Bradley Anderholm, chief operating officer of Delaware North Companies Parks & Resorts will facilitate initial operations at the historic hotel and ship. Uwe Roggenthien, a seasoned industry veteran with more than 30 years experience, will take over as the new general manager. LBUSD Wins $250K Broad Prize The Long Beach Unified School District was awarded $250,000 as one of four runnersup for the Broad Prize for Urban Education, which recognizes the nation’s most improved school districts. The money awarded will be used to fund college scholarships for Long Beach’s high school students. The award marks the second consecutive year that Long Beach has come away as a finalist, and the district has accepted nearly $1.4 million in awards from the Broad Foundation in the past six years.

If you would like to submit information for Members Making News, please send a 75-word statement to Jackie Kuhl at


out about these upcoming events and more at Plan Ahead… Find or call (562) 436-1251.

State of the County

State of the Port

November 4, 2009

January 29, 2010

Trade Mission to Italy’s Amalfi Coast February 17-25, 2010

Trade Mission to China, Yangtze River

Trade Mission to Costa del Sol, Spain

March 23-April 1, 2010

March 10-18, 2010

One World Trade Center, Suite 206 Long Beach, CA 90831-0206

Entrepreneur of the Year May 6, 2010




•Renovations to improve Pier G’s on-dock rail capacity and reduce the need for truck trips will generate about 500 jobs during the 17- month...