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Many people ask me if I have any tips on how to approach someone or break into a group at a networking event, others want to know how to break away from a conversation with someone without sounding rude, so here is my guide...

Enter... 1.Remember you are 'Farming' NOT 'Hunting'- It is important to keep in the back of your mind at all times, that you are networking in order to build good quality relationships with people, with view to doing business with them in the near future- NOT selling to them in the room. 2.Be honest- Explain you're new to networking /this event and you may be surprised to hear that that person is too, creating a commonality immediately, which will inevitably break the ice. 3."How did you hear about this event?" This is a nice follow on from tip number 2 and gets the conversation going straight away. 4."What business are you in?" Be straight forward and ask - but remember to make eye contact and be genuinely interested. 5.Pay particular interest in who you are speaking to- This follows on from tip number 4, people see right through disingenuity and it will go against you from the offset. 6."So what bought you here today?" A great conversation startersimple. 7."How has your day been/how is it going?" *Smile* - Pretty much anything will be well received if it is delivered with a smile (within reason!). 8."Do you mind if I say hello and introduce myself, I'm new here?" Again straight to the point but a soft approach, laying the onus on the other person to then have to respond. 9."Wow its busy isn't it, do you mind if I join you here in the quiet corner?" This one is always good if of course firstly the event is busy and secondly it may reach people similar to you who are a little more shy or new to networking. 10."What's your story?" "So how did you get into (your profession)?" This sounds better than the commonly said 'So what do you do'? 11."What a beautiful venue- have you been here before?" (Of course only use this if it really is a beautiful venue, this can be tailored to other observations about the venue or food itself however in order to break the ice. 12.Look for mutual likenesses/commonalities- as suggested in some of the above tips. 13.Pay a genuine compliment (observe the person & ensure it is genuine, don't overdo it and don't do this more than once at the same event. 14.Mutual contacts- "we've met before"... "I think we have met before"... "Do you know?" (slot in the name of someone you think you both know to get the conversation flowing... 15."How long have you been a member of this group?" 16."What do you most like about what you do?" (people love to speak about themselves, so this one will work in most situations). 17."What types of businesses tend to send you the best referrals?" This shows that you are thinking about their business as of the moment you meet them. 18."What can I do to help you?"/ "Who are you looking to meet here today?" This shows that you are interested in helping them and that you are a good connector of business. 19."What do you enjoy doing when you're not working?" (get to know them as a person/build a relationship/find common interests).




20.Following on from tips 17 and 18 'Work the room' - think about who else is in the room who they may like to meet, this way you can break away once you have made that introduction, when you are ready to exit the conversation. 21."It's been a pleasure speaking with you/meeting you, if I meet a good contact for you I'll be sure to send them your way!" 22."Well I don't want to take up too much more of your time - it was lovely to meet you" (swap cards) and wish them a great rest of night. *Remember being a connecter of people, stands you in good stead to be remembered and if all else fails, say your mouth is dry from all the talking and you need to go to the bar for another drink (then make sure you do!) www.rsvipnetwork.couk

Medical News...

Huge breakthrough in the fight against malaria. The world's first malaria vaccine has passed safety checks and is now ready to be approved for use in Africa. The European Medicines Agency gave a positive scientific opinion after assessing its safety and effectiveness. It represents a 'green light' for the Mosquirix jab, developed by GlaxoSmithKline. The World Health Organization will consider later this year whether to recommend it for children, among whom trials have yielded mixed results. Malaria kills around 584,000 people a year worldwide, most of them children under five in sub-Saharan Africa. ‘Dream come true' Mosquirix is the first against a parasitic infection in humans. Dr Ripley Ballou, head of research at GSK vaccines, said: "This is a hugely significant moment. I've been working on this vaccine for 30 years and this is a dream come true." The company has not revealed the price of the vaccine, but has pledged not to make a profit from it. Depression and the diet A Mediterranean diet could stave off depression as well as heart disease, suggests new research. The study, involving more than 15,000 people, shows a diet loaded with fruit, vegetables, beans and nuts and olive oil, with low levels of processed meats, could prevent the onset of depression. Researchers, whose findings were published in the journal BMC Medicine, looked at the impact of three major diets on mental health: the Pro-vegetarian Dietry Pattern; the Alternative Healthy Eating Index-2010 and the Mediterranean diet. Meat, sweets and other sources of animal fats and trans and saturated fatty acids scored low, while nuts, fruits, veg and other sources of omega-4 fatty acids, vitamins and minerals, scored highly. Ten years later, the participants were asked to complete another survey on their diets. A total of 1,550 participants reported a clinical diagnosis of depression or had used antidepressant drugs since the study began. The Alternative Healthy Eating Index-2010 was found to be the associated with the greatest reduction of the risk of depression, but most of its effect could be associated with the major elements of the Mediterranean Diet. 'The protective role is ascribed to the foods' nutritional properties, where nuts, legumes, fruits and vegetables, all sources of omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins and minerals, could reduce the risk of depression.' Tai Chi for Health Tai chi can relieve some of the most crippling symptoms of disabling conditions such as osteoarthritis, heart disease and chronic breathing problems in older people, a study shows. The ancient Chinese system of callisthenics, which combines slow movements with deep breathing exercises, led to improvement in the physical function and muscle strength of people in their mid-50s to their mid-70s with those ailments or breast cancer. The findings should encourage health professionals to prescribe tai chi for patients with osteoarthritis or chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder (COPD), the Canadian authors say in the British Journal of Sports Medicine. Public Health England said tai chi was a valuable boost to physical activity. “Keeping physically active at any age is important for health, especially as you get older. Simple exercises like tai chi can be beneficial for mental health and wellbeing as well as building the confidence and stability,” said Dr Justin Varney, its national lead for adult health and wellbeing. “This contributes to the recommended 150 minutes a week of moderate activity and two sessions a week of muscle strengthening and balance exercises for older adults.” Gps are being encouraged to "prescribe" tai chi for people with these conditions.

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