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IN THE KITCHEN Riverbank Bar & Kitchen Head Chef Mark Osborne Creates three seasonal dishes. Perfect dishes to treat guests at a festive dinner party this Winter.

Ingredients 200g Iberico Chorizo 200g Brie 2 Eggs 200ml milk 200g flour 500g Panco bread crumbs 300g Sunblush Tomatoes 10 Basil Leaves Wild Rocket Leaves 5 tblsp Olive Oil 1 Lemon Croutons

SLICED IBERICO CHORIZO, HOT CRISPY BRIE, TOMATO TAPENADE, CROUTONS, ROCKET SALAD Method First slice the Chorizo as thin as possible and line four plates completely covering the inner plate. For the Brie, mix the eggs and milk together in a bowl, in two other bowls add the flour to one and the bread crumbs to the other. Cut the Brie into large squares and roll in the flour, take out and then one by one add to the egg mixture then roll in the bread crumbs, keep to one side till needed. For the Tapenade strain the tomatoes from the Oil they are packed in but keep to one side, Place the Tomatoes in a Blender and add the Basil Leaves, blend till smooth adding some of the Oil if needed. To serve lightly warm the chorizo plates under a grill just until the oils start to release. In a pre-heated deep fat fryer (180 degrees) carefully place the brie and cook for 30 Seconds or until golden brown. Place on paper towel first then add to the Chorizo plates. Spoon on the Tapenade next to the brie.


Dress the Rocket Leaves with the Lemon Juice and olive Oil and Arrange around the plate.


Garnish with the Croutons

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