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Gadgets View Quest Christie DAB+ Radio Available in 11 contemporary colours, Christie is a beautifully designed DAB+ radio and NFC/Bluetooth. It has a unique, genuine enamel front panel with 360-degree premium leatherette wrap, as well as rotating 2.4” LCD display that enables radio to sit either in landscape or portrait orientation. Providing superior sound quality, Christie features a single 10W speaker that makes use of specially tuned digital sound processing (DSP) software. The use of DSP means that high audio fidelity and surprising volume levels can still be enjoyed from a compact unit. The quality of sound is vital given the wide range of audio sources available with Christie from digital and analogue radio to streaming content from sources such as Spotify, Tuneln, or Last.fm via any smart device with one touch NFC connection or standard bluetooth pairing.

£99.99, viewquest.co.uk

Smartphone Projector 2.0 Smartphone Projector 2.0 comes with a soft matt laminate finish and silver foil accents and makes the perfect gift for any gadget lover. Designed with sophistication in mind, 2.0 has brown leather print detail, inspired by range finder cameras, leather hip flasks and Cuban cigar lounges. 2.0 is wide enough to fit the iPhone 6 Plus, so imagine kicking back on a Chesterfield sofa with some whiskey and popping the Smartphone Projector on to enjoy some Super 8 inspired film or a Hollywood classic on your Smartphone. Suitable for use with iOS and Android compatible smart phones. Phone brightness must be turned up to 100% and for maximum effectiveness use in a dark room and project onto a smooth white surface. Cinema in a box!

£15.99, menkind.co.uk

Pacif-i With a temperature sensor built into the pacifier’s silicon teat, Pacif-i™ transmits temperature data via Bluetooth Smart (sometimes referred to as Bluetooth 4.0 or Bluetooth Low Energy) to a free app on an iOS or Android smartphone or tablet. The app determines when the temperature is the most accurate and then time-stamps and plots the temperature data in a graph. Via the app, parents can record when medication was administered, set-up alerts/ reminders and share the data with carers and medical professionals.

Available to Pre-order


GPO Attache Briefcase Style Three-Speed Portable Vinyl Turntable


The GPO Attaché is a lightweight and portable record player with a briefcase style design that enables you to enjoy your records wherever you go. Crafted from wood with metal details, the vinyl turntable is compatible with all record speeds and features built-in stereo speakers so you can enjoy your music without the need for an external speaker system. The record player is finished with a faux leather lining and includes a USB stick to record your vinyl records onto.

£79.99, iwantoneofthose.com

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