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The Biography of the Boy with




And his favorite color is

BLACK decompose

He believes that after death we all just


Joe feels that

complete is a feeling of

le t si s ng hi


content and his requirements in a lover are

non dramatic cuddler good sense of humor

Joe thinks his worst


feature is his

and his best feature is his mole.

EVERYONE that surrounds him.

SUPER SOAKER He would take a


rig it up to a



His role models are

to redesign a rainbow.

selfgratifi cation


According to Joe, religion is a mythological belief in which people follow for


ion relig y r te mys is bullsh it that

someone is tryi ng to make up .

KNE E H I BOO GH T S e s n e s of r o m u and long a wo as s man he i is a s no ttra t we ctive arin as g

st o m e Thtractivae at ality n qu an ca a m ve is ha

uncomfortable Joe knows that someone is interested in him when he feels


honest communication on all levels is a source of difficulty amongst those around him.

The Ark as a Flying Saucer in Joe’s mind would look like a really big Gravitron and that way when it was

g n i n

n i & sp


in the air, people would stick to the walls and nobody would be hurt by the


A slogan that revolutionizes Joe’s life is smile, laugh, share.

A picture of himself as


from Halloween is the only religious artifact Joe has in his house. In his parent’s house is a small bowl which represents a yamika.

Joe describes his strangeness as





dreaming is Joe’s concept of freedom.

His greatest source of pleasure is fresh air and his throne is a


To Joe, American lifestin the 21 century is controlled and fast paced.

he is here & because he has not

died yet.

If joe were to explain his concept of money through a structure, he would use a map.

The mountains would have the most money.

Then oceans would have the next most and the cities would be

b r o k



Art is the physical display of feelings open to interpretation if he was to make a paper doll of himself it would be

and made out of 4 poster boards with crazy hands and hair made of twigs from trees. He would also like to be

A fully lived life is one with

minimal regret

&phenomenal stories to tell.

s l a d l t

i w n s i e th

e l th l e s e uld o a li t w n t Joe rnme t tha s e e s gov ctor t one o e t t de hed c a t at


r o

to yet s a e h ique h and is un h out

n i ll



To make himself more attractive, Joe makes

people laugh &

enjoys seeing people

because he smiles too.

Joe Matt knows that the surest way to happieness is

happy. doing whatever makes you

The Joe Matt Biography  
The Joe Matt Biography  

The Joe Matt Biography answers a series of Paul Thek's "Teaching Notes," as readers discover who Joe Matt is. This book deals with experimen...