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Laura Butera

(610) 731 1014 420 Howard Road Gladwyne, PA, 19035


Wayfinding Work-related project for the Geneva Neighborhood Resource Center, Geneva, NY. All work shown is my own.

Castle Heights

Hildreth Hill

Logo Concepts Problem: Diminished community spirit and lost neighborhood identity in the city of Geneva, NY.

Solution: Reinstate lost neighborhood names with logo graphics to rekindle community pride, cohesion and sense of place.

We gained valuable feedback from the neighborhood residents


le st



c h



. s t a y. g r o



Final Logo Designs


Survey of Existing Signage

Renderings - Structural Concepts Proposed to City Council Banner

Identification Sign

Sign Toppers

Examples of Actual Installed Signage - Geneva, NY

Art & Design

Woodblock Print



Woodblock Print

Watercolor & Ink



Via Del Governo Vecchio, Roma

Capitoline Hill

Il Tempietto

Woodblock Print

Understanding Cities My sketchbook is how I come to know and understand spaces & places, including my own city, Philadelphia.

Watercolor and Ink

Pallet Forms

2D Diagram space


The simplicity and functionality of the wooden pallet was my inspiration for this project. I deconstructed the pallet design into its most basic essential elements of space, line and movement. Then I reassemeled the concepts of those elements into new and unexpected structures.


3D Representation

Study of Space, Line and Movement

space + line + movement The space, line and movement structures were combined to create one large cohesive piece.

Points of Connection A detail emphasizing the intersection of sticks and planes inspired the Connection Study.

Connection Study Multiplying the scale by three, I studied how these pieces would work and fit together.

Discovering Inhabitable Space Analyzing the construction and essence of the Connection Study pushed me to think of this model at an even larger scale. I began to think of how I could turn it into an inhabitable space.

Site, Form and Function The adaptable structure was customized to take advantage of site qualities including views, elevation and terrain. Location also determined the structure by defining the context of its likely use. I wanted to create a feeling of comfort and enclosure for the occupants.

Human Experience The language used throughout maintains a simplicity and a rhythmic balance. This simplicity makes the Inhabitable Space welcoming and inviting and also speaks to the adaptability and user-friendliness of the model.

Adaptability Users can alter their experience in the Inhabitable Space by physically sliding the blocks or benches to change form, function, light and privacy.

Community Garden Work-realted project for Americorps and The Boys & Girls Club of Geneva, NY

Working with residents of Geneva, I designed and built five raised-bed community gardens.

Lessons of the Soil We taught middle school students how to plant and care for the garden. At harvest time we taught them how to cook what we grew!



Layers of city leads to layers

Creating an Active Destination Fenway Neighborhood, Boston

TEMPORAL: Major institutions used at different times of

COMPLIMENT: Space used all year round

Problem: The Fenway district houses two vibrant institutions (Fenway Park and Boston University) which do not interact due to barriers created by underutilized common spaces and reciprocal time-of-use patterns.

f the year

Strategized Location Solution: Activate underutiliezed space between these locations to bridge the usage gaps with attractions common to both BU and Fenway users.

By redifining the architecture and programming in public spaces, I sought to link the BU and Fenway institutions to create an interactive community.


walk + class s



+ bike path space

00 AM

An Active Destination - All Day, All Year This active destination becomes a connective element for people, space and time.

APRIL batting cages bike parking

9:00 AM

JUNE bike shop pingpong tables

1:00 PM

AUGUST rooftop track retail, bar

5:30 PM

NOVEMBER rooftop soccer bars & restaurants

9:30 PM

Photography I believe photography should make the viewer notice something new and exciting about an ordinary scene.

Conceptual Design Industrial Flex Building Work-related projects by Laura Butera Design - All work shown is my own Existing

Problem: Warehouse space must be converted to office space. Solution: Redefine entranceway, unify roofline with mansard panels, create new window line, add foundation planting and screening for utilities

Concept - Conversion of Warehouse to Office Space

Conceptual Design Industrial Flex Building By Laura Butera Design


Problem: Owner needs a third loading dock for a prospective tenant. Solution: I studied the terrain and elevations to create a plan to excavate, add a retaining wall, and construct the third dock.

Concept - Excavation & Expansion of Loading Area

Conceptual Design Historic Residence

By Laura Butera Design

Problem: Home owner wanted to modify 100 year old home while maintaining its historical character Solution: Conducted historical research to document property, proposed new roof and dormer materials, enhanced garden design and improved outdoor living space


Concept - Modification of Historic Home

Understanding Systems

Osaka subway system

A subway is a system made up of smaller loops and modules. Through 2D diagramming I deconstructed the Osaka subway map into its essential elements. I used those elements to create a new 3D system and structure.

Frobel Chess Set I designed a set of blocks which can transform into .. a fully functional chess set. Much like Frobel’s famous kindergarten toys and methods, this set of geometrical systems allows the imagination to create many possibilites through play and exploration.

When set up, each chess piece is a simplified depiction of the traditional chess pieces.

A group of blocks is combined to create each chess piece. The game-value of each piece determines the number of component blocks.



Deconstruction of block set to chess set

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Monday 1 13 laura butera print & mail portfolio for grad school app  
Monday 1 13 laura butera print & mail portfolio for grad school app