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Dudi Corner is pleasing to the eye, yet the design does not distract from the flexible function. Its design is straight forward and symmetrical, yet highly versatile. Dudi will transform spending time at home and recreation into a daily ritual, it reflects the modern way of living. Another feature unique to Dudi Corner Seat is its headrests, which are adjusted with private mechanisms, and can be set depending on a user’s sitting position or preference. There are multiple leather and fabric selections of various colors to choose from.


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In this design, where natural tones and the most elegant styles of nature meet, peace turns into a unique form. The center table immediately attracts attention with its extraordinary legs. This table, which has four different color selections, constitutes a full set alongside a dining and console table.




This sofa, which has wide dimensions and comfortable seating arrangements, provides comfort with a perfect sense of freedom. The product is offered to you with various fabric and leather selections. And the double table, which reflects the perfect harmony of lacquer and metal, becomes one with the sofa.



Bikom Corner Seat, with its personable and minimal design, responds to contemporary expectations. The wooden bookshelf, which is optional, can be used as a unique space for your magazines and books which you may want to have at your disposal. Bikom Corner Seat, which is offered with many color and fabric alternatives, creates an atmosphere in which you can spend your entire day by.

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Luka Corner Seat, which carries the magic of simplicity to your life spaces with a clean design, conforms to your every mood. Luka, which has 13 different parts with different sizes, can be used in different forms depending on the setting and size of the room. Luka, which you can shape according to your taste and necessities, also has a plethora of fabric and leather selections.


In every house there are certain spaces that create a different energy and bear a special meaning. This private space is sometimes a TV sofa, a chair situated at a dining table, or even a desk. We wish that it belongs only to us, and that no one else use it or disturb its privacy. Especially if this area is a window seat and there is a sofa next to it, this space becomes the indispensable address of individual pleasure. Books are lined next to it, curtains are opened. In all of our winged chair models of our collection, we are attentive to creating compact forms, along with personal comfort and ergonomics. We offer you various color and pattern selections, from straight to patterned, from quiet to dynamic.



A simple leather sofa can characterize any living room, the center of our life space. If you prefer decorating your house in a modern fashion, this leather sofa presents an elegant alternative for you. This sofa comes in a range of colors, from black to white, and beige to pastel. We recommend you to touch and feel the difference in its pattern, and to sit and see how comfortable it really is.



There is an intimate relationship between the black of the glass and wood. Its darkness flows throughout the room with a sea of calm and ambient reticence. The sections with black glass doors create space in which you can keep your objects both at your convenience and hidden from plain site.



DINNER COLLECTION LAZZONI offers dining room solutions from bright to pale and from classical to modern.

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These designs are suited for an intimate dinner with someone special or a meal enlivened with joyful conversations with family and friends.




This design, one of our most elegant concepts, carries reflections of brightness to your dining room.



The quilted headboard that is crafted onto the leather makes a very impressionable presence.

NIGHT COLLECTION We incorporate hidden internal functions in order to create various storage options to your bedroom. At the same time, we also offer different decor selections without the compensation of simplicity. For example, the dresser shown below has a dual structure composed of five drawers each. Just as you can use these parts together, you can also make use of them independently, depending on the shape and style of your room. The drawers, produced with an intricate rail system, have special mechanisms, which are opened by hinges hidden on the sides.

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This bedroom, as a general style of design, presents one of the finest examples of LAZZONI’s simplistic and elegant concepts.


The black and white combination is an indispensable duo, and creates a unique setting.


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The bed set, which directly affects the area in which it is placed, stands out as relatively dominant pieces within an individual’s home. While the LED lighting system on the headboard makes the unit more functional, the area covered with white leather integrates with the wooden section adding a different mood to the design. The bed is used along with a storage frame that enables one to have additional storage within the room. The dihedral application of the headboard characterizes the power and visual effect of the unit. Due to the fact that nightstands and dressers of walnut color have simple form and are close to the floor, a quiet, eye-pleasing balance is obtained within this space.


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Bedrooms, which have simple, but also elegant designs, are rooms in which you spend one third of your life in; you may as well make it as comfortable and beautiful as possible.



The leather material, which is preferred on bed frames as well as headboards, adds an elegant and solemn atmosphere to the design. The leather-covered section at the back of the headboard and the nightstands is composed of three different parts. In this manner, parts can be placed separately from each other, depending on the shape of the room. This design, which provides space conservation, offers all facilities so that you can create an arranged bedroom.




This work is way beyond the standard production of fabricated parts and modules. They are specified, cut and then mounted, all of which require a special workshop.

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Lazzoni Furniture 2011 Brochure (in English)  

Lazzoni’s 2011 Collections Brochure. Brochure contains design about dining room, bedroom, television unit, living group and sofa that reflec...

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