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WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The number of obese American adults outweighs the number of those who are merely overweight, according to the latest statistics from the federal government.



ASDA, the UK’s biggest grocer, has healthier customers… thanks to Sportacus. Since signing the first-of-its-kind contract with the worlds only entertainment brand dedicated to kids’ health in April 2009, ASDA has achieved one million more sales than the same time last year. The groundbreaking deal saw Sportacus in-store promoting ASDA’s Great Stuff fruit and vegetable ranges and this has led to the remarkable spike in sales.

Magnus Scheving, aka Sportacus, launched the initiative with a personal appearance at ASDA’s megastore in Derby. The event, which featured a performance and signing, saw more than 1,000 children turn up at the store and was an overwhelming success. Another appearance at the store’s Wembley branch, where Magnus was filming commercials for ASDA’s own YouTube TV channel (SYME) was also mobbed once

local parents discovered their children’s favorite superhero was at their local store!

Chief marketing officer, Rick Bendel, in his weekly address to the colleagues of ASDA nationwide, said, “The amazing activity that happened in stores over Easter has already made a huge difference to our mission which is to get one million children up, moving and eating their 5-a-day during 2009.


TAKE ON USA This past spring, LazyTown Entertainment and Beverly Hillsbased talent and literary agency, William Morris Endeavor (formerly William Morris Agency), partnered to take LazyTown to the next level in the entertainment industry. This will extend to an expanded brand presence in the United States,

including increased distribution on TV, online, within strategic partnerships, and potentially in motion pictures.


During the Easter promotion we sold 1 million extra Great Stuff fruit bags – that’s 1 million kids who weren’t consuming fruit before are now eating Great Stuff fruit. That was just the beginning! Teaming up with LazyTown and Sportacus is really helping us to help families choose a healthier lifestyle.”


Numbers posted by the National Center for Health Statistics show that more than 34 percent of Americans are obese, compared to 32.7 percent who are overweight. It said just under 6 percent are “extremely” obese. “More than one-third of adults, or over 72 million people, were obese in 2005-2006, the NCHS said in its report. The numbers are based on a survey of 4,356 adults over the age of 20 who take part in a regular government survey of health, said the NCHS, which is part of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The figures come from the 20052006 survey and are the most current available. “Although the prevalence of obesity has more than doubled since 1980, the prevalence of overweight has remained stable over the same time period,” it said. »»




In sHoRT

LazyTown Glacial Water ready next fall

LazyTown» and» the» Icelandic» water» company» Glacial» Water» Corp.» have» joined» forces» to» produce» LazyTown» Water.» Production» of» 330» ml» bottles» will»start»next»autumn.»» As»we»all»know,»Sportacus»uses»water» from» an» old» Icelandic» glacier» in» his» airship.» We» know» for» a» fact» that» he» is» happy» with» this» venture» because» Icelandic»water»is»known»for»its»high» quality» and» purity.» “We» are» very» excited»to»be»partners»with»LazyTown» and»to»encourage»children»to»drink»the» healthiest»drink»in»the»world»-»water,» “says»Glacial»Water»Corp.»Director»Atli» Bjarnason.»For»more»information:»»

Sports Candy campaign launched in Portugal

Magnus» and» the» actors» who» portray» Sportacus»and»Stephanie»in»Portugal» visited» Portuguese» schools» on» May» 21st» to» kickstart» a» Sports» Candy» campaign» that» will» continue» through» 2009»into»2010.»The»day»was»arranged» to» coincide» with» the» National» Day» Against»Obesity»that»happened»on»May» 23rd.»Every»school»in»Portugal»has»the» opportunity» to» enter» the» campaign» and» compete» to» be» the» school» that» eats» the» most» Sports» Candy» and» be» more»active»over»the»coming»months.»

New Production the original Lazytown and CBeebies co-production is traveling to new continents


The»winning»school»will»be»visited»by» the» LazyTown» Live» Show» and» there» will»be»prizes»to»give»away. The»LazyTown»DVD,»has»gone»straight» to»number»1»in»Portugal.

LazyTown Extra, the new LazyTown spinoff that launched on BBC last fall with great success, is now traveling LazyTown continues to grow in Spain to a new continent LazyTown»continues»to»grow»in»Spain» with an old LazyTown and»is»excited»about»the»confirmation» of» a» renewed» partnership» with» TVE;» partner, Discovery Kids. LazyTown» is» set» for» great» things» in» 2009.»TVE»also»played»host»to»a»very» successful» licensee» summit» —» the» licensees» were» thrilled» to» see» the» support»of»such»a»huge»TV»station»and» the»fantastic»licensing»plans»LazyTown» has»in»store»for»Spain.»

El»Corte»Ingles»is»working»on»making» LazyTown» become» the» major» attraction» in» their» culture-filled» events.» LazyTown» will» be» introduced» to»hundreds»of»children»at»each»event,» encouraging»them»to»get»involved»in» many»activities»and»eat»lots»of»Sports» Candy»like»Sportacus.»


LazyTown Extra features local themes that are centered on sports and outdoor activities, encouraging children to make healthy lifestyle choices done in LazyTown’s fun, fast-paced style. The locally produced content stars the lovable Ziggy traveling around meeting real people and introducing the LazyTown lifestyle to kids of all ages. As the production team of Discovery Kids says: “It has

been an exciting project because it has given Discovery Kids the opportunity to take the popularity of the show directly to its viewers and showcase the culture and local customs of Latin America.” So far, the production team has shot several episodes featuring local kids in Buenos Aires, Argentina; Sao Paulo, Brazil; and Bogota, Colombia. Kids have been thrilled to show Ziggy their healthy habits in a number of ways including reading books, playing soccer and eating fruits. Some of these shows have even included local celebrities who were excited to be a part of LazyTown Extra! Bilai Joa Silar, Vice President and Channel Director of Discovery US Hispanic Networks & Discovery Kids has been following the ventures of LazyTown in Latin America since

first introduction. We asked her about her experience of LazyTown: “LazyTown has always been a favorite among Discovery Kids viewers in Latin America and we are proud to have it as part of our programming line-up. It aligns

“LazyTown»has» always»been»a» favorite»among» Discovery»Kids» viewers»in»Latin» America.” with our network’s core values of creating life longer learners and independent thinkers through innovative storytelling. Working with LazyTown has been a positive and enjoyable

experience and we consider them a valuable partner. I am very happy that by developing LazyTown Extra together, we can continue to expand our relationship and jointly deliver programming that provides parents with tools they need in the education of their children as well as entertaining content that children can enjoy.

Bilay Joa Silar LazyTown Extra has received the highest share of the day on the CBeebies channel and overall share has been growing impressively during its run.

LazyTown toy partner keeps kids active Hot off the production line at Martin Yaffe HQ, a meticulously developed range of outdoor sports and play items were hitting stores across the UK. The range has been a long time in the making, though, with over a year of discussions, workshops and a few ‘friendly’ games of tennis, culminating in a range of toys that has been given the seal of approval by Magnus Scheving himself.

launch at London’s Toy Fair. The brief: provide quality products that are entertaining and good value for money. Building on LazyTown’s 50/50-gender split, where girls see the program as a song-and-dance show and boys as an action show, the Yaffe productdesign team created two product ranges, one pink and one blue, all with the intention of ‘getting kids moving’.

In 2008, Martin Yaffe International was appointed LazyTown’s new master toy licensee. Whilst already an existing licensee in the LazyTown outdoor products category, the deal marked the start of a new agreement with LazyTown Entertainment for a multi-territory license. And so work began in earnest, in preparation for a

The new range launched at London’s Toy Fair in January 2009. Action figures, scooters, skateboards, hoppers, and sports equipment were showcased on a giant racetrack, only upstaged by Sportacus himself, who unveiled both the new range to the press as well as some show-stopping acrobatics! The press gathered to get a

glimpse of the new range as well as to secure front-row seats for what was anticipated to be a trademark, show-stopping performance by kids’ hero, Sportacus. They were not disappointed; the LazyTown hero jumped, flipped and pressupped for the captivated crowd! When asked by the press about the new range, Ronnie Yaffe, Martin Yaffe International’s Managing Director, commented, “I am delighted about the expansion of our LazyTown range. Developing products that encourage outdoor play and help children to keep active is an absolute pleasure. I look forward building upon what has already been a very successful and mutually beneficial relationship.”



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news In sHoRT


Live Show the new Pirate adventure show sets even higher standard


LazyTown» went» straight» to» number» 1» in» Poland» on» Jetix» where» it» stayed» for» the» first» full» year» of» broadcast.» Romania» and» Hungary» were» a» close» second» with» very» strong»ratings.»LazyTown»has»proven»to»be» a»flagship»show»for»Jetix»and»has»performed» fantastically» across» the» whole» of» Central» and» Eastern» Europe.» Jetix» acquired» all» 53» episodes» of» LazyTown» and» is» just» starting» to»broadcast»the»second»season.»

Licensees enjoy strong success The»first»DVD»and»magazine»launch»in»Poland» sold» over» 4,000» DVDs» in» the» first» two» weeks» and» 40,000» magazines» in» the» first» month» with» Media» Service» Zawada.» Further» deals,» including»DVD,»publishing,»back»to»school,»the» LazyTown»Live»Show,»among»others,»have»been» confirmed»across»Central»and»Eastern»Europe.» Major»toy»deals»are»also»being»confirmed.

iTunes USA: LazyTown goes digital This» past» March,» Apple’s» iTunes» launched» the» first-ever» LazyTown» “download-to-own”» episodes»in»the»United»States.»The»launch»was» a» tremendous» success,» both» for» LazyTown» and» for» iTunes,» as» almost» 20,000» episodes» were»downloaded»in»the»first»six»days»alone!» The» episodes» not» only» look» fantastic» on» a» computer» screen,» the» production» quality» is» equally» apparent» when» transferred» to» an» iPhone»or»iPod»Touch.» The»energetic,»healthy»message»of»LazyTown» is»now»as»portable»as»can»be»–»as»Sportacus» would»say,»“Anything»is»Possible!”»» With» episodes» 1-18» now» available» on» iTunes» (including» one» free» episode» for» anyone’s» viewing» pleasure),» LazyTown» will» be» periodically» adding» additional» episodes» to» refresh»the»iTunes»library.»» And» one» more» thing…» don’t» be» surprised» to» see»a»LazyTown»iPhone»“app”»launching»later» this» year.» » If» you’re» a» mom» or» dad» trying» to» get» your» child» in» the» car» for» school,» worry» no» more» –» the» ride» to» school» will» never» be» the» same» with» both» LazyTown» episodes» and» games»on»your»phone!

The Live Show box office more than doubled last year and more than 1 million tickets have been sold on LazyTown Live Shows worldwide.

and 7,000 in Los Angeles, California, with the possibility of reaching over 400,000 spectators. Apart from what’s happening in the Americas, “The Pirate Adventure” will run throughout the year in the UK, and our friends from “Down Under” are getting ready for a premiere of “Roboticus” (the UK hit from 2008) in July 2009. Spain and Portugal are also getting ready to bring “Roboticus” to the stage.

GUnnaR heLGaSOn

If there’s any one part of LazyTown that is growing fast, it’s where the LazyTown Live Shows reside. Last year plays were running in big theatres in the UK, Mexico, Argentina, Chile, Peru and 17 other countries in South and Central America. In 2009 and in the beginning of 2010, LazyTown fans will see premiers in the UK, Mexico, Spain, Portugal, Australia, Brazil, Iceland and, last but not least, in the US. Discussions are also underway in Central and Eastern Europe as well as in Italy and Israel. Our partners in Tycoon, Mexico are taking the first LazyTown Live Show across the border to show it off to the Spanish-speaking kids and their parents in the US. The “Energy Show”, as the play is called, broke several box office records last year in Mexico and is still running strong. One of those records was set in Mexico City where 110,000 people saw the show in 50 performances at the Teatro Metropolitan Opera with 3,165 possible seatings. On top of that it became a huge hit in Panama, Costa Rica, Guatemala and the Dominican Republic, where it continues to play as these lines are written. Karla Betanzo, Tycoon’s producer, knows the secret to this success. “I think

From the new Pirate Adventure show in the UK.

“LAZYTOWN» SOLD»OUT»FASTER» THAN»U2»AT»THE» METROPOLITAN» OPERA“ it is because the LazyTown Live Show is fresh, fun, contemporary, hip, and most of all, dynamic and beautiful!” When asked about the future of LT Live shows, Karla said that they “…truly want to make a difference in kids’ health habits and choices and make the fruit and veggies campaign permanent and a profitable business in all markets and venues. We

GOODWILL the Lazytown team helps raise 35

also want to explore different formats, stories and promote an even greater participation of the kids during the show… let them become the superheroes!” Karla and her partners at Tycoon clearly have the ambition to take LazyTown Live all the way! They are now getting ready for another production: “LazyTown’s Talent Search”, the same play that’s been showing in Argentina and Brazil. The premiere will be in October 2009 and as Karla says: “The launch will be huge!”

Big plans in the US Plans for the “Energy Show” in the US are even more ambitious. The plan is to visit 55 theatres with seating capacity between 1,300 in Hagerstown, Maryland

LazyTown Live is not only producing fulllength plays for big theatre venues. From May 2009, LazyTown Live will also offer a range of shorter plays worldwide. The plays vary from 10-minute, oneman shows (meet ‘n’ greets) to 35-minute, four-man plays. LazyTown is currently seeking partners for these shorter plays in their territories. LazyTown will also be the main attraction in the Canal Panda festival in the summer and the RTP compilation show at Christmas in Portugal as well as the TVE compilation show in Spain at Christmas 2009. If you’re looking for live family entertainment that delivers a powerful message while being hip, fun and fresh, you know where to look!

million USD at the televisa telethon in 2008


TEAM UP AT ITS ANNUAL TELETHON LazyTown’s Sportacus and Stephanie got the kids of Teleton active, moving, and most importantly, smiling. With two live broadcast appearances marked by Sportacus and Stephanie performing with the vibrant Telethon children, LazyTown imparted a healthy and inspirational message to an audience of millions watching the event, held in December 2008. The “Teletón” is Mexico’s largest fundraising event of the year, dedicated to building remarkable hospitals for underprivileged, disabled children. Each year, Mexico’s largest broadcast network, Televisa, hosts the Telethon fundraiser, calling on various personalities and talents to help further motivate the already warm and giving people of Mexico to contribute to a most worthy cause. Magnus Scheving, LazyTown’s founder, described the event as “very touching”, and recognized that the children of Telethon are

the “real heroes for LazyTown”. In the months leading up to the Telethon event, Magnus (as Sportacus) was able to visit one of the hospitals that had been built with monies raised during an earlier Teleton fundraiser. Miles outside of the city, the hospital was a second home for many children in need of care. In true LazyTown fashion Sportacus walked into the hospital on his hands, being encouraged to “keep going” by the cheering kids. The children embraced the slightly-above-average superhero, Sportacus, and showed off how they could eat apples and do superhero moves just like him. From education, nutrition, to rehabilitation – the Telethon hospitals serve as a sanctuary for families with disabled children. The Telethon relationship for LazyTown is very special. It is rare to take part in such a rewarding event, and LazyTown applauds Televisa for its continued efforts to aid the children of Mexico.









international news

Magnus Scheving receives the PROTOS Award

The alliance aims to develop healthy lifestyle choices for UK children and families through events, promotions and campaigns

“Receiving this award is a great honor for me and for everyone at LazyTown,” said Magnus Scheving after accepting the PROTOS Award in September 2008. This is the second time the PROTOS Award was granted by the Universidad de Panamericana (UP). Last year the prize was given to Mrs. Valentina Alazraki, a Televisa network reporter, for her achievements in covering the Vatican and Pope Juan Pablo II in 95 trips around the world.


Financial Times, Der Spiegel in Germany and Forbes. Among its former students are the Governor of Mexico City and the Secretary of Education, Josefina Vázquez Mota.

LazyTown works with Spanish cancer association

Standing behind Magnus Scheving and Isabel Oriol Diaz de Bustamante, president of the AECC are José Felix Garcia, Hlynur Sigurdsson, Marco Guzman, Elsa Gomes and Laura Villalobos.

Magnus Scheving and Isabel Oriol Diaz de Bustamantre, president of the AECC, signed a partnership agreement, committing both to promoting healthy living for kids in Spain. The partnership will focus on four national campaigns for children on the importance of healthy eating, physical activity,

Retail Alliance Goal to increase fruit and vegetable consumption among kids


PROTOS is a Greek word meaning excellence or superiority. The PROTOS Award is given to individuals who have attained professional and personal excellence in the field of communication, as measured by their contribution to the common good.

Universidad de Panamericana is one of the most respected universities in Mexico and its business school, IPADE, has been named the best in Latin America by The Wall Street Journal,


school visits and protection against the sun. The AECC works closely with the Spanish health ministry on promoting healthy lifestyle to prevent cancer in Spain. »»

Parents in the UK have a great solution to raise healthy kids now that Sportacus, the world’s healthiest superhero, has teamed up with ASDA to promote the retailer’s private-label line of healthy foods for kids, Great Stuff. The partners launched the long-term alliance back in April this year in front of thousands of kids and their parents at an ASDA store in Derby, UK. ASDA, like LazyTown, has been committed to kids’ health for many years. The retailer launched the Great Stuff brand for kids over six years ago, and the line now features over 100 healthy food items for kids. “We at LazyTown have often encouraged retailers to focus on solutions that make it easy for parents to raise healthy kids,” Magnus Scheving, creator and CEO of LazyTown said. “This program has one destination (ASDA), one trustworthy label for kids (Great Stuff) and the world’s only entertainment brand dedicated to kids’ health to raise the appeal with kids (LazyTown). I’m not sure we could ask for a better opportunity for parents and kids than this.” The partners have agreed on two primary objectives for the first year of the partnership: (1) to increase five-a-day fruit and vegetable consumption amongst kids, (2) to get one million kids

LALA project starting Lala, Mexico’s leading dairy company, and LazyTown are making healthy solutions fun for kids and easy for parents. The partners have teamed up on two programs that epitomize the essence of great nutrition combined with movement for kids. The first comes from Lala’s Petizoo brand, a PetitSuisse cheese product specially designed for kids with reduced fat and sugar levels. In spring 2009, Petizoo packaging will feature the LazyTown characters and have a free LazyTown jump rope inside the box. The second program will include Lala’s new, lowfat white milk product for kids called Entera, scheduled to launch in June 2009. The Entera packaging will feature the LazyTown characters on the front, and on the back there will be three (3) collectible panels featuring an activity challenge

for kids. Lala will support the LazyTown program with national TV spots highlighting the association with high-energy spots featuring Sportacus and Stephanie. These programs demonstrate Lala’s and LazyTown’s alliance to move kids in Mexico to live healthier lifestyles.

international news



Dow Jones



LazyTown takes over Italy with Rai Trade

moving in the UK. LazyTown has proven it knows how to get kids eating healthier with millions of kids worldwide asking their parents for “Sports Candy” (the show’s term for fruits and vegetables). This combined with ASDA’s affordable positioning of Great Stuff fruits and vegetables should be a positive direction to reach the first goal of increasing fruit and vegetable consumption amongst kids. As for moving a million kids in the UK, both ASDA and LazyTown will be promoting the Sporting Chance sports initiative and the LazyTown Sports Club, which provides free sports activity sessions at local sports clubs across the UK.

Magnus Scheving landed in Italy at the Kids’ Licensing Forum of Bologna—thanks to a licensing agreement with Rai Trade, the trading company of RAI, Italy’s public TV. Rai Trade is sure that LazyTown’s success in Italy will grow stronger every day. The show is broadcast on Playhouse Disney and discussions are happening with Rai Duo.

ASDA and LazyTown will also be getting kids moving in store with national promotions in May, July and Back To School (schedule subject to change). The focus of the promotions will be the link between Great Stuff products and activity-based fun for kids (both in-store and at home). In fact, kids were already dancing, jumping and singing in ASDA stores nationwide for the April launch. This was thanks to a Sportacus standee positioned in the fruit and vegetable section that had pre-recorded music and messages from Sportacus himself encouraging kids to try different moves like star jumps, splits and pushups.

LazyTown super strong Down Under

Rai Trade believes firmly in the potential of the show and of the brand. The licensing plan of Rai Trade is achieving good results: an agreement for the distribution of board games and puzzles has been closed with Editrice Giochi, and there is great interest in publishing, clothes, music, toys and much more. A deal has also been closed with Big Picture for the distribution of the DVD’s.

LazyTown is anchored with strong support from both the Australian Broadcasting Company (ABC) and Nickelodeon Australia, with top ratings and long-term deals and support. As an industry leader, Roadshow Entertainment is managing the DVD and music catalog and has surpassed the 100,000unit mark in the first year of release. The LazyTown Live show is debuting in July 2009, managed by Andrew Kay, the top show producer Down Under. The licensing team managed by international agent of the year Wild Pumpkin is growing and there are still some prime opportunities available but may not be for long. Strong acceptance by children, families and teachers in Australia has been the key, says Dean Koocher Territory Director in Australia. He continues: “For the second year we will be working with over 4,000 schools and spreading good messages about healthy eating along with an active lifestyle.“

For LazyTown, the ASDA partnership represents the second Wal-Mart-affiliated partnership worldwide with the first being last year’s launch with Wal-Mart de Mexico. LazyTown intends to continue aligning with retailers around the world where the show airs who are committed to providing kids and parents with healthy solutions.

The success Down Under is also beginning to spread to New Zealand supported by TV3 and Nickelodeon New Zealand, and global licensing is beginning to assemble the team, which customarily will roll out with a oneyear lag from the Australian market.

Wal-Mart de Mexico continues to MOVE kids with LazyTown Every kid wants to be a superhero. LazyTown and Wal-Mart de Mexico are teaming up to provide kids in Mexico the opportunity to go for it. In August 2009, the partners will launch a backto-school promotion called “Conviértete en Super héroe” (e. “Become a Superhero”). Kids will receive a special “Superhero Passport” guide at their local Wal-Mart stores. Each day, kids will place stickers in their passport when they eat fruits and vegetables, brush their teeth and complete one daily

Superhero Surprise Challenge. Kids will be encouraged to complete the 14-day program to receive a special Sportacussigned Superhero Diploma. A grand prize will be awarded to one lucky “little Superhero”—a special visit from Sportacus to their school. LazyTown and Wal-Mart de Mexico have a long-term partnership aimed at providing solutions for kids and families in Mexico to make better healthy lifestyle choices.

ASDA with 8.4% growth for first quarter ASDA has announced a boost in like-for-like sales of 8.4% (excluding fuel) for the first quarter of 2009. The chain beat both sales and profit ahead of sales predictions due to effective cost management. The store has also been canny in gaining customers from all of its competitors due to well advertised price roll-backs. The 8.4% like-for-like increase at ASDA is up from 7.2% growth achieved at the end of last year and dwarfs the 3.4% reported by Tesco for the first six weeks of its new financial year. Sainsbury’s, which on Wednesday unveiled an 11% increase in full year profits, posted a 6.2% increase in like-for-like sales in the weeks leading up to Easter.




Feature Interview Magnus Scheving talks about the future of LazyTown

Moving LazyTown from entertainment to healthy lifestyle brand We are about promoting health, and the demand for how to do this comes from consumers and grows year on year as children now ask for healthier options. Harriet Griffey

There may be global pessimism about an economic downturn, and the financial pundits may suck their teeth, but in spite of all this LazyTown’s CEO Magnus Scheving is upbeat. Why? “Because LazyTown is the only global entertainment brand dedicated to kids’ health, and because we have never sold out on our core values it remains consistently strong and gives us a solid base to move into the future. We are about promoting health, and the demand for how to do this comes from consumers and grows year on year as children now ask for healthier options, and parents want to know how to provide them – when it comes to foods, activities, information – we are there to meet this demand, and we are building on this.” It comes as no surprise to find this optimistic slant, and the only crunch in the LazyTown lexicon is a stomach crunch, because Scheving radiates energy and commitment and operates from the strong position of recognizing what the consumer – children and their families – wants. And what they want, it is becoming increasingly clear, is the wherewithal to provide healthy options and opportunities for themselves and their families. “It struck me, when I watched Al Gore’s documentary, An Inconvenient Truth, that knowing about something is not the same as knowing

“...knowing about something is not the same as knowing what to do about it...” what to do about it,” Scheving asserts with characteristic enthusiasm. “Parents know that their kids’ health is at risk from lack of exercise, junk foods, the environment, but they don’t always know what to do about it. When you give people the information about what’s going wrong, you also need to give them information about what they can do to make a difference. We’ve had this with information about global warming; now we have to do this with health. It’s too big a deal to leave to the ‘experts’ and hope that something useful will filter down, information needs to be given in a way that can be acted upon, and LazyTown can do this. We started out by producing fun

entertainment for kids, which they watched from a young age, and often independently of their parents. And the impact is big. For example, we know that around one million children have seen the live show, and from our research we found that there was an increase of 43% in healthy eating, and an increase of 36% in exercise, as a direct

consequence. And a Gallup poll showed that 64% of kids who saw the show – who have never mentioned health before! – want to be healthier. So building on this, we can see that it is possible to realize a LazyTown lifestyle.” Meeting this demand comes with its own responsibility, but Scheving is unfazed by that too,

because the LazyTown approach is a circular one that goes that extra distance. “I always say that LazyTown has to be a 380° business, it has to go the extra distance and it has to be available to all. And we have to keep moving forward with this.” Moving forward is how Scheving describes his vision for

the future, but he uses the word move very specifically. “What we’re looking at now is how you move the body, and move the mind, every day. It goes together. You move the mind to make smart, original, imaginative and creative choices, and the body will follow. If your goal is to be healthier, all the choices you make are relevant to that – for



example, do I have a burger and chips, or do I have the steak and salad? Do I have a cola when I’m thirsty, or do I drink water? Do I have a packet of crisps when I want a snack, or do I have some fruit? Move towards making smart choices an integrated part of everyday life rather than something that is separate from it. It’s not about going to the gym twice a week to get active, but to make activity a constant event – walking rather than taking the bus, taking the stairs not the lift, playing sport for fun – choosing to move your body, ideas and self as part of a more active lifestyle. “It starts by making simple and smart choices in everyday life, being more active, eating more healthily, communicating better, and generally feeling better about yourself – which raises self-esteem and increases self-confidence, because active choices put you back in charge of your own health. Then it becomes

“We know that around one million children have seen the live show, and from our research we found that there was an increase of 43% in healthy eating, and an increase of 36% in exercise, as a direct consequence.” irresistible and enjoyable, and is its own reward, which is what keeps people motivated.” When everything you do comes back to the same guiding principle, promoting health in a way that is fun and accessible to all, you might think this was an easy thing to do, but this wasn’t Scheving’s initial experience. “Explaining what health is can be very tricky. Twenty years ago when I was first thinking about this I realized that – unlike something like golf, where I could learn everything I could, talk to the experts, then explain it and show it to the world – health was a different proposition. There are some concepts, like health, on which you will never get a consensus. Even while we understand what we mean, individually, by health, it’s not something you can get total agreement about. It’s the same with questions like, what is funny? What is love? What is freedom? It becomes subjective and you will get hundreds of different answers. It’s the same with health. “So 20 years ago, it seemed like there was no way to get across the importance of health, and how you could be healthy in a day-today way. For me, health is about moving – moving physically and mentally, every day – and so I started to think about how I can get this idea across, in a way that people could grasp and work with. I had to work out how I could do this. This was my conundrum – how could I move towards the idea of a healthy lifestyle, rather than a healthy add-on. I knew it had to be creative, smart, and irresistible.” Now Scheving is clear that the next wave of impetus is to move the idea from the individual to the whole country, through this simple concept: move the body,

move the mind, every day. “That way,” he says, “You can move a whole country towards a change in lifestyle. But if you are going to move a country towards health, you need products to meet the demand that’s been created. However, it’s important for us to choose the right brands, not ones that have been diluted by mixed messages, and some brands will have messages that conflict with the core values of LazyTown. In the UK, the supermarket chain ASDA had the biggest food line for kids, their Great Stuff range. Here was a product range we could work with. We reviewed the line, and some products had to be modified, but by and large the fit was good so we were able to go ahead. With ASDA working within their local communities, we can link into the local culture and work with that too.”

access to information specific to the product, and relevant local information. For example, if you have bought a LazyTown football, the code will link you to sports facilities and clubs in your area. If you have bought some food, there will be links to local information about, say, farmers’ markets but also recipes. If you’ve bought a LazyTown toothbrush, this will link you through to health and other relevant information. Through the products, there is a link back into LazyTown and all the added benefits of not just buying the product, but buying into the lifestyle – an inspiring, motivated, healthy lifestyle.”

to take the LazyTown message direct to the children.” And that’s not all. “We also have plans to launch the LazyTown Foundation,” says Scheving. “This will support this global lifestyle phenomenon. We want it to be a bit like the GAP Red campaign, where we are able to give something back to the local communities.” But it doesn’t stop there; other plans are also afoot. The first LazyTown Sports clubs for children have been launched in the UK; the new series of TV shows, LazyTown Extra, have segments of local content, making

already in 500,000,000 homes around the world, in 26 different languages, and we are successful because we have stuck to our core values, and we’re a brand that people have come to trust and through this we are in a unique position as a brand to promote health. We have this enormous, global network and on this basis we have created the LazyTown Lifestyle Club.” Realizing that there was a way to utilize the possibilities of the global phenomenon that is LazyTown, to support the demand for creative and useful information that would enable children and their families to access healthier lifestyles, the concept of the lifestyle club was born and nurtured, ready to go live. It is, says Scheving, a fantastic idea full of extraordinary possibilities, linking manufacturers and retailers’ straight back to their consumers. “Any product or piece of merchandise is only the tip of the iceberg that is LazyTown; there is a huge communications and networking possibility, which we want to nurture with the LazyTown Lifestyle club. Each product sold will have a unique code that can be used to access information. Key the code into the online club, and you will immediately gain

LazyTown, traveling around the world, meeting with retailers, government ministers, manufacturers – and children,” says Scheving. “It’s a big part of my job to personally promote the lifestyle brand through PR and talking to people. I had this amazing experience recently in Mexico City where I was talking to the cleaner at the hotel where I was staying, who told me how much the kids at his child’s kindergarten enjoyed the show, and could they come and see me. The live show there had outsold the Metropolitan Opera. Of course, I said yes. Later, I got a call from the hotel lobby to say that there were around 120 kids to see me! They were from a very

“Any product or piece of merchandise is only the tip of the iceberg that is LazyTown; there is a huge communications and networking possibility, which we want to nurture with the LazyTown Lifestyle club.”

This is an example of the way the 380° concept works. “We started with a live show, moved into TV and this continues. Both TV and online media make LazyTown independently accessible to kids: they can experience and enjoy the entertainment, and then they have experience of it through doing sports activities and making healthier eating choices. Then through PR, opportunities for extending this can be promoted – through governments, national and local activities, sports and fitness organizations, manufacturers, and retailers – to the products themselves. As we move forward, these will range from clothing, food and beverages, publishing (books, CDs and DVDs), activity toys, and personal care items. We are

“And through this we are in a unique position as a brand to promote health.”


“In addition, the Club will embody an ideal of online adventure, offline action. Every month, there will be a package of new ideas and information from the club, with a ‘superhero’ task for every day. You access this task by using a secret code connecting you to a request for help from Sportacus. Along with this, there is a package of back-up support for parents. We know that parents want support in order to help them raise their families in a healthy way, they want ideas and input. The model is in place, and we will be launching this soon. This will extend our reach and the opportunities

them nationally relevant; there is a new LazyTown Live, piratethemed show in the UK; plans for a chain of children’s restaurants

“LazyTown is not a TV property but a lifestyle brand for children.”

Interview with Magnus Scheving, The Economist, March 31st 2007 selling healthy foods are in hand; and a big new information book, followed by a series of books, for parents – all these new and creative projects contribute to the continuum of the brand. “I personally promote

Sportacus and Stephanie with children at the Televisa Telethon in Mexico.

poor part of the city, and two of the kids were in wheelchairs. But they started showing me the Sportacus exercises that they do, even the kids in the wheelchairs – it made no difference, they were still superheroes. It’s such a great experience when this happens. And when I went to Leeds, in the UK, for the local launch of our business association with the supermarket chain ASDA, 1,700 kids came – there is huge integrity and passion in what we do at LazyTown, and the kids know that. And to experience their response to this is just amazing. “When I think back to 20 years ago, when I was trying to work out how to make healthy lifestyles irresistible, I remembered that in 1977 the president of IBM said that he couldn’t foresee every household having a computer, it just wouldn’t happen! Then I know that sometimes it’s not a question of thinking harder about how to make something happen, it’s about thinking differently. And by thinking differently, LazyTown has found a way to make a healthy lifestyle possible for many, many children and their families. It’s absolutely the way to move forward.”

10 |




Agust Freyr Ingason Hlynur Sigurðsson Magnus Scheving Jordan Jedeikin LazyTown Design NOW Team Isafold Steinbjorn Logason Throstur Valgeirsson

Midhraun 4, 210 Gardabaer, tel. +354 590 1700, fax +354 590 1771 / /

Maintaining solid growth in tough times! The year 2009 has been another successful year for LazyTown and the brand’s foundation is stronger than ever. LazyTown’s healthy lifestyle edge has paved the way for our partners’ success in existing as well as new markets. Parents are realizing that selecting what their kids watch is as important as choosing the food they consume. Consumers are getting smarter, and the focus on health is on the rise, despite declines in the economy. The fact that the LazyTown brand was built from scratch, based on its core values, is what continues to drive the success of LazyTown and ensure its longevity. How this contributes to our success can be easily understood when considering the goodwill LazyTown has engendered with parents and the amount of publicity LazyTown receives. Parents may not watch the shows their kids are watching and may therefore not understand the shows, but when the show’s spokesperson is on the 9 o’clock news… parents will appreciate what we are trying to achieve. Parents’ understanding the brand gives LazyTown a clear advantage. LazyTown’s mission is—and will always be—to motivate kids to make healthier lifestyle choices. Providing parents with tools to help their kids learn to make these choices is a major part of achieving that goal. We are therefore extremely pleased to have provided parents both with a destination and over 100 LazyTown Food Promise-compliant products in our ASDA partnership. And when it comes to the kids enjoying our brand, we will continue to contribute to long-term behavioral change. The LazyTown Licensing team is increasingly focused on helping licensees leverage the competitive edge that so clearly sets us apart from the competition. Partnerships in which we substantively make use of our edge illustrate that LazyTown outperforms the notorious “logo-slapping” model where brand-fit is a secondary concern. Another LazyTown advantage is the fact that companies and brand owners are becoming increasingly aware of the long-term effect that association with an entertainment brand will have on their own company/product brand image. As a licensee there is no way to leverage an entertainment brand without your own company/product brand image being affected by both positive and negative impressions of that entertainment brand. Thanks to our solid, respected brand message and integrity, LazyTown scores very high when these factors are evaluated. With year-on-year growth of over 35% for LazyTown royalty income during these tough times, there is no reason not to be in high spirits… especially knowing the contribution LazyTown is making to our children’s well being. Our team welcomes you to join us and MOVE THE WORLD!

“…increasingly focused on helping licensees leverage our competitive edge…”

“…your own company/ product brand image will be affected by both positive and negative impressions of the entertainment brand you use…”

Guðmundur Magnason

Developing and delivering the LazyTown Food Promise ViEWPoiNt

Bryan Urbick From our work around the world with parents, grandparents and kids, we know that a healthy lifestyle for kids can seem complex and often difficult to achieve. Life is fast-paced, there are so many different priorities in day-to-day life, and food choices are frequently limited to less healthful options. Every mom knows that food and nutrition plays an important role in children growing up, but equally, so does physical activity. And importantly, good

What is the LazyTown Food Promise?

LazyTown is the only brand completely dedicated to motivating kids to make positive, healthy choices – but necessarily, does so in a fun, engaging way. But regarding foods and beverages, this is a big, bold move, and needs a positive framework that understands kids, uses good n u t r i t i o n a l principles, listens to parents’ ideal and wishes, but at the same time provides viable solutions to navigate the many challenges. With all this in mind, the LazyTown Food Promise was forged. Everything from LazyTown will positively engage kids and families in a healthy lifestyle. After many years of research and much work with kids and parents, six simple rules make up our promise.

Kids love and have fun consuming

“If kids don’t like it, they won’t eat it….” All the good nutrition in the world won’t help if kids don’t consume it. It takes between 8-13 positive exposures to new foods for kids to say “I like it!” LazyTown, through fun and excitement, has the formula to address kids’ innate food neophobia (fear of new foods). LazyTown foods work hard to be foods kids love and have fun consuming - again and again.

Variety food groups & occasions Nutritionists don’t always agree on the details, but they all agree that eating a variety of

“The exciting thing about working with LazyTown, though, is the positive attitude and determination to do the right thing for the long term, and negotiating with major food and beverage companies to work toward the same ideals.” foods is very important. Parents know this too, and they want their kids to eat a variety of different foods. Good nutrition starts with the principle of food from various food groups; LazyTown is gradually building to provide a wide variety of foods from all food groups for all different eating occasions.

Appropriate portions

In many cultures, average portion sizes have substantially increased in recent years, thus increasing the number of calories kids consume each day. This has been a major factor in the increase in kids’ obesity, and concerns for kids’ longterm health. Because calories are a measure of the amount of energy, they are an important way to measure portion size. LazyTown works to achieve appropriate calories in all food and beverage products by ensuring the portion size and amount of calories are wholesome for kids. We count the calories, so kids and parents don’t have to worry.

Controlled fat, salt and sugar

Fat, salt and sugar aren’t bad – in fact, kids need each in their diet, and healthy foods contain these naturally. In the wrong proportion, even if naturally occurring, they can become the ‘baddies’ and need to be balanced in order for kids to have the best chance for healthy, long lives. LazyTown strives for healthy proportions of fat, salt

and sugar in the context of the occasion to ensure that kids get the nutrients they need, but not too much. Still, we will never accept added trans fats (transfatty acids), and except in rare circumstances, demand natural sources of sugars, with a preference for those that are less refined. LazyTown works toward providing the right proportions – and the right types – of fat, salt and sugar.

No artificial sweeteners, flavors, colors or preservatives

Though not strictly related to the kids’ obesity issue, in many regions of the world we have learned from parents that they want their kids’ foods and beverages to be free from artificial sweeteners, flavors, colors and preservatives. They look for products that make this claim, and would prefer not to compromise. LazyTown works hard to ensure that food and beverage products are closer to mom’s ideal, so she doesn’t have to compromise to get kids to enjoy their food. ‘Nothing artificial’ is parents’ ideal, and with very few exceptions, we help them achieve it.

Fortified only appropriate


Fortification can be a contentious issue in many countries. Yet, fortification is often required to make sure that we have well-nourished kids. LazyTown food and beverage products are reviewed on a case-by-case basis. We ask ourselves, “Is it good for kids, in this instance, to fortify?” LazyTown foods and beverages may be fortified with vitamins and minerals, but only when appropriate.

Bryan is CEO and president of Consumer Knowledge Centre Ltd, a UK-based research agency that specializes in work with kids and moms throughout the world. Bryan and his team are members of the broader LazyTown team that ensures any LazyTown–endorsed product fits the core motivation of LazyTown as well as the specific and implied LazyTown promise to parents and children. For more information, feel free to e-mail Bryan at b.urbick@


LazyTown has chosen Pactum Contract Management System, from

discussion | 11 LAZYTOWN PICKS PACTUM, A NEW CONTRACT MANAGEMENT SYSTEM FROM MICROSOFT DYNAMICS NAV Maritech, a Gold-Certified Microsoft Dynamics NAV business solution partner, to handle the management of royalty, rights and revenuesharing agreements for LazyTown. With Microsoft Dynamics NAV, LazyTown now has one business solution for all operations. Pactum is an affordable, feature-rich business solution that is easy to use. As an add-on solution to Microsoft Dynamics

NAV, information in Pactum is stored in the database used for the whole system,

“…The same database is therefore used for sales, marketing and accounting.” which gives the solution an edge on competition. The same database is therefore used for sales, marketing and accounting. One of the main attractions to Pactum is the Microsoft foundation.

It simplifies many work processes featuring export and import of information into Microsoft Office and SharePoint, without inconvenience or time-consuming and costly operations. The system allows online access that not only gives flexibility to the company but also makes it possible for the licensee to register royalties online. “With Pactum we are filling the

gap that exists between contract management systems and standard business management solutions to create an all-in-one solution for industries that work, e.g. in licensing,” said Hrannar Erlingsson, CEO of Maritech Iceland. “Companies are already showing Pactum interest so the next few months should be very interesting for us.” “Pactum has made an impact on the service we provide our partners,“ says Sigurður Stefánsson, LazyTown CFO. “The system is extremely flexible as well as offering vast reports, not forgetting to mention the value of online access to the system! With Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Pactum we have one complete solution, saving a lot of manual work and providing the control needed for the complex process of licensing.”

Public Relations

LazyTown’s high profile benefits licensees PR

Hlynur (Siggi) Sigurdsson LazyTown is more than an entertainment brand; it’s the only brand dedicated to children’s health, giving us the unique ability to address some of the world’s most important issues whilst building the brand profile. From how to combat the rising obesity rate to simple games you can play with children in your local park, LazyTown can provide advice and guidance. LazyTown addresses crucial health issues in a unique and fresh way. Not by being prescriptive but by getting children to look up to their hero Spor t ac u s, who always chooses the healthy option. So successful was LazyTown’s

Energy Campaign in it´s home country of Iceland that the country’s Surgeon General went on record to say that it was down to LazyTown that the country’s obesity rate declined.

“When it comes to getting publicity, there is arguably no brand that has been more successful.” When it comes to getting publicity, there is arguably no brand that has been more successful. Our healthy message allows us to reach out to all forms of media, spreading the word about how to live a healthier lifestyle whilst communicating the brand’s core values. Its high profile not only benefits the consumers but the licensees too.

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Press LazyTown travels all over the world

Pictures from Press Tour Magnus was a guest at the Money Channel

Sportacus at Ratzvan and Dani show

With Romanian kids in front of ProTV studios

Kids call for Sportacus to come on stage

Portugese kids love Sportacus

A quick lesson in Portugal

LazyTown moving kids

Magnus a guest at Happy Hour in Romania

Elsa, Hlynur and Catrina enjoying the show

Go go LazyTown!

Sportacus running with Norwegian kids

Magnus was a guest at BBC Breakfast

LazyTown Press Tour E-chat with Spanish fans in TVE headquarters

Magnus being interviewed in Portugal

Show hands

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Broadcast News LazyTown Continues to “strike it big” on TV all over the world

On-air in 128 countries with Top Ratings Not many children’s brands have enjoyed the level of success LazyTown has when it comes to broadcast. With a strong team, LazyTown has managed to secure some of the world’s leading broadcasters in the last four years. Some of the best-known broadcasters include BBC, CBeebies and Nick Jr in the UK, Noggin in the US, TVE in Spain, RTP in Portugal, Televisa in Mexico and ABC in Australia. Disney and Jetix also cover a significant number of markets. The overall common factor is that the show has reached strong viewership wherever it goes and is always in the top-five list of best-rated shows amongst its demographic. Most recently it was announced that LazyTown has been number one in Poland for a whole year or since launch in May 2008. One of the main reasons is the fact that LazyTown has a very strong

underlying message to children and parents about the number one health issue in the western world— obesity. Broadcasters understand this and see it as their responsibility to convey this message to children. Most recently broadcasters in CCE, or Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Macedonia, have joined the LazyTown team. Central America, on top of its Discovery Kids broadcast, has a few new broadcasters airing LazyTown as well. They join an already strong group of the best broadcasters in the world who are helping LazyTown to MOVE kids.

LazyTown n


On Air

Available in:

Nick UK Disney

Scandinavia CBeebies




Flemish French



Nick Jr.

Televisa Discovery Kids



Norwegian Polish

Nick N



Super p RTL






Super RTL S



Canal 10


Canal 13

Swedish Turkish



Junior TV





Spanish (Spain)


Discovery Kids


Spanish (Latin America)



Discovery Kids




Ve Venevision Venevis


Portuguese (Brazil)



Junior TV






Canall Panda

Indian Indonesian



Disney D




RTE 2 France TV



Junior TV

Super RTL





Stöð 2




British English Bulgarian



A American English





TV 3





Charity: LazyTown supports charity founded by its accessories-collection partner

LazyTown supports Cure 4 All In 2008 LazyTown entered into a partnership with Emelia Accessories. Emelia is essentially a family-run business with over 19 years’ experience in the hair accessory and fashion jewelry trade. Having greatly expanded over the last few years, Emelia Accessories has become market leaders in the import, export and distribution of fashion accessories. Emelia’s ranges combine up-tothe-minute fashion designs with high quality. Their accessories are not only one step ahead of their competitors; they represent excellent value for money. Emelia and LazyTown have created an outstanding range of lines, which are available FOB from Hong Kong or directly from stock in the UK. So far the response to the range has been fantastic, and our goal is to find distribution in all markets where LazyTown is being aired. Emelia Accessories was founded by Karen Coppage who started the business selling earrings, with no experience, apart

New Concept The LazyTown Sports Club

The LazyTown Sports Club – Moving children! LazyTown will launch the LazyTown Sports Club for kids between 3-10 years old in the summer of 2009. With more than 20 years of experience in the arena of health for kids, Magnus Scheving, the creator and star of LazyTown, has created something absolutely unique for his fans. The LazyTown Sports Club combines all the movement, excitement, music and action of the LazyTown shows, in weekly one-hour classes that will get more kids moving than ever before. The LazyTown Sports Club is a unique franchise,

working with health-oriented individuals who want to bring the spark of LazyTown to their community. Every LazyTown Sports Club Trainer will receive a case filled with balls, bean bags, balloons and more, along with nine pre-arranged classes, music, DVD tutorials, training manuals and much more. The pre-arranged classes focus on three main areas of training: Action is for endurance, Power is for strength and Games is for group skills, mobility, and coordination. Every six months the trainer will receive new pre-arranged classes from the

LazyTown team. The trainer is also given other tools for training, such as a deck of cards containing special Superhero Moves with Sportacus and a Healthy Message for each week of the year. With the addition of LazyTown Sports Club, LazyTown is one step closer to fulfilling its promise and mission – MOVE THE WORLD. LazyTown Sports Club will start in the UK in 2009 with the potential of 200 franchises and then set the goal on Australia, North America and Mexico.

from big drive and motivation to provide for her family. Her enthusiasm has persisted over the years to develop the company into a market leader, and as testament to Karen’s customer care, Emelia still has many of the customers that Karen started out with over 20 years ago. What is more remarkable is the fact that Karen, a single mother of three, has managed to run a successful business through the most challenging of times, which demonstrates the strength of her team. Karen’s son Zack was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia (A.L.L.) in May 2005 when he was 7. For the last four years he has undergone a grueling schedule of intensive chemotherapy treatment and operations at Birmingham Children’s Hospital and is currently in remission.

Karen and Zack recently set up a registered charity called Cure 4 All, and has now raised over 20,000 British pounds. LazyTown has been supporting the charity in various ways, such as signed merchandise and photos of Sportacus, plus signed p r o p s have been donated, the Cure 4 All logo designed by the Va t i k a n in-house design team and finally Alastair Kent, LazyTown’s merchandising manager, who initiated the Emelia partnership, will run his first-ever marathon in Reykjavik on August 22nd to raise money for Zack’s charity.

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Norway ‘Walks to the Moon’ with Sportacus!

If walking to the moon sounds impossible, think again! “Walk to the Moon with Sportacus” is a brand-new, innovative LazyTown campaign currently being trialed in Norway. The campaign aims to measure the combined steps of Norwegian kids, and together they aim to record as many

steps as it would take to walk to the moon. The campaign was launched in Norway when 16,000 people turned up to record their first steps. In the “Walk to the Moon with Sportacus” campaign, each child gets a step counter and a book where they record how many steps they have taken each

day. Every week the teacher fills in how many steps the class took in the hope that the combined steps of all participants will get them to the moon. “This campaign is great, and we are very happy about how enthusiastic the kids are about moving and eating healthy!” said the principal of one of

Bergen’s oldest schools, where the campaign was launched. The participation was well beyond expectations as 16,000 children (and counting) in Bergen signed up. Thousands of people also participated in a children’s marathon in an initiative to get Norway moving and active [where and when].

The campaign is a cooperation between LazyTown, the Norwegian food manufacturer Kavli and the city council of Bergen, Norway’s secondlargest city.“

forward to hearing from you soon! Lots of Love, Jack Robertson (5yrs) with LOTS of help from mum (age undisclosed!) on behalf of “Sporta-Liam“ (3yrs).

Mayor, Miss Busybody and even Robbie Rotten too–but YOU are who Liam loves the most. Mum is trying to find a local gymnastics class to enroll him in, so that he can really work on his Sportamoves!

Letters from the world

“Sportacus is our HERO!“ Fan letter I am a grandmother who takes care of her grandchildren while their parents work. Believe me when I say that LazyTown is the biggest hit in this home. I also must admit that this is my favorite children’s show as well. You have done a wonderful job on this show, of course I must say, please keep up the good work. I just wanted to say thank you and I hope that you keep going for a very long time. Fan letter ★★★ I really needed to thank you for such a wonderful show that my whole family enjoys. My twoyear-old son, Tanner, absolutely loves every episode and I love the lessons that they teach. Tanner is such an active child and always on the go. However, when his favorite show is on, he sits there mesmerized except

when there’s a song he can’t help but dance! Also, Sportacus is his idol!! I have an 8 year old son who loves the show too. I hope someday you’ll do live shows in the US, and I hope LazyTown continues for years to come. Fan letter Sportacus is our HERO! ★★★ Dear Sportacus, I am writing to you (with mum’s help) to tell you how much we love LazyTown & all the characters & stories. My little brother Liam is crazy about you & just lives & breathes „Sportacus“. He does all of your moves at preschool, has your socks, shoes, outfit, lots of little LazyTown toys & we are waiting on a soccer ball & some sunglasses that mum ordered from the UK. Mum




LazyTown (and watching it with us!) because there is no violence and you only encourage being active & eating well and being positive and happy. Mum’s really fussy about what we’re allowed to watch and won’t let us watch cartoons. I think she loves the show as much as we do! ★★★ LazyTown is not as popular here in Australia as some other shows so perhaps you should come for a visit to show all the kids here who you are & teach them your great message! We’d be the first to buy tickets! Mum is keen to be your Publicity Officer because she tells all the other mums at school & preschool what a great show for kids LazyTown is!! ★★★ Liam would be over the moon if you sent us a reply, so we look

P.S. We do love Stephanie, Ziggy, Pixel, Trixie, Stingy, The

New Style Guide 2009

A desire to inspire in LazyTown’s new style guide LazyTown Entertainment has launched a brand-new, state-of-the-art style guide to LazyTown’s artwork, for use in products and promotions endorsing the brand. The style guide has been launched to coincide with LazyTown’s participation in this year’s Licensing International Expo in Las Vegas. With a universal appeal embedded in the brand, LazyTown’s hot-off-the-shelves style guide is a complete overhaul of earlier guides. It’s simple—yet brimming with possibilities: With a clear focus on

Sportacus and Stephanie, it centers on the pink and the blue—simple. Pink for girls and

blue for boys—precise. Offering designers a comprehensive overview of all things LazyTown, the new style guide works as a blueprint for all of LazyTown’s artwork. From backgrounds, color palettes, icons and wonky frames to characters and call-outs—it inspires designers to create and recreate LazyTown to best suit their products or promotions. Available in print and now, for the first time, developed by

Internetid, an Icelandic web development company, using the latest web interface technology, making the design process and updates a breeze. Be part of one of the fastest growing and healthiest kids‘ entertainment brands, worldwide, by creating your very own LazyTown.

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Twenty percent of production costs in Iceland now refundable Studio

Heimir Jónasson Twenty percent of production costs in Iceland is now refundable. Special legislation has been passed in Iceland that aims to support motion pictures and television programs produced in Iceland. This offers both value and support to film production since financing movies or TV series can be difficult in times of financial crisis. On top of all this, the Icelandic currency has been weak, which—combined with the new legislation—provides a great opportunity to shoot the whole

project in Iceland and produce studio as well as outdoor scenes in Iceland, mixing Iceland’s unique nature with LazyTown’s high-end studio facilities–380 Studios. The studio is located in a 30-minute drive from the international airport and just 15 minutes away from Reykjavik’s city center. It offers a high-end television and film production environment that is second to none on an international scale. The production floor is 1,800 square meters (almost 20,000 square feet) that is split into two sections. One section is equipped with one of the largest green screens in the world and the other section is reserved for traditional hard sets. Controls allow for simultaneous and independent operations in each area.

The studio floor is equipped with two Grass Valley Viper Filmstream HD cameras, with Zeiss DigiPrime and Zeiss Digizoom lenses, a Magnum dolly with tracks, a modified Aerocrane; two direction and production consoles with routable monitors and a robust intercom system. The control booth sports two DVS HD disk recording and playback units connected to the DVS SAN system, one Avid Adrenaline HD recording and pre-editing system connected to a central Avid Unity SAN system; an HD Ultimatte chromakey system and calibrated Cine Tal monitor. 380 offers full post-production services with four video-edit positions, five sound-edit positions (Dolby 5.1 quality capability), multi-format video output capabilities (HD, NTSC,

PAL), upgradable to film output, as well as a 12-work-station VFX room. All mainframes of all equipment are situated in a central machine room built around an expandable 64x64 multi-standard network video and audio router and a Cisco top-of-the-line data router. The finishing and mastering room offers an Avid Nitris/DS finishing and mastering station connected to a central Avid Unity SAN system and a calibrated Cine Tal monitor. The central machine room serves all audio, video recording and editing, and houses data routers and mainframes, IT network servers, IT data servers, VFX workstations, DVS SAN, Avid Unity, VFX Dell SAN, HD PAL and NTSC tape recorders for tape deliverables, audio/video

Film Magnus goes to Hollywood

Magnus Scheving plays in the new Jackie Chan movie “Spy Next Door“ Spy Next Door is a family comedy about a mild-mannered babysitter (Jackie Chan) who has to fight off secret agents after one of the kids inadvertently downloads a secret code. Magnus Scheving was approached by the director Brian Levant to play the villain PolDark. Instead of the traditional audition, Magnus and his crew filmed a 5 minute

trailer in the LazyTown studio which impressed the director and landed him the part. “It was a fantastic experience playing against Jackie. I have always been a big fan so this opportunity was to good to pass up“ said Magnus Scheving. The all-star cast also includes Billy Ray Cyrus, George Lucas and Amber Valletta. The film is scheduled to come out in September 2009.

peripheral equipment. There is also one Dell back-up server and 2x2 heads robotized back-up tape units. The infrastructure can easily be scaled-up to a full filmquality production environment. While the technical stuff is great to have, it will do absolutely nothing if not operated by a very talented staff. 380 can offer all the same crew that has already proven their magic touch in the LazyTown TV series. The promise is that our technical production quality will always be on par with the best quality delivered anywhere in the world. Magnus Scheving would never accept anything less! For more information:


The Only Brand DEDICATED To Kids Health


Brings LazyTown to Hispanic TV in US The US Spanish-language broadcaster, V-me (currently airing in over 45 million homes), added LazyTown to its children’s programming block in late 2008, to help inspire and motivate Hispanic children in the United States to eat right, be active and make healthier lifestyle choices. As an affiliate of the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS), V-Me carries an educational and inspirational programming line-up for people of all ages. The perfect fit between LazyTown and V-Me is indicative of the successful status the show has had in most Latin American countries. With the launch of the partnership, V-me President, Carmen DiRienzo, proclaimed, “Families love [LazyTown], it’s fun and entertaining, and it speaks to a vital need in Latino communities.” The vital need to be addressed, unfortunately, is the epidemic of childhood obesity, an epidemic that hits hardest within Hispanic communities in the United States. According to the Institute for Health Promotion Research at the University of Texas, almost 22% of Hispanic children five years old and younger are considered obese. That V-Me is taking an active leadership stance in addressing the need for positive, motivational entertainment to help educate Hispanic children about eating right and being active with LazyTown is extremely important to the company’s mission to MOVE children and parents toward healthier lifestyles, and LazyTown is looking forward to expanding the relationship in 2010 with the launch of the Spanish LazyTown Live show in the United States.

LazyTown partners with the USDA

LazyTown has recently partnered with the United States Department of Agriculture. This past January, US Territory Manager, Jordan Jedeikin, attended the USDA’s “Small Changes“ Summit in Washington, D.C., marking the first government partnership for LazyTown in the US. LazyTown was awarded a Certificate of Appreciation by Dr. Brian Wansink, Executive Director of the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Center for Nutrition Policy and Promotion (CNPP), for its innovative techniques and campaigns focused on motivating healthy lifestyles for American families. With the US being a significant growth market for the brand, LazyTown will be looking to the USDA for collaboration on various projects in the near future.

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