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The Micro Niche Site Business Model Explained [caption id="attachment_732" align="alignright" width="225" caption="Guy Baffled About My Formula"][/caption] Micro Niche Site Business Explained The other day I began idea in this area my on-line businesses and the distinct fashions I need to have to explore. Around about the middle of this year I dived into hidey-hole websites. I had a basic goal; to build one hundred Adsense sites, next 50 CPA websites and An additional 50 Affiliate Marketing and advertising sites. I'm an SEO guy so I knew that I may possibly build micro niche sites and drive transfer to them. As I can get visitors to equitable re either website, when lingering as there are key phrases to rank for... After putting together a fixture plan, I clot off on my initial trek to construct a $100+/day Adsense income. The strategy used to be to have 100 sites Producing $1/day each. Targeting $1+ CPC key phrases that each derive 3000+ searches a month, I started. I figured I could rate each and every site's residence leaf for the 1 key phrase and pull modish a smallest of 40 guests a day. With a 5%-10% click by way of rate, that's 2-4 clicks per day onto the Adsense commercials and at smallest amount $1. I ongoing construction 2-10 sheet web sites depending on the number of Bass competition key terms wearing every niche. After 3 months I was Doing $50/day and with five I was doing a minimal of $80/day. Keeping in mind I only had 1 virtual supporter and a hardly any hours in line with day, I was happy. So my plan worked well, save for it had a few holes... ...Each site appeared appalling and the quality of the content was horrendous. Surprisingly $3/hour Indian writers really don't recognize a lot about car insurance. That was my significant flaw, excruciating content. I was spending pennies for the site content solely for the sake of Having distinctive content. I was also throwing hundreds of crappy inbound links at my brand extra sites. Perhaps I was life ignorant or plain stupid. All I knew was the ROI I was Having on my investment was insane. Since then, a link of issues have considerably changed in the market of search engine optimization. Things didn't extremely saucepan out how I hoped, all simply because of Google Panda. Yep - I had a operate in with that fucking bear.... Yeah - a few of my friends gave me a "told you so", if I nonetheless feel what I was doing was really smart.As even though Google says you will get banned for artificially making also many associations or employing terrible content, It is no longer specifically true. My sites all got hit on thePanda 2.5.2 update.The weird factor is each and every other Panda update boosted my rankings. Yet still... I have friends who use a hundred percent reproduction content on their sites and they're subdue dominating. Anyway, let's contribute I learnt my lesson. I have to redo my niche locate empire and it is going to misappropriate a few months before I'm back in profit. So here is my uncharted niche site organization model, the micro niche site version. This began rancid as a weblog note in rejoinder to someone's post on Adsense Flippers, after I washed-out an hour writing the comment; I figured it was excessively important to give away. So herein is a jewel congealed micro niche web page market model that can happen adapted to your needs: Hey Justin, great cremation report, nice adjournment down. I am scandalized that you're solely making $10/month per site - reasonably crazy. I started out mid this 12 months building Adsense sites. My format was to build 5 sites per week, have both site benchmark 1 main key-phrase with 3000 or a lot more searches a month and the keyword had to be in the domain. I outsourced 5 ok/crappy articles per site each focused on related keywords with 500 or more searches a month. The sites went up.... Then I had an Senuke x campaign constructed to every one, each and every post spun and submitted through Unique Article Wizard, My Article Network & finally through Article Marketing Robot. After 3 months I was doing $80-100/day and currently I have 60 of those sites. Since panda 2.5.2 in October my traffic has dropped to about two hundred UV's every day TOTAL and $3-6/day. Any advice? I am a little unsure on what niche site develop to stay on right now for Adsense. I have lessened it not working to 2 options. Option 1. Micro Niche Site Adsense Model Order 5 new sites a week starting a service that reveals an EMD of a keyword with a thousand or more searches a month and $1 CPC or more. They acquire the domain, enlarge 2 500 word articles, a subject and everything, also SEO settings get configured. They merchandise that for $25 - one of the most cost-effective conveniences I've found. So I was considering behest those even with the fact the EMD keyword is simplest 1k searches or more. (Could maybe compromise it to 2k searches min) Then outsource 3 500 word articles targeting 3 other keywords with


500 or greater searches per month. That's a compute of $31 in price and I'm targeting 6 keywords with a extended of 3500 collective searches/month. That's if the keywords get the bare minimum volume of searches (1000 for the home web page and 5 condition pages targeting 500 searches/month keywords). I will outsource the home page content - so that's 1 article for the home and 5 for the article pages. I at that time have 1 of my VA's turnaround each one of the articles and acquiesce them thru the 2 weblog networks and article advertising automaton dripping backlinks to all pages. I have my other VA build Senuke campaigns to every page twice (he does 10 per day). I then have my other VA build 8 build my sort leftovers to each page ended 1 week. He does 50 scrap's a day for $300/month. That's 8 Build My Rank hyperlinks going to both page on each site for a week, 50 BMR links for each site, 8 odd links per page, every site has 6 pages. That's it for the link building; here are the costs for the micro niche site affair model: The Setup: $25 - Niche finding, field registration + and site development with 2 500 word articles. $6 - 3 500 notice articles at $2 piece. ----------------------------- $31 for each site, keyword research, domain, install, setup, 5 articles + abode page. $620/month for 20 sites or 5 sites per week, four weeks per month. The Promotion $250/month Virtual Assistant - Person who spins and submits each piece of content by 2 blog networks and article marketing robot. $300/month Virtual Assistant - Person who builds 10 Senuke campaigns daily - 2 to each page of each site total. $300/month Virtual Assistant - Build My Rank writer who submits 50 150 word odds and ends daily. Each day the writer will build a total of 50 BMR links between the 5 sites, 8 BMR links to 1 page on each site/day for 1 week. The extra 2 per day will go to the residence pages simply because it's much better for them to have more links. ---------------------------- $850/month expense for 3 full day employees from the Philippines (Shocking I know) $42.50/site in link constructing costs. 20 new sites per month = $42.50x20=$850 Total Cost = $850 promotion fees + $620 site prices = $1470/month or $367.50/week $1470 for 20 sites with 6 pages of content each, 8ish Build My Rank links to each page, 2 Senuke campaigns to each page + spun submissions of all content to blog networks + article directories. That's a total of $73.50/site one time with virtually guaranteed initially page rankings for all 6 keywords. Potential is 3500 searches/month or 116 visitors a day, let's display we get just 30% - that is 34 visitors/day - invite it 2 clicks per day Adsense - $0.30/click which is my comprehensive typical for all $1+ CPC keywords I target. $0.60/day or $18/month in Adsense income though I would guess more. At $73.50/site with my work force and outsourcing - it will obtain four months to make the funds back and begin profiting $18/month or $206/year counting domain reenactment costs. So theoretically this paradigm could upload $4120 to my every year returns every month or an increase of $343/month. Putting in $1470/month warranted away, it will take say 4-5 months to fracture even. From there count $343/month to my income every month. I might then choice up from there. Of course the data can change dramatically from 1 keyword losing searches or a single niche failing or growing.The Adsense incomewould fancy this: Month 1: $343 Month 2: $686 Month 3: $1029 Month 4: $1372 Month 5: $1715 Month 6: $2058 + $343/month at this measure of 20 sites per month. I would have 20 new 6 page sites per month with a great quantity of distinguished facet links thinking about the inaudible competition. Questions for this model: Would 6 pages ONE TIME and the ONE TIME relationship building be enough to maintain the model? How much money do I require to invariable aside for further content and hyperlink building for each site per year? What's a great level of content/links to build per site after the initial links. So that's my whole micro niche site conglomerate model in a nutshell. I was being super conservative! Making $18/month per site is nothing. I have this one 5 page site it truly is had much less promotion and unbelievably brings in $500-$600/month in Adsense revenue. What I wanted to do was show all how lucrative niche Adsense sites had been and nonetheless are. Using the higher than style you slightly have to do any work, it recently takes the initial investment for the team, sites and tools. Once you have individuals you are going to be adding over $4000/year to your returns each and every month on autopilot. Making $0.60/day per site is so easy and can be carried out with virtually zero link building. With that team of 3 I am sure I can build sites that do $3/day easily. The thing is you don't in fact need to have the team of three. You can do maximum of it physically and still grow your nonviolent income like this: When I began with niche websites, I invested about $100/week for 5 domains and approximately content. I did all of the SEO for myself and standardized though I was exhausted languorous with it... I still controlled to build a subservient source of revenue of over $35,000/year within a few months. The funny thing is I solely spent a few hours a day doing it and I'm simply sixteen years old. I originally began building niche sites when I was 14, so I


do have escapade with them. BUT - it is now not pinwheel knowledge and except my intellect purposes in a completely alternative course to yours, I'm sure you and any other individuals might do it. Here's the large news: I am freeing a micro niche site drawing where I reveal doorstep near footfall how to build these small websites. I'm going to impart the model that's completely nontoxic to use post panda to build a entire calculate profits on the flank in your overage year with niche Adsense sites. What's so massive about this model is that there are so many options. Niche sites are likechameleons, they can rapidly adapt to new environments. If Google changes one thing in its set of rules then you may well change with it. They're additionally assets, in fact I was offered $5000 for my 3 month old niche site that had 30 pages. What took me an day and $50 to produce was obviously appreciated at 5 chilly G's just 3 months later. In Prosperity, Jamie Hudson P.S. Leave me your thoughts and questions in the observations cell below! I'll be guaranteed to get hindquarters to them ASAP... P.P.S. Like my powerful, however folksy livelihood model? Put your name and email in the form on the right and get my authority niche site thing model introduced to your inbox! micro niche site



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