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Walking through HUB Mall, the School of Retailing office is impossible to miss. With its striking decor, trendy chairs, and a constant buzz of activity, it feels like the place to be. If you’ve ever seen a poster for Retail Week, but wondered what else the SoR has in store, read on for a crash course on one of the most exciting opportunities for students in the School of Business.

beyond the

storefront not just folding shirts.

The biggest misconception most people have about the field of retail is that it ends at the storefront, when that really is only the beginning. Retail, like all other kinds of business, is dynamic and multifaceted, with elements of HR, marketing, and even finance woven throughout the entire business model. The School of Retailing is dedicated to breaking through misconception, and expanding students’ understanding of the field of retail. In order to raise this awareness, the SoR hosts two large events during the year: Retail Week, in the fall semester, and the Thought Leadership Conference, in the winter.

RETAIL WEEK: october 2015

ELNUR KASUMOV Managing Director, School of Retailing

The biggest and most exciting week in the business atrium takes place from October 5th to October 9th. Over 60 major retailers, as well as an estimated 4000 students, attended Retail Week events in 2014. 2015’s events are promising to be, if anything, even bigger and better. Elements of Retail Week include, several pop-up shops, networking opportunities, presentations by retail professionals and an insanely interactive career fair. Previously featured companies include: Lush, Pepsico, Starbucks, Target, and ATB Financial.


The first ever School of Retailing Thought Leadership Conference was held last March with the goal of bringing together students and industry professionals for a wide variety of conversation topics, including HR, media, and real estate. This inaugural event was hugely successful, so keep your eyes open for more exciting news in 2016!

finding your fit. SARAH WARD Student President Emeritus, School of Retailing

written by KYRA CUSVELLER designed by CAROL WONG photographed by ADRIENNE LEUNG


The School of Retailing space only looks intimidating from the outside. Inside, the light is flattering, and the people are warm and welcoming. The School of Retailing has already started planning for Retail Week 2015, and an incredible event like this needs some incredible volunteers. As a member of the planning or volunteer committee, you will be responsible for executing some of the most exciting aspects of the SoR’s events. This is an excellent way to get your foot in the door with the School of Retailing, and have an absolute blast while you’re at it. If you’re interested in becoming involved with Retail Week, drop by the office at HUB 9007, or get in touch at

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