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PORTFOLIO 毛欢 Amo Mao Email: Tel: 13641620334

毛欢 Amo Mao Email: Tel: 13641620334 Site:

“I have two years working experience after i graduated in 2010. In these two years, i have been working on some different types of design, RPG game, website banners, icons, brand, product design, graphic design. I am addicted to visual design. i'd love to draw in my spare time, and i am the sponsor of mailart in China, orgnized a mailart show in 2011. I am good at organization and observation,who alwasys love to try something new.”


2006 - 2010 Donghua University Majoring in New Media Design 2003 - 2006 No.1 Art Middle School of Liuyang, Hunan Majoring in Fine Arts


2011 - 2012 Working as a designer in MAYE, Langrui Culture Dissemination Co.,Ltd. 2010 - 2011 Working as a graphic designer in Mira Game 2011.7 Sponsor of Mailart Exhibition 121.48째E


Exibit in Hongmen the toys was invited to Hongmen Exibit in 2010 Excellent Work "the forth Haining. China warp Knitting Design Award"-Fluffy Toy Figurine Design Contest, 2009 First Prize "Geli Cup" patterns design of air conditioner, 2009

2011.6 — 2012.6

I was a member of of MAYE since the summer of 2011. MAYE is mainly working on the product which are useful in our daily life, bringing a relax mood to the people who use it. I was the designer who responsible for product design, and the following graphic design, packaging, poster, taobao and website. Also, i was in charge of the communication of the proofing.

Product instructions and poster Conjunction with the display of products in stores,the design is neat and simple, using elegant and rustic colors, to highlight the products.

Brochure, Tag, Business card Using environmentally friendly paper, with neat and clear design,showing a relax atmosphere of lifestyle.

Taobao homepage Based on the MAYE basic color tone, the design is fresh, all photos displayed on the homepage to have a easy viewing of products.

Packaging of MAYE portable set Produce with the high quality kraft paper. Its original color, the feeling of touch, and clean design, brings a peaceful and relax atmosphere.

Packaging of the digital set In this series, the packaging including two parts, lining and outsourcing, to protect the product well. The special part is the design of elastic which can extend the capacity of the bag and be creative.

Toiletry Kits

Rolling-mouth bag

Computer bag

Using waterproof material, the kits

The design of rolling mouth can control

Using comfortable, shock-proof, water-

abandon tradional line-type openings

its capacity with the goods inside,

proof, dust-proof and light materials,

design, saving much room.

comvenient to use.

MAYE felt computer sleeve will give your laptop hearty care.

Hasp series bag In this series, the hasp is the major highlight. It can be more attentive to protect the digital product inside as it do not use any metal accessories. We choose the naturally colors to give users a peaceful and relax mood.

2009.11— 2011.6

Majoring in New media design at Donghua university, i love vector illustrations. I designed toys, patterns,characters, etc. I was an intership at a game company, working on graphic design, involved in the establish of the gaming community.

Icons for Miracl Castle gameland Designed with the gaming community, i use the bright and vivid colors, lively style.

Stam activity page It attract female groups with its overall style, the page is neat and energetic.

Character design The story of teeth Designed for my game animitation, each character showing their special personality with different colors and shapes.

Toy design Bugs tribe I was addicted to the film Microcosmos when i was a kid, it is amazing that the nature can be so mysteries and colorful. There are a lot different species of bugs, each one has its own special and interesting habits and lifestyle, which inspired me to create the bugs tribe. Those toys are simple but cute, with bright colors, it made by warp-knitted fabric, suit to be friends of children.

2010.9— ‌ ‌

Illustration and Mailart Since 2010, i fell in love with mailart, and become the sponsor of the mailart in China, also had an exhibit in Shanghai. At the same time,i find that hand-painted art is so amazing, and cannot stop to draw.

Joy Machine series A3 Sketchbook A machine that shoot love flower and colors, using mixed media.

Colorful dreams series A5 Sketchbook I am making some colorful dreams, the mystery and vivid color makes me cannot open my eyes.

Project 121.48째E exhibition Time:


I launched the mailart project 121.48째E

Sponsor: lazybunny

from october 2010. As it is the first


mailart project in mainland, i'd love to see all kinds of different mailart, so i use the longitude of shanghai to name the project. The proposition is relatively open, I received more than 100 mailarts from 23 countries after half year.

毛欢 Email: Tel:




portfolio of maohuan, lazybunny

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