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Helpdesk AirLiquide at Computacenter over the years


I’m sorry that I’m not there for the Air Liquide party but I’ve spent very little time at home this year with my family and have taken a week off whilst they’re all on holiday from school. I’m disappointed I can’t make it for two reasons. Firstly, it’s a matter of fact that the Air Liquide events are some of the best in Computacenter Spain – they always have been. Secondly, however, the Air Liquide service has always been hugely important to Computacenter and the ISC and I wanted to reflect that by being there to talk to you all. So, whilst I can’t attend in person, I’d like to write a few words as to how I feel about Air Liquide and the people who work on it as we celebrate the latest success moving the service to Hungary. We won the business in 2005. It wasn’t just a Service Desk service, of course; it was a full end to end European End User Service meaning that, besides the Barcelona Service Desk, we were putting engineers on sites throughout Europe. This was a first for Computacenter France and fairly unique for Computacenter as a whole – maybe that’s why we made so many mistakes initially. Nevertheless, Air Liquide was France’s biggest Managed Service at the time and has remained so until we recently won Sanofi. I wasn’t involved at the start. I wasn’t responsible for the ISC and had my hands full with other work including BAT, Cognis, Owens Corning etc. That wasn’t why we had a bad start, however. We started up on 1 January 2006 (always a mistake) and because the customer hadn’t delivered network connections, we had to send our new staff off to Northern France for the first few weeks of the year. We struggled through the first 12 months in Numancia with too few people, inadequate process and tools and horribly separated from the rest of the Computacenter / Sellbytel teams. Remarkably, some of the wonderful team stuck in there and when we moved the service to the new offices in Balmes early in 2007 things started to get better. I had by then taken over the running of Computacenter Spain and it was made very clear to me that Air Liquide was my key priority. We put in more staff, focused on tools and processes and started to push back on the customer.

By the middle of the year our SLA dashboards had turned from red to green and things were under control. Unfortunately, this also meant we were running at a loss but in such a big service it was worth losing money at the Service Desk to protect all of the other business we had with this customer. We then kept on driving forward every month, reducing backlogs, improving performance and building Customer Satisfaction In 2009, I experienced one of my proudest moments in my Computacenter when the customer renewed the contract with a hefty increase in price – something we would never have anticipated two years before. Those who were around at the time can confirm that it was all I could talk about for weeks and I remain enormously grateful to the ISC team(s) who, through their dedication and commitment, convinced the customer that they should not go anywhere else. Since then we have continued to improve and the customer has reflected that in yet another renewal and by putting faith in our moving the service into our brand-new Budapest facility. They were tempted, of course, by an attractive cost reduction but they would not have considered it for a moment if we had not proven our ability to manage our service and deliver quality. I was tempted to list people by name but that would be unfair as so many people from the ISC have contributed to the success of Air Liquide over the last 8 or 9 years. I may do so later but in the meantime, here’s a few categories of people who have been so important to getting us to where we are – some of you would appear in several of them: • • • • • •

Helga, Filip and all of the current team who have maintained the service during a period of change and uncertainty and who have willingly shared their knowledge and experience The ISC Delivery Managers and Team Leaders for whom working on the Air Liquide account has been an important part of their development All of the current ISC staff outside of Air Liquide who have, at some point, worked on the service and then moved on into other roles in the ISC taking invaluable experience with them The Back Office teams (HR, Recruitment, Facilities, Finance, IS) without whom you can’t maintain a service The new Budapest team who have been so keen to integrate and learn Last but not least, I take my hat off to those of you who have worked on this service from almost day one and remain part of the ISC Barcelona.

I am immensely proud of what you have all achieved and these achievements are recognised by Computacenter by their acknowledgement that Air Liquide remains one of our most important customers. Thanks to all of you and good luck for the next stage of your careers. Enjoy your party – you deserve it. Very Kindest Regards

Mark Peter International service director

Barcelona February - 2014 Hi All, I am very pleased to present the “Air Liquide Magazine”. Over that last 12 months that we have been working on the transition of Air Liquide to Computacenter Budapest, the whole team has been involved in some part of the big move. Operational discovery, training documentation, work instructions, guidance of the Hungary team, training of Hungary team, process creation and validation, sharing operational knowledge… the list goes on and on. You have all contributed to the huge effort that was required and I am proud to see all the efforts done by the team here in Barcelona. Some of you decided to leave Computacenter while others decided to stay… We all need change in order to progress, and not only professionally. This change also impacted many of you at personal level and we at Computacenter understood this… and did our very best to find the best opportunity available for each individual. I have spend just a few years here, but many of you are here since much longer and after almost 9 years of Air Liquide Helpdesk in Barcelona we also wanted to thank all of you who were part of this journey of Air Liquide at Barcelona over the last 9 years. It has been a real pleasure being able to count on all of you over the last few years, I am proud of you as a team. You are great! Wish you all the very best in the future you deserve it! Enjoy this magazine Kind regards,

Helga Van Hoey Delivery Manager

MANAGMENT Air Liquide. My first acc ount as a re A Belgian m al team lea anaging a F der. rench team . I couldn’t th ink of anyth ing more fu and indeed n: “2.5 years a lot of fun la ter I am still you. here with I wish you a ll the best in your new ac especially w counts, ith all the p lans you ha Liquide and ve after Air thanks for th e time spen t together. Filip De Rid der Team Lead er

Air Liquide was m y first account he re in CC and I really enjoyed w orking with everyb ody! I have worked in very few places so diverse as AL due to all the languages suppor ted and all the different thin gs people do outs ide work - I miss this already. Thank you to all of you and especi ally to “my” team and my TL colleagues for su pporting me in my developm ent through acce pting me, being understand ing and giving m e feedback in different forms – I learnt a lot and it made the necessary first ba se of experience in this role. THANK YOU! I wish each and ev eryone the very be st whatever you choose to do and where to go! I ho pe you have fun! Cheers, Eva Goetzky Team Leader


Being part of your team has been a really fun and invaluable exp erience! It is with pleasure that I loo k back on the last two years, which has been a unique opportunity to me et and work with a diverse and int eresting team. The best thing you tau ght me was to trust and follow my instinct, and to never regret! So, please follow your instin cts, and accept my many thanks to everyone for everything you gave, eve rything you have learned and everyt hing you will receive! “En art comme en amour, l’instinct suffit.” Warm Regards Richard Burns Team Leader

You know FEMEN

You remember the sentence “ Please open Service Catalog”

You know the real meaning of “Helpy”

You know 50% of all the people workin g at CC If you stil l flag all y our sent ema ils blue

Your team leader was actually a nurse

o w u o Y q i L Air You secretl y considered even for one mom ent to go to live in Budapest

You know the story of Philippe Chirez

You used to be scared to ask Alfredo Pulcrano for help to when you were a new starter

You know what SM7 is

ere You know th in t is a ticke vironment training en ” as with “GOD for the responsible user

t a d e k or . . . f i e d i u q

You still

remember SC

You will miss the great team spirit.

The name “Patrick unds Pakula” so familiar to you

Sebastien Champeix is your hero

You had a great pa rty on the 21 th of February 2014.

You know about the e curse of th y r e Deliv Manager.

You ly successive an ti a had a Cro S a outh Party Girl, itary pilot African mil lish clone and an Eng as of Rihanna er Team Lead







Air Liquide account is ending at Barcelona

how did the management treated you‌

Since we know that the impact of closing an account at Barcelona has professional and personal impact on everybody in the team, management did a lot of efforts to make sure to find the best possibility for each: for the people that decided to leave CC and for team members that decided to stay. The team was asked to fill out a survey, related to the fact how they felt the management treated them knowing that the account would end. 53% of the team answered this survey. Thanks to team to fill out the survey and let us know your opinion, the results will be reviewed to see where we need to improve or be advocates on the way we dealt with some topics.


Supernova party

21th of February 2014

Thank you! The

Everybody participated somehow.., to organise, to prepare, to play music, to give ideas, to clean, to present, to create, to be there,,. and the result of this team work was amazing! Lot’s of love, memories and good vibes! Thank you team !

Thank you very much Helga to ma ke this possible. Your investment was the key. You believed in us as a team and gave us the opportunity to express this way. It was genuinely entertaining and rich in exchanges .

e best CC Party ever!!

All the love of this team showed off in one party! Great! Thank You!

zeer et was echt H !! !! s e ll a r voo ! Ben 1000 X dank geamuseerd rm o n e e eb m zeer leuk! H genieten :) a n nog aan’t

s you all! ople! We will mis

pe Great party great

When I first moved in to BCN not knowing anyone nor speaking the languag e, I started working in Air Liquide as a L1. It soo n became my second family and the memories I have from my time in AL are priceless and will remain with me always. Throughout my years in CC (8 on Feb 2nd) I have worked with other accounts, I made friends and had fun but not hing has ever compared to what I found in AL. Las t Friday was a reminder of how much I have love d working with this team, how much it feels like a family and this party was just a reflexion of it, fun and intimate. I want to thank you for allo wing me to be part of it!

ved the place as very cool! I lo w y rt pa e th ga el H excellent band / Music was e Th – ce oi ch t grea good, the eat job. The food the guys did a gr great fo should be r all it ay w e th l Al ! ... drink. und great very funny! All-ro party. The games anks for od atmosphere! Th party and very go having invited me

I had wonde rful time. It was a great I had a lot o party and f fun :) The team is rea Thank you fo ll y great. r all who org anized it an you a lot Air d liquide for th Thank at party.

Great organization, gre at venue, great music!! It was loads of fun, rea lly an amazing party. Thanks for inviting me :)

s i o h W ? O WH H C I W S I T N E M M CO ? E S L A F

I’ve done whale watching on a boat

Tengo la nacionalidad mexicana

My other two names are Frederic and Joan

I also work as a manicure

He hecho el camino de Santiago

I have been a professional basketball player

La primero vez que condujo una moto era con 31 años

I have been a member of a Catalan Human Castles group

The thumb of my left hand has been bitten by a crocodile

I’ve travelled for a month in Chili with 250 euros doing hitchhiking and asking home.

I climbed the flagpole of my primary school and teachers didn’t know how to get me out of there

I met personally Messi I have a twin brother I’m a good singer

I slept in the open air in the Sahara 250 km. from the nearest village. I saw stars and hyenas

I fall in love in Computacenter I win the Junior petanque World

My mother died on the 1st of February of 1998 at 20.00 h; my father died on the 1st of February of 1999 at 20.30 h. SOLUTION: Sofia Vieira, Rogier Bak, Eduard Serra, Jessica Araico Sjoerd Bekius, Dani Barrio.

I am a descendant of the Belgian nobility.

I slept on the streets of Barcelona.

I acted as an actor in advertises

The father of my child is working at CC.

My mum is a niece of the famous singer Jacques Brel

I worked in Asia, Africa and Europe.

Since primary school I wear glasses

I was hands model.

I dedicated 7 years of my life to music therapy I travelled a lot hitchhiking when I was a youngster

I have a pin in the right ankle. I ‘ve never worn the same outfit two consecutive days since I started in Computacenter.

I met Alice cooper I speak 5 languages I organise Catwalk show for motorbikers events

I have climbed a building of two floors to go into my house I play the piano I have been on the top of one of the twin towers in NYC

SOLUTION: Nicolas Ruzette, Helga Van Hoey, Juliette Hubert, Ahmet Bilgin Suleyman, Guillaume Martinez, Giorigio Cherubin.

I have a master in biologie At age 15 I could do a “hip replacement surgery” using surgical tools and dummy I speak fluent mandarin

I used to breed hamsters as a business I wanted to be Belgian when I was a kid I do not float in water

I have created the most used status  ................chafikette.

I got severely injured in Vietnam.

I have passed more than two years resolving mobile express issues.

I made the same user cry every time she heard my voice.

I left Air Liquide account since one year.

I’ve lived in 27 different places When I was 20 year’s old with my team we won the French university championship of rugby My favourite book is Cyrano de Bergerac

I was TV star in my childhood My dream was to be a lawyer I was born In Austria

I had my interview with CC on a Friday night in a bar.

SOLUTION: Sandrine Gallindo, Richard Burns, Christophe Riou, Chafik Hammoudi, Filip De Ridder, Esin Cop.

My Thank You’s are limited to the AL management team with whom I’ve had interaction so that’d be: Helga, Filip, Richard, Eva & Yann. I’d like to thank you all for your everlasting energy & willingness to help the transition team and your patience to cope with a lot of changes, your support was vital for this to be a successful transfer! Thanks, Lotta Lotta Gisselberg Project Manager

“I’ve been lucky enough to get to know a lot of the Air Liquide team very well and it’s always been a pleasure to work with you all. For those who are staying I look forward to seeing you settling into new teams and roles, and best of luck to all of you and thanks for all you have done”. Bridget Hogg HR Business Partner

“I would like to thank all the people that have worked in Air Liquide. There have been difficult times, but I honestly think the impression the customer has is that we have delivered and excellent service during all these years. So WELL DONE!!. The other positive outcome is that the experience gained while supporting Air Liquide will now be used/ shared in other teams as there is a significant number of you that will stay in GSD Barcelona, working in other accounts. You can be really proud to say: I worked in Air Liquide!! Thank you” Eduard Serra GSD Barcelona Operations Manager

Hello Helga and dear BCN Team, I would like to THANK YOU all the hard work you provided us to support the enablement of the Hungary Team here in Budapest. Without you it could have not happen. We really appreciate the huge effort you put into this project. I was also delighted to see the tremendous amount of positive feedback which came from the team here on the Barcelona trainers and floorworkers who spent and are still spending some weeks here concerning Sjoerd, Alex, Alfredo Carlotta and all the others who have visited us. The trainings, the coaching sessions, the role plays were hold really on a professional level. Helga I have to tell you that you can be really proud of your team. I specially wanted to thank to Filip De Ridder, Eva Goetzky, Richard Burns, and Yann Herve and you for the hospitality and support you gave and still provide to my leaders and myself. I also would like to grab the opportunity to thank to Chris Lucas who has managed to make things happen in time. Thanks very much again, and if you are in Hungary don’t forget visit us in the Budapest office as you are all very welcome here. Kind Regards, István Ruszina Operations Manager

Thank you! You are great!

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