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1989 Michelle got chatting to these two guys in the middle of now where, (The Essex countryside in a village called Braintree somewhere of the M25) and offered them a lift to the next meeting point or hopefully the actual Rave. One was tall long haired and literally didn’t say a thing or introduce himself he was wearing a long over coat, I couldn’t tell what was under it which bothered me. The second was a small stocky guy with a shaven head, he had the thousand yard stare completely of his face on E, and was jabbering like crazy, didn’t catch his name either he instantly made me nervous and as paranoid as he was. Everyone had parked up on or around what I think was the village green, I remember the Church yard across the road looked like something out of a Hammer Horror film increasing my paranoia. The small convoy of Cars drove north for hours eventually running off the main roads into country lanes and onto the moors, with the silent guy’s creepinessand E heads constant jabbering I suddenly freaked and told Michelle to stop the car and I threw the pair of them out into the darkness. I wondered what would happen to them as we drove off; I thought they would eventually catch up with me one day for ruining their night by dumping them onto what was in my drug addled state a Werewolf infested moor…….


Re counting a night out in southern England in 1989 at the height of the UK Rave and Acid house party scene,also known asthe 2nd summer of l...

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