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How I Got Ripped-Off Purchasing Laser Tag Equipment

…I’ve got to get this off my chest before I EXPLODE!

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When it comes to laser tag the choice is LaZer Runner... Number one in systems sold for 20 consecutive years!

How I Got Ripped-off Purchasing Laser Tag Equipment “The underpinning of the LaZer Runner Laser Tag System is its unparalleled reliability and durability. Our system was engineered to be durable from the ground up. Durability and reliability were not an after-thought but the foundation upon which our business philosophy was built.” Kenn Schurek – Founder LaZer Runner Laser Tag Systems

One thing is certain… No matter what features a laser tag system has to offer, No matter how popular your laser tag location is, No matter how good you are at organizing parties at your facility, None of it matters if your laser tag equipment isn't working. Reliability and durability are paramount! Nothing deserves more attention in your purchasing decision. Nothing! It simply is the difference between success and failure. Between ease of operation and intense frustration. I always go on and on and on about durability and reliability. Over and over and over again. I know what you’re thinking…”We get it. Don’t treat us like kids – we get it.” Let me tell you a little story… Once upon a time there was a young hot shot entrepreneur whose string of successes had made him a legend in his own mind. Full of himself and his own self-importance, he truly believed that he possessed the Midas Touch… It came to pass that our over-confident, genius decided to get into the laser tag business in a big way. The first thing that our ego-driven hero did was to acquire many sets of laser tag equipment from a manufacturer. The second thing that he did was to install all this equipment in various locations across the USA. Here’s what happened…


His grand openings were deftly advertised in an extensive ad campaign. It had everything… Cleverness. Humor. Creativity. The good people of the country could hardly wait to line up and play laser tag. And line up they did! The crowds were three across and up to a block long. For eight weeks the crowds kept coming. He was making money hand over fist! Cackling with his brilliance and creativity he sat back, put his feet up and began reading Ferrari brochures… Then it was over. The equipment disintegrated before his very eyes. It could no longer be fixed. No amount of repair could hold the phasers together. No amount of solder could keep electronic parts on the circuit boards. No nails or screws could keep the arena together… The manufacturer refused to provide the support needed to rectify the problem. The crowds vanished! Yes, friends and neighbors, after all that effort and expense this truly spectacular business lasted a measly 8 weeks. Rather sad, isn’t it? At least it was for our young rocket scientist who invested his time, money and energy. Do you think that it’s fair that this young man had to lick his wounds and was deprived of driving a new Ferrari? I don’t either. You see, I think that this guy should have been able to rely on, and trust the manufacturer he purchased the equipment from. But he couldn’t. Even though I don’t think it’s fair, I have no sympathy for our hero. Because in this tragic example, our hero and I, are one in the same person! That’s right boys and girls…the guy that this happened to was none other than yours truly, Kenn Schurek! Listen to me - This is very important…


Remember what I said… No matter what features a laser tag system has to offer, No matter how popular your laser tag location is, No matter how good you are at organizing parties at your facility, None of it matters if your laser tag equipment isn't working. The number one reason why owners of laser tag equipment become absolutely incensed is because the equipment that they purchased doesn’t work like it should. How do I know that? Because. Like I said… It happened to me! This is the reason that I am so passionate about reliability and durability! Please bear with me and let me fill in some of the holes in this story… Many years before I designed LaZer Runner, I had this unfortunate incident happen to me. Every day was a challenge just to keep the vests and phasers operating. Some days we had so few vests and phasers working properly that it was difficult to keep the doors open at our facilities. We were spending countless hours repairing the equipment. Not to mention the cost of the downtime and the refunds we had to return to guests when the equipment stopped working right in the middle of a game. I desperately tried to get technical help from the manufacturer. It was a huge struggle All I ever got was a never-ending cascade of obscure references as to what the problems might be. However, there was very little actual help and support. Nothing was done to help me with any problem. Nothing. I was soooOOOOOooooo angry. It was awful. It was the Super Bowl of awful! I was desperate…


I was having a stroke by installments. For weeks, we patched, repaired, cussed, refunded money, cussed, turned away kids, and cussed some more while I continued to apply large amounts of cash to this mortally wounded asset (my sincere thanks to 3M Company – manufacturers of the wonder drug…Duct Tape!) Finally, the day arrived where the equipment was in such a state of disrepair that the manufacturer refused to even try and provide technical help. Another asset gone to asset-heaven. After exchanging language commonly reserved for the training of mules, the manufacturer refused to take my calls. Our business was finished! Game over! Shortly after, that manufacturer went bankrupt (no surprise.) They resurfaced under a different company name and continued to rip off unsuspecting purchasers. Then bankrupt again. Then they resurfaced again. Why did this happen? What was the main cause of all of the problems that occurred to us? Here’s what caused many of the problems… The equipment was cheaply manufactured and fraught with problems. Our venture was doomed to fail from the beginning, but we didn’t know it. But today I am much wiser. There is a silver lining in every cloud… In retrospect, my experience was a blessing in disguise. Adversity almost always brings with it opportunity! It helped us to realize several things: First we learned that laser tag was very popular! Secondly we knew that new equipment had to be developed that could "take a beating and keep on ticking".


Over the years these same types of products have cost the purchasers of the equipment hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars in repair costs, downtime and refunds to unhappy guests. And untold frustration! This was the catalyst that caused us to develop LaZer Runner Laser Tag Systems and set the standard in the industry for reliability and durability. I’ll say it again… No matter what features a laser tag system has to offer, No matter how popular your laser tag location is, No matter how good you are at organizing parties at your facility, None of it matters if your laser tag equipment isn't working.

Laser Data Transmission (iLDT) and Fiberoptic technology is THE way to go. It’s not more expensive. iLDT is far more advanced

A word about electronic manufacturing techniques… Every year a greater and greater portion of our sales are to owners of other laser tag equipment who trade in their old technology systems for a LaZer Runner Laser Tag System. The owners are tired of the problems with the downtime and maintenance costs. They are tired of having their equipment in constant disrepair and being left floundering from a lack of manufacturer support. Here’s what we do… Our technicians study all of the competitor's equipment that we take in trade (literally hundreds of vests and phasers). Many of these manufacturers use the same unreliable, crude, manufacturing techniques like "through-hole electronics". The nature of through-hole manufacturing is that the components used on the circuit boards are large and bulky. This results in a larger circuit board surface area which increases the chances of board flex and ultimately cracked solder joints (that's bad - very bad). The preferred method of manufacturing is Surface Mount Technology (that is exactly what LaZer Runner uses). The components are 1/10 the size or smaller and accordingly the circuit boards are considerably smaller and sturdier. You get more features and more durability in a smaller package. At LaZer Runner we do what we say… We provide a product that is durable, reliable and affordable. Reliable electronics provides your guests with a higher level of enjoyment and allows your operator to concentrate more on promoting sales than "putting out fires" all day and giving refunds.


Here’s how we GUARANTEE superior electronics… All of our electronics have been built to the same standards and specifications as demanding industrial and military applications! All LaZer Runner electronics are built to IPC (The Institute for Interconnecting and Packaging Electronic Circuits) standards. This is a standard with rigorous guidelines reserved for professional products that are assembled by certified technicians. The best standard. The highest standard.

I know what I’m talking about here. I used to own an electronics assembly factory. For more information on THE most critical aspect of how electronic construction can make or break your laser tag system, read this report… “One Very Important Fact That Can Make or Break Your Laser Tag System”.

Compare this to the standards that some manufacturers use. Some boast “low overhead” and assemble their home-made “hobby” electronics in their own garages – I am not kidding here. Some manufacturers actually boast about using “through-hole electronics” rather than mult-layered integrated electronic circuit boards – give me a break Bucko! In some cases, we’re getting fly-by-night manufacturers attempting to unload junk on the buying public. What’s more… A lot of these Nobel Prize winners were actually throwing together this junk in their basements and garages. Do you know why? Let me explain… The laser tag market is hot right now…very, very hot! The word is out that laser tag is a hot item for family entertainment centers, bowling centers, amusement parks, roller rinks, mini golf centers, etc. You know what happens when a market gets hot, don’t you? Every man and his dog, Rover, wants a piece of the action. It’s similar to when the real estate market heats up – part time realtors come out of the woodwork. But what happens when the real estate market cools? That’s right…many part-timers and the unprofessional realtors don’t make it.


The same is true in the laser tag business. Years ago I learned this the hard way by spending a fortune on a pile of garbage! That was my experience, but it doesn’t have to be yours. You have a choice. Does our system still require some maintenance? Of course it does. But relatively little when compared to other systems. In the event of a problem, we provide you with "loaner equipment" for any critical component of the system. This means "Zero Downtime" for you because… We also provide our customers with a 24 hour service hotline. The bottom line is this… LaZer Runner Laser Tag Systems are legendary for their durability and reliability. That is why there have been more LaZer Runner systems installed than all of our competitors combined. Did I mention our 3 year Premium Protection Warranty? Yes, I said THREE YEARS! It’s a testament to the confidence we have in our equipment and manufacturing procedures. We build the most durable and reliable laser tag equipment in the world. And we stand behind it with confidence. I’ll say it one more time…

Laser Data Transmission (iLDT) and Fiberoptic technology GUARANTEE that your system will require much LESS maintenance. LaZer Runner is the most reliable system on the market.

No matter what features a laser tag system has to offer, No matter how popular your laser tag location, No matter how good you are at organizing parties at your facility, None of it matters if your laser tag equipment isn’t working!


No matter what features a laser tag system has to offer, No matter how popular your laser tag location, No matter how good you are at organizing parties at your facility, None of it matters if your laser tag equipment isn’t working! That’s right. Nothing about your laser tag operation is worth Jack if you’re equipment doesn’t work when it should! Durability and reliability folks. That’s what you really need. Durability and reliability!

LaZer Runner is far more durable and reliable than any other laser tag system – hands down!

That has been the cornerstone of the success of LaZer Runner equipment. Because of my nightmare experience with inferior equipment, I spent a lot of money developing a system that would stand up to the punishment that kids will give it. In fact, I spent a TON of money developing a super-tough laser tag system. “Why didn’t I just buy another manufacturer’s product?” you ask. Good question. Here is the answer… After my experience, (as expensive that it was), I was even more convinced that laser tag was a BIG MONEY-MAKER for family entertainment centers. With that in mind, I was determined to continue on with my plan of opening up laser tag locations across America. But this time I would be smarter… I employed the services of an electronic engineering company. Together, we all attended the trade shows where the laser tag manufacturers displayed their wares and delivered their sales pitches. The engineers looked beyond the shiny exteriors of the phasers and vests to scrutinize the electronic components and circuit boards. They asked questions. Probing questions. They discovered how the systems worked. We played the games. Over and over and over. Then we did another thing that really opened our eyes… We visited laser tag sites and spoke to the owners. We visited sites across the USA and Canada and spoke to the owners and operators. We visited sites in Europe and spoke to the owners and operators. We visited sites in Australia (where I lived for several years) and spoke to the owners and operators. What we found out was very interesting and informative.


We discovered that poor, unreliable equipment was not something that happened occasionally to an unlucky sap who got equipment that was built on a Friday afternoon. No, here is what we found out… Poor, unreliable laser tag equipment was the NORM!!! MOST of the operators of laser tag equipment were having the very same experience that I had. They were spending most of their time repairing their equipment and apologizing to their guests. They were angry. They craved customer support. They wanted attention. Armed with that knowledge, we proceeded to develop our prototype system. No expense was spared. I knew that any money that I spent on designing a durable and reliable product would be rewarded 100-fold in the market place. And I was right… Our prototype system was installed in the busiest mall in the world. It endured 14 months of testing and redesign. It was subjected to more than 126,000 games and it performed brilliantly, with an absolute MINMIUM of downtime. In a nutshell – we got it right! You can count on this equipment to capture people’s attention, get them playing and get them coming back! As operators, that’s exactly what we wanted! And that’s exactly what you want too! With hundreds of thousands of dollars of research and quality control backing you up, you’ll have equipment working for you that is as reliable as a laser tag system gets! No other equipment in the market place even comes close! LaZer Runner Laser Tag Systems have been installed in more locations than all of our competition combined. And we do it at a price that is, in many cases LESS than old-style equipment! Consider this…


Many of the “major amusement players” in the business use LaZer Runner. They can afford any system that they want! These “Big Boys” chose a LaZer Runner Laser Tag System to anchor their centers even though… LaZer Runner is not the most expensive system on the market. Why is that?  It’s because our systems are the most advanced technologically.  It’s because our systems are the most durable and reliable.  It’s because our service department is the best in the business.  It’s because we do what we say – you can depend on us to keep you running.  It’s because we have been in business longer than any other laser tag company and we have a big stake in the business.  It’s because we have installed more systems than all of our competitors combined. Those are good reasons. These large amusement and entertainment companies have spent thousands and thousands of dollars researching laser tag systems. They’ve already done your homework for you! Take advantage of that fact…

Some of the major amusement companies use LaZer Runner because IT WORKS. It’s as durable and reliable as a laser tag system can be. And it’s NOT more expensive – it’s just more advanced.

You can have the very same reliable and durable LaZer Runner Laser Tag System in your facility as they do. We’re affordable! Who you purchase from is just as important as what you purchase. When it comes to purchasing laser tag equipment I know that you have a choice…

Please consider our experience in the business, our stability as a company, our reputation as the largest laser tag manufacturer in the world, and our commitment to the amusement industry when you make your purchase decision.


I guarantee you this… We’ll stick with you every step of the way to make your experience as enjoyable and profitable as possible! Sincerely,

Kenn Schurek – Founder (and nice guy who finished first) LaZer Runner Laser Tag Systems PS

Time has come and gone. I’m a bit wiser today (and grayer). I test drove a Ferrari many years ago and spoke to several people who had owned them. You want to know something… A Ferrari is not all that it’s cracked up to be. It’s expensive. It’s kind of uncomfortable. It’s difficult to get serviced, and it always needs tuning and repairs… Kinda like some laser tag equipment.


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How I Got Ripped-Off  

…I’ve got to get this off my chest before I EXPLODE!

How I Got Ripped-Off  

…I’ve got to get this off my chest before I EXPLODE!