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“How Much Money Can A

LaZer Runner Laser Tag System Generate For You?”


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When it comes to laser tag the choice is LaZer Runner... Number one in systems sold for 12 consecutive years!

How much money can a LaZer Runner System generate?

Let’s get right to the “meat & tators” of generating revenue – How much money can a LaZer Runner Laser Tag System generate for you? Well, I don’t know your particular situation, but I will give you some average numbers to digest. Here goes... Our head office keeps track of the number of games played in almost 300 LaZer Runner locations (we don’t keep track of the games played in all of our locations, but 300 locations give us a very good idea of what is going on revenue-wise). To increase the statistical accuracy, if we take out the top 15 sites and the bottom 15 sites, we are left with the statistics on 270 sites. Now, if we take out the “stand-alone” LaZer Runner sites, we are left with just over 255 locations that we statistically analyzed. All these are “multi-venue” sites, meaning that they offer a variety of entertainment options to guests besides LaZer Runner. These sites include FECs, Bowling Centers, Water Parks, Amusement Parks, Tourist Attractions, Go Kart Tracks, Mini-Golf centers, etc. Although privacy laws prohibit us from publicly providing numbers from specific sites and locations, we can give you the results of our statistical analysis – the big picture. We consider these results to be an accurate representation of the revenue that can be generated. Here is what we find...

Number of games played annually...

• The average number of “minutes played” annually were 413,000. (Our system tracks the number of minutes used at every site.) • The average length of a game was 7.5 minutes. • Therefore the average number of games played was 413,000/7.5 = 55,066 games.

* NOTE: Some of our busy sites logged over 1,500,000 minutes! This amounts to about 200,000 games! That is a lot of games. Conversely, a few sites were not busy for a number of reasons (poor location, no marketing, inadequate management, seasonal sites, etc.).


Amount charged per game...

The average amount charged for a game of LaZer Runner was just over $5.00 exclusive of any taxes etc. * NOTE: The amount charged per game differs depending on the location and what the market could bear. Prices per game ranged from $4.00 to $8.50. The higher prices were charged in very high-traffic tourist locations and some amusement parks. Lower prices were generally charged in very small communities with limited populations although there were many exceptions to this. Surprisingly, some of the smallest communities were among some of the highest revenue generators.

Size of arena and number of phasers used...

The average size of the arena was 2475 square feet. The average number of phasers was 16. * NOTE: The arena sizes varied quite a bit. The arenas ranged from very small (900 square feet & 10 phasers) to very large (6000 square feet & 80 phasers). Again, we took out the largest and smallest arenas to make the results statistically more accurate. We were surprised when we discovered just how much revenue can be achieved with a small arena and a modest number of phasers if the attraction is managed correctly. Let’s take a closer look at the averages...

Average Arena Size = 2475 square feet Average Number of Phasers = 16 phasers Average Number of Games Played/Year = 55,066 games annually Average Amount Charged per Game = $5.00 per game This would make the average revenue from a 2475 square foot arena with 16 phasers to be $275,330 annually. Not bad. Not bad at all. But that revenue is just the beginning... Food sales increased. Birthday party bookings literally went through the roof. The revenue at most other attractions increased. 4

* NOTE: Although it is somewhat difficult to determine the percentage increase in these, most owners reported noticeable increases in food sales as well as increased revenues at other attractions. Birthday parties were an entirely different story. Reports varied from increases of 32% to over 400% increases. In most cases, birthday sales really did “go through the roof.” If you already have a good birthday party business LaZer Runner will increase it. And if you need a good birthday party business, LaZer Runner will establish it! LaZer Runner is the #1 most asked for attraction for birthday parties in the vast majority of FECs. Most FECs get a “revenue booster shot” by adding LaZer Runner! What would the average LaZer Runner System cost? Let’s do the math...

Cost of the “average” LaZer Runner Laser Tag System...

As I mentioned previously, our statistical analysis of 255 sites determined that the average size of a LaZer Runner Laser Tag System is 2475 square feet with 16 phasers. This is an all-inclusive turn-key system. It includes everything you need to start generating revenue the minute it is installed. The cost for a 2475 square foot arena with 16 phasers is US $66,910. The shipping, installation and training costs are $5,500. * NOTE: There are also some build-out costs like electrical, lighting, and drywall etc. to prepare the room for installation of the LaZer Runner Laser Tag System. We will provide the design, layout and plans at no cost. So far the numbers look good. But they are just numbers. Will you be able to generate this kind of revenue? Probably. But your revenue will depend on many factors that are out of my control. The number of games that you sell will not rely solely on your equipment. It will depend on many other things. Like your location. And your management and marketing ability. * NOTE: If you are contemplating operating a stand-alone laser tag facility (i.e. laser tag is your main attraction, and you offer little else in the way of major attractions other than video games, air hockey and the like) then your marketing work is cut out for you. You need to consider many more things with a stand-alone facility than if you are opening an FEC or bowling facility 5

with a variety of larger attractions. However, if you already own an existing FEC or bowling facility, then you’re all set – that is where LaZer Runner SHINES.

The best way to own a LaZer Runner Laser Tag System

If you don’t have a LaZer Runner Laser Tag System in your FEC, you are missing out on one of the best revenue generators available to you. Even a modest location is capable of logging 200,000 minutes almost by accident and with no marketing other than word of mouth (72% of our sites do BETTER than 200,000 minutes per year). Even so, 200,000 minutes amounts to about 26,600 games over a year. At $5.00 a game, that brings your revenue to $133,000 plus all the spin-off revenue at your snack bar, birthday parties, and other attractions. Your operating costs are going to be very low. Only one operator is required most of the time – two on weekends when you are “crazy busy”. “But, I don’t want to invest a lot of money right now”, I hear you saying. No problem. Let me introduce you to our 0% interest financing plan...

Pay-Per-Play! It’s simple... • • • •

We require a small down payment. You pay the balance from the income that LaZer Runner generates . There are no fixed monthly payments! There is no interest charged! Our Pay-Per-Play financing is about as good as it gets!

It’s a NO PRESSURE way of owning the World’s Best Selling Laser Tag System. As your guests play LaZer Runner, you use a small portion of the revenue generated by the LaZer Runner System to pay it off. You keep the rest of the revenue! Easy. Simple. No pressure. 6

That’s all there is to it! I wish that I could write more and give you a big explanation, but the Pay-Per-Play plan is really that simple. Most people that I’ve spoken to have said that this is “the best promotion we’ve ever offered”. And they’re right. It is! Remember, this is a Pay-Per-Play financing plan, so if you sell very few games, you pay very little towards the system. When you have a really busy month, you pay the system off more quickly. There is never any pressure on you to make fixed monthly payments.

Let’s go through an example...

I am going to use the numbers that an “average” LaZer Runner Laser Tag System produces in a Family Entertainment Center or Bowling Center. Let’s assume an average-sized 16 phaser and 2475 square foot laser tag arena. The cost is $66,910 – all inclusive. Total cost Down payment Balance owing

$66,910 $23,000 $43,910

The balance of $43,910 is paid on a Pay-Per-Play basis. Here is how it works... We will assume that you will sell your guests a 7.5 minute game for $5.00. (This is the average length of play and the approximate average cost of a game as determined from our statistical analysis of 255 locations.) For every 7.5 minute game that you sell for $5.00, you keep about $3.65 for yourself and use the other $1.35 to pay off the balance owing on your system. You keep doing this until your system is paid off! That’s it!  There is no interest charged.  There are no fixed monthly payments. Now remember, on page #3, I showed you that... The average number of minutes logged on a LaZer Runner System is 413,000. That works out to 55,066 games at 7.5 minutes each... At $5.00 a game, the revenue generated is $275,330 annually. Here is how the money would be divided up... 7

$231,420 is yours to keep. $43,910 goes to pay off the LaZer Runner System. As you can see, you could pay off the system in less than a year and make a ton of money to boot! Our Pay-Per-Play financing is a terrific deal!

“I’m putting my money where my mouth is”... Listen...

I have no idea how much money LaZer Runner will make in your location. Neither do you until it is installed. My point is this... • Pay the balance from income that your LaZer Runner generates. • And I am not charging you any interest while I wait to get paid. • Furthermore, I do not require a fixed monthly payment! There is NO PRESSURE at all. I am willing to do this because I know that LaZer Runner is going to do well in the vast majority of locations. Most operators are SHOCKED at the revenue LaZer Runner produces and the difference that it makes to their entertainment center cash flow. You have absolutely nothing to lose. I am taking all of the risk! The faster you make money, the faster I get paid. If you don’t make money fast, then I don’t get paid fast either. It’s that simple – we’re in this together every step of the way! But I will get paid. Because I know that the chances are very, very high that LaZer Runner will be a success in your center just like it is in hundreds and hundreds of other entertainment centers across the country.

Here’s my offer to you...

Purchase a 16 player 2475 square foot LaZer Runner Laser Tag System and here is what you’ll get...


16 Player LaZer Runner Laser Tag System with i-LDT technology • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

16 – Fiber Optic Radio Frequency Battle Vests 16 – Battle Phasers 16 – Instant Individual Scoring Counters 16 – Vibrating Hit Sensors 2 – Solid State Smart Charging Modules 16 – Charging Cords 1 – Touch Screen Monitor 1 – LaZer Runner Scoring System, Central Computer and Printer 2 – Game Loaders 2 – Red & Green Team Home Base Stations with Strobes, Lighting & Sirens 1 – LaZer Runner Signature Arch Entryway with Backlit Sign Red, Green, Blue Glow Arena Columns Red, Green, Blue Modular Wall Panels 1 – LaZer Runner Marketing and Publicity Kit 1 – Electrical Surge Protector 1 – Spare Parts Kit 1 – Owners’ Manual & Trouble Shooting Guide 4 – Vest Racks

Here are all the extras and upgrades you get with this offer...  Order 16 LaZer Runner vests and phasers and you get another 2 fiber optic vests -18 in all! Fiber optics provided a BREAKTHROUGH in the laser tag industry. The use of fiber optic sensors in our vests eliminated expensive, bulky, fragile electronic circuitry found in old, obsolete laser tag vests. Fiber optics reduced maintenance and operator downtime by up to 15 times! An additional value of $4,800. No charge for this upgrade.

PLUS...  You get our carbon fiber edition vests. This is the most sought-after style we offer. It looks great and is almost indestructible. 9

The material used to construct our vests is tear-resistant, UV resistant, and flame-proof. Inside each vest is a very durable closed cell foam insert which provides extreme strength without weight. The vest design and construction makes it lighter than any other vest by a country mile. There is usually a $175 premium per vest for this style. An additional value of $3,150. No charge for this upgrade.

PLUS...  You get our newly released LR GEN4 LED Battle Phaser. The Phasers match the six different player color options. Built-in sensors allow players to tag the Phaser and score points. An additional value of $3,200. No charge for this upgrade.

PLUS...  You get Pay-Per-Play financing! • • • •

Small down payment required. Pay the balance from income that LaZer Runner generates . There are no fixed monthly payments! There is no interest charged!

It’s a NO PRESSURE way of owning the World’s Best Selling Laser Tag System. Take advantage of this offer. You are missing out on one of the best revenue generators that an entertainment center can own.

Take the first step...

Start generating more revenue from your entertainment center! Take the first step – call me, Paul Savard, at 1-780-496-9058. If you don’t make the call, nothing will happen.


By this time next year, you could generate several hundred thousand dollars with minimal risk. The best part is that you do not have to be under the pressure of fixed monthly payments. With my Pay-Per-Play financing plan, we’re in this together. LaZer Runner has been the best selling laser tag system for 19 consecutive years. It’s a proven, money-making attraction for existing FECs, Bowling Centers, and lots of other entertainment facilities. We’ll stick with you every step of the way to ensure your success! Call today and let’s get the ball rolling! Sincerely,

Paul Savard LaZer Runner Laser Tag Systems PS This offer is a limited one. In addition to our 0% Pay-Per-Play financing you will get over $11,150 in extras and upgrades. After the quota is filled, this promotion is over... We will still be offering the Pay-Per-Play financing plan after this promotion is over. However... • It will no longer be at 0% interest, and... • It will not include the 11,150 in extras or upgrades. Call now if you are interested. I’m sure that you can see the value in this promotion.

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How Much Money Can A LaZer Runner Laser Tag System Generate For You?  
How Much Money Can A LaZer Runner Laser Tag System Generate For You?  

PLUS + Learn about the Pay-Per-Play financing plan...