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Pilot P/Review 12/13/14/15

Introduction Marcus Romer Artistic Director & Chief Executive

We are building

This, as ever, has been a time of great development for Pilot Theatre - Since becoming part of the National Portfolio of Arts organisations we have risen to the challenge and delivered some game changing projects as part of exploring innovative approaches to making work.

and creating new networks to develop, make, create and share our work -

locally, nationally These include the 6 camera viewers choice livestream and archive of the York Mystery Plays 2012 for The Space, through to Blood and Internationally + Chocolate. This headphone adventure co-production where the nightly audience of 300 walked a journey alongside 200 volunteer performers against the backdrop of the City of York was transformative for all who participated in the project. Our national tours of new plays have included The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner, Running on the Cracks and Ghost Town, all new commissions, which have garnered critical acclaim and audience praise. Our ShiftHappens conferences have brought speakers from all over the world, and developed new ways of working with our partners and generated new ideas for the sector within the world of Arts and Digital innovation. This in turn has led us to develop a whole new streaming platform for the City of York Council, where we are working in partnership to deliver their innovation agenda of open democracy by live streaming their Council and Cabinet meetings. Our Conference running has extended into the No Boundaries consortium to deliver as part of the State of The Arts for ACE and Melvin Burgess the British Council. Our International work has been delivered via Judy Carver our EU network collaboration project ‘Platform 11+’. We have made Anne Cassidy shows in Slovakia, Czech Republic, Italy, Portugal and Holland - This Dolly Dhingra work will continue with our new EU project ‘Boomerang’ looking at Reece Dinsdale migration from and to Europe and working with Artistic Partners in Jonathan Harvey Australia, Canada, Portugal and Italy. Our work has been seen all Ayub Khan-Din over the world via our Pilot Live network on Pilot-Theatre.TV Philip Ridley Nigel Williams Our current commissions and partnerships include a new Roy Williams version of Antigone adapted by Roy Williams. Our diverse work and ‘next practice’ has been key to our development and we are building and creating new networks to develop, make, create and share our work - locally, nationally and internationally.


Antigone From the original text by Sophocles Adapted for the stage by Roy Williams Directed by Marcus Romer

Pilot Theatre Derby Theatre and Theatre Royal Stratford East present

Antigone A new adaptation by Roy Williams The unburied corpse of a brother, the sister who refuses to do what the tyrant says, the young man who stands up to his father - acclaimed playwright, Roy Williams, takes Sophocles’ play and by placing it into a contemporary setting brings this classic tale up to date. A timeless story about loyalty and truth, about how we make meaning out of life and death and what in the end really does matter.

Ghost Town

An east coast beach. A cold October dawn.

A young woman lies unconscious on the tide line. Joe stands over her watching, panicking. He is hiding a secret so dark he will do anything to make sure she won’t tell. Joe’s world is about to explode.

By Jessica Fisher Directed by Katie Posner Designed by Gem Greaves

Megan has found herself somewhere that seems familiar. What is she searching for and why does she recognize the young man at the waters edge washing his hands? Can Megan help stop Joe’s self destruction?   Together Joe and Megan struggle to make sense of their shared past and the mismatched versions of the events that have brought them to this place.This thrilling story is about lost friendship, memory and what it means to be courageous Ghost Town is the developed script of our Generation Zed competition winner Jessica Fisher and is Presented in partnership with Lincolnshire One Venues (LOV) “...bursting with clean lines and poetry. Fisher is without doubt a compelling storyteller...” HHHH What’s On Stage

Cycle of Songs 2014 The visit of the Tour de France to Cambridge in July will be marked by an inspiring new cycle of songs. The cycle will be developed and performed by local people, musicians and choirs, inspired by iconic locations along the route of the race. Using cutting-edge technology and new compositions this project will draw on the city’s rich choral traditions and history. The works will tell untold hidden stories from the city’s history, and will be performed by different groups as part of the celebrations for Stage 3 on the 7 July. This project is co-created with Historyworks

Urban Grimshaw and the Shed Crew by Bernard Hare. A new adaptation for the stage by Kevin Fegan. “You see, when the stakes are high some people would rather turn to crime than live with the leftovers of life.” This will be a national tour, hitting the streets in 2015

National Tour Spring 2014 Terry O’Toole Theatre 6th & 7th February Stamford Arts Centre 10th & 11th February York Theatre Royal 12th- 19th February Cast, Doncaster 20th & 21st February Riverhead Theatre Louth 24th & 25th February Lincoln Performing Arts Centre 27th & 28th February Gulbenkian, Kent 3rd & 4th March

We would like to offer the opportunity for organisations and venues who would like to stream their own work, to join us with our new venture TheatreLivestream.TV

Livestreaming Pilot Theatre’s new project working with arts organisations is TheatreLivestream.TV Pilot Theatre have been livestreaming theatre performances, conferences and events for over six years now. We started at our first Shift Happens conference in 2008, and our Pilot-Theatre.TV channel has been active delivering performances, conferences, events for organisations and venues up and down the country. Most notably we delivered the 6 camera livestream of the York Mysteries for the BBC and The Space, and our recent webcast of Blood+Chocolate. We have a two year contract with City of York Council to livestream all their cabinet and Council meetings, and we are about to help to deliver the livestream and connections for No Boundaries with Watershed Bristol in association with ACE and the British Council. How it works - If you come on board with us and sign up to the project we will arrange with you to stream up to two of your shows or events each year. Our Digital Production Team here at Pilot Theatre will work with you and your company to deliver webcast livestreams for you. These will be broadcast on your own player, and will be made accessible and integrated into our own website.These will then be archived for you and built into your YouTube channel, where we will fully caption them for you and provide translation subtitles where required We will work with your in-house team to provide the best quality delivery of your chosen performances or events. We will work with your design team to ensure that we place our cameras to work within your stage set to maximise the points of view for your online audience, whilst minimising disruption for your live audience. We already have several venues who have signed up for this initiative and are looking forward to working with us in developing this form. We are the company that puts creative theatre teams to work with you to deliver the best possible digital livestream of your work.


Continuing Pilot’s history of International work Boomerang is one of 12 successful projects being run by the European Commission under their Cooperation project with Third Countries – European Culture Funding Stream.

Pilot Theatre will be working with five other theatres, the Australian Theatre for Young People, Sydney, Dynamo Theatre, Montreal, Presentation House Theatre, Vancouver, Elsinor Theatre, Milan and O Bando Theatre, Portugal on one of the key social issues of our times and its impact on young people across continents. Boomerang will create new theatre pieces based on collecting stories from young people in their countries about their experiences of emigration and immigration producing seven intercontinental co-productions working with documentary and verbatim theatre along with each company’s own distinct artistic style all of which will be embedded in creative arts education projects.

Throughout the process of making the productions the Companies will be able to offer a range of opportunities for young people to be fully involved in the creative process including cultural exchanges. Pilot have commissioned writer Emteaz Hussain to work with us on this project which will start with a sharing of stories in Vancouver in June 2014.

Participation + Learning Pilot are partners in a range of projects to help deliver Learning and Participation opportunities to as wide a group of people as possible. We have and are doing this through workshops and residencies in schools and the community, conferences including Shift Happens and No Boundaries, Productions – Blood+Chocolate and Clocking In and Digital initiatives such as Theatre Cloud with the Touring Consortium, Livestreaming, and a media rich content online with extensive visual, audio and structured Education resources. Current partnerships include numerous schools, colleges, Universities, Touring Consortium Theatre Company and their tour venues, LOV (Lincolnshire One Venues), Boomerang (a consortium of 6 theatres from 5 Countries in an EU Culture fund project) Pilot’s Touring venues, Derby Theatre, York Theatre Royal, Watershed and the British Council.

A Citywide Adventure through the streets of York


“This was much more than just a

During the Christmas of 1914 the Lord Mayor of York sent out a chocolate tin, designed and made at the Rowntree’s factory, to every soldier from York who fought at the front.

play or a concept:

During the month of October 2013, a team of nearly 500 people created a performance like no other which celebrated the chocolate making heritage of the city as well as celebrating the stories of those men and women who fought, those who died, those who struggled with their beliefs, and those who stepped into the gaps left by the young men and who worked in this city during World War 1. Audiences followed the story through the streets of York, listening to the intimate conversations via headphones and watching events unfolding Yorkshire Times around them.

this was a unique, unforgettable


A co-production with Slung Low and York Theatre Royal, this project was conceived as a way of building on the success of the York Mystery Plays 2012 and creating more opportunities for the community of York to take centre stage. 200 cast members aged between 8 and 74 worked with the production team from April 2013, developing the skills needed to work the technology involved and meet the challenges in staging a production of this scale. 15 stage volunteer managers joined the team, along with a volunteer technical team of 9. 63 volunteers spent a year creating and making the hundreds of costumes needed. We also had a choir of 56, a team of 33 front of house volunteers and a photography group of 31 who provided a record of the entire process. On 17th October 2013, the production was broadcast online via to a global audience of 1000 with that figure rising to 6000 since broadcast. This production was supported by the Joseph Rowntree Foundation and York College.

The Loneliness of the Long Distance Run


Adapted from Alan Sillitoe’s short story by Roy Williams, this was a co-production with York Theatre Royal, and toured nationally in Autumn 2012. “The original short story and subsequent movie are about class and the criminal justice system and they still stand today as extraordinarily vital pieces of work. We wanted to retell this, for a new audience and in a way that captures the Britain of now. We decided to make this in 2012 - not just because it was Olympic year - but also we had seen, since 2010 the growing disparity between rich and poor and to what extent young people were being pushed into the edge with rising youth unemployment and potentially diminishing educational opportunities.” Marcus Romer - Director’s notes By Alan Sillitoe

“It’s a great theatrical coup” The Guardian HHHH “Playwright Roy Williams sticks faithfully to the outline of the original story but brings it brilliantly bang up to date” The Telegraph HHHH

Adapted for the stage by Roy Williams Directed by Marcus Romer Designed by Lydia Denno

Run. Keep running.

“part detective story, part thriller, and part quest for cultural and personal identity.” HHHH Herald Scotland

You’re doing the right thing. Lay low. Head down. Don’t look back. Just keep running. And whatever you do,


don’t tread on the cracks.

Clocking in Life in the Chocolate City Directed by Katie Posner Edited by Tom Cantrell from material by Script Yorkshire members and theatre students at the University of York. Audience members enjoyed a hot chocolate whilst they were taken inside York’s chocolate factories to explore what it was like to work in York’s biggest industry.

on the Cracks By Julia Donaldson Adapted for the Stage by Andy Arnold Directed by Katie Posner Designed by Gem Greaves

“ ...all the edge-of-the-seat excitement of a thriller — one that will appeal to older teens and adults alike.” HHHH The Times

From the production line to the boardroom, using new interviews this documentary play celebrated the hidden stories of York’s chocolate past and present.

This production took place between 25th 29th June 2013 and was staged all within tiCkets £7 York Cocoa House, where the art of continues to thrive. Tickets from chocolate-making York Cocoa House, www.pilot-thea

25th –

Performed by a cast of volunteers fromPerformanCes York, this was a production 29th June 2013. 7pm and 8.30pm full of the heart and soul of the City.

Adapted from the novel by internationally acclaimed writer Julia Donaldson, this was a co-production with Tron Theatre Glasgow and toured nationally in Spring 2013. Running on the Cracks was a new, fast moving play about runaways, identity, survival and how friendships can develop in the strangest situations. Leonora Clocking In A4 Poster.indd 1 Watts-Chan, Leo to her friends, world has been turned upside down. Her parents are gone and in a desperate bid to find the Grandparents she never knew, Leo jumps on a train to Glasgow, penniless and stealing food to survive.


A Live Broadcast of the York Mystery Plays 2012

The Space As part of the BBC / Arts Council Digital Research and Development fund we worked with Kinura to deliver a multi-camera livestream and archive of the York Mystery Plays on August 11th 2012. This ran on the website until October 2013. In a livestreaming first, the viewer was able to create a bespoke version of the production by switching between 6 different camera angles, selecting 3 different audio options and even taking a peak backstage. We reached 237,000 accounts via twitter and made 1.5m impressions during the livestream week. The online audience was over 1,000 for the live event, and the archive audience has remained steady since.

Letter to the Man (from the Boy) Written and performed by Henry Raby Directed by Tom Bellerby Henry Raby’s first full length solo show was a collection of poems about growing up. From Saturday morning cartoons and comic books through to first crushes and first hangovers. Presented at City Screen, York Theatre Royal, Scarborough Literature Festival and the Underbelly, Edinburgh Festival. “The pace is lively, the material crowd pleasing and truly accessible Applause was plentiful and heartfelt; a few stood in ovation. Henry Raby had somehow made his show, about his own life and filled with his own work, become a show about each of us, too.” One and Other

Drama on demand My Name is Rachel Corrie Taken from the writings of Rachel Corrie Edited by Alan Rickman and Katharne Viner Directed by Marcus Romer Performed by Rachel Spicer Scrapbook design by Catherine Chapman This project was designed as a research project to find out how Pilot Theatre could tour an additional programme of work to accompany its main touring project. A full length version of “My Name is Rachel Corrie� was recorded at the Media Mill studios at York University and launched as a Drama on Demand at York Theatre Royal in January 2012 for people to pick up and listen to in the foyer and cafe areas. It is accompanied by a specially designed, fictional scrapbook to look at.


From the feature film for Universal Pictures Pilot Theatre in Association with Green Screen Productions Adapted and directed by Marcus Romer and Kit Monkman From the novel by Anthony McGowan Produced by Thomas Mattinson and Alan Latham

Knife That Killed Me

Face Me Five people of different ages and cultures are travelling through time. Afraid to stand still on the journey between the person they have been and the person they will become. Stories of fears and of hopes, dreams and memories, ideals and pain and of secrets never shared. But in this chaotic clash of identity, whose stories are whose? Can they discover who they are and how they fit into the world around them? A play about five people, five suitcases and the confusion of discovering who you are. The show was a collaboration between 8 artists from Holland, Italy, Slovakia and the UK and was created in two and a half weeks in a castle in Pilsen. The show toured from Pilsen to Milan, York, Groningen and Norway and was co-directed by Pilot’s associate director Tom Bellerby.

Through Our Eyes Through Our Eyes was a European Youth Exchange project connected to our Platform 11+ Activities. The 10 day Exchange was hosted by Pilot Theatre in York and consisted of a mixture of participative theatrical workshops leading up to the creation of a performance at the end of the week, a public art gallery displaying the participants work and daily live webstreams which featured highlights of each of the day’s activities and interviews with the participants in both English and their own languages, broadcast via Pilot TV.


The Young People came from 6 European countries, England, Estonia, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal and Hungary.

This 4 Year European Project created over 50 new texts and productions for young people to watch and perform as well as expanding our own artistic boundaries and giving us opportunities to share our creative and cultural skills and approaches to working with young people.

m 11+ 2009 - 2013

Shift Happens Shift IV

A New Hope July 5th 2012, York Theatre Royal Our fourth annual Shift Happens conference included speakers Clay Shirky (keynote), Samuel West, Lyn Gardner, Bill Thompson and Peter Gregson as well as Dr Rebekka Kill. Delegates were invited to listen to and discuss new ideas facing the digital future and its impact on the Arts sector.

Shift V Where V is for Visioning... July 8th 2013, York Theatre Royal

No Boundaries 25th & 26th February 2014 Watershed, Bristol and Guildhall, York

Focusing on the challenges and opportunities for The Arts, Technology, Education, Museums and Heritage sectors, speakers at the fifth annual Shift Happens conference included Howard Rheingold, Matt Mason, Jenny Sealey, Julia Unwin and Sarah Brigham.

A symposium on the role of arts and culture in a world where there is no normal

All talks were recorded for release on our Vimeo channel. The cultural map is being re-drawn‌ by new behaviours, new technologies, new models of funding and new local, national and global thinking. No Boundaries is an open symposium on the role of culture in 21st century society bringing together leaders and activists in a debate that will build over the coming months culminating in a two day event in February 2014, connecting discussions across two venues and the web. This conference is being run in collaboration with Watershed and Festival of Ideas.

Pilot Team

Marcus Romer, Artistic Director & Chief Executive Mandy Smith, Producer Sarah Rorke, Company Administrator Katie Posner, Associate Director Tom Bellerby, Associate Artist Mark Beasley, Digital Producer Liam Evans-Ford, Producer Ben Pugh, Event Manager Charles Moore, Finance Director Jackie Raper, Finance Assistant Eilidh Brinsley, Digital Communications Officer

With thanks to

Rachel Tarkenter, Marketing Manager

Board Members

Marc Thompson, Marketing Officer

All the performers, stage managers, designers and technical teams who have helped to bring

Tracy Cochrane

our productions to life. All of the writers we have

Andrew Hindle

been privileged to work with to develop new

Stephen Mason

pieces of work. All the team at York Theatre

Kevin Meddings

Royal for their on-going support All the

Dave Moutrey

organisations we have worked with and

Kully Thiarai

alongside: Slung Low, Fresh Label, York Cocoa House, The University of York, Green Screen

Professor Kit Thompson Jenny Ward

Productions, Karl Andre Photography,

Pete Whelan

Tron Theatre, LOV Venues, Script Yorkshire and all our European partners in Platform 11+. And finally – the amazing team of volunteers who gave their time, skills, dedication and enthusiasm and were essential in the creation of Blood+Chocolate.

Ann Wishart Tina Wright

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Pilot Theatre York Theatre Royal St Leonard’s Place York YO1 7HD 01904 635755 @pilot_theatre This brochure is also available in large print and online at Please call 01904 635755 or email if you require another format. Registered Charity Number: 1003677 Registered in England: 01956167

Pilot P/Review 2012/13/14/15  

A preview of work to come and review of past projects

Pilot P/Review 2012/13/14/15  

A preview of work to come and review of past projects