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Bialik College Kitchen Garden Program   Ingredients:    

 8  silverbeet  leaves,  stems   removed  and  shredded    1  leek,  thinly  sliced    2  kumara  (800g),peeled  &  cut   into  2.5cm  cubes    1  tablespoon  honey    2  tablespoons  olive  oil    2  tablespoons  lemon  juice    ¼  cup  pumpkin  seeds,toasted    1  packet  of  risoni  

Equipment:      chopping  board    knife    baking  tray    metric  measuring  spoons/cup    scales    medium  saucepan    frying  pan    juicer  

Method: 1. Preheat  oven  to  200C  and  lightly  oil  the  baking  tray.   2. Place  kumara  in  a  bowl  and  toss  with  honey  &  1  tablespoon  of   oil.   3. Place  on  baking  tray,  in  a  single  layer  and  roast  in  the  oven  for   about  25  minutes  or  until  tender.   4. Place  a  tablespoon  of  oil  in  a  frying  pan  and  cook  leeks  till  soft   and  then  add  the  silverbeet  and  cook  for  a  couple  of  minutes.   Set  aside.   5. Cook  risoni  in  a  saucepan  according  to  packet  instructions.   6. Toast  pumpkin  seeds  in  a  dry  frypan.   7. Drain  and  then  toss  together  with  the  kumara,  silverbeet  &  leek   mixture  and  remaining  ingredients.   8. Serve  warm.