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Habitats at Lake Dewar What did you notice were the similarities and differences between the gum tree habitat and pine tree habitat?

Physical Factors in gum tree habitat and pine tree habitat

Physical Factors Light/lux Ground Soil pH temperature Gum tree habitat Pine tree habitat

Soil type

Method for finding the pH of two soils (labelled diagram to be drawn under the method)

1. Collect some soil from under the gum trees and under the pine trees. 2. Sieve approximately 5g (a plastic spoon full) of the soil into a beaker to remove any sticks etc. 3. Pour the sieved soil into a mortar and grind it using a pestle to make the particles smaller. Do not touch the soil as our skin and/or sweat is acidic and could change the pH of the soil. 4. Add approximately 10ml of distilled water to dissolve the soluble parts. 5. Stir with a glass rod to speed up dissolving. 6. Filter the mixture to obtain the filtrate. 7. Add 3 drops of universal indicator to the filtrate. 8. Compare filtrate colour to pH colour chart and record your results.