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Newcastle University, UK's innovative pharmaceutical programme celebrates its first year - Express Pharma Online

February 24 , 2014

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Newcastle University, UK's innovative pharmaceutical programme celebrates its first year Like


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Category : Latest Updates Published on Thursday , 29 August 201 3 1 7 :20 1 20 students register in 201 2 from across the globe Newcastle Univ ersity , UK, which launched the MSc Oncology for the Pharmaceutical Industry , as a part of the MSc Oncology and Palliativ e Care e-learning programmes in 201 2, has been able to generate high interest amongst students from around the world one y ear later. Across the three e-learning programmes (MSc in Oncology , MSc in Palliativ e Care and MSc in Oncology for the Pharmaceutical Industry ), 1 20 students were registered in 201 2. Students from Australia, Canada, Greece, Malta, South Africa, India, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, the US, Ghana, Keny a, Egy pt and New Zealand, enrolled for the courses. The programme has been designed to enable students to gain an insider’s look into the hospitals’ ex pectations from the pharma industry and the impact of regulatory procedures. It also focuses on the implications of legislation and economic env ironment, and how pharmacists need to adapt to the changing sector by dev eloping business skills. Ethical perspectiv es complement the scientific and business dimensions of the programme. Dr Charles Kelly , Degree Programme Director, said: “Students will gain knowledge that helps them build awareness of National Health Serv ice (NHS) procedures. The programme introduces them to product dev elopment in cancer care, including new concepts in personalised health care. One of the main goals of the course is to help increase the understanding and cooperation between the pharma industry and NHS by helping students understand how decisions are made in adopting certain techniques, with the patient at the centre of the decision making process.” Despite its NHS focus, the scope of the course is not geographically limited to the UK. Module leader Stev e William son said, “The UK sy stem is reflected internationally and the programme has a wide appeal which allows international students to apply the knowledge in their countries. Students gain new perspectiv es and bring v alue to their organisations. Furthermore, the student div ersity creates a stimulating learning and teaching env ironment, and good networking opportunities.” The programme features a v ariety interactiv e tools and activ ities. Students receiv e immediate feedback from automatically scored self-assessments. They can participate in discussions, ask questions and get adv ice through discussion groups or email ex changes with module leaders and lecturers. The programme builds on the e-learning ex perience of Newcastle Univ ersity pioneered by courses such as MSc Oncology and Palliativ e Care which hav e trained more than 350 students since 2002. MClinRes Clinical Research and Ageing are other popular e-learning programmes offered by the univ ersity . The MSc Oncology for the pharma industry course is suited to a wide range of pharmaceutical industry professionals, including medical liaison managers, oncology account managers, product specialists, hospital sales specialists, and pharmaceutical phy sicians. The programme is administered in association with the Northern Centre for Cancer Care and the Northern Institute of Cancer Research. Two new modules will be added to the programme for the new academic y ear: Health Economics, and Cancer Drugs and Technologies. The objectiv e of the ex pansion is to strengthen the commercial focus of the programme and prov ide additional options to students to customise the curriculum to fit their personal needs and time requirements. EP News Bureau - Mumbai Health 2.0 Mum bai Chapter holds its m eeting US FDA accepts Boehringer Ingelheim s supplem ental new drug application



Newcastle University, UK's innovative pharmaceutical programme celebrates its first year - Express Pharma Online

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Newcastle University, UK's innovative pharmaceutical programme celebrates its first year - Express Pharma Online

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Newcastle university, uk's innovative pharmaceutical programme celebrates its first year express pha  
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