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Monday 24 February 2014

Runners Haile gold medal great By Antonia Velikova Former world record holder Haile Ge brselassie joined two Newcastle Univer sity students in an BK run sponsored by adidas. The event took place in London on 16 February. Tini Davies, Captain of New castle University’s Athletics and Cross Country Club, and Rebecca Rigby, a postgraduate Biomedical Sciences stu dent, ran side to side with the Olympic legend throughout the capital. They did a warm-up in St. James’ Park and afterwards set out on a run around some of the other parks in London. They were lucky to have warm weather and shining sun. Haile was described by Tim to be “a great guy, and very funny, too!”

We completed the run in just under 40 minuteC The 10,000m gold medalist revealed that Berlin was his utmost favourite running location — it’s where he set his marathon world record in 2008 and won the world championship four con secutive times. Haile also said that he finds the Great North Run thoroughly enjoyable, most ly because of the crowd’s amazing sup port. At the end of the run, after a good warm-down, Hale gave a short albeit very inspirational speech about the benefits that running brings, not just for physical, but also mental health. He also confessed that he finds run ning for fun difficult, because he likes to put 100% of himself into what he’s doing.



The 1O,000m gold medalist reveakd that Berlin was his utmost favourite ruiming location it was where he set his marathon world record



He gave his top tips on bettering run ning techniques, answered questions about his future plans, gave some auto graphs, and posed for a photo with Tim and Rebecca. “It was a great atmosphere,” Tim re calls. “Everyone was very friendly and just as excited as us to meet Haile. We were lucky enough to run with him most of the way and seeing people’s reactions to this legend running around London was amazing.

“Overall I would say the whole expe rience was surreal,” Tim Davies said in a summary of his unique experience. “Running around the centre of London, with a legend of the athletics and run ning world who has achieved so much, is so inspirational especially as he con tinues to be dedicated to his sporC And realising how humble and friend ly he is, despite his amazing achieve ments and fame7

SHINING STARS: Representing Newcastle at the Adidas run in London. Image: Ivan Laza rev


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