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Creative Director

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Executive Summary Founded by Iovate, the creators of MuscleTech, Six Star Pro Nutrition was created twelve years ago to become Iovate’s mass market retail brand. Today Six Star has become one of the largest distributed protein companies, with Walmart driving 70% of sales. Six Star Pro Nutrition has asked us to create a 30 day advertising campaign to help promote their award winning whey protein and national collegiate scholarship. Through a targeted point of sale campaign in Walmart, as well as an overhaul in Six Stars social media we feel that we can gain market share in the ever competitive protein supplement market. We believe that we can better promote Six Star to not only their core group of users, but also target a new group of active users as well. We believe through social media marketing and experiential events we will be able to increase awareness and applications to Six Star’s awesome scholarship. We want people to understand that Six Star’s “Greatness is earned” isn’t just a slogan but a lifestyle.

Table Of Contents: Creative brief CAMPAIGN EVALUATION & BUDGET view of industry & COMPETITION print radio television Interactive/ social media EXPERIENTIAL/ Guerrilla REFERENCES

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Creative brief

project overview

Six Star is known throughout the Body-Building, gym-buff community for it’s essential proteins and health benefits; they are a loyal demographic. Therefore, Six-Star will position their products as a protein supplement and meal replacement for anyone that wants a healthier life. We will increase unit sales of Whey Protein Jugs sold at Walmart through unique POS displays and “Price-Packs” that feature a free Six-Star trial pack of per-workout-creating a diverse user experience. The POS displays will create awareness for why Protein is so beneficial for us while also providing 4 recipe’s on each Whey Protein jug. This targets both our secondary and primary consumers. Our Secondary, being the “Performance Driven,” benefits from the Price-Packs and recieve samples they may never have tried. Our primary, being “Lifestyle Users” and 45-60 year olds, they recieve the gift of wanting to be healthy. Six Star placing themselves as a meal replacement, supplement, and/or a way to a healthier life is the goal of O.R. Design.

project objectives

The way to expand awareness is through highlighting the brands lifestyle benefits and sections. Recipes and quirky videos are what is really going to capture other demographics. My campaign will overcome Six Star’s stagnant consumer-loyalty, and reach out to young adults ages 20-45 I think it would be interesting to focus more on women in this campaign so that Whey can have a well-verse percentage of males to females. As of right now, males are their biggest consumers.

marketing guidelines

Within this 30 day promotional period the purpose is to re-brand themselves as being for the best athletes, but also not leaving out those who do not eat and breath the gym/working out. It is to include and make the brand seem inviting to consumers/customers. The action I will achieve in this 30 day promotional period is brand awareness to target markets to then raise sales/

ta r g e t a u d i e n c e PRIMARY:

WHO: Walmart customers WHAT: Lifestyle section of brand WHEN: During back to school, Q!, and summer WHERE: Walmart. My intended audience is females, ages 16-35, outgoing, fit, free-spirited, not the typical gym person but is the typical person that you would want to hang out with. This audience probably looks at them more negatively because their packaging is very loud and intimidating with how masculine it is. I think if they toned down their advertising techniques, and focused on the probiotics and nutritional benefits of their powder and use gender neutral, earth-tone colors, then the perception would be less daunting and more inviting. PERSONALITY: If this product was a person they would have been super active in high school/college sports but after the transition between one life-stage to the next, they lost their motivation and drive to workout. They are very health conscious but don’t know where to begin when it comes to going to the gym and they are scared that they won’t see a difference. That is why they want protein powder, because they want to see a difference to feel better about themselves and to finally get to their best life. As they are now settled and have an annual income between $45,000-$100,000 a year, they want to finally start getting back into their prime shape they feel so nostalgic about. They want something that works, that looks intense and will do the trick, but also something that seems inviting, tasty, and nutritious in more ways than one.


The already loyal consumers. These consumers are body builders and much more intense with their workout regiments than the primary demographic.


creative brief Lifestyle User

Lifestyle users are people that consider exercise to be a central part of their everyday lives (marketline, 2015). These users are typically younger with a higher disposable income, and are health driven. They are attracted to organic and high performance products (Food Manufacture, 2017) “Lifestyle users want to feel good, look good and enjoy long term health” (Kolb, Olivo 2015,). According to an Allied Market Research Group, this group will grow faster than any other in the industry (Myers, 2016).

Aging User

Furthermore, consumers over the age of 55 have started to show interest in sports nutrition products that help maintain muscle mass. These consumers are doing anything to prolong the aging process (Abbott, Sloan, Hutt, Olivo, 2016).

Performance Driven User

As the market continues to grow and more and more people become users of sports supplements, don’t forget about the “Performance driven. These are consumers are mostly men between 20-35 with a middle to high income that are looking to get the most out of their workouts and use supplements to get an edge (Kolb, Olivo, 2016).


creative brief

call to action

The target audience will be surprised by this new and unexpected marketing technique and through the interactive services that will be provided, they will learn more about the protein’s benefits and will get the reward of knowing they can get the protein their bodies need in simple and fun ways.

c a m pa i g n l o o k a n d f e e l

This campaign will feel fresh and step away from the typical intense style correlated to Muscle Tech brands. It will be much more organic, using fresh colors along with Six-Star’s colors.

C a m pa i g n m e s s a g e

This offers something different because Six-Star will have their own Whey Protein Recipe social media page that will be revamped and dedicated to only having protein recipe content. These posts will have pictures, how-to videos (similar to the ones popular on Facebook from a birds-eye-view), and the recipe. This offers something that other competitors do not have--a target market of non-gym goers, but healthy people. Something even greater about this is that it does not hurt their brand loyalty nor is there a chance of losing consumers as, stated above, it will only grow larger because it is a nice surprise and something new and innovative for them to try.

C o m p e t i t i v e a n a ly s i s

Research has also shown that a huge demographic of women ages 16-30 are becoming more fit and seeing it as a challenge. So this campaign is going to focus on the “bad ass in all of us.” Six Star is also going to be much more interactive with their consumers through snapchat codes, Instagram challenges, facebook competitions, etc. 1. To implement known Sales promotion techniques into Whey Protein advertisements 2. To expand its consumer market through highlighting Whey Protein’s nutrients, brand identity and by promoting Six-Star’s sponsorship 3. Creatively, the objective is to expand people’s knowledge about the importance of protein and will be done through highlighting whey protein’s exclusive product facts, such as their particularly nutritious composition of essential amino acids (Walzem, Whey Components), high levels of protein, and by creatively comparing Bovine Lactoferrin to Human Lactoferrin (Marshall, Therapeutic Applications of Whey Protein).

image requirements

GRAPHICS 6-STAR AMBASSADORS, PREVIOUS SCHOLARSHIP WINNERS PHOTOGRAPHY Recipes, new pictures for the Jug graphics MULTIMEDIA Social media graphics- Videos (How-to)


PROJECTED TIMELINE August 2019-January 2020 IMPORTANT DATES/DEADLINES 9 Months- Start campaign in August 2019 for the back to school crowd through the end of the Holiday Season in January 2020


creative brief PRINT ADS Only print ads will be in collaboration with health magazines

m a r k e t i n g m at e r i a l s

COPY “Don’t want to? We’ll make it easy.” This call to action is inviting to non-gym users and speaks to Six-Star’s inclusive community that strives to help people be the best versions of themselves.

SOCIAL MEDIA Platforms: Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, blogs | Manpower: A team of 3 to manage Facebook and Instagram, 1 person for snapchat, team of 2 for snapcaht and blogs. To save money the company could decide to hire interns to handle these platforms. This could roll into the scholarship section, where students can recieve free business and marketing experience through an internship program.

WEBSITE New HTML browser for recipe section. This will be it’s own website EVENT / PROMO PIECES POS for Walmart, Product Samples and Starter-Kits SIGNAGE / BANNERS Social media graphicsSnap filters, Videos (Howto)

OTHER During this sales period, we will gain a better understanding of the “Mean Values of Behavioral Responses to Sales Promotion Techniques” to understand which technique is the most effective per behavioral responses. Mean Values of Behavioral Responses Product Trial Purchase Acceleration Brand Switching Spending More Overall

Promotion Techniques Look at the sale’s after the promotional these promotional techniques: 1/2 Off Gym Collaboration Scholarship BOGO

Targeting a New Demographic: To boost sales and attract new consumers, we are targeting a new demographic.

POS Production: ONE Pop-up Tents that will be transferred around different cities for our popup shops and other philanthropic events.



Ⅰ. Sales now vs Sales during campaign vs Sales after the campaign. Did we get a lift in sales during the POS Walmart display campaign and did sale still increased after the campaign compared to what they were before the campaign.

Ⅱ. Increase in social media- Did our social media platforms gain new and more

followers during the campaign and especially during experiential events held at college campuses and the scholarship race. DId we get more interactions with fans and users during the campaign,(through use of hashtags, mentions, tags, and comments on posts)

Ⅲ. Scholarship- Increased number of scholarship applicants and where did

they hear about the scholarship (simple question on application “where

did you hear about this scholarship?)."




Competition & view of INdustry Competition

Where to buy/ Protein being for everyone Sports nutrition supplements were once considered a specialty buy only found in gyms and specialty stores like GNC. But thanks to the expanding market and demand to reach consumers, they are now able to buy these products in mass merchandise stores, online from sites like Amazon, and even direct from the company cutting out the middleman. This is all thanks to changes in the marketplace and the consumer.

Top 5 Sport Nutrition Supplements Among U.S. Adults

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Dr in ks an d

Ac id

ve ry

Am in o Re co

Cr ea tin e

Dr in ks

Hy dr at io n

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de rs, …

20.00% 18.00% 16.00% 14.00% 12.00% 10.00% 8.00% 6.00% 4.00% 2.00% 0.00%

Six Star competes with multiple name brand protein companies such as Body Fortress and Muscle Milk. They also are in direct competition with private lable companies such as Walmart’s Equate brand. Six Star not only competes with companies within their product categories, but they are also in indirect competition with companies that make products outside Six Stars product line such as protein bars and pre-made drinks called RTDs . With so much competition in the marketplace it is important to have some key differences that help you stand out from the rest of the competition. Taste, quality of ingredients and ease of use are some of the most important attributes that a consumers looks at when they are looking to buy supplements (Williams, 2016).

Direct Competition

Through the mass retailer of Walmart, Six Stars biggest competition is with Body Fortress, Muscle Milk and Walmart’s house brand Equate. On, Six Stars biggest competitors Body Fortress and Muscle Milks whey protein cost $0.59 per oz for Body Fortress and $0.65 per oz for Muscle Milk. Six Stars premium whey protein comes lands right in the middle at $0.57 per oz (Walmart, 2018).


Competition & view of INdustry The Sports Nutrition industry is currently growing and expanding. The market is expected to continue growing over the next five years as more and more people become health conscious and start buying nutrition products (Oliver, 2018). According to IBISWorld the Sports Nutrition Industry as a whole will gross $30.7 billion USD in 2018. Protein powder based products are excepted to generate the most revenue in the market by 2020 (Statista, 2018). The industry is on the up trend as gym rats and exercise junkies are no longer the only consumers of protein supplements. The “everyday� active users are starting to use supplements to help them get through their everyday lives (Olivo, 2017). Because of the gain in popularity, brands are starting to gain more space mass merchandisers settings, making them more easily available to everyone (Williams, 2016).


Competition & view of INdustry

Who Consumes What

Who Consumes Sports Nutrition Products While the users of sports nutrition products used to be clear, that isn't the case anymore. Shifts in market trends and demographics, have made not only athletes and gym rats users of nutrition products but, a new demographic of called “lifestyle users." The "lifestyle user" is someone who is health conscious and active in their everyday life.


This new demographic is the driving force behind increased sales and growth of the market. While these new users might use the products for a different reason than the athletes and gym rats, they are still are very important demographic to look at (Myers, 2016) regarding sales growth.

The sports nutrition market consists of multiple products for different uses and users. While the bodybuilder and athlete are still the main buyers of protein powders, Euromonitor found that non-athlete users are more attracted to the convenience based products such as bars and RTDs (Sax, 2018).

55% of this new segment are well informed females.

LifeStyle User

Lifestyle users are people that consider exercise to be a central part of their everyday lives (marketline, 2015). These users are typically younger with a higher disposable income, and are health driven. They are attracted to organic and high performance products (Food Manufacture, 2017) “Lifestyle users want to feel good, look good and enjoy long term health� (Kolb, Olivo 2015,). According to an Allied Market Research Group, this group will grow faster than any other in the industry (Myers, 2016).

The Agin g User

Furthermore, consumers over the age of 55 have started to show interest in sports nutrition products that help maintain muscle mass. These consumers are doing anything to prolong the aging process (Abbott, Sloan, Hutt, Olivo, 2016).


print ads.

The demographic of consumers who subscribe to Men’s Health Magazine are avid gym-goers. Thus, the spread in Magazines will be targeted towards our loyal consumers, gym-buffs, and workout finatics.

Example Print Ad


Radio s p o t i f y Another way we are going to reach all of our intended users is by using Spotify. We created three separate playlists sponsored/created by Six Star to appeal to our three groups of users.

The first playlist is meant to appeal to Performance Driven users, it is called “Heavy Metal for Heavy Lifting” and includes a variety of heavy metal songs to help pump up the listener while they are pumping iron.

The second playlist is called “Greatness is Earned” and is meant to appeal to our Lifestyle users. This playlist includes upbeat and positive songs by top performers such as Drake, Ariana Grande, and Khalid.

. The third and final playlist is called “Keep the Balance” and is meant to appeal to our Aging user. This playlist includes upbeat hits from the past by artists like Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, Four Tops, and Van Morrison.

We will have ad’s for our protein stream on Spotify as well for users who do not subscribe to the premium version of Spotify.


Television promo video

We want to use social media platforms as way to show people the different ways to use Six Star in their everyday lives. Through recipes, tips and recommendations we want people to obtain a healthier lifestyle with us. Have Posts on Instagram about the recipe of the day and a description about it, but then say to go to our Facebook page to get the full recipe and to try it for yourself. We will also post more fan submitted and shared photos, in a way to support our users, and also make us seem like a friend and not just a brand of protein. We will still promote and advertise on both Facebook and Instagram, we will just have to change the promotions to match our new target market and target consumer.

Ever want to look the best you can? But don’t want to give up the fun of eating what you want?

Whey Protein is making it easier than ever with their new recipe site and on-product recommendations

Whether you’re craving something sweet

Or something salty

Whey protein has a diverse selection of flavors to choose from

For you to follow along, or create something unique of your own. Whey, We make it easy.


Interactive / social media m e d i a s t r at e g y Our goals with this campaign were to increase awareness, change attitudes and influence purchase intent. To do so we need to make Six Star engaging to our primary audience, lifestyle and aging users. Additionally, we will maintain the relationship with our performance driven, secondary audience. We decided to do so by rebranding Six Stars social media presence. Six Star’s Instagram is currently catering to performance driven users which can make lifestyle and aging users feel intimidated and like Six Star does not have a product for them. We want to post pictures of models that have more realistic bodies. We also want to encourage followers to share their story of how Six Star helped them meet their goals whether that be meeting a new PR while lifting, losing weight, or finally being able to run three miles instead of just two. Instagram users will get a chance to have their story shared onto the Six Star Instagram page by using the hashtag #greatnessisearned. We also want to show that whey protein can be used in many ways with a series of ‘how-to’ videos called “Shake It Up”. These videos show how you can incorporate whey protein into everyday snacks such as protein bars, cookies, mousse, and even pancakes. This not only entertains the consumer but shows them the endless


interactive / social media Posts : Videos

Post videos, recipes, and use this platform tto promote our recipes and have interactive, enjoyable, funny videos.

Banner Ads

To raise Scholarship awareness and promote healthy living among the high school demographic. Each ambassador will receive discounts and offer codes for fans.

[Whey Protein]: An Easy whey to a Healthy Lifestyle Six Star Leads the "whey" in introducing protein as a healthy alter native to achieving fitness, weight, and confidance goals.

Use marketing tools to measure the increase of sales through analyzing all interactions with out posts: taps, shares, comments, @'s, #'s, etc.


Post a picture and Six Star shares the results! This way Six-Star is can keep up with their growing community, while also engaging them in a healthy lifestyle--Support makes it easy(er).


To raise Scholarship awareness and promote healthy living among the high school demographic. Each ambassador will receive discounts and offer codes for fans.

Boost sales during slow months by offering special coupons during the beginning of May to promote for Scholarship!






With the help of Six Star athlete Rob Gronkowski we are going to hold three experiential events promoting the Six Star scholarship on the college campuses of the two winners as well as one held at University of Arizona which is where Rob went to school and played football. The events will give students a chance to interact with professional athletes as well as the scholarship winners and see how Six Star has helped them and also how important school and education is. These events will also be a great way to generate applications for the scholarship as more students begin to learn about the scholarship that we offer.



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