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November 2011

Downtown Montrose MOPS News

10 Ways to LOVE your child 10. Give lots of snuggly bear hugs 9. Be your child’s

Cheerleader 8. Create a sense of Belonging 7. Draw some lines and limits 6. Show the way 5. Let your child be himself or herself 4. Get

giggly and goofy

together 3. Learn to let

it go

2. Take care of yourself 1. Be a Hope-Bringer

Canvassing the Tonal Hues of Love

By Malinda Linstid

This month’s Downtown MOPS theme: Rules, Rules, Rules! Our craft this month is creating a canvas so that we can display not only our family rules, but our handiwork, as well. So, at least for me, I’ve been stressing over not only what we *are* writing, but *how* it will be written out. What color theme best represents my family? What font should I use? How much embellishment should I put on there? What if I choose a color theme and then get new curtains and throw the delicate balance of tonal hue off? What if I make a mistake – it will be preserved for all of humanity to view for all of eternity – eek! (If you really want to know, I forgot an “m” in “Mommy” on a piece from Amazing Glaze…so when I ding out on something now, it is known as a “Momy Moment”) But really, this isn’t anything new – figuring out what you want to say and how you want to say it. In our season of life right now, that’s a pretty constant problem – your toddler won’t eat her pasta but is whining for a cookie…you may feel like saying, “Listen, kid, I made this food for you, we’re on a budget, and its got whole grains in it – all of your nutrition for the day is wrapped up in this tasty nugget of food lovingly prepared by yours truly…eat it”. But, really, your precious baby won’t quite get the point – so you figure out a way to communicate effectively with the little pip. Personally, I end up saying to Miss A – “3 (or 5 or whatever number I think I can get away with) more bites and then you can have a cookie”. I don’t know if that’s right or wrong, or what the long lasting effects that this tactic will have on her – right now I’m hoping the effects will be learning her numbers, filling her belly with some nutritious food, and learning to work toward a goal (hers: cookie, mine: less leftovers). As one of my former field hockey coaches loved to remind my team “Its about finesse, ladies…finesse.” There was a time when Jesus was asked what the most important rule was – and he came up with quite the answer. He talked about love – Love God with everything you’ve got, and love all of those around you – your neighbors, be they good or bad (Matthew 22: 36-40). Bottom line: love. I will venture to say that it’s the most powerful 4-letter word in the English language. So where does this leave us? We are here today celebrating the fact that we are moms and we are at this wonderful time in our lives making up the rules! We even have the coveted ability to change the rules if something isn’t working (insert astonished gasp here)! Yup, ladies, its all about love and finesse…and maybe it will provide just the right pop of color our rooms have been begging for…or provide us with a reminder to save the next JC Penny’s coupon and hit the curtain department to rebalance our tonal hue.

Where were you born? Anaheim, CA

Where were you born? Hollywood, CA

Favorite Book? Harry Potter Favorite Kid’s Book: Pajama Time by Sandra Boynton

Favorite Verse or Motto: “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me” Favorite Book: The Help

Favorite Childhood Game: Monopoly Favorite Kid’s Book: The Very Hungry Caterpillar Favorite Dessert: Brownies Favorite Childhood Game: Bubbles What is the best Clue® you’ve gotten or discovered to get through The Game of Life®? Don’t sweat the small stuff ®

What do you do to un-Scrabble when you feel like you’ve been through a Twister® as a mom? Sit in the hot tub, scrapbook, or take a nap!

Monopoly® Chance card: You get two hours to yourself! What do you do? Sleep ®

Would you ask the Magic 8 Ball a question?What would you ask? Will my girls be good teenagers?

What is the best Clue® you’ve gotten or discovered to get through The Game of Life®? Forgiveness 70x7 a day What do you do to un-Scrabble® when you feel like you’ve been through a Twister® as a mom? Facial or get my hair done Potty training is the world’s messiest game of Battleship®! What is your best strategy? Telling a story Monopoly® Chance card: You get two hours to yourself! What do you do? Go shopping When was the last time your MomSense made you a winner? Seeing my child say Thank you unprompted by mommy

Answers: Kristen Kneubaum & Julie Preston

Potty training is the world’s messiest game of Battleship®! What is your best strategy? Naked time

Favorite Dessert: Ben & Jerry’s Cherry Garcia

MOPS Exclusive! Only $65 for MOPS moms

2011-2012 MOPS International Membership Benefits Mom Membership $23.95 In addition to the group experience, moms who are registered for the MOPS International Membership will receive: • • • • •

MomSense Magazine Weekly Mom-E-Mail MOPS Reusable Shopping Bag MOPS Iron On Appliqués (to make your own T-shirt!) MOPS Stickers featuring VeggieTales

Sign-up today when you register

Announcements Guess Who PrePre-K Pics For our “Meet A Mom” section this year, we have decided to play a guessing game with each mom. We will need a Preschool photo of yourself to use as part of the game. (You might need to contact your parents about this one ladies!) Scan one into your computer and Email to us. You all have a Guess Who Questionnaire to fill out included in your Welcome Packet today. We will also be emailing you one if you prefer to fill it out that way

Novembers Giveaway: Fluxx card game “With ever-changing rules, it's anyone's game! It all begins with one basic rule: Draw one card, Play one card. You start with a hand of three cards... add the card you drew to your hand, and then choose one card to play, following the directions written on your chosen card. As cards are drawn and played from the deck, the rules of the game change from how many cards are drawn, played or even how many cards you can hold at the end of your turn.” I have played the original version of this game with my family for years – it has always been fun for the kids to see mom get frustrated when they are able to change the rules…but it was even more fun to see the rules get changed and someone completely unexpected ended up winning! There are many versions of this game – from the original format to the family fun one – there are even zombie and Monty Python versions out there! Have fun, kick back, and play a game where rules are always changing!

Cookie Exchange Next Meeting Everyone needs to bring 2 dozen cookies to exchange at our December meeting We will supply baggies to take your goodies home.

Please Recycle your Newsletter! Newsletters are for you to take home or give to another mommy friend that might benefit from it! Thank you!

Local News Parade of Lights Dec. 3rd, 5:00pm Downtown Montrose The Nutcracker Children’s Ballet WeeHawken Dance Dec. 2 & 3, 7:00 pm Montrose Pavilion Toyland Children’s Ballet Dance Around Co. Dec. 10th, 7:00pm Montrose Pavilion Santa Splash Come see Santa at the Montrose Aquatic Center Dec. 10, 1:00pm Swim for $2.75 Meet Me Downtown! Christmas Stroll on Main Street Holiday Sales Event Friday, Saturday & Sunday November 25-27 Christmas Tree Lighting at 5:30pm Santa’s Cabin at Centennial Plaza at 7:00pm

UMC Church Events Quick Care Every Thursday 9-11am $5 per child or $10 per family Call Debbie to reserve spot 970-799-4489 Playgroup 2nd Friday every month 9-10:30am Music, crafts, games, snack FREE Parents Night Out 2nd & 4th Fridays every month 6-9pm $5 per child or $10 per family

Next Meeting: December 16th Theme: Scattegories– Organizing your life as a mother Speaker: Staci Brown Personal Organizer Activity: Cookie Exchange! Everyone needs to bring 2 dozen cookies to exchange. Please bring them on some kind of plate or in a container, we will supply goodie bags to take your cookies home. MOPPETS CORNER This month down in MOPPETS, your children will be making Thanksgiving Placemats. They will learn about Thankfulness and the Cornucopia. Our MOPPETS workers and volunteers have asked us to let all the moms know that a sweet and short drop off of your kids downstairs is best. As soon as Mom is out of sight, the child typically does better. Also, if you feel the need to check on your child throughout our meeting, feel free to ask a Mentor or Steering member to do so for you. This will keep from class distractions. Also, when signing your child in downstairs, if there are any allergies or medical issues the teachers need to know, it would be very helpful to write it on your child’s nametag. As well as on the sign-in sheet.

Happy Birthday! Kristy

Nov. 29th

Happy Thanksgiving From your MOPS family!

November Newsletter 2011  

MOPS November Newsletter 2011

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