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February 2011

Downtown Montrose MOPS News Steering Committee Coordinators Lacy Baines 261-4470 Tiffany Sulzen 901-4379

Membership/Finance Jessica Ullmann 240-3021

Publicity Lacy Baines 261-4470

Creative Activities Krista Montalvo 240-1834

Hospitality Miranda Frasier 901-3707

MOPS Mentors Beth Lambert 249-2123 Elaine Baker 249-3735

Please contact One of the Steering Members if you are interested in joining our Committee!


Learning Body Image From Babes Being a parent is obviously one big learning experience (or experiment, whichever). Last night I learned a new lesson that I just have to share. I had just finished giving the girls a “sissy bath,” in which my 2.5 year old tried to play in the bath while her 14-month-old sister, trying to steal the plastic froggy, gradually crowded her into the corner of the tub. Towel-dried and frisky, I shuttled the naked crew into my oldest daughter’s bedroom to get everyone zippered into slipper feet pajamas. Sophia made a mad dash for a dresser drawer, and before I could protest, whipped on her sparkly flip-flops and a headband. Thus accessorized, she strutted around the room, bare naked, staring at her sparkly sandals, kicking them up in the air and sticking that Buddha belly out as far as it would go. Meanwhile, the baby noticed her sister’s fun and started toddling after her, clothed in a diaper and knee socks with pudgy thighs rubbing together and waving a Thomas the Train toothbrush in the air. Delighting in the sight of my daughters’ having fun, I sat my own bum on the floor and just watched. The sweetness of their innocence made my heart full and I have to admit that I was envious of their ability to just enjoy themselves, unashamed, unaware of anything other than their own happiness. And that, my mommy friends, is the lesson: To never compare your looks to someone else’s or to even consider a different standard of beauty for yourself other than what God blessed you with. To revel in your body’s ability to dance, run, kick and grab. To celebrate every time your clothes come off as if you’d finally been released from the bonds of cotton. Article from


What are your Must Read Blogs, Websites, or Magazines?

“I loved Cookie magazine but they're out “I've read Diggin' food a couple times. I read Real Simple magazine monthly and of print now. I enjoy parenting magazinesam getting into the love and logic website.” I get Parents and Parenting magazines -Cindy that are helpful.” - Kris

“I'm not much of a blog reader ... but I love the “ - Kendra

“Magazines; Parents, Family Fun, and Family Circle” -Kristen “Blogs: The Pioneer Woman, Embracing My Cup and my own, if I ever update it again: Linstid Tails.” -Malinda

“ (careful its addictive!),, are a few favorites, I follow over 50 blogs thru a blog reader so its hard to choose! I also enjoy Lucky and Real Simple Magazines” - Lacy “Facebook” - Missy “ I don’t usually get to read magazines, but when I do I usually go for Hobby Farm, Better Home & Gardens, Handyman, or Hers Muscle & Fitness” - Miranda “”Budget Travel Magazine”- Beth (Mentor)

“My sister-in-law and a friend of mine both have blogs that I love to read. They both live in Michigan, so it is great to be able to keep up with what is going on with their lives and their families (along with Facebook). The only magazines I read are parenting magazines.” - Susan C.

“Sorry, I don't blog. But I love Family Fun Magazine for kid ideas, and the only way that I stay up to date on any type of national or world news is by reading The Week Magazine.” - Susan T.

“Facebook and Womans Day Magazine” -Erica

“Facebook in itself is addicting-I waste too much time there. But that’s really it- aside from Parenting and an occasional Glamour.” - Tiffany

“Well, my mother in law gives me People Magazine and it's kind of my "mom escape" on occasion! And anything photography as far as blogs! I am constantly on photography blogs!” - Julie P.

“” - Jessica


Craft Donation

MOPPETS is the program that our children attend monthly while we attend our MOPS meeting. Part of your MOPS dues goes towards MOPPETS to help with supplies and snacks. At the end of the year we always make a donation to the church for letting us use their building. The MOPPETS volunteers provide a loving, learning environment for children, infancy to school age and up. The babies and toddlers will stay in the nursery to play, while the older kids will be separate with our volunteers who have planned out fun activities and crafts to do.

Meet our MOPPETS Coordinators:Debbie Preston I was born in Fort Smith, Arkansas 60 years ago this coming July. I mainly grew up in the Washington D.C. area, as my father was a career Army officer assigned to the Pentagon. He was the aeronautical engineer who designed the first Huey Cobra helicopter.I returned to Arkansas to attend school at my alma mater, the University of Arkansas. After that, I returned to D.C. to work for 2 years at the Nation's Capitol for Arkansas' senior senator at that time, John McClellan. After my 2 years at the Capitol, Terry, who is also from Arkansas, flew to D.C. where we were married on Feb. 26th, 1974. We "honeymooned" our way back to the Ft. Smith area, where we raised our 2 sons. It was while they were in school that I became a substitute teacher. Thus, the beginning of my working with kids. We have lived in Colorado for 8 years, 5 years in Silverton and the last 3 in Montrose. Our son, Dean, is 35 years old and married to Julie and they gave us 2 year old, Abby Grace. Our son, Nathan, is married to Crissy and they gave us 6 year old,, Kaylee Faye. It is my honor and privilege to take care of and love my MOPS babies and toddlers! -Debbie


We are collecting any dry/ silk flowers you may have for a wreath making craft we are doing in March! If you know of anyone or if you would like to donate please contact one of the Steering members!

Jere Beaudry

What a joy it is to be working with your children! How quickly we forget the energy and love they so willingly share. My teaching career began in 1969 and ended in 2003, teaching kindergarten, third, fourth, fifth, and sixth grades. We moved to Montrose in 1987 when Clayton was hired for the Gifted and Talented program in the school district. I took eight years off when our daughters were little; finishing my teaching career here at Riverside and Pomona. Other areas working with children include Sunday school superintendent at the Methodist Church, counselor at Grand Mesa church camp for four years, and academic tutoring. Thank you for the opportunity to work with your child. -Jere We would like to give a Special Thank You to Debbie, Jere, and all of the Volunteers for all of their time and support given to MOPS every month! You are greatly appreciated!!

Nadine Ward will be joining us next Month to teach us the art of wreath making! MOPS will provide the wreaths and some flowers. If you want to make a specific type/color of wreath you will need to bring whatever you want to decorate it with. Some basic ideas are dry flowers, ribbons, & yarns.

Recycle your Newsletters! Pass it along to another Mom who might enjoy it!


LOCAL EVENTS Holly Dazed Concert Feb. 18th, 8pm Turn of The Century Montrose Suggested donation $7 Local musicians perform to benefit Kids Aid, a backpack program that sends backpacks of food home with school-aged kids who would otherwise go hungry.

Children’s Museum Storytime with Mary Every Thursday 10:30am $4 per child/parent

Infant Carseat (does not have base) Contact Missy 970-596-7607 Highchair & Boys Clothes infant24mos. Name your price Contact Trisha 970-964-4880

March 11, 6:30pm Turn of The Century Fashion show, local vendors, dancing, & food $5 ticket includes a drink of choice.

Parents Night Out 2nd & 4th Fridays of each Month, 6-9pm $5 per child $10 per family You must confirm with Debbie by Noon the day of , if you are attending! 970-799-4489

Girls Toddler Clothes 2T3T (Winter, Spring and some summer items 27+ items) Jeans, leggings, tops, jackets GAP, Gymboree, Children's Place, and Target clothing. Nice quality. $45 Contact Julie 970-749-9308

Bike Carrier (for 2 kids) Contact Kristen 240-8343

WANT: Coffemaker MOPS needs a new coffeemaker if anyone has one to donate!

Contact Lacy if you are interested in placing an Ad here

Girls Night Out Coming in March! •

Montrose Fashion Night Out

Chicco Highchair– reclines and has two interchangeable trays $40

• •

High Heel Contest Dinner Prizes!

Next Meeting:March 18th Speaker: Nadine War d Craft: Wreaths

Don’t Forget! MOPS Morning Out Ma rch 4th Meet at the church at 9:00am Childcare provided!

It’s that time of year again! When we begin planning for next year and seek to fill several leadership positions. This would be a great opportunity to get involved with MOPS and your community! Come share your gifts and talents with MOPS this next year. Steering Committee meets once a month throughout the year. Please contact Lacy or Tiffany if interested!

February Newsletter 2011  
February Newsletter 2011  

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