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APRIL 2012

For The Love Of….

Downtown Montrose MOPS News By Malinda Linstid

I’ve done some seemingly strange things since I’ve become a mom. I’ve used a food processor in the master bathroom for fear of waking the girls up from their afternoon nap. I’ve used the Star Spangled Banner as a lullaby (it was the longest song I could think of…). I’ve felt like bragging (and maybe I have) to everyone I’ve seen on the rare occasion that I wasn’t wearing a nursing bra! The culmination of this however occurred a few weeks ago at 1:30 in the morning… I found myself in my closet with my coveted scrapbooking paper cutter and using it to slice and dice printer paper so I could have the proper coupons for my planned 6:30 a.m. grocery shopping trip. Yes, I have put myself through self-imposed sleep deprivation to save a few bucks. Everyone has different reasons and uses for money. To some, it's to save enough for a down payment on a vehicle or a house. To others, it's to save for that vacation they’ve been dreaming about. For me, it’s to do a victory dance after my deal hunting - I get an adrenaline rush from what I have analyzed as a “win”. Recently, I found out that the cliché “Money is the root of all evil” is actually a misquote. Per 1 Timothy, Chapter 6, Verse 10: “For the love of money is a root of all kinds of evil.” That’s pretty profound – the love of money being the issue at hand. Money itself is useful – it puts a roof over your head, clothes on your back, and food on your plate. It’s how one acts with their money or how one acts to obtain their money that can become an issue. There are many things I find valuable these days…almost as much as (and at times more than) money. So let’s switch things up and put other precious commodities in there. “For the love of sleep is a root of all kinds of evil”; “For the love of time is a root of all kinds of evil”; “For the love of clean dishes is a root of all evil”. Hmmm…”For the love of winning an imagined coupon competition for the lowest price conceivable on name brand butter is the root of all kinds of evil”…oops. Verse 10 goes on to say, “Some people, eager for money, have wandered from the faith and pierced themselves with many griefs.” Keeping in line with switching up our own precious commodities, the author is pointing out that no matter what, faith is what needs to be the center. I will be the first to admit - that can be tough at times. When I give up on sleep in order to hit the grocery store sans kiddos so I can concentrate on using my coupons to their utmost deal making, I get home satisfied with my purchases, but exhausted and a short tempered for the better part of the day. What I need to remember the next time I’m sneaking into the closet so as to not wake the family to sort my coupons, is that I’m doing the best I can at any given time, but I’m not the one ultimately in charge. We can all thank God for that!

Today’s Speaker: Katie Griffith I have been married to my husband Adam for almost 13 years. We have been greatly blessed in our lives! We have four children - Emily is almost 10, Natalie is 8, Kaden is 6 & Cole is 4. I have been able to stay home with our children as a work at home mom. I started my company Bubbles Photography, LLC 4 years ago. I love being a photographer! I also am an independent consultant for Scentsy. In addition to being a work at home mom, I am also active in the First Pres MOPS group as a member of the steering team, I am the vice-president for the PAC at Johnson Elem and My husband and I co-lead our Daughters Girl Scout Troop. It is a very busy, but very fulfilling life!

Online Couponing Sites:

April Giveaway: The Money Saving Mom’s Budget Book and Coupon Organizer. This book is filled with money saving tips and worksheets to help a mom out!

MOMMY FILES: HOW TO SAVE! Never go shopping hungry, Don’t be a food packrat unless the item is 75% or (really cheap), Yard sales are a must for children’s items, Buy a home Less or rent less than you can afford, life changes.

To save my sanity I remind myself and my son to take three deep breaths, then we both feel more relaxed. Then when my husband gets home I ask for a little time to myself if it's been a rough day:) You have to ask for some time if you need it.

My "Top Secret" tip is to discuss stressful topics in Mortgage rates are at national low and you could the hot tub after the girls go to bed. You'll be more look into refinancing right now to save money. We relaxed, less distracted and able to think about just closed and got a 3.875% on our new mortthings more levelheaded. If you don't have a hot gage. You can also check your property taxes to tub try a bubble bath or someplace really comfy make sure they are where they should be. The with the lights down low. month of May is the month to dispute them if they seem high to you. You just have to send an appeal One thing that seems to help us save, is to move in the the Montrose County Assessors office during our money where we would like it to be (debt rethe month of May. payment or savings wherever) as soon as it comes in. This has really helped us to build our savings My husband works out of state, so to save money account . . .we just set up and automatic transfer on his food costs, when he's gone I freeze leftevery paycheck a certain percentage of the check goes directly to savings, it's nice. overs for him to eat at work. I make the majority of my own baby food! I cook up the veggies and meat, grind it up in the food processor and freeze it in ice cube trays. Then when its meal time, I grab a few cubes, pop them in the microwave, throw some water in with it to make sure its cooled down and make a smoother texture, and away we go! When I lived in town I had the Denver Sunday paper delivered every weekend just for the coupons

One for relationships, I notice that when we pray together it's a powerful way to connect. Weather you are hearing your spouse thank God for you, or praying for guidance about decisions, for your children--any topic really. It a very special time for us and I wish we did it more regularly. I have now learned to thrift shop more! But, even that can be expensive, so I Craigslist quite a bit! I have watched Sandra's Money Saving Meals on the Food Network a few times and she has good ideas. She comes on at 11:00 a.m. on Tues and Thurs.

How Much Does It Really Cost to Raise a Child? Everyone knows that it’s expensive to raise a kid. Just how expensive is it to raise a child? The real price tag on raising a child from birth to 18 is pretty staggering- it may be far more than you ever expected it to be. Each child that you raise will cost more than buying three brand new, 2011 Jaguar XFs. When you think of the big, expensive times in a child’s life, your mind might linger on two major intervals in their lives: when they’re a baby or when they’re a teenager. However, there is no inexpensive time in a child’s life. Every phase in a child’s life comes with extensive expenses that can make budgeting difficult for most families. During the time from birth through age two, it costs about $11,700 to raise the younger child in a family that earns a middle class income and has two parents and two children. While this sounds like a lot of money, this is actually the least expensive three-year period in a child’s life. What is the most expensive one? Even if you’ve had kids, you may be surprised how expensive each phase of a child’s life really is. Few parents really take the time to add up all of those expenses, both small and large, and the real cost of raising a kid might come as something of a sticker shock. Does it cost more now to raise kids than it did in the past? When you adjust 1960 dollars for inflation, does it cost more or less to raise kids now than it did then? To find out how the costs have changed since that time take a look at the specific costs in the graphic. Some of the costs are pretty much the same, while some costs have changed dramatically over the years. The cost of child care and education has changed enormously, costing more than eight times more than it did back then. But, parents these days are paying less for food and clothing. Which year came out on top – 1960 or 2009? You may be surprised by the answer. Are the costs different if you’re a single parent?

A husband and wife raising a child do end up paying a different amount as they raise a child than a single parent does. In 2009, there is about an $11,000 difference between the two groups when it came to what they pay to raise a child. . What is the final tally for each of the two groups? How much does it really cost to raise a child for 18 years? The graphic spells it out for you – how much the average parents pay and how that breaks down by region.

Local News

Next Meeting: May 18th

Mostly Music Free music class

Theme: Tea Time Please dress nice, as we will be having a formal Tea Party to end the semester!

For Infants-Preschool Every Tuesday 9:30-11am Includes bible story, music time, arts & crafts, snack, and free play The New Lutheran Church 2820 Peyton Dr. Montrose Find them on Facebook!

This is our closing meeting for the semester. We will take a Summer break until September.. Don’t forget about MOPS Morning out the 1st Friday of each month! We meet here at the church at 9:30am and carpool to a restaurant to enjoy some mommy time!

UMC Church Events Quick Care Every Thursday 9-11am $5 per child or $10 per family Call Debbie to reserve spot 970-799-4489 Playgroup 2nd Friday every month 9-10:30am Music, crafts, games, snack FREE Parents Night Out 2nd & 4th Fridays every month 6-9pm $5 per child or $10 per family Call Debbie to reserve a spot 970-799-4489

MOPPETS CORNER CRAFT: Pussy Willow Paintings The MOPPETS class will go outside for at least 20 minutes of exercise and free play. Please bring hats, gloves, and snow boots if there is snow on the ground. For your convenience, we have moved the Sign-in area to outside the classrooms in the hallway. You can locate all 3 clipboards underneath the bulletin board by the stairs.

Happy Birthday! Lacy Denise Lanae

Apr. 2nd Apr.11th Apr. 18th

MOPS Applebee’s Pancake Breakfast Fundraiser Saturday, May 5th


Don’t forget to pick up your tickets and envelope to start selling. We are asking everyone to try to sale at least 10 tickets. We are selling them for $5 each and it is an All You Can Eat Pancake Breakfast. We also have sign-ups for you to choose which shift you can work on May 5th. We need help seating, collecting money, and bussing tables. All monies collected need to be turned into Tiffany before the event. Please contact her with any questions. Everyone needs to wear a White MOPS T-shirt if possible. Thank you for helping support MOPS!!

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April Newsletter 2012  

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