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Aug 15 - 21, 2010

Where is BBMP's Common Sense? Bangalore: There has been protests from the citizens of Bangalore against the road widening plans of BBMP. Many welfare associations and private bodies rose to the occasion as it is very clear that road widening does not remain as a solution to free the traffic congestion. The people working in BBMP and the responsible ministers of Karnataka government are not from any other planet but very much part of the Bangalore with more responsibilities entrusted in them. Knowing that the road widening projects do not give a long lasting solution, why should BBMP try to slow down the intensity of road widening project or to work against the public interests? Many middle class people with their hard earned money finally achieve their dream of buying land and constructing their own house to see at the end that road widening plans bury all their peace. Even a very narrow road without grabbing the private property will look shabby in many areas. The Karnataka state government takes pleasure in allotting BDA sites to many politicians and other members under “G� type category. Many politicians tend to have property in different areas of the city. The case is same with the rich people. The corrupt people working in the governmental sectors do not have to bother much about the road widening projects. So it is only the middle class and the poor who are affected to the core. Of course, the rich who legally own property will feel the pinch. It is disappointing to see that the government is trying to take road widening projects in a manner that does not invite widespread opposition from

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Work is not Worship for Government Officials? BANGALORE

public. Will BBMP carry on with whatever it likes if people do not oppose? Where is the common sense of BBMP? All that people want is a transparent work on road widening if it is undertaken in some crucial places. There are reports that earlier, civic engineers tried to extract money from people to reduce the land taken over from them during road widening. Many families are thriving on sites of 12X14 dimensions and they will lose their livelihood if land is taken away from them for road widening. Politicians have earned the ill reputation of talking one thing and doing another and so not trustworthy in matters relating to road widening. There has to be some concrete measures from prominent ministers to save the public. The government can instead think about bus bays and taking land from governmental organisations for the same and for creating footpaths wherever necessary and reducing it where not necessary. On most important roads too 50% of it is unusable due to potholes. The gogovernment can as well think about it too.

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It is easy to bring new rules in the form of forcing private schools to allocate 25% of seats for the underpriviledged. But does the government carryout its duty of improving government schools? This year, the BBMP schools in the Bangalore city had fared so poorly in the SSLC examination. The thirty-three high schools under the Palike secured only a pass percentage of 33 per cent. The BBMP set a target of 75 percent but it is too far below the target. These poor results have come in spite of the Palike spending Rs 32

crores on all of its 133 schools during 2009-10. It shows the negligence of the management in Palike. Where is the effort shown to develop government schools? Any number of crores would not be sufficient for the government to produce quality students. It is because there is no quality leaders and managers at the top level. After many years of imperfect and untidy functioning, the government finally turned towards a new plan of pushing poor students into private schools.

BWSSB: Beggars can be Choosers!! AECS Layout: Recently the BWSSB department decided to undertake some sanitary work in some parts of AECS layout. Nobody knows who complained but the workers started digging the roads to replace all the sanitary pipelines. Later the workers demanded that the house owners buy the required material for connecting the drainage to their houses and also demanded that they pay between Rs.300-600 for replacing the same. Residents complained that the workers threatened to leave the sanitary line unconnected or leave the ground uncovered if the said amount is not paid. Some residents argued that they pay the maintenance charges along with the water bill. But who will take the risk of an open drainage until the complaints are lodged and what is the guarantee that the issue will be resolved. So, many of the residents ended up paying the amount to the workers who said they were from Gulbarga. Rs. 55 has been charged against sanitary charges in the water

bill every month. What for this money is collected? Is it the way BWSSB send people for work and allow them to collect more money from residents? A few senior members of welfare associations in the other parts of layout disagreed with what BWSSB is doing. Layout Times can be had from the following places free of cost: Indian Medicals (AECS) Nina Beauty Parlour (AECS) GrandMart (AECS) Tailorbird (AECS) Usha Kiran Appt. (AECS) Sciiphol Electronics (AECS) Sundar Paradise Apt. (AECS) Sara Arakkal Art Gallary (BEML Layout) VitaLife Clinic (Brookfields) Your Choice Vegetable FruitShop (Paramount Ragavendra) Shell Petrol (Snigdha Enterprises) (Siddhapura) Ozone Club House (Whitefield) Food World (Whitefield) Anu Opticals (Whitefield) Anu Opticals (Marthalli) US Pizza (Marathalli) E-Zone Club (Marathalli) Rohan Vasantha (Fruit Shop) Gurukul Sports Academy (Tubrahalli) Regent Place (Tubrahalli) Shell Petrol (S.S.R. Enterprises, Vibuthipura) Soorya Tours N Travels (G.M. Palya)

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Aug 15 - 21, 2010

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MIND WORKS-47 Identity Vs Behavior By UK Athikkal


“You are good for nothing” “You are a stupid” “You are useless” These are some of the accusations we hear people making against each other. What makes them to make such accusations? Probably certain behaviors of those accused, may not have come up to their expectations. Let us appreciate the irony of the above situations. It is their behavior that is attracting criticism. But in our reaction, the identity of the person is attacked mercilessly. There is lack of awareness about the distinction between identity of a person and his behavior. Immense damage to the self esteem and personality of a person is caused due to this misplaced attack on the identities of people right from their childhood. Then what is behavior? Everything we do, from building roads to making pictures in our head, is a form of behavior. Every act, every gesture – speaking, listening, talking to ourselves or others – are all behaviors. Though sometimes we force the word “behavior” into narrow straits of meaning – as in “being on your best behavior,” “well – behaved” – the broader definition includes all our actions, movements and words, whether private or public, internal or external. Behavior is considered to be the expression of who you are by what you do. And our behavior doesn't have to be conscious always. There is a positive intention behind behavior at least from the perspective of the person whose behavior is under consideration. The beliefs, values and experiences of people differ and make people respond differently at different occasions. Behavior of a person is not constant. Hence our comments and opinions are ideally to be directed only at such actions or behaviors and not at the whole personality or identity of the victim. Instead of calling a person “a

fool”, it would be ideal to tell him, “your soand- so actions appear to be foolish”. This comment is less hurtful. There is good chance of such comments being accepted as feedbacks and thereby encouraging the affected person to initiate actions for positive changes in his behavior. On the other hand, when a person's identity is criticized by accusing the person concerned, the after effects of such comments are damaging to the whole persons and environment. Whenever you are finding fault with someone and intend to correct that person, do remember that it is only his behavior and not his identity that is to be commented upon. This column is contributed by U K Athikkal, Life Skill Coach and Certified N L P Trainer. He can be contacted at

Temple Poojas BEML: Sri Booneela Sametha Venkartamana swamy Prasana temple is known for introducing various poojas as a way of worshiping the Lord. For the first time since beginning, the following events are arranged throughout the month of August and September (1) Silver Kavacha Dharane on 14th August 2010 (2) Muthangi To Lord Venkataramana on 21st August 2010 (3) Fruits Decoration on 28 August 2010 (4) Poolangi Seva on 4th September 2010.

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MOVIE - Miss Chintamani M.A (Telugu) A new film titled “Miss Chintamani M.A” with the tag line “C/O Subbigaadu” has been launched with Posani Krishna Murali playing the hero and Namita as the heroine. This film is being produced under the banner of MK Movies and directed by Raja Vannem Reddy. The pooja for

the muhurat of this film has been conducted in Hyderabad at a simple function in the office of the production house. The movie is due for release on the 3rd week of August 2010 as the shooting began in the month of January 2010. Va n d e m a t a r a m Srinivas composed the music for this film. Murali Krishna (Mental Krishna) seems to have no time to stand and stare these days. He has conceived this humorous new film amidst other films. His heroine Namitha is expected to be hot and bewitching. The audience are looking forward to a humorous time pass for a couple of hours. The script is penned by Rajendra Kumar.

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