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Oct. 25 - 31, 2009

Pages 4 Rs. 2-00 Volume - 1 Published & Printed at Bangalore North (Kundalahalli, Marathahalli, Whitefield) No. MAG (3) / NPP / 97 / 2009 - 10

One Rule, Different Vehicles

million hectares. Even the prices of vegetables and fruits like tomato, carrot, sapota and banana have increased due to the flash floods. Besides shortage of vegetables, the delay in transportation also adds to the fury.

Yeddyurappa Takes Stock of Relief Work in the State

Marathalli: Emission of smoke from any vehicle is prohibited by the government. Often we find people on road-side being fined by traffic police for their vehicles emitting smoke. But what about government vehicles? Buses and SUVs, especially private Buses and newly launched Volvo buses in Bangalore throw out smoke like cigars. This way of polluting the air leads to numerous diseases and infections. Acute bronchitis is the major one that many suffer due to such pollution.

Lemon Costs Bitter Bangalore: Bangalore depends on North Karnataka for lemon, grape, sapota and pomegranate. The recent rain and flood affected 15 of the state's 29 districts damaging crops in over 2.5

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Bangalore: With the ease of flood, the Karnataka state is focused on relief operations. The state government has set up more than 1,200 rehabilitation centres and over 3.5 lakh rain and flood affected people are being provided food and temporary shelter. The government is planning to reconstruct roads, supply drinking water, restore houses and power supply, provide health care and contain the spread of epidemic diseases in the affected areas, officials said. Not satisfied with the relief work, the Chief Minister B.S. Yeddyurappa ordered the suspension of two village accountants and a junior engineer of the Gadag Zilla Panchayat after his visit to floodaffected villages of Ron and Naragund taluks in Gadag district on Sunday. The Chief Minister assured the residents that he would take every step to get better compensation to them.

Pyramid Specialist Visits Bangalore AECS Layout: Mr. Premnath Guptha, a pyramid master from Andhra is on his mission to spread pyramid meditation in Bangalore. At different meditation centers in Bangalore, Mr Premnath gave valuable lecture on the importance of ke e p i n g o n e s e l f f i t t h r o u g h meditation. In CMRS Pyramid Spiritual Care Center in Brookfields, he assisted a group of students to perform meditation and talked about different aspects of meditation that changes man's life on earth.

We have just enough religion to make us hate, but not enough to make us love one another. Jonathan Swift

Issue -12

NEWS HEADLINES BDA to promote innovation and research by building 4 centers. Four year undergraduate programme in science approved by IIsc Bangalore. Chikungunya cases increase in Bangalore after rains. Mosquito menace increases. CBI raids Sanchar Bhavan offices to check irregularities in spectrum allocation. “Wind and solar energy to dominate world” says Nobel laureate Walter Kohn. Bangalore to have world-class research institute on climate change.

Karnataka to Become a Rich Habitat for Tiger Bangalore: In the aftermath of alarming decrease in the number of tigers, a Special Tiger Protection Force, has been established at Bandipur. According to a tiger census in 2007, Madya Pradesh has 300 tigers, followed by Karnataka with 290. In the past three years, about 24 tigers and tigresses died in Karnataka's reserves and zoos. While 14 deaths were concluded as natural deaths or due to infighting, eight were poached. Two died after they were hit by vehicles while crossing the road. The government will provide hands on training to the officials drawn from the four southern states.

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Oct. 25 - 31, 2009

LAYOUT TALK Rain Water Harvesting Dasappa layout in Ramurthinagar has many houses. But most of the houses are vacant. Tenants vacate the house in a few months. House owners find it difficult to get tenants. Reason: Lack of water in the wells and no Cauvery connection. This situation may come to any place and is not restricted to one area alone. Of what use are beautiful houses if there is no water to live in? As intelligent species of earth, what are we doing to protect harmony in nature and respect it. Only 2.5% of total water on earth is fresh water. About 1.97% of the earth's fresh water is frozen polar and glacial ice. And about 20% of fresh water supply comes from ground water. The amount of ground water on earth is 50 times that of surface fresh water. If water usage is greater than recharge rate then a stage is reached where water is obtained from mining which is also called fossil water. At this stage water becomes a nonrenewable resource. Water in Bangalore was easily available at 200 feet many years back but today it is difficult to get even at 800 feet today. Experts warn that we have reached the stage of fossil water, which if not replenished very soon. We may reach a stage that we cannot replenish water even if we wish to. Emptying water tables allow the temperature to rise on earth and it does not replenish water below it. Ice in the polar regions are bound to melt and with no other place to occupy, water would submerge the precious land we so much value. But is there a solution? Yes there is. Yet man seldom cares to implement a ny t h i n g . T h i s o n l y s h o w s h o w shortsighted man is and so one day nature is going to make human race short lived and the days are not far. Rain water harvesting is a technique of collecting, storing and preserving rain water for utilization at a later stage. Government has now made it mandatory in Bangalore to adopt rain water harvesting, and has said that water connection will not be provided to houses more than 30'x 40' and 60'x 40' without the rain water harvesting technology. Let us all remember that fresh potable water is very precious and every time we drink water we owe it back to mother earth. The technology is available with the Karnataka State Science and Technology council, IISc. Bangalore-12. Contact person: A.R.Shivakumar. Phone:080 23341652. Residents who have adopted the technique already are welcome to share their experiences with the readers of Layout Times and enlighten them.

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Vol. 1. Issue : 12

Congress on Winning Note

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a Neurotherapy in AECS Layout

India: Continuing its success in the 2009 Lok Sabha elections, the Congress retained its power for a third term in a row and secured a landslide win in Arunachal Pradesh. However, it six short of an absolute majority in Haryana. The Congress-Nationalist Congress Party (NCP) alliance is all set to form the next government in Maharashtra.

Nuclear Arms – Pakistan's Pride, Taliban's Envy India: The situation in Pakistan is a worrying factor for India. Pakistan encountered six major attacks in the last fortnight by suspected Taliban militants. Pakistan is believed to have between 30 and 40 nuclear warheads, according to the U.N. nuclear watchdog, the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). Those warheads, however, are not in the areas under the control of the Taliban. India's defence minister AK Antony said "We will protect all our territory and at the same time, we will continue our effort for extending relations with all our neighbours." After the assassination of former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto in December 2007, top Pakistani security officials held a special briefing with Western journalists, insisting that the country's nuclear arsenal is secure from Islamic extremists. One has to seriously consider U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton's warning that Pakistan was in danger of falling into terrorist hands. Pakistan is producing more new bombgrade uranium and, once a series of new reactors is completed, bomb-grade plutonium for a new generation of weapons. President Obama has called for a treaty that would stop all nations from producing more fissile material but so far has said nothing in public about Pakistan's activities. Our hopes are positive when Lt. Gen. Khalid Kidwai -head of the army division that controls Pakistan's nuclear sites and weapons – says Pakistan's weapons were protected by a "fool-proof" security system. However, no one has been able to ascertain the validity of Pakistan's assurances about their nuclear weapons security.

AECS Layout: Dr. Paresh Manore, neurotherapist, dietician and nutrition specialist will be visiting AECS layout everyday between 4.00 pm to 7.00 pm except Sundays at the address given below. But what is neurotherapy? It is a branch of alternative medicine evolved by Dr. Lajpatrai Mehra to treat diseases without drugs. It has been proven to be successful in treating diseases such as neck, knee, low back ache, anxiety, stress, tension and depression, computer reaction syndrome, Asthma, Diabetes, high and low blood pressure, and menstrual problems in women. It works by restoring the physical, chemical, biological and psychological balance by applying pressure on different parts of the patient's body by the hands and feet of an experienced therapist. The treatment only requires 15-20 minutes a day for about a week to ten days. Chronic diseases may take longer to get cured. The treatment is not expensive and anybody between 10-80 years can take the treatment. There are no food restrictions, the treatment is not expensive and there are no side effects. Address: Sanjeevini Neurotherapy Centre, House # 688, I Main, C block, AECS Layout, Kundalahalli, Bangalore – 560037, Mob. : 9880628285, 9 4 4 8 0 8 5 2 1 9 , E m a i l : Timings: 4.00 pm - 7.00 pm (except Sundays)

Why should society feel responsible only for the education of children, and not for the education of all adults of every age? Erich Fromm

News Headlines Indian and US troops conduct joint exercise in Agra. World osteoporosis day celebrated on October 20th. Mobile phones both GSM and CDMA without unique identification number to be banned. Youth of Bangalore to run for climate change, exchange traditional bulbs with CFLs, plant medicinal shrubs and distribute cloth bags to many houses. BSNL to enable 23000 rural telephone exchanges for broadband.

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Oct. 25 - 31, 2009

MIND WORKS – 4 Self-talk or Internal Dialogue By Prof UK Athikkal -----Have we ever observed the nature of selftalk we make within our mind. Do these dialogues within help to boost our confidence level and make us feel better or the other way. Given below are some examples of positive or empowering self-talk:- “Life is great and I play a positive part in it.” “People enjoy my company.” “I am good at what I do.” “I feel good about myself.” These kinds of thoughts within are helpful to enhance confidence and competence of individuals in all walks of life. Repeated thoughts which are powerful and positive help us to excel in our performance and efficiency.

Outcome oriented thinking Whenever we think on any important issue, do we focus on the hurdles and obstacles to be encountered? Mostly our answer to this question is “yes', and justify the answer as it is a process oriented thinking. What happens if we shift the focus to the outcome or the final goal one is aiming to achieve? It is definitely going to energize the process oriented activities. Seeing the final destination or the outcome of the process motivates us through the journey. The habit of procrastination is a common phenomenon. Generally we tend to postpone the tasks which are less interesting or boring. On such occasions it is beneficial to imagine the scenario of the completed task and the satisfaction one derives from it. Suppose you intend to re-arrange your study and take up cleaning and this task is getting postponed indefinitely. You feel less enthusiastic to take up the task because your thoughts are focused only on the discomforts you may face during the process of taking up the activity rather than on the satisfaction and comfort one tends to derive on completion of the task. So, the point here is whether you are focusing on the situation when you achieve the goal or the discomforts you are required to face when you are performing the task. Shift your focus so that the process becomes interesting and passionate.

Photo of the Week

Vol. 1. Issue : 12

Now consider our communication process. What is the style of our communication? Is it oriented towards the goal you desire to achieve? Are you adapting a blaming style with judgemental comments? Or are you always adopting a problem solving approach of encouraging team members to learn quickly from every failure or weakness and go forward with renewed spirit and excitement?

Champion of Champ

The author of this article is Prof UK Athikkal, a faculty & student counsellor of International School of Management Excellence. He is a Certified Trainer and Master Practioner in NeuroLinguistic Programming (NLP). He can be contacted at or at 9341239146.He is a resident of AECS layout and is available for personal counselling by prior appointment.

One Great Hope for a Peaceful and Free World India: On October 24, 1945, the United Nations (UN) came into existence when the five permanent members of the security council, France, the Republic of China, the Soviet Union, the United Kingdom and the United States ratified the charter. The UN has the wisdom to understand that nations could do far more to advance their interests by acting together than by letting themselves be split apart. The original 51 member nations were united around a commitment to peace, humanity, and justice. Today, with 192 member states, the United Nations is the principle forum for all nations, large and small, to work in concert to meet the global challenges no nation can confront alone. The U.N. is vital to America's efforts to create a better, safer world. Through peacekeeping missions that have saved so many lives and averted so many wars; lifesaving humanitarian work; critical development activities; and its unique legitimacy, the U.N. can function as a forum that brings all nations together.


Mumbai Film Fest Gets Better Mumbai: The 11th Mumbai Film Festival begins






filmmaker Steven Soderrbergh. This time the festival is becoming bigger, better and more glamourous. This year 200 films from 56 countries are to be screened. The festival has kept Rs 1 crore as the total prize money this year. This year, the annual event's budget has been boosted with 40 million rupees from Reliance






Bollywood stars are expected to lend a touch of glamour to the event. Indian Frame will showcase the best 15 Indian films made during the past year. They include Bengali films such as Buddhadeb Dasgupta's Janala and Rituparno Ghosh's Abohomaan, Marathi

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films such as Umesh Kulkarni's Vihir and Renuka Shahane's Rita and from Malayalam Madhupal's Thalappavu (The Crown).

IIM Faculties

MOVIE Astro Boy: An Absolute Delight for our Children Astro Boy is a movie based on a Japanese comic book from 1951 and a black-andwhite TV series in 1963. It is an animated film that a certain message. Astro Boy traces the origin of a young superhero. He began life as a regular kid named Toby. After Toby dies in a freak lab accident, his father brings him back to life as a robot containing Toby's personality, memories and Bob's Big Boy looks. Once the father realizes his child is inferior and sends him away, Toby flees and lands on the nowtrashed Earth below. High among the clouds, President Stone (Donald Sutherland) is after Toby for his Blue Core: a powerful crystalline nugget that Dr. Tenma implanted in his chest. There's a Blue Core and a Red Core. The blue one provides a peaceful, benevolent strength, while the red one turns you into a ferocious killing machine. Astro Boy must return to his home to fight the ultimate fight and face his ultimate destiny. He also might run into his dad again. You never know. Director David Bowers co-wrote the script with Timothy Hyde Harris. The Art Deco look of the film's architecture has a classic appeal. Astro Boy has flown into theatres so if your looking for a blast this is one animated adventure fun enough for the whole family.

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Oct. 25 - 31, 2009

Novice Cook - BEANS PARUPPU USILI Ingredients 1/2 kg beans, cut into small pieces. 3/4 cup Toordhal (soaked in water for 3 hours) 1/4 cup channadhal ( soaked in water for 3 hours) Red chillies-3 Asafoetida-little Turmeric-little Mustard-1 tspn Salt to taste

Procedure Cook beans with salt and turmeric with little water in cooker. Remove excess water and keep aside. Grind soaked toordhal and channa dhal with red chilli and asafetida WITHOUT WATER in a mixie. Heat oil in a kadai and add mustard seeds to season. Then add the ground paste from the mixie into the kadai along with cooked beans. Saute under low flame making sure the dhals don't stick to bottom till it is done.

Vol. 1. Issue : 12

the metallurgical experiences of those times.

Be your Own Doctor - Pyramid Meditation Meditation carried out inside a pyramid is called as Pyramid Meditation. Many people experience feelings ranging from calmness to extreme euphoria during their meditation sessions inside the pyramids. It gives total relaxation to the body. Pyramids provide high-energy environments for meditation. Pyramids help to reduce stress and tension in the physical body. Meditation done inside a Pyramid is thrice more powerful. The pyramid powers are classified as: Preservation, Healing, Out of body Experiences. Pyramid energy preserves fruit, milk and other perishables. The taste of coffee, wine, fruit juices, etc., is improved. Wounds, boils and bruises heal quicker. It reduces over-weight and increases resistance to diseases. It gives relief to and cures asthma, toothaches, migraine, common cold, high B.P., arthritis, palpitation of heart, epilepsy, insomnia etc. Out-of-body experiences are much easier if done inside a pyramid. Dreams become clearer and they take the quality of normal working state.


Lee, the NSW's Time to Capitalise Man in the T20 on Our Base Final It is well known that Indian scriptures and Sanskrit literature are a storehouse of knowledge. Today there is a worldwide interest in Indian thoughts leading to considerable research in well-known universities across the world. Yoga, meditation and holistic methods enunciated in our scriptures are recognized globally as sure remedies of happy and healthy living. Vedas, Upanishads, Brahmasutra, Gita, Puranas, Ramayana and Mahabharatha are considered holy texts containing information on all aspects of human activity – physical and spiritual. There are a galaxy of Sanskrit luminaries – Kalidasa, Panini, Bhasa, Bana, Varahamihra, Bhartruhari and many others whose works have inspired and enlightened generations of humankind over centuries. Works of Charaka, Sushrutha, Aryabhatta, Bhaskaracharya, Lilavati and others deal with different aspects of science and medicine. Ramayana and Mahabharatha have innumerable illustrations of science, technology, arts, sports, music, dance, architecture, weaponry, defense, vehicles, textiles, navigation, metallurgy and space craft to name a few. By observing ancient temples, paintings and historical structures, one wonders about the technology prevalent several hundred years ago. For example, the rusting iron pillar near Kutub Minar unravels

The difference in golf and government is that in golf you can't improve your lie. George Deukmejian

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Hyderabad: Brett Lee's sensational innings, 48 off 31 balls, overshadowed the Trinidad and Tobago's giant-killing run in yesterday's Champions League Twenty20 final. Lee took 2 wickets to become the Man of the match and series. The New South Wales team scored 159 for nine off 20 overs and T&T could score only 118 in 15.5 overs. NSW collected a winning prize of US$2.5 million and T&T earned US$1.3 million as runners-up. Pollard won the award for most sixes in the tournament, achieving the maximum 16 times in the six matches he played. The first edition of the Champions League T20 displayed foreign talents on Indian grounds.

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Football: Ghana won the Under-20 World Cup. Formula One: Jenson Button wins World Championship. Cricket: India Australia ODI series begins on Sunday.

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J & K cricketers stage black badge protest. Mallya elected in World Motor Sports Council.

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