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Dec. 06 - 12, 2009

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WORLD DISABILITY DAY 2009 Sankara Brightens up Parents of Blind

BBMP Paints into Guiness Book?

Kundalahalli, December 3, 2009: Sankara Eye Hospital (SEH), Bangalore, launched Nayantara, a forum to support parents of children suffering from blindness or significant loss of vision to commemorate World Disability Day. This support group is a part of the 'Nanna Kannu', a comprehensive initiative for children from the vulnerable population for vision defects by SEH in partnership with Sightsavers International and Government of Karnataka.


Nayantara has 3 primary objectives (1) Provide a Forum for the visually impaired to interact. (2) Provide advice on medical, educational, social opportunities and on the practicalities of daily life. (3) Form a support group for parents with visual impairment to help understand the emotional challenges they face, and help find services to meet the child's needs, or allow better understanding of the service system that exists. Refer htm for more details.

Ph. 080-28538340

T. Srinivasa

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Sanjuktha Kennels Dog Boarding & Breeding Kennels Pickup and Drop Services Available Police Station Road, Cauvery Nagar, Halasahalli Cross, Near Vagdevivilas School, Varathur, BANGALORE - 560 087 OPEN ON ALL DAYS

Best Vision Care (Opp. Tulasi Theatre)

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Computerised Eye Testing & Contact Lens Branded Frames Branded Lenses


We Undertake Maintenance and deal in all Aquarium Accessories, Imported Tanks, Birds, Dogs and other Pets

Next to Bagini Park. Opp. Brookbond, Whitefield, Main Road

Contact Lenses Sun Glasses

Tulasi Theatre Road, Marathahalli , Bangalore - 560037

Volume - 1

Issue -18

Kanheiya Prajapati Mob: 9739033974

By Ganesh Kalmane

Vignana Nagar: The longest painting by numbers is 599.94 m (1968 ft 3 in) long and was created by 135 Students of the College of Engineering in Pune, India, on 8 March 2008. The painting is titled "Journey From Evolution to Destruction" and depicts the history of earth. A f t e r t h e inauguration of the new bus stand at Vignana Nagar, BBMP has started painting the wall. This wall is about 1KM. Once this painting is complete, this is going to be the longest painting in the world. This will be a Guiness World Record.

The Heat is On? BJP to Prove its Mettle Bangalore: 93 candidates from all parties including the Congress, JD(S) and the BJP are contesting for the December 18 election to the Karnataka Legislative Council. With the unanimous declaration of two candidates, the elections would be held for the remaining 23 seats. After the elections on December 18, the counting of votes will begin on December 22. The Congress and Janata Dal join hands together to the Dec 18 biennial poll. The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) has a challenge to face and is a real test of its mettle. .

Terracotta Specialist Lamps & Ritual items for decoration and for utility, incense burners, toys , dolls figurines etc.. Opp. S.H.K Complex, Near Sorbet, Siddapura, Varatur Road, Bangalore

Cantonment to Witness Science Express Soon Bangalore: The Science Express carrying a number of exhibits relating to science and technology arrived at Hubli. It is open for public to view. This Express was launched from Gandhinagar Railway Station and is about to travel India for seven more months. Lakhs of students are benefited by the science express. Next, the train will visit different parts of Karnataka including Bellary, Mysore, Bangalore Cantonment, and then Udupi. So the excitement is awaiting in Bangalore cantonment soon.

NEWS HEADLINES ULFA chairman expected in Delhi soon for talks. First women combatants to be inducted by Indian Navy. Church vandalized in north Karnataka. PM Manmohan Singh expressed hope that Russia would use its influence to convince Pakistan on matters

Layout Times

Vol. 1. Issue : 18

Dec. 06 - 12, 2009

LAYOUT TALK Arise, Awake, and Stop Not Exams are just 2 to 3 months away for most students. It is time for students to sit and plan how they are going to study from now on and this period is very crucial. Education Experts say that it is for the students to analyse their study pattern and identify when they are most active. Some are most active in the night and some in the early morning. External disturbances are the least during these hours. Experts say that the most important aspect for any student to get high marks is the ability to sit in one place for at least 3 hours continuously at the same time and same place everyday. Depending on the age say for a 15 year old, 15 minutes of meditation before studies would do wonders to improve their concentration, confidence and memory power. And also before starting studies each one should frame a timetable to match their school or college work. To begin with the student can write the important points and then read them. Later when they pick up speed they can read and then practice writing only important words, formulae, diagrams etc. Keeping a separate notebook for practice and noting down doubts to be cleared later in the day from teachers is a sure formula for success in the exams. By being consistent and with regular practice the goal of achieving distinction is not far away. So all the best students!!

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Customs Smell Deodorants Fake


Tamil Nadu: Fake deodorants like Denim and Charlie from China worth millions or rupees were seized by Customs department officials in Chennai last week. Though manufactured in China, they carries stickers 'Made in U.K' or 'South Africa' etc. The first container had 59,424 pieces of fake Denim deodorants and the second container had 59,424 pieces of fake Charlie deodorants. Further investigation is on to nab the culprits.

Family Restaurant

Mittal's Touch Karnataka: L.N. Mittal, the founder of ArcelorMittal is planning to to set up a sixmillion-tonne integrated steel plant in Karnataka with an investment of $6.41 billion. "We look forward to working with the state government as the project progresses. It will be an honour for us to be a part of Karnataka's industrial development," Mittal said in a statement on the company's proposal. The state government has identified the Bellary-Hospet-Koppal region for the industry.

Nest Inn South Indian, North Indian, Chinese & Tandoor Bulk Orders Undertaken P.G & SERVICED APARTMENTS ALSO

Opp. Fair Choice Super Market Kuvempu Road

BREAK FAST, Bangalore 75 LUNCH, Contact - 9880431310, 96200 50172 DINNER

Sanjeevini Wins over Patients This is a testimonial from one of Sanjeevini’s treated patients Mr. Nirmal Saroop. He says “I had been suffering from severe body ache and also from bleeding stomach ulcer from past several months followed by Flu recently. Despite blood tests, X rays and MRI the disease could not even be diagnosed properly. This continued for six months and I had become very weak and had to be escorted by someone at every step. It was in the beginning of October that I started taking treatment in Sanjeevani and I could feel a lot of difference in the first sitting itself. By the simple exercises and the therapy given by the

Bangalore Traffic Improvement Project Bangalore: The city has witnessed a phenomenal growth in vehicle population. As a result, many of the arterial roads and intersections are operating over the capacity and average journey speeds on some of the roads in the Central Area are lesser than 15 kmph in the peak hours. Therefore, it has become necessary to plan for efficient traffic management in Bangalore. In this regard, Bangalore City Traffic Police have implemented the "Bangalore Traffic Improvement Project-B-TRAC 2010". B-TRAC 2010 is the first of its kind project in the country to address the issues of traffic congestion, safety etc utilizing the latest traffic management technology and BTRAC 2010 is aimed at complementing the efforts being done by other agencies to upgrade the road infrastructure & efficient mass transportation system.

CLASSIC CANE WORKS Manufacturer & Interior Designer of Cane & Wrought Iron Furniture Mob: 9900487969

TIMING 7 AM / 11 E-mail:

Narasappa Reddy Building, Thubarahalli, Varathur Main Road, Bangalore - 560066, Mob: 9845645536

We Undertake Cover Stitching

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Doctor, I slowly, but steadily improved without any Drugs and side effects. Now I am able to walk without any difficulty and any help and hope to improve further. I'm sure in chronic and complicated cases this treatment would be very useful, and I wish Sanjeevani all success in their endeavour.” Mr.Nirmal Saroop stays at #1153 Lotus Lake view S.F 5th main D block AECS layout Bangalore-560037.Contact no.9448462450. Dr. Paresh Manore can be consulteof Sanjeevini Clinic can be contacted at #688, I Main Road, C Block, AECS Layout, Kundalahalli, Bangalore - 37. You can call him on him mobile: 9880628285 or 9448085219. A 50% offer is given to patients bringing this issue of Layout Times.

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Dec. 06 - 12, 2009

MIND WORKS-11 Unlock Your Creative Inspiration By Prof UK Athikkal --------How do we state our desired goals and outcomes in life? In answer to the question what do you want? The first rule on the blueprint for the success is that the outcome must be stated in positives. This may look simple and selfevident. But, most of the times we tend to emphasize what we don't want. “I want to lose weight”. “I want to reduce my tummy” Look at these statements. When we repeat such statements we are in fact re-creating images and internal dialogues of the things we don't desire or we want to get rid of. Such thought patterns reinforce the images of the things we don't desire, in our subconscious mind. Does it assist in the manifestation of such goals? Probably not. It may most probably do the reverse. Now take another case. Your close friend is facing distress in a particular situation. You console him by saying “Don't worry”. What image your statement creates in his thought process? Worrisome situation which he is already facing. It does not in any way help him to get out of his worry. Then what are the positive statements we are expected to make in the above examples? Instead of saying “I want to lose weight or reduce my tummy” we could say “I want to get my body trimmed” , or “I want to streamline my figure”. Such statements emphasize what we do want rather than what we want to get rid of. The images, internal dialogues and feelings created by such positive statements tend to assist their fulfillment or manifestation. Similarly, what is the pattern of thoughts when a person worries? He tends to create images and feelings of unpleasant and unwanted outcomes . Do such thoughts in any way help us to get the positive outcomes what we generally need. Probably not and when we ask someone not to worry, we are reminding him again the process of worrying rather than helping him to get out of the situation. It would be a better proposition to tell him to be cheerful or resourceful. A mother repeatedly asks her son not to watch TV, instead of telling him what he is


expected to do at that time. All our reprimands generally emphasize the negatives. Awareness of these aspects of our normal communication pitfalls generally help us to achieve the desired outcomes or objectives in our lives and help us to lead a more resourceful and energetic life. The writer of this article UK Athikkal, is a Certified Trainer and Master Practioner in Neuro- Linguistic Programming (NLP). He is a corporate trainer and Guest Faculty at HAL Management Academy. He can be contacted at or at 9341239146.

Terracotta Tickles Passers-by in Siddapura Siddhapura: Terracotta craft involves using clay to prepare reddish brown unglazed earthenware intended as building material. The earthenware is hand-modeled into various figurines, votive images and plaques. Terracotta is molded in many states into figures inspired by local legends and iconography, and has been practiced for

centuries, since the Harappa civilization. The rural parts of India commonly display terracotta animal figures in places of worship or in the vicinity of temples. In some parts of Indian villages, the women folk create their own forms of Gods for worship and other decorative pieces for adorning their houses. Kanheiya Prajapati has a beautiful collection of terracotta works ideally suitable for decoration. His collections are from Bihar, Bengal and Gujarat. He comes from Gorakhpur in Uttar Pradesh, the home to exquisite clay figures of animals. Today, terracotta pot and pottery, though is not used for basic needs, a designer pot, nevertheless, has retained its pride of place for exciting interior design and decoration. Kanheiya's collection of pottery work still evokes a rare affinity, not known by any other form of craft.

Paa Gathered Star Couples Mumbai: The grand premiere of Paa was seen with full of guest stars. Anil Ambani, his wife Tina and their son were among the first guests to arrive. Some of the couples who attended the premiere were Shah Rukh Khan and wife Gauri, Ajay Devgan and wife Ka j o l , H r i t h i k a n d w i f e Sussanne, and Akshay Kumar and wife Twinkle.

CARTOON Office of Environment & Forest The minister's office is overflowing with Green Gas Emission Documents it seems.

CAT goes Off the Line India: With CAT going online this year, thousands of IIM aspirants have failed to take the test online due to server crash. It is considered as a total mismanagement and failure. The Human Resource Development Minister Kapil Sibal told reporters that this should not have happened.

Ulsoor Lake Stinks Bangalore: A walk by the Ulsoor lake is sickening nowadays due to the stench emanating from the lake. People are forced to cover their nose while walking around lakeside. The area of the lake near the Thiruvalluvar statue, where there is a open drain, stinks the most.

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Vol. 1. Issue : 18


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NOVICE COOK Palak Paneer Ingredients:

Paneer-250 grams Palak-4 bundles Onions ground-3 Ginger Garlic paste-1 tbsp Fresh Cream-1/4 cup Cheese-11/2 tspn Garam Masala-1 tspn Chilli powder-1 tspn Salt to taste Oil for deep fry Procedure:

Cut paneer into equal squares. Deep fry them and leave aside. Clean the palak fine and Boil. Fry the ginger garlic paste in 2 spoons oil and then the ground onions till they are brown. Add the palak and cook along with masala powder. Cool the whole contents and grind in a mixie finely. Add Âź cup water and cook again with required salt. Add in the fried paneer pieces. Add the cheese and top with fresh cream.

Bolt! India Look Forward to you

Dec. 06 - 12, 2009

SCRIPTURE Roman Paganism If anything, the Romans had a practical attitude to religion, as to most things, which perhaps explains why they themselves had difficulty in taking to the idea of a single, all-seeing, all-powerful god In so far as the Romans had a religion of their own, it was not based on any central belief, but on a mixture of fragmented rituals, taboos, superstitions, and traditions which they collected over the years from a number of s o u r c e s . To the Romans, religion was less a spiritual experience than a contractual relationship between mankind and the forces which were believed to control people's existence and well-being. The result of such religious attitudes were two things: a state cult, the significant influence on political and military events of which outlasted the republic, and a private concern, in which the head of the family oversaw the domestic rituals and prayers in the same way as the representatives of the people performed the public ceremonials. However, as circumstances and people's view of the world changed, individuals whose personal religious needs remained unsatisfied turned increasingly during the first century AD to the mysteries, which were of Greek origin, and to the cults of the east.

Delhi: The World Champion Usain Bolt is yet to confirm his participation for 2010 Delhi Commonwealth Games according to sources. Bolt is expected to be the star attraction of the Delhi Games Malaria scheduled in October 2010.

Malaria Parasites Damaging Immune System is




Nanna Kannu - Sankara Eye Hospital, Bangalore, launches Nayantara to commemorate World Disability Day.

Vol. 1. Issue : 18

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parasite, which is injected into the bloodstream from the salivary glands of infected mosquitoes. There are a number of different species of parasite, but the deadliest is the Plasmodium falciparum parasite, which accounts for 90 per cent of deaths from malaria. The malaria parasite infects healthy red blood cells, where it r e p r o d u c e s . T h e P. falciparum parasite generates a family of molecules, known as PfEMP1, that are inserted into the surface of the infected red blood cells. The cells become sticky and adhere to the walls of blood vessels in tissues such as the brain. This prevents the cells being flushed through the spleen, where the parasites would be destroyed by the body's immune system, but also restricts blood supply to vital organs.

Health Limit your Salt Intake to 5 g

We Don't Know what it Takes to Understand the Tigers USA: Tiger Woods, the US golfer apologized for "transgressions", following a speculation about his personal life after a car crash last week. "I have let my family down and I regret those transgressions with all of my heart," Woods said "I have not been true to my values and the behaviour my family deserves." The incident created speculations in the US media, including that the crash followed an argument between Woods and his wife Elin Nordegren Woods about allegations of his involvement with another woman. A man who dares to waste one hour of time has not discovered the value of life. Charles Darwin

Research proved that high salt intake increases the risk of both stroke and cardiovascular disease. The association between high salt intake and high blood pressure is well established, and it has been suggested that a reduction in dietary salt intake has the potential to substantially reduce the levels of cardiovascular disease. The World Health O r g a n i z a t i o n recommended level of salt consumption is 5 g (about one teaspoon) per day at the population level. Analysis shows that a difference of 5 g a day in habitual salt intake is associated with a 23 percent difference in the rate of stroke and a 17 percent difference in the rate of total cardiovascular d i s e a s e . Reducing daily salt intake by 5 g at the population level could avert one and a quarter million deaths from stroke and almost three million deaths from cardiovascular disease each year. NEWS HEADLINES Cricket: India dominates with Sewag scoring double century. Golf: Tiger Woods offered his wife Elin $1 million every month to stay married to him. Chess: Women Grand Master Koneru Humpy drew her seventh round game against Robert Huebner of Germany in the Czech Tournament. The renovated National Stadium for next year's hockey World Cup and the Commonwealth Games to be ready by Dec 15.

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