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Feb 26 - March 03, 2012

Keep Paperboards in Negative List while Signing FTAs Bangalore: Industry body ASSOCHAM today urged the government to protect the paper and paperboard industry by keeping its products in the negative list while signing bi-lateral and multi-lateral trade treaties.

from whom wood (the raw material) is sourced,” he said in communication to the ministry of commerce and industry. About five lakh farmers are engaged i n g r o w i n g plantations of eucalyptus and subabul over 10 lakh hectares. On the o t h e r h a n d , economic slowdown in developed countries and exportd e p e n d e n t economies has led to excess capacity.

In various free trade agreements that India plans to sign in future, the import duty is sought to be reduced in a phased manner. The industry's output is used in educational, T a k i n g p r i n t i n g a n d advantage of low packaging sectors. customs duty rate of It is important ten per cent, these to keep paper and countries find India paperboard industry as an attractive outlet belonging to the core for diverting their sector outside the excess inventory, ambit of FTAs and s a i d M r R a w a t . r e c o g n i s e i t a s “Increased imports sensitive deserving a r e s e v e r e l y special treatment, i m p a c t i n g t h e said The Associated economic viability of C h a m b e r s o f many paper mills in C o m m e r c e a n d India.” Industry of India To provide a (ASSOCHAM). level-playing field to “The paper and paperboard industry has made s i g n i f i c a n t investments to ramp up capacities for meeting domestic requirements,” said secretary general D.S. Rawat. “It has strong backward linkages with the farming community

the domestic industry, the customs duty for import of p a p e r a n d paperboards should be increased and this category kept in the negative list with no preferential treatment in bi-lateral and multi-lateral trade treaties and agreements, he said.

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Vol. 3. Issue 27

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International Wine festival in the City Bangalore : The state government will be holding the three-day 'International Wine Festival - 2012' in Bangalore from March 2. The festival will create awareness about grapes and

wine amongst f a r m e r s , entrepreneurs and the general public and provide global exposure to wineries. In all 50 wineries, including 10 international players, will participate in the

event which offers technical sessions for all stakeholders and exclusive business sessions to foster trade. Wine tasting session is also planned to promote wine consumption.

Allscripts to Expand India Operations Bangalore: US healthcare firm Allscripts is expanding its India operations to deliver h e a l t h c a r e information solutions to hospitals and physicians for improving patient care. The company

will hire about 300 development professionals this year increase its efficiency. By hosting key clients in India, Allscripts wants healthcare experts to see how it develops solutions they use. Allscripts solutions

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Careers in Fashion The two most common types in Fashion are 'Haute Couture' and 'Prêt-a Porter.' Haute Couture is the garment which is 'one-of-its-kind.' It's specially made for one client and there's just one unique piece in each design. Prêt –aPorter are ready to wear garment which is produced in bulk. It's further classified into evening wear, casual wear, ladies wear, kids w e a r, a c c e s s o r y designing etc. Designers can create a niche for themselves and specialize in any one area. Designers can

either work as freelancers or get employed in places like export houses, buying houses or with high-end brands. Fashion design is a very lucrative business if you have the aptitude, talent, panache and the flair for it. Designers should be a lot creative and imaginative. They must be able to produce garments that can become trends. They must be able to visualize and conceptualize fashion. E d u c a t i o n a l Requirements:

There are successful fashion designers who haven't had any formal training but have made it to the top. But in these days of high competition having a formal education can make a lot of difference, particularly when applying for a job as a f a s h i o n d e s i g n e r. Especially as a haute couture designer, you need to handle expensive fabrics with utmost care and learn to sew them with a clean finish. Since ready-to –wear garments and mass market designs are put together on (Cont. on Page 3)

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Feb 26 - Mar 03, 2012

Whitefield, the most polluted! Whitefield: According to Karnataka State Pollution Control Board (KSPCB), Whitefield is the highly polluted area in Bangalore and the residential a r e a o f Basaveshwaranag ar is the least p o l l u t e d . Whitefield is susceptible to high pollution due to heavy vehicular traffic leading to higher amount of Respirable Suspended Particulate Matter count in the air. KSPBC has recently measured

Vol. 3. Issue 27

Om Lord’s Grace Ashram Inner Circle, Near Whitefield Park, Whitefield, Bangalore - 560066

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the air pollution at different areas and released the data for the public to know. According to its press release, the RSPM count for Whitefield was recorded at 100 microgram per cubic metre, while the sulphur dioxide and nitrous oxide

count were recorded at 17.7 a n d 3 0 . 6 microgram per cubic metre, respectively. The risk of contracting heart diseases increases with the increase in sulphur dioxide and nitrous oxide count.

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Herbal Juices Available: Gulab, Neem, Punarnava Ark, Tulasi Ark, Rasayan, Trifala Extract

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Careers in Fashion (Cont. from Page 2)

assemble lines, it doesn't require much preparation. With fashion designing software you can design and style your own clothes much like the professionals. A formal education in fashion will help you get through all these difficulties. What should one do? Creating a good portfolio is one of the most important facets in fashion designing. A portfolio reflects the designer's skill and his/ her expertise in the field. . It is a canvas to carve a niche for

themselves. It has to be in sync with the trends and convey a true reflection of a designer's artistic ability. Your portfolio should induce potential employers that you would be an asset to their business. As a designer, learn to sew and sketch as both are very important. You must be able to draw on paper or on the computer using designing software. You can join as an assistant with a good fashion designer for the start and observe

their various approaches. Do a lot of networking with other designers, models, agents and photographers. Take any opportunities that come by to showcase your designing skills. Try to build your name as much as possible. Read high-end fashion magazines to keep your self updated on trends. Create a website or start a blog of your own. Visit fashion shows and trade shows regularly. It gives you a fair idea on how the industry

works. Benefits: Since designers have total control over what they create, a majority of them aim to start their own label. You get to set trends. Among all the careers that exist in the fashion industry, a fashion designer's job can be the most influential one. Every body has to be connected to a designer in some way or the other. A fashion photographer showcases designer clothes. A fashion stylist styles an individual with the clothes that a designer designs. Fashion merchandisers and buyers market and buy the clothes that designers

create. Hence, designers are being involved in all aspects in some form or t h e o t h e r. I t ' s t h a t beneficial!

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