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LAY NOTEBOOK Volume 19 Issue 1

Winter/Spring Edition

March 2013


We are glad that you’ve got Georgia on your mind. THE AFRICAN METHODIST EPISCOPAL CHURCH IN THE STATE OF GEORGIA


LAY NOTEBOOK March 2013 SIXTH EPISCOPAL DISTRICT LAY ORGANIZATION OFFICERS President Gloria T. Byrd First Vice President Michael Brown Second Vice President Henry Chavers Third Vice President Dr. Verma Curtis Recording Secretary Melanie Lucear Assistant Recording Secretary Robbiestein Stone Corresponding Secretary Sondra Barnes Treasurer Maudie Anderson Financial Secretary Waynefield Leonard Chaplain Ola Irvin Historiographer Bettye Draper Parliamentarian Geraldine Monroe Director of Lay Activities Cheryl Robinson Transportation Chairperson L. Jean Swafford Director of Public Relations Robert T. Matthews III PRESIDENTS EMERITUS Dr. Robert Williams Morris Hannah CONNECTIONAL PRESIDENT EMERITUS


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Pages 12–15 CONTACT US Mail: Robert T. Matthews 811 Sandy Creek Drive NW Atlanta, GA 30331 E mail:

Photos: We wish to thank all persons who contributed to the photo display in this issue of LAY NOTEBOOK. BOOK Their names appear within the articles. We especially thank Ms Phyllis Gwenette Boyd for her assisting with editing. LAY NOTEBOOK is the Official publication of the Sixth District Lay Organization of the African Methodist Episcopal Church. Article of interest to the Laity are welcome and should be submitted to the above e-mail or mailing address one month prior to our scheduled meeting dates. Color photos are also welcome with your articles. Online Editions:

CONFERENCE PRESIDENTS South - Jackie Jordan Southwest - Anna Wynn Georgia - Arna Cooper Augusta - Eunice Seigle Macon - Ashley Ballard Atlanta-North Georgia - Annette Curry PRESIDING BISHOP Bishop Preston Warren Williams, II EPISCOPAL DISTRICT SUPERVISOR Dr. Wilma Delores Webb Williams LAY NOTEBOOK





President’s Message Continuing to Move Forward I want to thank each of you for your bring your beautiful voices. You should support of our Episcopal District Convencontact Ms. Sharon Russell (404-821tion in Macon this past year. The Macon 9926) or Ms. Daisy Belt (706-315-6125), Conference, inclusive of pastor’s and preif you are interested in joining with the siding elders, made everything so much choir. Music will be emailed to you. We were fortunate to get the jazz reeasier for participants. We do appreciate cording artist “Ken Ford” to entertain the teamwork exemplified by the Macon Conference (Clergy and Lay). This was my our guest and radio personality (FM last convention as president, but I am 102.5), Ms. Veda Howard to MC the program. At our March gathering, we looking forward to new experiences with will discuss and finalize Episcopal Disthe new leadership to be elected in September 2013. The nominating committee trict Delegation plans. Biennial registration is $250 to include a one year subwill be appointed at our March gathering at scription to “We Speak” magazine. St. James AME Church-Macon, The ReverI am asking each church to consider regend John Norfleet, Pastor. I would suggest President Gloria T. Byrd that you take the time to read the new istering one delegate who can share the constitution in reference to the job description for each information with others. As you have probably heard, I position prior to the election. The more we try to match will be campaigning for the position of First Vice President skills with the positions the better the organization will of the CLO and will need your support to get elected. become. It cannot be “My grandfather’s “organization The Executive Board of the Connectional Lay Organizaanymore. We need to integrate the young adults into tion will also be meeting at the Marriott Marquis April the organization instead of separating, while planning 26-27, 2013 to finalize Biennial Plans. All Biennial regisprograms that are inclusive of activities we can all trations will be due from each Episcopal District at that enjoy. time. Please contact your Presiding Elder District Lay Even as we plan for an election, we are still preparing to Presidents for additional information. host the 2013 Biennial at the Marriott Marquis, July 27Hopefully I have given you information that you can August 1, 2013. We are in need of host and hostess for share with your members that do not receive “The Lay our reception on July 29th in the Marquis Ballroom. Notebook” from the Episcopal District. Look forward to Please contact Ms. Janice Stewart (229-226-8854) of seeing you in Macon March 16, 2013 at 10:00 am. South Conference if you are interested in working. Gloria T. Byrd, There is still a need for Choir volunteers. The next rehearsal will be at Steward Chapel AMEC in Macon on Episcopal District President April 6, 2013, 10:00am-1200. Please try to attend and AGENDA AND SCHEDULE FOR MARCH16, 2013

St. James AME Church 229 Chapman Road, Macon, GA 31211 Reverend John Norfleet, Pastor Devotion Roll Call Review of Minutes and Treasurer’s report Report from Budget Committee appointed at Founder’s Day Report from Biennial Committee Appointment of Nominating Committee for 2013 Episcopal District Election Lay Benediction








Saint Paul, Valdosta 419 South Ashley Street; Valdosta, GA 31603 TEL 229-244-8065 The Reverend Johnnie Cook, Host Pastor The Reverend Jacqueline Smith, Host Presiding Elder


Saint Paul, Columbus 4900 Saint Mary’s Road; Columbus, GA 31907 TEL 706-682-2927 The Reverend James Alexander, Host Pastor The Reverend Elijah Smith, Host Presiding Elder


Saint Philip Monumental, Savannah 1112 Jefferson Street; Savannah, GA 31401 TEL 912-233-8547 The Reverend George A. Moore, Jr., Host Pastor The Reverend J.E. Taylor, Host Presiding Elder


Bethel, Augusta 623 Crawford Avenue; Augusta, GA 30903 TEL 706-736-4060 The Reverend Mark Pierson, Host Pastor The Reverend Ella Mae Samuels, Host Presiding Elder

April 23-April 25, 2013


Greater Allen Chapel, Macon 269 Pursley Street; Macon, GA 31201 TEL 478-745-4646 The Reverend Billy G. McFadden, Host Pastor The Reverend David Moore, Host Presiding Elder


Saint Philip, Atlanta 240 Candler Road SE; Atlanta, GA 30317 TEL 404-371-0749 The Reverend William D. Watley, Ph.D., Host Pastor The Reverend Earle H. Ifill, Host Presiding Elder



Post-Planning Meeting & Theological Institute May 15-17, 2013


Macon Marriott Centerplex 240 Coliseum Drive, Macon, Georgia 31217 TEL: 478-621-5300

SOUTH GEORGIA CONFERENCE LAY ORGANIZATION NEWS The South Georgia Conference Lay Organization elected Officers for 2013-2015. The election was held at Cedar Spring AME Church, Whighan, GA On February 2, 2013. The flowering officers were elected: President…………………………Sister Jacqueline Jordan 1st Vice President…………….…..Brother Gary Federick 2nd Vice President…………....…..Brother Clifford Lucas 3rd Vice President…………...…...Sister Dorothy Stubbs Secretary……………………………...Sister Melanee Hill Assistant Secretary…………………….Sister Ethel Fuller Treasurer……………………….Sister Jacquelyn P. Smith Chaplain………………………………Sister Janie Traylor

Director of Lay Activities…………..Sister Vivian Wiggins Director of Public Relations…………..Sister Lillie Powell Sister Joanne Wilson completed six years as the South Georgia Conference Lay Organization President. These officers were installed at The South Georgia Conference Lay Night Service on Tuesday, March 5, 2013 at St. Paul AME Church, Valdosta, GA. at 7:00 PM. We are praying that the South Georgia Conference Lay Organization will continue to be successful and move forward.

Rendering Ministry and Service for a Better Equipped and Informed Laity

Southwest Georgia Conference Lay Organization News The Southwest Georgia Conference has been full of activity during this quarter. We met at Live Oak AME Church, the home church of our President Anna Wynn. We were welcomed by Rev. Millie Rambo, Pastor of this great church. While there, Sister Wynn held elections for the delegates to attend the Biennial this summer.

Southwest Georgia Conference Lay Organizations Hosts Annual Lay Day Celebrations

The elected delegates are: Sister Jacqueline Allen State delegate, Sister Jacqueline Jennings, Sister Maranda Meadows, Sister Georgia Stampley, Sister Rosa Jerry, Bro. Bobby Jackson, Sister Daisy Belt, & Sister Anna Wynn our President &(not pictured)- Kimberly Jennings Young Adult delegate.

New Bethel AME Church , where Rev. Richard Yancey is the Pastor and Sister Rosa Jerry is the Lay President held the first of several Lay Day Programs in the Central District. The Preacher of the Hour was Rev. Chinta Richardson, Pastor of Tabernacle AME Church. Rev. Richardson was the past President of the Central District Lay. Lay Day Program was held at Bluff Springs AME Church, where the Rev. Adolphus Smith is the Pastor. Sister (Continued on page 6)




(Southwest Conference Continued from page 5)

Loreath Chester is the President. Our Conference President, Sister Anna Wynn was there to worship with Bluff Springs. Rev. Tracey Fletcher brought a powerful message, and we were served a fish dinner after the service.

Lay Day At Mt Gilead AME Church

Rev. Tracey Fletcher Preaching at Bluff Springs.

Prospect AME Church Prospect AME Church and Bethel AME Church of Cusseta also held their Lay Day Programs. Rev. James Alexander, pastor of St. Paul AME Church was the guest minister at Prospect. Rev. Alexander had his Male Chorus accompany him for the service. They brought the house down.

Lay Members at Bluff Springs

Greater St. Mark of Columbus held their Lay Day on the 4th Sunday in October. Rev. Henry E. Green, III is the Pastor, and Sister Georgia Stampley is the President. Rev. Green was the Preacher for this occasion. The Program was well attended. Mt. Gilead AME Church, where Rev. Clinton Brown is Pastor, held their Lay Day November 11, 2012. Sister Forrestine Buford is the President of the local lay. Rev Brown preached a powerful sermon. Our Conference President Anna Wynn attended the program.

Rev. Alexander bringing the Word At Prospect Lay Day




Prospect is the home church of our District President Jacqueline Allen. Bethel AME Church Bethel AME of Cusseta’s guest minister was Rev. Melandie Connors, the wife of Rev. Wayland Connors, Pastor of Allen Temple AME Church. The choir from Allen Temple rendered the music. Sister Maranda Meadows is the President of Bethel’s Lay Organization. The attendance was great for the program. Sister Wynn was also in attendance for their Lay Program. St. Paul AME Church of Columbus, and Union Hill In

Greater Ward Chapel Newly Organized Lay Organization

Southwest Georgia Conference Lay Director Meets U.S. Congressman James Clyburn

Lay Day at Bethel, Cusseta

Ellaville also held their Lay Day Programs. The Southwest Georgia Conference churches will be celebrating additional Lay Day Program in the upcoming months. All of the programs stressed the importance of being a member of the organized Lay as they work in God’s vineyard.

District President Jacqueline Allen Organizes New Lay Organization at Greater Ward Chapel AME President Jacqueline Allen met with prospective members of Ward Chapel who were interested in organizing a Lay Organization. A workshop was conducted by the Director of Lay Activities, providing the members with information about the Lay, including history, how to conduct meetings, and the role and responsibilities of each officer. Each member was provided a notebook to keep information. The new members were excited about reactivating their Lay. Rev. Contras Houston – Moore is the new Pastor at Greater Ward Chapel. Sister Allen conducted the election and a full slate of officers were elected. The Pastor and members said they were ready to work.

Sis. Jacqueline Jennings And Congressman James Clyburn-SC

Representative James Clyburn, a member of Morris Brown AME Church, in Charleston, South Carolina, was the keynote Speaker at the Muscogee County Democratic Party Jefferson – Jackson Awards Dinner. He currently serves the third ranking Democratic leader in the U.S. House of Representatives. Representative Clyburn was a dynamic speaker who reviewed President Obama’s record and urged us to take the lead in getting our members out to vote. It was an honor to meet Rep. Clyburn, who is often featured on television stating the position of the President and the Democratic Party. All articles and photos submitted by Jacqueline Jennings. Lay Director of the Southwest Conference Lay




Augusta Conference Lay Organization News The Augusta Conference Lay Organization is busy with our regular scheduled meeting, and special events. The purpose of the Lay Organization is to organize and train the lay members of the AME Church So that each member may utilize to the maximum the abilities and skills granted by God, assist with the improvement and extension of God’s kingdom, and create happiness, peace and harmony among its members. The Loften Circuit Lay Organization developed a New Members Training/Lay Organization Initial Membership Training Module. This training manual is very helpful, and at the completion of the program there is a suggested Lay Day celebration with certificates or awards. Thanks to Mr. Michael Brown this is a way that each member may utilize to the maximum the abilities and skills granted by God. Veterans Honoree Day was observed by Bethel AME, Augusta, GA and a Senior Citizen Luncheon was held in December at St. Luke AME, Lyons, GA. This affair was well attended and enjoyed by all in attendance. Entertainment was proved by a group of amateur actors from St. Luke Church. It was enough fun to pack up and carry some home for laughs at a later time. Gifts and food was also a highlight of the luncheon. Dr. Verma Curtis brought smiles to everyone with a Christmas Trivial contest. All eyes of the Augusta Conference Lay Organization are on Atlanta for the 2013 Biennial

The Augusta Conference Lay wish to report both the Augusta-Athens District and the Wrens-Vidalia District held their Annual Banquets. The Augusta-Athens District Banquet was a huge success! This was their 26th Annual Lay celebration held Saturday, March 10, 2012 held at Paine College Candler Hall Augusta Ga. The Lay theme for the occasion was “Building On Our Global Legacy of Christ-Centered Leadership and training.” A capacity crowd gathered to what has been acclaimed as the best of banquets sponsored by the Augusta-Athens District Lay. Representatives from various district churches participated on the program. The ‘Toast Mistress” for the evening was Mrs. Vicki Carr of Bethel A.M.E. Church, Augusta, Georgia, Mrs. Hettie F. Copeland provided music for the evening, Mrs. Gloria Patterson of Ward Chapel A.M.E Church, Augusta provided a musical rendition of the Lord’s Prayer. We were welcomed by Dr. Verma Curtis, 3rd Vice President of the 6th Episcopal District Lay Organization. The Lay Occasion and Purpose was ably done by Mrs. Reba Williams of First A.M.E. Church, Athens, Georgia and musical selections were rendered by Mrs. Aurellia Scott and Mrs. Wilhelmina Bowles of First A.M.E. Church.

A poem was recited by Makeisha Graves, a young person and Member of Bethel A.M.E. Church Augusta, Ga. Mr. Theodore Moten, the Lay President of Ward Chapel A.M.E. Church gave the grace. The Augusta-Athens District Lay President, Mrs. Ruby Dunaway presented Rev. Mark Pierson who gave remarks and greetings in the absence of Presiding Elder Samuels. A wonderful buffet meal was provided by Thompson Hospitality Company of Paine College. The food was delicious and plenteous. Mrs. Jacqueline “Angel” Little of First A.M.E. Church, of Atlanta, Georgia the daughter of the speaker, introduced Dr. Elizabeth C. Gainous. Angel shared thoughts and experiences she shared with the speaker at their church in Lawton, Oklahoma, where the speaker and her family shared many years at Barvett Chapel A.M.E. Church. Dr. Gainous was very effective in her presentation as she reminded us that the Laity must step up to the plate and embrace their calling to “Lay Ministry.” She reminded us that we must be trained to fulfill our mission. Dr. Gainous went on to say that “Church pastors must identify, equip, and deploy lay people to assist in fulfilling the mission of the local church.” “Pastors must work in partnership with the ‘laity to achieve the best results in contemporary ministry.” In summary, she reminded us that “ the Bible tells us that God has not given us a spirit of fear. Therefore, we must set aside doubts, trust that the Lord knew what He was doing when He called lay persons to serve, and use their gifts that He has provided to do the works as members of the body of Christ that cannot be accomplished without them.” Remarks and presentations by President, Dunaway and Mr. Willie Gainous, Jr., who served as Chair of this event for the past ten years thanked everyone. The Lay Benediction was led by Mrs. Mamie Dowdy of Greater Bethel A.M.E. Church, Athens, Ga. Mrs. Ruby Dunaway, President Mr. Willie Gainous, Jr. Banquet Chairman Mrs. Mary Willis, Program Chairperson Mrs. Velma Morgan, Director of Lay Activities Mrs. Eunice Seigle, Augusta Conference President


LAY NOTEBOOK Augusta Georgia Conference Lay Luncheon

The Augusta Georgia Conference Lay Organization Celebrated its First Lay Luncheon on Saturday, November 3, 2012 at The Bethel AME Church, Alpha Center. The Event was chaired by Sis. Vicki Carr, Conference Director of Lay Activities and also a veteran, (Lt. Col. Retired). The Theme for this occasion was, “A Salute to American Veterans.” Sis. Aliyah McCray, A YPD Officer, served as Worship Leader. She did an awesome job. The music was performed by Mr. Charles Burton on the clarinet, Sis. Carol Kenner, pianist and Mr. Kelvin Williams. The program included the Pledge of Allegiance and the singing of The National Anthem. Sis. Nancy K. Smith read a patriot poem entitled “I Am a Soldier”. The highlight of the day was the presentations from two Amazing Speakers. Col. Carl Turner, US Army Ret., who is a member of Bethel Augusta. Col. Turner shared some of many experiences during his 31 years career in service to his/our country. He came well prepared for task and did an excellent job. The next Speaker was Sgt. Major Henry Harris, US Army Medic Ret. Although retired from uniformed service, Sgt. Major Harris now serves as a Health Benefits Advisor at the Charlie Norwood VA Medical Center in Augusta, GA. He shared so much valuable information concerning available benefits for Veterans and their families. There was a question and answer period during the luncheon.


Sgt. Major Harris remained after the program and continued to answer questions and distribute material. The Lay Organization owes both Col. Turner and Sgt. Major Harris a big “ SALUTE” for taking the time to come and share their experiences and expertise as a part of this very special occasion. We must give a shout out to Bro. Alex Carr, also a Veteran and the husband of Sis. Carr, our Lay Activities Director. Brother Carr prepared and served a fantastic meal that included two (2) gourmet soups, and a variety of delicious sandwiches, salads and deserts. He is an amazing chef and a dedicated humble Christian servant. The affair was well planned and beautifully organized by Sis. Carr and our Conference Lay President Sis. Eunice Seigel. The room was very tastefully decorated in Red, White and Blue to coincide with Veterans Day Weekend activities. There was participation from many churches throughout the conference. Rev. Mark S. Pierson, Pastor of Bethel Augusta, Our President, Sis. Eunice Seigel, thanked and encouraged everyone to continue to work together for the good of this Organization and the African Methodist Episcopal Church as a whole. Again we salute Sis. Carr and her committee for a successful First Annual Lay Luncheon. As we walk this Christian journey, let us keep our armor bright. Let our words be pure and holy, that we stand within Thy sight. Laymen Soldiers, strong in unity and love, Laymen Soldiers, strong in unity and love. Amen To God Be the Glory Reported by Nancy K. Smith Conference Director of Public Relation


Standing L - R Reverend Caroline Adams, Sister Latrellis O. Dent & Presiding Elder Reverend Alan H. Wicker

The Macon District of the Macon Georgia Conference, AME Church held its meeting for all components at Fambro Chapel A.M.E. Church located on Thomaston

Road in Macon, Georgia Saturday morning, December 29, 2012. The Reverend Alan Hale Wicker, Presiding Elder. The Reverend Caroline Adams, Host Pastor. The ministries meet every fifth Saturday at a district church designated by the Presiding Elder. A nutritious breakfast was prepared and served by the Hospitality Committee of Fambro Chapel. Devotion was held and announcements made of upcoming events in the District, Conference, Episcopal and Connectional levels. The components (Lay, WMS, YPDers, Sons of Allen,) were assigned to locations within the church to carry out their business agendas. Pastors met with Presiding Elder Alan Wicker. Brother Cedric Nelson, President of the Macon District Lay Organization conducted a spirited meeting concerning the budget, annual Lay Awards Banquet, registering for the upcoming Conference Lay Winter Leadership & Training Retreat and Connectional Lay Biennial Session, (Continued on page 10)




(MACON DISTRICT Continued from page 9)

SED Quarterly Lay Meeting and other pertinent business. FELLOWSHIP GATHERING HELD AT

L - R Kirkland Dent, Cedric Nelson and Grover Nelson.


ticles and Photos by Brother Alphonso B. Varner L - R Dr. Odessa H. McNair, Sisters Willie Mae Barrett, Nikita Lyons, Shirley T. Washington and Sara Dent

BROTHER CHARLES MURPHY'S HOME Members of the Macon Georgia Conference Lay Organization were given an after Christmas fellowship treat at the beautiful home of Brother Charles Murphy located on Cherokee Avenue in Macon Georgia, December 29, 2012. Most of the members in attendance are residents of Macon or live in close proximity to this city. An enjoyable afternoon of conversations and eating a sumptuous repast prepared by Brother Murphy was the order of the day. We departed his home with a high spirit of working together and wishing each other a safe, prosperous and Happy New Year. Brother Ashley Ballard, Conference Lay President

THE HARVEST By Phyllis Gwenette Boyd

The Griffin District Lay Organization held its 2nd Annual Banquet at Mathalama AME Church 5570 Handley Boulevard, Morrow Georgia 30260 on a Harvest the First Saturday in November at 3:00p.m. The Illustrious Host Team were the Powers: Rev. Ezekiel Powers and Rev. Esther K. Powers. The attire was our favorite colors: royal blue and white. The Mistress of Ceremony Evangelist Theresa Latimore and Master of Ceremony Brother Troy Thomas were awesome. The decorum was by Gwenette Creation. The GDLO Caters served a delectable meal. We presented Surprise Awards to GDLO Pastor of the Year the Magnificent Rev. Michael Davis and to the highest Breakfast tickets sold in October and this event were held at Job Chapel AME Church Forsyth, Georgia. The recipients; Job Chapel Circuit AME Church & Hanson Hickman Chapel AME Church Forsyth, GA Local President Sister Mary Mays, Friendship AME Church Jackson, GA Local President Sister Bettye Draper and Mathalama AME Church Local President Sister Gwenette Boyd. We were honored to view the documentary of the AME Church History and Bishops on DVD. The Griffin District

L-R George Gordon, Kirkland Dent, Charles Murphy and Cedric Nelson

Christmas Gala by Phyllis Gwenette Boyd Each year the Griffin District has celebrated the joy of the Christmas season with a gala affair which has served to acknowledge, recognize and appreciate Presiding Elder David L. Moore and Mrs. Jacqueline Moore. This past year was without exception as the Griffin District far exceeded it's previous plans, and convened the celebration at the Macon Georgia Centreplex one brisk cool December evening.



Along with the Griffin District, over 250 friends and colleagues from both Presiding Elder Moore and Mrs. Jacqueline Moore's church, secular, and community life were present and offered words of affirmation, commendation and appreciation. Well wishers from the north, south, east and west around Georgia travelled hundreds of miles to share in the celebration. The evening culminated with a video presentation of each pastor offering words of gratitude and appreciation to Presiding Elder Moore and Sis. Jacqueline for the superb leadership that has been modeled and sustained.

Griffin District's 12th Annual Lay Celebration by Phyllis Gwenette Boyd

Oh what an evening on the Griffin District Lay Organization 12th Annual Worship Service had at Mt. Zion AME Church 299 Lee Maddox Road Jackson, Georgia on Sunday January 27, 2013 at 4:00p.m. We were Spirit filled with exhilaration by our new GDLO PRAISE TEAM, and all other participants were outstanding: Worship Leader Sister Kathy Ponder set the atmosphere further. Those persons who attended included Brothers Al Ballard, Herbert Gantt, Edward Howard, St. Luke AME Church Male Choir, Rev. Tammy McFadden, Rev. Billy McFadden, Rev, Willie Card, Sisters Betty Orr, Cora Giddens, Xantha Hood, Louise Wellmaker,


P. Gwenette Boyd, Teresa Kendricks, Bettye Draper. Rev. H.W. Bush, Jr. was the dynamic speaker. He spoke from the book of Nehemiah and his topic was “Rise Up & Build”. He challenged us to take inventory GDLO and our lives, remove any adversaries, build up strong gates, serve GOD with gladness and rise up and build the GDLO higher heights. NECROLOGY We are deeply saddened by the passing of the following: The Late Brother Emmitt Lewis Boyd, Jr. “June Tune” the spouse of Sister Lucille & father of Mr. Lester & Ms. P. Gwenette Boyd on January 7, 2013. His Homegoing Celebration was held at Mathalama AME Church Morrow, Georgia January 14, 2013, Rev. Ezekiel Powers, Eulogist. He was a lead singer with the Gospel Keys of Atlanta, Georgia and the First President of the William M. Lacey, Sr. Male Choir of Mathalama AME Church. We extend to his family our heartfelt sympathy

Atlanta-North Georgia Conference Lay News Annual Layperson of the Year Awards Banquet The Atlanta-North Georgia Conference Lay Organization’s annual Lay Person of the Year Banquet was held January 26, 2013 at Saint Philip Church in Atlanta. The theme used this year was “A New Century, A New Way (Isaiah 43: 19).” The gala affair began with the grand march of the local lay person honorees from fifty-two churches in Olympic style with banners and fanfare. Each presiding elder district was led into the venue by their own district honoree. Emmy award-winning journalist Sister Karla Winfrey, an independent multimedia professional, was the Mistress of Ceremony. Ms. Winfrey used her storytelling talents to move us along throughout the afternoon. We were entertained by several musical selections from Bro. Henry Porter, a dance mime from a young group of males “Stepping out on Faith” and a gospel band of young adults “The Gifted Experience.” Included in the 486 attendance count affair were all four of the four presiding elders for the conference, college presidents from ITC and Morris Brown and retired general officer Dr. Jayme Coleman. The district honorees

were: East District Honoree: Sister Bettie Banks; Saint Philip; West District: Honoree Brother Lemar Wynn; Fairfield; North District: Honoree Sister Donna M. Williams; Big Bethel and South District: Honoree Sister Jean Jones; Knights Monumental. The Atlanta North Georgia Conference selected Bro. Lemar Wynn from Fairfield AME church as the Conference Lay person of the year. Written by Alfreda Brooks ANGLO Director of Lay Activities

Connectional Lay Organization Candidates Three members of the Atlanta-North Georgia Conference and the Sixth Episcopal District Lay Organization will be seeking Connectional Offices at the upcoming Lay Biennial. These persons are: Gloria T. Byrd for Second Vice President Virginia H. Harris (for re-election) as Parliamentarian Robert T. Matthews for Director of Public Relations Therefore, we need as many persons as possible to meet the deadline for registration and to lend us your support and your VOTE.















LAY NOTEBOOK Looking Towards Atlanta

Host City of the Thirty-Third Connectional Lay Biennial

Sixth Episcopal District Lay Organization AMEC c/o Robert T. Matthews III 811 Sandy Creek Drive, NW Atlanta, Georgia 30331


March 2013 Lay Notebook  

A quarterly newsletter magazine of the Sixthe Episcopal Distict Lay Organization of the African Methodist Episcopal Church

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