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Segmentation Study

Trollbeads every story has a bead Brand Overview: Trollbeads is a family-owned company since 1976. It originated in Europe and offers hundreds of bead selections including precious stones, sterling silver, natural pearls, and Italian Murano glass, all handdesigned. The company sees its beads as a “tribute to the world’s diversity.”

Women who see jewelry as: Art




She appreciates the craftsmanship and the story.

She sees jewelry as just part of her daily checklist.

She believes jewelry should be seen/scene.

She uses jewelry to complete her uniform.

She’s most likely to wear something different each day.

She rotates the regulars.

She rotates what’s hot.

She rotates what’s appropriate.

She buys it at boutiques and directly from designers.

She buys it at department stores and mass retailers.

She buys it anywhere.

She buys it at department stores and fine jewelers.

She likes to display her jewelry in unique ways.

She stores it in a jewelry box.

She displays her jewelry or stores it in a jewelry box.

She stores it out of view in a shoe box or drawer.

Her favorite accessory is jewelry.

Her favorite accessory is shoes.

Her favorite accessory is shoes.

Her favorite accessory is handbags.

40% of jewelry wearers

38% of jewelry wearers

12% of jewelry wearers

10% of jewelry wearers

General Truth: “I feel naked when I forget to put on my jewelry.”

Average Pieces of Jewelry Bought in 2008 5 4 3

Insight: It’s trendy to be you. And “you” means “unique.”

2 1 0 Art




Average Total Amount Spent on Jewelry in 2008 $300 $225 $150 $75 $0 Art

Designer Attitudes: Staple Art “David Yurman - He started off as a sculptor.” “People know that it’s a David Yurman.”


David Yurman is versatile. It goes with everything.” “A lot of people in my field have David Yurman. It’s the uniform of business.”





Percentage of Jewelry Population

Percentage of Total Jewelry Spending


11% 9%

12% 40%



Art Staple Fashion Requirement


Consumers are largely unaware of the Trollbeads brand...

Objective: Make an introduction to women who see jewelry as art.

Recommendations: Embrace artists so the audience sees Trollbeads as art. • Distribute through boutique channels and venues where art is sold. Focus advertising on point of purchase. • Hold off on traditional advertising (as this audience is least likely to read fashion magazines). • The audience is most likely to learn of the brand as they are in-store, so point of purchase displays are crucial.

Sara Cobaugh, Ryan Gallagher, Rachel Stallworth, Layne Wilson


VCU Brandcenter

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