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Challenge & Objective Noxzema is an iconic facial cleansing brand, famous for the its tingling sensory experience. While the no-frills brand has high awareness, it’s usage is relatively low in the category, as most people associate it with acne. As a result, most people use it during their teenage years then graduate from it as they grow older. Our objective, then, for this campaign was to increase Noxzema consideration among adults aged 18 to 34.

Target The target for increasing this consideration was, what we call, the Simpletarian. The Simpletarian is an 18 to 34-year-old male who has a very utilitarian approach to cleansing his face. He might currently use soap and water in place of a facewash because it’s already in his shower, but if he does use a dedicated facewash, the likely competition is Clearasil or Cetaphil. He likes visible results so that he knows a product is working, and once he finds a product that works, he remains loyal to it. Bells and whistles are not his thing. The Simpletarian is not looking to pamper his face. He just wants it to be clean.

Noxzema Opportunity



The Basics.

The Best.

Context Strategy Noxzema is the antidote to bullshit and grime.

Path to Purchase Trigger




MEDIA Choices for Each Stage or Purchase Path





Consumer Need

“My skin has changed and what I’ve been doing no longer works.”

“I need a face wash but it’s not a priority.”

“I want to buy something but I’m overwhelmed by the choices.”

“I found something that works and I’m sticking with it.”

Receptivity Insight

When they’re interacting with their skin (ex. shower, gym, etc)

When they’re talking about their skin or in a place where they feel dirty and need a loaner.

When they’re walking down a cluttered grocery aisle.

When they’re making another purchase; they’re sharing their loyalty.

Media Habits

Radio, OOH

Radio, OOH, Online, Print

Point of Purchase

Point of Purchase, Online, Word of Mouth

Context Choices

Radio ads and billboards while they are getting ready in the morning or commuting to work.

Product trials at airports, gyms, hotels, festivals; Subway ads; Online TV.

Innovative use of aisle space (in order to de-clutter).

Facebook Wash (application that eliminates ads on Facebook); In-store.

Success Metrics


Brand Attitude


Repeat Purchases; Recommendations

Sample Tactics

Out of Home: Filthy billboard that has the Noxzema logo “cleaned out of it� to reach them during their morning commute.


Point of Purchase: Grocery store aisle placement: Noxzema clears out a shelf and replaces the clutter with simplicity.

(Left) Out of Home: Noxzema dispensers in public places such as the gym. (Right) Out of Home: Simple, de-cluttered ad in public transport locations to reach them during their morning commute.

Team: Christina Herrmann, CS / Gloria Omaswa, CS / Eva Schiave, CS / Layne Wilson, CS


VCU Brandcenter Student Project