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DOMESTIC TRAVEL FOR BUSINESS in the last 12 months (age 30-59)

Male Female

4.5 Million females



8.8 Million males


Male Age 30 - 59 8.8MM in the U.S.

Meet Geoff Evans...

42 Kay,

e Br


, an

Geoff , 45

Caro line, 14

GEOFF AT HOME (in Dallas)


Winnie & Tanner

Geoff enjoys spending time with his family.

HHI: $134,044

He loves family dinners at home with Kay and the kids and much prefers to spend a quiet evening at home.

Home Value: $348,254

Geoff’s Chevy

Go-getter. He’s currently reading The Laws of Leadership because he is intelligent and believes in seizing life’s opportunities. He also thinks that he has the power to change his own life.

GEOFF’S OUTLOOK Lifetime Learner. He believes it’s important to stay well-informed and to continue learning new things.

Politically conservative. A lot of his colleagues are likely to members of the Republican party.

Sociable & Athletic. He belongs to the Dallas Running Club and also enjoys swimming as a means of exercise.

GEOFF ONLINE He values the internet as a primary source for finding information, and does much research online.


GEOFF AS A CONSUMER He’s generally pretty careful about how he spends his money.

He’s very average: Consumer Confidence Brand Loyalty Media Consumption Media Involvement Advertising Receptivity Advertising Negativity

He decides what he wants before he gets to the store. But he likes quality items and is willing to pay extra for them.

ATTITUDES TOWARDS ADVERTISING He rarely notices ads on buses, bus stops, trains, or taxis.

He won’t click on banner ads, floating, full-motion video, or pop-up / under ads.

He might click on webpage links or sponsored search results. He notices billboards over 50% of the time.

He dislikes hearing about products through email.


“Yeah, my colleagues at work would say that I am trustworthy and reliable.” “I am in this to build a strong career. I don’t want my day to day to just be a ‘job’.”

“You better believe that I would only work for an ethical company.”

GEOFF THE BUSINESS TRAVELER He’s spent 7 nights in a hotel for work over the last 12 months.

BEFORE LEAVING, GEOFF WILL: Book his Delta plane ticket online making sure to earn some frequent flyer miles. Book his hotel room at the Marriott online. Reserve his Enterprise rental car. Check the local weather forecast.

GEOFF ON THE PLANE He’s reading...

GEOFF AT THE HOTEL Currently, Geoff stays at the Marriott, but is not loyal to the hotel. He does, however, stay at hotels that offer frequent guest programs.

He will watch his favorite shows - Dirty Jobs and CSI - in the evening. And Kay loves American Idol so he will make sure to catch a minute or two for her sake.

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