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Questions from interested buyers: I’m concerned about the growth potential of the business with the population of Ngongotaha only being 4,000. Ngongotaha’s surrounding areas are Kaharoa, Hamuarana, Mamaku and Paradise Valley. This brings the area population to 12,000. Why are you selling? I have another business opportunity coming up in February, so I need to free myself from my commitments in New Zealand as it may also mean overseas travel.

What does the business need to grow? The two areas that we are lacking in are games (we only have about 30 PS2 titles) and adult titles. I believe that with an investment into these areas, the store will start to see some real profit. With downloading effecting this industry, games are a safeguard that will ensure customers will keep coming in – the movies are then complimentary. And adult titles are pure bread and butter for DVD stores. How many members do you have, and how many new members are you getting? We currently have 2,700 members. We sign up at least 10 new members every week. Over Christmas, we signed up to 10 new members PER DAY! Only a few of these were visitors from out of town. This is without any advertising whatsoever. With the addition of some traditional advertising methods thrown in with the existing Internet promotion, the store exposure would be huge. How much do you make off the Internet service you provide? Our public Internet access brings in enough to cover the phone and Internet bill every month and then some… What else could be added to the store? We constantly get people coming in asking for cellphone accessories, SIM cards, blank DVD discs, flash drives and other small digital accessories. I feel that the addition of a high-tech area in store would be complimentary.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to email or call as soon as possible via the details on the Trademe auction. The auction will close on February 1st.

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