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GEA ECOFLEX PRESENTS A NEW MARITIME COOLER WITH BENEFITS SIMILAR TO THOSE OF PLATE HEAT EXCHANGERS Recently, Gea Ecoflex - now Kelvion - presented the Bloksma FlowBox, a high-performance maritime cooler that combines the benefits of both coolers and plate heat exchangers. The Bloksma FlowBox offers high-performance tugs, freighters, dredges and supply vessels. Regarding stationary service, FlowBox allows a greater cooling capacity than conventional cooling boxes with the same dimensions. To achieve these benefits, the forced circulation controlled by cooled sea water demand is implemented. U-shaped heat exchangers found within the FlowBox ensure an effective heat exchange with seawater. Therefore, they are designed to withstand temperatures up to 94°C and operating pressures of 4 bar. Thus, once seawater enters the cooling box and flows through the heat exchangers, this leaves the cooler at 55°C maximum. Also, the FlowBox can be removed and cleaned easily without the need for special tools. It also includes a small number of wearing parts, reducing spending on replacement parts. Laygo Gaskets manufactures plate heat exchangers gaskets compatible with Gea Ecoflex's equipment, one of the leading manufacturers worldwide. For further information, please contact Laygo Gasket's sales department.

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Gea Ecoflex Presents a New Maritime Cooler with Benefits similar to those of Plate Heat Exchangers