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Dr. Senthil, IGIDS being honoured

University commends dedicated staff


he 63rd Independence Day of our nation was celebrated with gaiety and patriotic zeal, at the college premises, on 15.08.2009. The program began with a soul-stirring inaugural address by Prof. Thyagarajan KR, the Medical Superintendent. Student representatives, Mr. Divyang Mongia (3rd semester, MBBS) and Mr. Vijay Shankar K (5th semester, MBBS) given the opportunity to speak, spoke with fervor and kindled the patriotic feelings in one and all.

Vice Chancellor, Prof. Gunasekaran DR, hoisted the national tricolour and addressed the gathering. He mentioned, since the conferment of the Deemed University status - a matter of pride and honour, the university was celebrating the Independence Day for the first time. He urged the entire faculty and the staff working in the university to rededicate themselves, keeping in view the growth & development of the nation and the ethos of our institute. The highlight of the function was the distribution of the ‘Certificate of Commendation’ to the select band of faculty and staff of MGMCRI, IGIDS and KGNC, in recognition of the dedicated services rendered by them during the past year.

63rd Independence Day Celebrations

5 Sri Balaji Educational & Charitable Public Trust

SHRI SATHYA SAI MEDICAL COLLEGE & RESEARCH INSTITUTE Shri Sathya Sai Medical College and Research Institute (SSSMCRI), an off campus unit of Sri Balaji Vidyapeeth University is a private Medical college located in the outskirts of Chennai, Tamil Nadu. The

vision of its founder

Shri M.K. R ajagopalan

is to establish a world class medical school in the

country that would cater to the academic needs of domestic and international students alike .


SSMCRI aims at providing quality Medical education that is both need and value based. SSSMCRI is registered with the governing bodies of medical education viz., the Medical Council of India (MCI) and the University Grants Commission (UGC).

Vol 3, Issue 3, Jul-Sept 2009

Th e C a m p u s

The college boasts of state- of- the- art lecture halls that are fully air conditioned. Laboratories, Library, Skills labs / Museum / Digital microscopy Laboratory, Demonstration rooms with teaching aids are other noteworthy features that attract the immediate attention of an avid user. Telemedicine and Teleconferencing facilities are being established to link SSSMCRI with the Sri Balaji Vidyapeeth University campus located in Puducherry.

SSSMCRI is located amidst scenic beauty, 7 km into the road leading from Thiruporur, Old Mahabalipuram road to Chengalpattu in Kancheepuram district of Tamil Nadu. The campus is stretched over a sprawling area of 130 acres and is at the foothills of a picturesque hillock crowned with a temple portraying rich Indian heritage. The area around the campus is all lush green with several water pockets rendering a cool, clean, pollution free and serene atmosphere. The medical college began its academic activities on 19.09.2008. The cherishable location and an excellent infrastructure that augment the academic pursuits, offer an ideal ambience for students to embark upon a focussed medical educational program.




Department of Anatomy Since the inception of the department in the year 2008, it has been striving sincerely for uplifting the student community. The second batch of M.B.B.S students have entered the portals of the department, backed by the conviction and commitment of the skilled and learned faculty members. A cadaver is provided for dissection, to every 25 students. Teaching materials (conservative & innovative)

Outpatient services at the hospital, catering to the rural population, were initiated on 5.06 2006. At present there is a 500 bedded multispecialty hospital equipped with eight modular operation theatres and service laboratories for carrying out investigations. The hospital provides healthcare facility and service to the population hailing from a wide catchment area.

are available that cater to the academic needs of the students. Problem based interactive teaching is being promulgated. The second year MBBS students presented papers at the meet of the Anatomical society of Tamil Nadu, at chantcon’09, organized by Chettinad health city, on 11.09.09. This evoked an encouraging response from the erudite gathering. A state-of-the-art museum has been established in a specially constructed

5 Sri Balaji Educational & Charitable Public Trust


and centrally air-conditioned area. The museum boasts of an interesting collection of over 150 wet specimens of different anatomical parts of the human body and different stages of foetal development with inherent and pertinent details. In addition, pictorial charts and ingenious models of a host of organs and systems are available. Besides, a box containing (real) bones of the body has been provided to the students to help enhance their knowledge and skills in osteology.


Separate hostels for boys and girls, endowed with all basic amenities for a comfortable living, have been designed with a lot of care and thinking. They provide a salubrious environment ideal for studies and leisure. Besides, an exclusive staff residential quarters and a vast open ground for student sports activities, add impetus to the campus life.

Jul-Sep, Vol 3 |ssue 3

5 Sri Balaji Educational & Charitable Public Trust

D e pa rtm e n t of P h ysi ol o g y The Department of Physiology has qualified and experienced faculty members. It plays a pivotal role by tagging itself with a number of hospital-based research projects. The department is determined to make the students comprehend the fundamental physiological processes and translate them to effective clinical care. The Department of Physiology at SSSMCRI is unique in more than one way. It is one of the largest basic science departments in the college. The department has major undergraduate teaching commitments and is gearing up to focus greater efforts on research. In this connection it is planning to set up a computerized autonomic function testing laboratory. It also intends to initiate electrophysiological studies as related to exercise physiology. Research projects are being undertaken by the members of the Department and hitherto five papers have been put forward for publication. Conventional methods such as measurements of blood pressure, pulse rate, heart rate, and monitoring of electroencephalogram etc. have been fortified with sophisticated computational and electronic devices.

Following facilities are available at the Department of Physiology:»» Well equipped haematology, clinical physiology, amphibian physiology, mammalian physiology and research laboratories with adequate seating capacity and preparation rooms, varnishing room, dark room for ophthalmoscopy etc. »» Departmental library, seminar room. »» Departmental animal room housed above the central animal house with breeding and experimentation facilities.

D epartment of Bio chemistry The Department of Biochemistry, SSSMCRI has made quick strides, since its inception. A team of dedicated, enthusiastic, young and eager teaching and non-teaching staff members, backed by a comprehensive infra-structure, provide the necessary inputs. At the medical college, the department caters to the needs of the first year MBBS students by involving in timebased teaching activities, as the first year academic schedule is densely packed.

Vol 3, Issue 3, Jul-Sept 2009

The Clinical Biochemistry laboratory housed in the hospital premises helps to carry out the investigations and serves the needs of the clinical setup. The departmental objectives have been framed with a view to fostering the welfare of the students. Apart from regular teaching, the faculty advocate student participation at Symposia, Research projects, Quiz and other curricular activities. The faculty members are also involved in research work, publication of articles in peerreviewed journals and organization of CME programs.




The department is fully equipped and has the following: • A well equipped Department library with the latest editions of all important text books and journals. • Students Practical Laboratory which is well lit and ventilated. • A fully equipped spacious Research laboratory with modern laboratory instruments.

Scholars in the Making St u de n t Ac t i v ities Dhuvarakesh A, 2nd MBBS student, won the best Osteology paper award in the undergraduate category, at CHANTCON’09, organized by Chettinad Health city, on 11.09.09. He presented a paper titled, “Multiple deformities in a human skull” and the paper was guided by Dr. Jeganathan, Professor & Head, Department of Anatomy, SSSMCRI.

It was followed by the lighting of ceremonial lamp by Smt. Gowri Rajagopalan, Chairman, SSSMCRI. Dr. Gunasekaran DR, Honourable Vice Chancellor, Sri Balaji Vidyapeeth University delivered the inaugural address that was laden with information as regarding the available infrastructure and other existing facilities. He advised the budding doctors to make full use of

the facilities offered at the institute, to the best of their potentials so that they could refine themselves and get forth into the world as qualified and competent doctors. He also assured the parents that the SSSMCRI campus would provide their wards a homely and lively atmosphere that would eventually contribute to their all round growth and development.

Mariya Fortuna P, 2nd MBBS student, presented a paper titled “Abnormal branches of External carotid artery” at CHANTCON’09, organized by Chettinad Health city, on 11.09.09. The presentation was guided by Dr. Jeganathan, Professor & Head, Department of Anatomy, SSSMCRI and was widely appreciated.

F re sh e r s ’ Day C e l e b r at i on

5 Sri Balaji Educational & Charitable Public Trust



SSSMCRI organized ‘Freshers Day’ - a welcome party for I M.B.B.S students (2009-2010), on 14.09.2009. The eager but anxious freshers who had come with their parents and other guests gathered in the lecture hall that was tastefully decorated for the occasion. The gathering was welcomed by Dr. Vasantha N Subbiah, Dean, SSSMCRI.

Jul-Sep, Vol 3 |ssue 3

5 Sri Balaji Educational & Charitable Public Trust


TERTIARY CARE SERVICES M ast e r He alth C h e c k - u p Unit

New E quip tments


uring the Quarter, July to September 2009, 353 cases were examined at the MHC. The staff of Pondicherry University, underwent health check up in the month of July 2009. Among the private sector companies, STCMS – a 250 Megawatt (MW) power company based at Uthangal, Virudhachalam, Cuddalore district, Tamil Nadu, had sent its employees, numbering 30 to the MHC, for their annual health check up. MHC carried out clinical investigation for contract labourers of TANFAC, a leading private sector industry at SIPCOT, Cuddalore, Tamil Nadu. 178 employees were screened on 20.08.2009 and 21.08.2009. Various tests were carried out and results intimated to them promptly.

Vol 3, Issue 3, Jul-Sept 2009

New Se rv i ces A new Super-speciality Department of Endocrinology has commenced functioning since 01-07-2009. Dr. Sathish Kumar, MD, DM (Endocrinology) heads the Department. The diabetic/endocrine clinic offers its services both to the inpatients and outpatients of the hospital. Consultations regarding diabetes, thyroid dysfunction, growth dysregulation, metabolic abnormalities and infertility are available. Baseline diabetic investigations and hormonal assays (with the availability of electrochemiluminescence autoanalyser) are available for prompt patient management. Diabetic education is provided to all diabetic and prediabetic patients during the consultation so as to enable better patient involvement in treatment. MGMCRI SSSMCRI IGIDS KGNC

The Department of Orthopaedics has acquired a new ‘KMC-650’ C-ARM Surgical Mobile Fluoroscopic X-Ray System (Comed Medical System Co.Ltd, South Korea). The unit is designed for mobile use in the emergency room, operation theatres, cast rooms, etc of the hospital. The C-Arm has a radius of 650 mm and can reach a depth of 663 mm allowing easy access during surgeries. The images captured by the X-Ray fluoroscopy unit is intensified and displayed real time on the screen. The KMC – 650 facilitates surgeons to visualize their operating field for real time manipulations.

Ac creditation

external quality evaluation, promotion and sustenance initiatives. Sri Balaji Vidyapeeth (SBV) University is in the process of acquiring NAAC accreditation. In this regard, Chancellor, Shri. M.K. Rajagopalan, addressed the Core committee and the Task force group members, on 09.07.2009. The spadework which needs to be performed and the time required for submission of the Self Study Report (SSR), of the University, was charted out with requisite expert guidance and due care. As a corollary to the NAAC accreditation process, an Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) was formed, on 10.09.2009. The cell was inaugurated by the Chancellor, SBV and would function as a quality sustenance centre. The Dean of MGMCRI would coordinate the activities of the IQAC, with all the heads of the departments being its executive members. The uniqueness of the IQAC at MGMCRI is that it has been established in the pre-accreditation stage itself, which depicts the commitment of the management and faculty to quality development and sustenance measures.

he National Assessment T and Accreditation Council (NAAC) is an autonomous body estab-

lished by the University Grants Commission (UGC) of India to assess and accredit institutions of higher education in the country. It is an outcome of the recommendations of the National Policy in Education (1986) that laid special emphasis on upholding the quality of higher education in India. The vision of the NAAC is: To make quality the defining element of higher education in India through a combination of self and 6

Chancellor Shri M.K. Rajagopalan addressing the Internal Quality Assurance Cell.



CASE REPORT Unveil the Camouflage


The initial examination revealed the presence of a multitude of pustular, ulcerated lesions scattered over the extremities and face. A provisional diagnosis of Pyoderma Gangrenosum was made and the patient was evaluated further. Immuno-deficiency due to underlying retroviral infection was ruled out. Slit skin smear tested positive for mycobacterium leprae. Biopsy from the ulcers showed features of vasculitis. A careful and diligent perusal of the patient’s treatment history, revealed prior treatment with antileprosy drugs six months back. She was diagnosed to have Hansen’s disease and had been started on antileprosy therapy. In view of the new evidence, a diagnosis of pustular Erythema Nodosum Leprosum (ENL) was made. ENL is type 2 lepra reaction (immune- complex mediated hypersensitivity reaction), seen in lepromatous leprosy. Classically type 2 reaction presents with fever followed by crops of tender, erythematous nodules and plaques on the trunk and extremities, which usually disappear within 48 hours. Rarely, ENL can be haemorrhagic, bullous or ulcerative.

The patient was started on multi-drug therapy (MDT), systemic steroids (prednisolone) and daily cleaning of wounds with Condy’s solution (1/10,000 dilution of potassium permanganate). The patient’s condition improved dramatically within 2 - 3 weeks. The ulcers healed and no fresh pustules appeared thereafter. The patient is on regular follow-up. She is in compliance with her medication and is thankful for a new lease of painless life.

Necrotic ENL

poses diagnostic

difficulty in patients with leprosy, because it mimics other cutaneous necrotizing disorders and pyoderma .

acid fast bacilli on slit skin smear

D ep t of D ermatol o gy, Venereol o gy & L eprol o g y

5 Sri Balaji Educational & Charitable Public Trust



23 year old woman, presented to the outpatient department of Dermatology, Venereology & Leprology with complaints of fever and multiple, painful, ulcerated lesions over both hands and legs of three month duration. The lesions were tiny pustules to begin with, which later became enlarged and ulcerated. Crops of these lesions were appearing simultaneously all over the body. The patient had tried multitude of antibiotics, antifungal drugs and topical medications, but in vain.

Jul-Sep, Vol 3 |ssue 3

5 Sri Balaji Educational & Charitable Public Trust

IN PURSUIT OF PROFESSIONAL EXCELLENCE S c i e n t i f i c publications


reeraaghanidhi K, Srikanth K, Ashok Kumar S, Selvasundari S: Conjunctival involvement in a case of disseminated rhinosporidiosis. TNOA Journal 2009; 47(2): 88-89.

»» Noyal MJC, Menezes GA, Harish BN, Sujatha S, Parija SC: Simple screening tests for detection of carbapenemases in clinical isolates of non-fermentative gram negative bacteria. Ind J Med Research 2009; 129: 707-12.

07.08.09 and 09.08.09 at Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. »» Dr. Srikanth K, Associate Professor, Department of Ophthalmology, was awarded the Best paper award in the Community Ophthalmology session for his free paper titled “Eye screening in School Children” at the same conference. »» Mrs. Uma AN, Assistant Professor, Department of Anatomy, received the best paper award for the paper on “A phenotypical female with a male karyotype” in Genetics;

»» Noyal MJC, Harish BN, Bhat V, Parija SC: Neonatal melioidosis: A case report from India. Ind J Med Microbiology 2009; 27(3): 260-3.

»» Dr. Mugunthan N, Assistant Professor, Department of Anatomy, received the best paper award for the paper on “Anatomic Variations of Cystic artery” in Gross Anatomy;

Vol 3, Issue 3, Jul-Sept 2009

Medal for rendering service in Community Ophthalmology. She received the honor at “Darshan 2009”, the 57th Annual Conference of the Tamil Nadu Ophthalmic Association, held between


»» Dr. Satish Kumar R, Tutor, Department of Anatomy, received the best paper award for the paper on “Proboscis with Cyclopia- a case report ” in Embryology; All the four awards were won during the 32nd Annual Conference of the Association of Anatomists - Tamil Nadu, held on 12 & 13.09.2009 at Chettinad Health City, Kelampakkam, Tamil Nadu. »» Dr. Krishnagopal R, Associate Professor, Orthopedics and organizing

Awa rd s rof. Selvasundari S, Professor P and Head of Ophthalmology, was awarded Dr. Venkatasamy G Gold

»» Mrs. Mary Hydrina D’Silva, Assistant Professor, Department of Anatomy, received the best paper award for the paper on “Histological and Histomorphometry study of Ductus Arteriosus in still born fetuses” in Histology;




secretary of Orthopedic Association of South Indian States Conference, OASISCON 2008, received an award from the organizers of OASISCON 2009, during the conference held at Kochi from 11.09.09 to 13.09.09 for the good conduct of the conference during the previous year. Hearty congratulations to the awardees.

Scientific pre sen tat i on s

r. Mahalakshmi VN, Associate D Professor attended the 8th Annual Conference of Tamil Nadu & Pondicherry chapter of Indian Association of Paediatric surgeons “COPSCON 09” at Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, from 10.07.09 to 12.07.09 and presented three papers;

1.  Functional reconstruction of vagina – Is sigmoid the answer? 2.  MCU for antenatally detected upper tract dilatations – Do we still need it? An appraisal of 125 cases 3.  Caudal morphine as an adjunct in the prevention of postoperative bladder spasms in children undergoing urethroplasty for hypospadias – an observational study.

»» Three papers on management of difficult and compromised airway were presented from the Department of Anesthesiology & Critical Care at a CME titled “Difficult airway management-Challenges for the Anaesthetist” conducted by Indian Society of Anaesthesiologists, Puducherry state branch on 01.08.2009, at Puducherry. Dr. Sivashanmugam T, Assistant Professor, presented a paper on ‘Management of Adult trachea- esophageal fistula’; Dr. Debendra Kumar Tripathy, Assistant Professor, presented a paper on ‘Tracheal Rhinosporidiosis for excision’ and Dr. Babu A, Postgraduate student presented a case report on ‘Retrosternal goiter with severe tracheal narrowing’.

evaluation of the colorectal cancer”. He also chaired the valedictory function. »» Dr. Henry Balraj K, Professor, Department of Physiology, chaired a session on ‘Undergraduate Research Topic Presentation’ at the Annual Conference of Association of Physiologists of Tamil Nadu, at Chennai, Tamil Nadu, on 10.10.09 and 11.10.09. »» Dr. Sudha Rao, Professor & Head and Dr. Anbalagan J, Professor, Department of Anatomy, Chaired a scientific paper presentation session at the 32nd Annual Conference of Association of Anatomists Tamil Nadu, held at Chettinad Health City, Kelambakkam, Tamil Nadu, held on 12.09.09 and 13.09.09.

»» Ms. Kandha Kumari G, Assistant Professor, Department of Microbiology, presented a poster titled “Tuberculosis coinfection status in HIV patients attending MGMCRI”, at the Second Annual Science Symposium on HIV/ AIDS 2009, held at Chennai, Tamil Nadu, on 28.08.09 and 29.08.09.

»» Prof. Thyagarajan KR, Professor and Head and Dr. Krishnagopal R, Associate Professor from the Department of Orthopedics chaired two separate scientific sessions in OASISCON 09 held at Kochi, Kerala, between 11.09.09 and 13.09.09.

O fficiation As C hairperson In Academic / S cientific Events

Participation In Academic/ S cientif i c Events

»» Dr. Ananthakrishnan N, Professor of Surgery attended the update on COLORECTAL CANCER, organized by the Regional Cancer Centre, JIPMER, Puducherry, on 13.09.09 and chaired the session on “Diagnosis and

»» Dr. Sivashanmugam T, Assistant Professor, Department of Anaesthesiology, attended the ‘fourth workshop on advanced regional anaesthesia and ultrasound’, organized by the Axon anaesthesia Associates and Global

5 Sri Balaji Educational & Charitable Public Trust



»» Dr. Veerapan V, Associate Professor, Department of Orthopedics, made a Video presentation on “Fenestration discectomy” at the Zonal Conference - OASISCON 09, held at Kochi from 11.09.09 to 13.09.09. Dr. Ravichandran, Assistant Professor, Department of Orthopedics, gave a guest lecture on “Complications of total knee joint replacement” at the same conference. Jul-Sep, Vol 3 |ssue 3

5 Sri Balaji Educational & Charitable Public Trust

hospital, at Hyderabad, on 08.08.09 and 09.08.09. »» Dr. Seethalakshmi GV, Assistant Professor, Department of Dermatology participated in the 2nd Annual Science Symposium, on HIV/AIDS 2009, held at Chennai on 28.08.09 and 29.08.09. »» Dr. Udhay Preet Sidhu, Assistant Professor, Department of Dermatology took part in the 3rd National Congress of Pediatric Dermatology -DERMPED 2009, held on 19.09.09 and 20.09.09 at Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

Gynaecology, participated in the training Programme ‘Training of trainers in alternative method of IUCD –No touch technique” organized by the Dept. of family welfare, Govt. of Puducherry, at Puducherry Health Mission, from 31.08.09 to 06.09.09. »» Prof. Selvasundari S, Head of the department of Ophthalmology attended the Annual Indian Intraocular Implant and Refractive Surgery Convention, organized by the Intraocular Implant and refractive Society of India at Chennai, Tamil Nadu, on 11.07.2009 and 12.07.2009. She also attended the Glaucoma Surgical Symposium at Aravind Eye Hospital, Puducherry, on 18.07.09 and 19.07.09.

Vol 3, Issue 3, Jul-Sept 2009

»» Dr. Kathiravan P, senior tutor, Department of Orthopedics, attended the zonal conference “OASISCON 09” held at Kochi, Kerala, between 11.09.09 and13.09.09. »» Dr. Shiva Murthy N, Associate Professor, Department of Pharmacology participated in the Sixth National workshop on ‘Basic Techniques in Molecular Biology and Bioinformatics in Pharmacogenomics’, organized jointly by Indian Council for Medical Research (ICMR), Centre for Advanced Research in Pharmacogenomics, Department of Pharmacology, JIPMER, Vector Control Research Centre (VCRC) and Pondicherry University, held between 07.09.09 and 12.09.09 at JIPMER, Puducherry. »» Dr. Selvaraj Stephen, Professor, Dr. Uma Devi S, Associate Professor, Dr. Noyal Mariya Joseph C, Assistant Professor and Ms. Sruthi Raj, Tutor, Department of Microbiology, participated in the CME “Update on Microbiology”, organized by Indian Association of Medical Microbiologists – Puducherry chapter, held at Aarupadai Veedu Medical College & Hospital, on 18.07.09. »» Dr. Mamatha Gowda, Assistant Professor, Department of Obstetrics and


»» Mr. Balasubramanian P, Clinical Psychologist & Tutor, Department of Psychiatry, attended a seminar on ‘The Brain & Mind of a Child’ organized by M. V. Arunachalam Centre of Information and Education in Neurosciences, The Institute of Neurological Sciences, VHS Hospital and Madras Medical College, on 22.8.09, at Madras Medical College, Chennai, Tamil Nadu. »» Dr. Robinson Smile S, Head of the Department of Surgery, attended the 33rd Annual Conference of Tamil Nadu and Puducherry Chapter of the Association of Surgeons of India, held at Kanyakumari, from 06.08.09 to 09.08.09. »» The faculty and the postgraduate students from the Department of Surgery attended a workshop on Benign Anorectic Diseases conducted by International College of Surgery, Pondicherry Visiting Professor Program, at the Government Hospital, Puducherry, on 29.08.09 and 30.08.09. »» The faculty and Post Graduate students from the department of Surgery attended a CME on Colorectal Cancer 10

which was conducted by the Regional Cancer Centre, JIPMER on13.09.09.

Miscell any »» Prof. Ravishankar M, Head, Department of Anaesthesiology, was elected as the President of The Indian Society of Anaesthesiology, Puducherry State branch for the year 2009-10. Dr. Sivashanmugam T, Assistant Professor and Dr. Tripathy DK, Assistant Professor, were elected as Secretary and Treasurer respectively. »» Dr. Karthikeyan S, Associate Professor, ENT, participated in a live question and answer session, broadcast by All India Radio (Prasar Bharathi Corporation), Puducherry, on 22.09.09. The session pertained to common ENT problems and remedies for the same. »» Dr. Shanthi AK, Professor of Pediatrics participated in a live Question & Answer session broadcast by Sooryan FM on 05.08.09, in connection with the observation of breast feeding week. »» Dr. Anand L, Assistant Professor of Psychiatry spoke on Stress Management in the workshop on Interpersonal Relations, conducted for the program staff of All India Radio, at A.I.R Puducherry, on 05.08.09. »» Dr. Lokesh S, Assistant Professor Dept. of Medicine presented an awareness talk on Swine Flu, at the invitation of WIPRO staff and management on 04.08.09. He also presented a similar talk on 06.08.09 for the benefit of the staff and students of Rajiv Gandhi College of Engineering and Technology, Puducherry. »» Prof. Thyagarajan KR, was the chairperson for an instructional course lecture on trauma, organized on 31.07.09 and 01.08.09, under the auspices of OASIS & Pondicherry Orthopaedic Association. Dr. Krishnagopal R and Dr. Veerappan V, were the organizing secretaries for the same.





r. Jagan Mohan R, Dr. Harsha M Shetty and Dr. Jacob Jesurun RS, postgraduate students of the Department of Pharmacology attended a week long workshop on ‘Clinical Trials Design’ held jointly by the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill and the Department of Biostatistics, Christian Medical College (C.M.C.), Vellore, Tamil Nadu, from 13.07.2009 to 17.07.2009, at C.M.C. Vellore. They won the first and third positions in ‘Protocol Development’ competitions, held at the workshop.

»» Dr. Deepak David and Dr. Ajin Manoah, postgraduate students in General Surgery, attended the 33rd Annual Conference of the Tamil Nadu and Pondicherry Chapter of the Association of Surgeons of India, held at Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu, from 6.8.2009 to 9.8.2009. Dr. Deepak David presented a paper on “Unusual presentation of Gastrointestinal stromal tumor (GIST) of stomach – a case report”. »» Dr. Rahul KK and Dr. Ashish Singh, postgraduate students of the Department of Dermatology, Venereology and Leprology, participated in the Second Annual Science Symposium on HIV/AIDS 2009, held at Chennai, Tamil Nadu, on 28.08.2009 and 29.08.2009. Dr. Rahul KK also presented a poster at the symposium titled “To Seek the Hidden Monster”.

»» Dr. Ramkumar S, Dr. Vamsi K, Dr.Muthumanickam R, Dr.Mohammed Ghouse and Dr. Saravana Kumar, postgraduate students from the Department of Orthopedics, attended the zonal conference “OASISCON 09”, at Kochi, Kerala, held between 11.09.09 and 13.09.09. »» Dr. Usha K and Dr. Sundaravadanam KVK, postgraduate students of the Department of Anatomy attended CHATCON 2009, the 32nd Annual Conference of the Association of Anatomists-Tamil Nadu, held at the Chettinad Health City, Kelambakkam, Tamil Nadu, on 12.09.2009 and 13.09.2009. »» Dr. Rahul KK, Dr. Soujanya D and Dr. Vishranth SP, postgraduate students of the Department of Dermatology, Venereology and Leprology, attended DERMPED 2009, the 3rd National Congress of Paediatric Dermatology, held at Chennai, Tamil Nadu, on 19.09.2009 and 20.09.2009. Dr. Rahul KK and Dr. Soujanya D also participated in the quiz, organized at DERMPED 2009.

UG stu dents’ News

Dr. Ravivarman L, CRRI attached to the Department of Paediatric surgery, participated in ‘COPSCON – 09’, the 8th Annual Conference of Tamil Nadu & Pondicherry Chapter of Indian Association of Paediatric Surgeons at Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, between 10.07.2009 and 12.07.2009. He presented a paper on “A Curious congenital hernia

5 Sri Balaji Educational & Charitable Public Trust


– A case report”. The paper was coauthored by Dr. Mahalakshmi VN, Associate Professor, Paediatric Surgery, MGMCRI.

Shobana Aarti D, fifth semester undergraduate student of MBBS presented a research paper titled “A Retrospective analysis of endometrial curettings for DUB” at the South Indian Medical Students’ Conference, Puducherry, on 19.09.2009. The paper was guided by Dr. Koteeshwaran D, Professor and Dr. Narasimhan R, Professor Emeritus, Department of Pathology, MGMCRI. Mr. Ramadass S, fifth semester undergraduate student of MBBS presented a research paper titled “Pattern of Thyroid disease - a histopathological study” at the South Indian Medical Students’ Conference, Puducherry, on 19.09.2009. The paper was guided by Dr. Pradeep Kumar NS, Associate Professor and Dr. Narasimhan R, Professor Emeritus, Department of Pathology, MGMCRI. Ms. Bruno Bharathi S, fifth semester undergraduate student of MBBS presented a research paper titled “Retrospective analysis on the pattern of breast diseases” at the South Indian Medical Students’ Conference, Puducherry, on 19.09.2009. The paper was guided by Dr. Richa Singh, Assistant Professor and Dr. Narasimhan R, Professor Emeritus, Department of Pathology, MGMCRI.


P G st u de n ts ’ news

Jul-Sep, Vol 3 |ssue 3

5 Sri Balaji Educational & Charitable Public Trust

CAMPAIGNS World Breast Feeding Week 1 - 0 8 - 0 9 To 07-08-09 very year, the first week of E August is observed as Breastfeeding week, the World over. The Department of Pediatrics observed the same this year too, with the usual vigor and for the eighth time, since the inception

Vol 3, Issue 3, Jul-Sept 2009

of this institute. In this connection, several events were organized at MGMCRI over a span of one week. These included an essay competition for the MBBS students, on this year’s theme, “Breast feeding a vital emergency response - Are you ready?” A poster competition on the same theme was also conducted for the students of Nursing College. Several students participated enthusiastically in both these competitions. A symposium on the importance of breast milk, the physiology of lactation, common problems encountered in breast feeding and counseling needed for mothers experiencing problems in breastfeeding, were presented by the eager postgraduate students of the department. Counseling on the various aspects of breastfeeding was done for the mothers in the Postnatal wards and Ante-natal clinics of the Hospital and also in the health centers. A “Puppet Show” was conducted by the MGMCRI SSSMCRI IGIDS KGNC

Nursing College students at the Pediatric OPD and Postnatal ward, and was well appreciated by the patients and the onlookers alike. Scientific and Academic Forum (SAF), Medical Education unit, MGMCRI in association with the Department of Pediatrics, jointly organized the valedictory function & Prize distribution on 07.08.09. Dr. Srinivasan S, Director-Professor & Head, Department of Pediatrics, JIPMER, presented a lecture on “Recent advances in infant feeding – an update”. He explained the meaning of this year’s theme, and highlighted the various advantages of human breast milk while stressing the importance of exclusive breast feeding. He also enumerated the scientific aspects of weaning and infant feeding. The function was attended by faculty, students and staff nurses.

Advocacy Program on MSM & Transgender AF & Medical Education unit, S MGMCRI organized an Advocacy Program on MSM & Transgender (TG) on 29.09.09. Prof. Ramachandran VT, President, SAF welcomed the gathering. This was followed by a keynote address by Prof. Thiyagarajan KR, Medical Superintendent. An informative talk was delivered by Dr. Kannan NS, Deputy Medical Superintendent, titled “Enigma of Transgender”.

Mr. Rajesh, Director of “Sahodaran” - MSM & TG Healthcare Project provided an insight into their Community Based Organization in Puducherry. Mr.


Kathiravan, Project Manager of “Thozha - Thozha”, a project launched by Govt. of Puducherry, further elaborated upon their rights and equality in the society and the commitment of the govt. towards establishing it. Mr. Rajavel, a volunteer of Sahodharan gave an overview of MSM. He emphasized on the comprehensive safety measures to be taken in order to prevent HIV and Syphilis infection. Ms. Rukshana, a transgender of Sahodharan spoke about her personal experience as a transgender and the grit she has to possess so as to earn the respect of the society. The coordinators of Transgender Clinic, MGMCRI namely Prof. Gyansehwar Sharma S (Chief coordinator), Head of the department of Psychiatry, Prof. Ambujam S, Head of the department of Dermatology, Prof. Tirou Aroul T, Department of Surgery, Dr. Sabita P, Associate Professor, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, along with Rajesh & Rukshana had a brief interaction with the audience. The session ended with a vote of thanks by Prof. Stanley Roberts, Secretary of SAF. A get together that followed the meet provided a congenial platform for the audience and dignitaries to exchange views with the members of “Sahodaran”.




Dr. Kingshuk Lahon

5 Sri Balaji Educational & Charitable Public Trust

Mr. Shanthi D, Clerk, MRD; Mr. Rajaraman A, Clerk, Microbiology; Mrs. Mani Mekalai R, Dental Tech, IGIDS; Mr. Manibalan R, Driver, Transport; Mr. Gnanasekar R, Driver, Transport; Mr. Ramesh N, Engineer, Civil; Mr. Panneer Selvam TK, Supervisor, Housekeeping; Mr. Balamurugan B, Lab Technician, Pharmacology; Mrs. Anitha R, Lab Technician, Microbiology; Mr. Ethirajulu V, Laundary Assistant, CSSD; Mr. Kalidass R, Lect. Hall Asst, I Lect. Hall; Ms. Gokula Priya R, Lecturer, Nutrition, KGNC; Mr. Suresh U, Library Assistant, Central Library; Mr. Venkatesan K, Library Assistant, KGNC; Mr. Sivakumar D, Manifold Assistant, Anaesthesiology; Mr. Soureche R, MRI Tech, Radiology; Mrs. Lakshmi Thangam M, Nursing Supervisor, Nursing; Mr. Kathiravan

V, Office Assistant, MRD; Mr. Sathiyamoorthy

A, OT Asstistant, OT; Mr. Syed Abdul Gaffar, OT Asstistant, OT; Mr. Sankar N, OT Technician, OT; Mr. Devanathan V, Plumber, Maintenance; Mr. Srinuvasan K, Radiographer, Radiology; Mrs. Logeswari L, Staff Nurse, Paediatric Ward; Mrs. Sayeera Banu B, Staff Nurse, OT; Mrs. Bennett Susanna, Staff Nurse, F2; Mr. Lakshmanan V, Tech. Asst, Physiology; Mr. Babu G, Technician,

Pathology; Mr. Lakshman Rao M, Technician, Pathology; Mr. Sivaguru R, Theatre Attender, OT; Mr. Mahadev Singh B, Theatre Technician, OT. 13


Dr. Lokesh S, Asst. Professor, General Medicine; Dr. Seethalakshmi GV, Asst. Professor, DVL; Dr. Kingshuk Lahon M, Asst. Professor, Pharmacology; Dr. Dilip Kumar Maurya, Asst. Professor, OB & GY; Ms. Kandha Kumari G, Asst. Professor, Microbiology; Dr. Dharmvir Ranjan Bharati, Asst. Professor, Community Medicine; Dr. Jai Ganesh K, Asst. Professor, Physiology; Dr. Nagarajan N, Senior Tutor, Ophthalmology; Dr. David Livingstone, Professor, IGIDS; Dr. Senthil M, Lecturer, IGIDS; Mr. Srinivasan G, A/C Mechanic, Maintenance; Mrs. Sathiya J, ANM, OB & GY, OPD; Mr. Senthil Kumar R, Assistant, CSSD; Mr. Rajangam G, Attender, Faculty B4; Mrs. Saraswathi M, Attender, New MRD; Mrs. Meenakshi J, Attender, Radiology; Mr. Shanmuga Velu A, Attender, Pharmacy; Mr. Selvam R, Attender, Boys Hostel; Mrs. Deivanayagi R, Attender, Admn. Office; Mr. Nagamuthu K, Attender, Old OT; Mrs. Sarasu P, Attender, IGIDS; Mr. Mayavel P, Attender, CSSD; Mrs. Thamizha E, Attender, Forensic Medicine; Mr. Gnanasekaran P, Attender, Library; Mrs. Sarasakumari D, Attender, Anatomy; Mr. Pushpanathan, Attender, House Keeping; Mr. Sakthivel S, Attender, III Lect. Hall; Mr. Sagadjanandane S, Attender, IV Lect. Hall; Mr. Subramanian K, Attender, OT; Mr. Murugan A, Attender, IT; Mrs. Vijaya V, Billing Clerk, Accounts Department; Mr. Pannir Selvam K, Clerk, Accounts Department;

Mr. Nagamuthu K

Jul-Sep, Vol 3 |ssue 3


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5 Sri Balaji Educational & Charitable Public Trust

World Heart Day


ardiovascular diseases, which include heart attack and stroke, have become the leading cause of mortality and morbidity, since the turn of the last millennium. In the year 2000, more than 12 million people worldwide have died of cardiovascular disorders. By the year 2020, it is estimated that more than 24 million people will die annually from cardio- vascular disease. The cardiovascular problem is compounded by the prevalence of Diabetes and Obesity owing to affluence and unhealthy lifestyle of the community, at large. India

is poised to become

the world

Disease 60% of



contributing to

C.V. 2010.

patients with

problems by year

Vol 3, Issue 3, Jul-Sept 2009


The World Heart Federation, a Non Governmental Organization (NGO), is committed to helping people achieve a longer and better life through prevention and control of heart diseases and stroke, with a focus on under developed and developing countries. The World Heart Federation is recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO), as its leading NGO partner in promoting the prevention and control of cardiovascular diseases.

Worl d He a rt Day World Heart Day is observed to lay emphasis on the World Heart Federation’s global campaign against cardiovascular diseases. It is observed on the last Sunday of September, every year. Members, sponsors and partner organizations arrange worldwide activities which include lectures, walks, cookery demonstrations and screening for risk factors. The purpose is to “Increase awareness among the general public, regarding the threat of Cardiovascular diseases and MGMCRI SSSMCRI IGIDS KGNC

27 September 2009

The employer too enjoys substantial benefits by incorporating these simple changes with an increase in productivity, fewer sick days, lower medical costs that boost the morale and corporate image besides enhancing the staff retention result. Company (employee) health screening should be undertaken periodically to look for disease patterns and risk factor assessment. For people presenting early in the course of the disease, emphasis could be laid on disease management with proper therapeutic modalities. The patient can be counseled to ensure advocate the importance of incorporat- proper compliance with medications and, ing a healthy life style into the people’s’ on the importance of long term follow daily work life”. The theme for this year up, in order to accrue benefits in the is “Work with Heart” that emphasizes later stages of life. For patients with an work place wellness, working towards established disease, priority is provided wellness and company health screening. towards prevention of complications and thereby the patient learns to adhere to a schedule with inherent mandatory Why Workpl ace minimal physical activity. This not only Wellness? provides him a sense of well-being, but Most people spend over also the confidence of being half their wakeful hours workA workplace in control of the disease. ing. Workplaces are an ideal wellness The theme of the year setting to encourage healthy “Work with Heart” has lifestyle. Small changes such programme need approached us as a grim as imposing a ban on smoknot be complex reminder to the large maging, making more fruits and nitude of problems we face vegetables available at the or expensive. as healthcare providers and canteen, encouraging workers policy makers. We should to exercise during their break be proactive in promoting awareness hours, offering easy access to drinking regarding cardiovascular problems, with water for employees and encouraging a view, to prevent the dubious distincworkers to incorporate physical activity tion of becoming the world capital of into their daily routine, could go a long heart diseases. way in fostering better health. Further, stress management strategies like relax- 1. Working Towards Wellness: Lessons to date; World Economic Forum ation with Yoga, Tai chi, meditation etc. and stretch workouts at workplace are 2. Chapman LS. Meta evaluation of worksite regarded as helpful initiatives aimed health promotion economic return studtowards a healthier lifestyle. Incentives ies. The Art of Health Promotion, 2003, and perks in the form of travel and 6(6):1–16. relaxation packages, peer group physical activities and health food hampers Dr. Ponnambalam provided by the employer, induct a sense Consultant Cardiologist, mgmcri of healthy lifestyle among the employees. 16




Yoga Music

Therapy, Education & Research


he centre for Yoga Therapy, Education & Research (CYTER) as well as the centre for Music Therapy, Education & Research (CMTER) were inaugurated at MGMCRI, by the Respected Dean, Prof. Gunasekaran D.R., on 28.09.2009.

CMTER would henceforth be aimed at enhancing the quality of life in the patients, in general and foster evidence based medicine, utilizing these adjuvant modalities, built on the foundation of scientific research.

Dr. Ananda Balayogi Bhavanani, an internationally acclaimed Yoga therapist and physician-musician, based at Puducherry, is the Honorary Advisor to these centres. Dr. Gyaneshwar Sharma, Professor & Head, Dept. of Psychiatry heads CYTER and CMTER. Other faculty members associated with these centres include Dr. Sivaprakash B, Associate Professor of Psychiatry, Dr. Srinivasan A.R., Associate Professor of Biochemistry and Dr. Saha S, Sr. Assistant Professor of Biochemistry. The student members include Mr. Balaji R. and Ms. Janani K

5 Sri Balaji Educational & Charitable Public Trust



The two centres have already initiated their activities in all earnest and since begun augmenting therapeutic approach to diseases / disorders including psychosomatic illnesses, Diabetes Mellitus & Essential hypertension. The activities of CYTER &

Jul-Sep, Vol 3 |ssue 3

5 Sri Balaji Educational & Charitable Public Trust

OUTREACH SERVICES MGMCRI ever believes in reaching out to the under-privileged people and lending them support by way of looking after an important aspect of their lives — their health. This is being facilitated through regular conduct of health camps and awareness programs especially by the department of Community Medicine, in association with the other departments of the Deemed University.

Health Camps During the quarter of the year i.e. between July and September 2009, ten medical health camps were organized at various places in Puducherry and adjoining districts of Tamil Nadu. A special ENT camp was organized on 02.07.2009 at Andarmullipallam near Parangipettai, Tamil Nadu where 217 patients were offered treatment, by specialists from the department of Oto-Rhino-Laryngology. Specialists from the department of Ophthalmology rendered their services to 219 patients, at another special camp, held on 09.07.2009, at Samiyarpettai, near Parangipettai, Tamil Nadu.

Vol 3, Issue 3, Jul-Sept 2009

On 16.07.2009, a special camp was organized, at Gundu Uppalavadi, where 243 patients were treated for their surgical ailments, by specialists from the department of General Surgery. A special General Medical camp was organized on 24.07.2009, where, in addition to treating the 176 patients for various medical ailments, health awareness was also created regarding the common complaints, their prevention and cure. The doctors from MGMCRI participated in two “Varumun Kaapom Thittam” (prevention camps), organized by the Government of Tamil Nadu, on 25.07.2009 and 01.08.2009, at Thiruvaheendrapuram and Pudukadai respectively. A health-checkup camp, for the employees of PASIC, was organized on 20.08.2009, at Karuvadikuppam. One MGMCRI SSSMCRI IGIDS KGNC

hundred and forty five people were the beneficiaries. Two health check-up camps were conducted for the benefit of the inmates of the SOS Children’s Village, at Pillaiyarkuppam, on 22.08.2009 and 26.09.2009. One hundred and two people were treated on the first day, while sixty five received treatment on the second day. A multi-speciality camp was held at Venkata Nagar, Puducherry on 27.08.2009. The camp was attended by 644 people and elicited an enthusiastic public response. In all, a total of 1811 patients were the beneficiaries at these ten health camps. Among them, 911 patients were referred to MGMCRI for institutional care. In addition, minor procedures such as injections, cleaning and dressing were performed for 318 and 43 patients respectively. 18

Furthermore, simple investigations such as the measurement of hemoglobin levels in blood and detection of sugar and albumin in urine were carried out, wherever deemed necessary / appropriate. It provides a deep sense of gratification to note that we are able to reach out to the masses and help them derive relief from their suffering. But such endeavors continue to be a drop in the ocean and it is in the light of our hope based on constant efforts that we intend bringing more people under our umbrella, thereby providing regular and sustained specialized services to them. A team of doctors from the department of Dermatology, Venereology and Leprology, visited SHASUN Chemicals, on 12.09.09. This is a factory where drugs and chemicals are manufactured. Under the able guidance of the Professor and Head of the Department Dr. S.



Ambujam, the medical team screened the workers (80) for the occurrence of occupational dermatoses. This screening program forms a component of the ongoing study on workers in chemical factories, for detecting the presence of occupational dermatoses in them, besides providing medical advice and appropriate treatment to the workers, wherever indicated.

Activities of Health Centres

Public awareness talks are regularly being organized at the OPDs of the health centers where the patients could derive useful information, while waiting to meet the doctor. In this regard, the Medical social worker, Health educator and the ANM, delivered awareness talks on the topics “Environmental sanitation and prevention of mosquito borne diseases” and “Prevention of communicable diseases” on 07.07.2009, at the OPD of the UHC. Similar talks were delivered at PCP Nagar, on 27.07.2009, for the benefit of the residents of that locality. Talks laying emphasis on “Personal hygiene and water-borne diseases” were delivered on 13.07.2009 and 12.08.2009, at the OPD of RHC. Yet another health talk on “Importance of immunization, weaning foods and child care” was disseminated, at Seliamedupet, on 21.07.09.

The urban and rural health centres attached to MGMCRI are actively involved in providing preventive and promotive health services, besides offering the basic medical care to the community, in general. During the three month period, between July and September 2009, 4787 people had reported at the urban health center (UHC), while 3861 people were treated at the Rural health centre (RHC), for their ailments.

In addition, the medical officers, social workers and health educators also reach out to the society at regular intervals and organize health programs, regarding common medical problems, their prevention and cure. A group discussion, among the members of a self-help group, was conducted, at Aranganoor, on 21.08.2009, pertaining to the importance of immunization and family planning. Aranganoor is within the field practice jurisdiction of the RHC.

5 Sri Balaji Educational & Charitable Public Trust


The Medical officer, Medical social worker and the Health educator had arranged for health talks, for the residents of Anthoniar Koil street and PCP Nagar, Puducherry, on 05.08.2009 and 28.08.2009, respectively. The talks were delivered on the themes namely “Importance of Immunization and Family Planning” and “Prevention of Swine Flu”. Seventy eight people had attended the talks and derived benefit from the same. Health talks were delivered on the topics “Prevention of Swine Flu” and “Importance of safe drinking water” at Gandhiji nagar and Arunthathipuram, on 04.09.09 and 25.09.09 respectively. The health workers emphasized the importance of frequent hand washing, which is a relatively simple measure to implement, towards the prevention of Swine Flu. Fifty two people attended the health awareness talk, at the RHC, on 03.09.09. The topic -- Prevention of Swine Flu, elicited wide response from the rural population who were the beneficiaries. Another awareness talk on the topic “Importance of immunization and Family Planning” was delivered at the OPD clinic of the RHC, on 17.09.09. The talk evoked an active and avid response from the public. 2009

The faculty and post-graduate students from the department of Psychiatry participated in a medical camp, in collaboration with the department of Community Medicine, MGMCRI that was held at Puduvai Tamil Sangam, Puducherry, on 27.08.2009. The mental health among geriatric patients, with particular reference to the early detection of Dementia was highlighted in this camp. Patients with dementia were advised to attend the Psychiatry and Neurology clinics at MGMCRI, for further evaluation and management.

Jul-Sep, Vol 3 |ssue 3

5 Sri Balaji Educational & Charitable Public Trust

SPOTLIGHT The Department of Microbiology


he Department of Microbiology, MGMCRI had a modest beginning in March 2002 rendering diagnostic microbiology services. Since then, it has evolved into a fullfledged post-graduate department, under the stewardship of Prof. Vasantha Babu and Prof. Singh UK. Currently, it boasts of a state-of-art laboratory providing a gamut of advanced and novel diagnostic tests. It offers quality diagnostic services to the various clinical departments at an affordable cost.

Th e Fac u lt y The faculty is committed to professional advancement. Dr. Uma Devi, Dr. Srirangaraj and Dr. Noyal Joseph have received advanced training in molecular methods. Prof. Selvaraj Stephen is a recognized expert in the diagnosis of ricketsial diseases.

I n f r as t ru c t u r e a n d diag n o st i c l a b or atory services The diagnostic microbiology lab is

fully functional with separate laboratories for bacteriology, immunology, virology, tuberculosis, mycology and parasitology. Sophisticated equipments such as immuno-fluorescence microscope, Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD) incubators, laminar flow benches, and a comprehensive PCR system to carry out molecular diagnostic work are available in the department. A BACTEC system, for the rapid isolation of bacteria including Mycobacterium tuberculosis

Vol 3, Issue 3, Jul-Sept 2009

The department is currently headed by Prof. Selvaraj Stephen, who has been a strong presence in the department since 2002 and has contributed immensely to the growth and development of the department. Dr. Joshy M. Easow, Dr. Uma Devi S, Dr. Shailesh Kumar, (Associate Professors), Ms. Kandhakumari, Dr. Srirangaraj, Dr. Noyal Mariya Joseph (Assistant Professors) and Ms. Sruthi Raj (Tutor) provide able and admirable support to the sustenance and development of the department.

Immunofluorescence Microscopy

ELISA testing in progress





Apart from the routine bacteriological culture, antibiotic sensitivity and serological tests, the department has added several rapid immunochromatography based diagnostic tests to facilitate diagnosis of dengue, malaria, leptospirosis and tuberculosis. The tuberculosis laboratory is functioning as a recognised centre under the Revised National Tuberculosis Control Program (RNTCP). The faculty in their deeds are ably supported by eight well trained laboratory technicians and auxiliary staff. The faculty take an active part in the hospital infection control milieu. They conduct periodic surveillance of the environment in the ICUs and operation theatres, check potable water facilities for bacteriological contamination, etc. Dr. Joshy M. Easow, serves as the hospital Infection Control Officer.

Ac a de m i c ac t i vities he department has a sound infraT structure to cater to both undergraduate (UG) and post-graduate (PG)

teaching. The students’ practical laboratory has 80 student microscopes at 1:1 ratio. The department has an annual intake of 3 and 6 students in MD Microbiology and MSc Medical Microbiology courses respectively. In addition to teaching MBBS undergraduate students, the faculty also handles classes for dental and nursing students. The faculty members have undergone training in medical education and training. The materials for UG and PG courses are meticulously planned and executed in order to maintain very high academic standards. Seminars and Journal clubs are organised weekly. An excellent museum with a vast collection of various specimens and charts, contributes immensely to UG and PG learning. An international conference / workshop titled “CAMHADD: Vision 2020” HIV / AIDS and child development, was organised by the department in August 2008, by our first Director Prof. Rajaram Pagadala and

assisted by Prof. Singh UK, under the auspices of the Commonwealth Association for Mental Handicap and Developmental Disabilities (CAMHADD).

R esearch Activities and P ublications A well equipped research laboratory supports and augments various research activities. Hither to, three research projects have been completed and eight projects in association with various clinical departments of the institute are in progress. The faculty members have 50 research publications to their credit, in various indexed national (37) and international medical journals (13). The faculty members periodically attend workshops, conferences and CMEs to keep abreast of the latest developments.

The fu ture The laboratory is forging ahead towards NABL / NABH accreditation. Establishment of PCR / Molecular diagnostic laboratory for detection of several pathogens is the top priority. Dynamism and dedication towards achieving academic excellence is our motto and vision.

5 Sri Balaji Educational & Charitable Public Trust

Biological Oxygen Demand incubator



and two ‘Biosafety level-II’ cabinets have augmented the armamentarium.

Jul-Sep, Vol 3 |ssue 3

5 Sri Balaji Educational & Charitable Public Trust

DAWN OF NEW CHAPTERS Dr. Manimekalai K, MD (Pharmacology) has joined our Institute as Professor and Head, Department of Pharmacology, with effect from 16-09-2009. She is an alumnus of Thirunelveli Medical College. She did her postgraduation in Pharmacology from Madras Medical College in the year 2000. A capable and industrious person, she has ample experience in establishing the department of Pharmacology in upcoming medical colleges in the past. Now, she has joined an established institute with an eagerness to take the department to newer heights. She had undergone training in medical education at the National Teachers Training Center, JIPMER, Puducherry. We welcome her to the fraternity of MGMCRI and fondly hope for years of fruitful association.

Vol 3, Issue 3, Jul-Sept 2009

Appointments & Promotions Dr. Sadishkannan C @ Kamalanathan,

Dr. Santha C

Assistant Professor of Medicine (01.07.09)

Assistant Professor of Medicine (07.08.09)

Dr. Ponnambalam @ Sai Srinivasan

Dr. Prasant Nayak

Consultant in Cardiology (01.07.09)

Assistant Professor of Urology (21.08.09)

Dr. Koteeswaran G

Dr. Rathi Sharmila

Associate Professor of Pathology (06.07.09)

Assistant Professor of Paediatrics (22.08.09)

Dr. Rajesh A

Dr. Devi Jansirani D

Assistant Professor of Medicine (08.07.09)

Assistant Professor of Anatomy (31.08.09)

Dr. Uday Preet Sidhu

Dr. Manish Kumar

Assistant Professor of Dermatology (16.07.09)

Assistant Professor of Surgery (07.09.09)

We wish all these faculty members the very best and hope that they enjoy a long, fruitful and mutually satisfying tenure.

Dr. Sharbari Basu, Associate Professor of Biochemistry was promoted to the rank of Professor on 11.09.09.

Dr. Tirou Arul, Associate Professor of General Surgery was promoted to the rank of Professor on 11.09.09.

We wish these two industrious and able faculty members, a long and satisfying tenure in MGMCRI. MGMCRI SSSMCRI IGIDS KGNC




ACADEMIC EVENTS Panel Discussion on H1N1 Influenza Virus


cientific and Academic Forum (SAF), Medical Education unit, MGMCRI organized a Panel discussion on H1NI Influenza Virus on 14.08.09. The welcome address was given by Prof. Ramakrishnan VT, President of SAF. He also introduced the following panelists to the avid audience: Dr. Surendara Menon, Chairperson and Moderator, Professor & Head, Department of Tuberculosis & Chest Diseases, Dr. Kannan NS, Deputy Medical Superintendent, Dr. Stephen Selvaraj, Professor & Head, Department of Microbiology, Dr. Gunasekaran, Associate Professor, Department of Pediatrics, Dr. Raghuraman, Associate Professor, Department of Anesthesiology, Dr. Lokesh, Assistant Professor, Department of Medicine. Elaborate and individual deliberations were prescribed by the learned members of the panel. Dr. Stephen Selvaraj spoke about H1NI virus and explained at length about the mutations that have taken place among the four different virus strains, thereby resulting in the present strain. Dr. Lokesh made a lucid power point presentation on the clinical features of H1N1. Dr. Gunasekaran supplemented to the points made by Dr. Lokesh with regard to the clinical features observed in children and the differences in identifying the same in children. Dr. Raghuraman outlined the protocol for managing the respiratory distress syndrome which is a late manifestation in the H1N1 infected individual.

should necessarily wear protective masks, the most effective preventive measure by which the spread of infection could be curtailed. The panelists interacted with the audience which consisted of Faculty, Postgraduate students, Interns, Nursing College Faculty, Nursing Superintendent, Staff nurses and Nursing students. The proceedings were given wide coverage by the press. These reports cited the facilities available in Puducherry to treat H1N1. The newspapers also carried a report on H1N1 treatment modalities available at MGMCRI and stated that this institute was the first in Puducherry to set up such a facility.

5 Sri Balaji Educational & Charitable Public Trust



Dr. Kannan NS, elaborated upon the steps taken to help identify and treat patients as and when they get admitted. He said a separate room has been identified in the First floor of the hospital block, and all equipment necessary to monitor and support the patients affected have been put in place. He requested that all Jul-Sep, Vol 3 |ssue 3

5 Sri Balaji Educational & Charitable Public Trust


Faculty News C ou r se s a nd Worksh op s at t e nded »» Prof. Vijayalakshmi K, Principal, participated in the First National workshop on Ethical issues in Medical, Dental Research and Publication, conducted on 30.08.2009, at Balaji Dental & Craniofacial hospital, Chennai.

Community Health Services The Department of Public Health Dentistry, organized a free dental treatment camp on 19.09.2009 at Baby Sara Illam, Kakayanthopu, Puducherry, a home for mentally retarded children and orphans. Treatment facilities namely extraction, scaling and restoration were extended to two hundred inmates. The camp was jointly sponsored by the Indian Dental Association, Puducherry branch and Akshaya Magalir Mandram.

»» Dr. Vineela Katam Reddy, Senior Lecturer, Department of Periodontics, participated in the First international conference on Computer Aided Designing – Computer Aided Machinery and implant dentistry, held between 28.08.2009 and 30.08.2009, at Bengaluru, Karnataka.

Vol 3, Issue 3, Jul-Sept 2009

»» Dr. David Livingstone, Senior Lecturer, Department of Prosthodontics attended a workshop on “SR ADORA – lab Composites” (23.07.2009 & 24.07.2009) and on “D - SIGN metal ceramics” (14.08.2009 & 15.08.2009), conducted by The Centre for Advanced Dental Education and Training, at Chennai, Tamil Nadu.

A pp ointments

»» Dr. Sakthi Devi S, Tutor and Dr. Shyama Hijam Tutor attended Perio Convention - Givadent 2009, held on 29.08.2009 and 30.08.2009 at Annamalai University, Annamalai Nagar, Chidambaram, Tamil Nadu.

Dr. Vineela Katam Reddy, MD

Senior lecturer, Department of Periodontics (02.07.2009)

»» Dr. Sakthi Devi S, Tutor, Dr. Shyama Hijam Tutor and Dr. Senthil, Senior Lecturer, Department of Public Health Dentistry, attended The CDE program on “Interdisciplinary Periodontics - Newer Paradigms in Periodontal care”, conducted on 21.06.2009, by The Indian Dental Association, Puducherry.


Dr. Anitha K, MDS.

Senior lecturer, Department of Periodontics (28.08.2009). We wish these faculty members the very best in the years to come.




CASE REPORT Smile‌.and smile designing‌

Mr. G. presented to the OPD in a depressed mood and was hesitant to smile. He had Amelogenesis imperfecta, a hereditary disorder which affects enamel formation. He had defective tooth structure that was completely worn out due to defective enamel, leading to the exposure of underlying dentin and loss of vertical dimension (height of the teeth). They were stained and unappealing. He also complained of tooth sensitivity. MR, G. was counseled regarding full mouth rehabilitation and smile designing. In full mouth rehabilitation, the tooth structure can be added, reduced, moved, or altered in terms of color and texture without causing any deleterious effects. The culmination of such redesigning could be a tooth structure that looks and feels as good as the natural teeth. Smile designing involves procedures to correct defective and unappealing smiles. It is necessary for the teeth to be in harmony with the face, the lip line and the curvature of the mouth. The defects may lie in the color or shape of the teeth. Defects or excessive visibility of the supporting gums can also contribute to ugly smiles. Defective alignment of teeth and / or defective shapes of the jaws are other factors contributing to an unpleasant smile.

corrections. Many aids and tools are presently available for redesigning a smile, as perfectly as is possible. Computer aided graphics and mock ups with special materials are some techniques which give both the patient as well as the dentist, an idea about the esthetic appearance of the teeth even before the treatment is begun. Mr. G. was explained all the possible options regarding his treatment and was convinced that his smile and self image would improve thereafter. He consented to go ahead with the treatment. Full mouth rehabilitation with metal ceramic crowns was planned. Crown preparations were done in stages and metal ceramic crowns were cemented in the subsequent appointments. The procedure took twelve sessions in all spanning over a three month period.

J Smile designing involves procedures to correct defective and unappealing smiles

Discolored Attrited Teeth

The crowns increased the functional efficiency of his teeth and the aesthetics of his smile. The vertical dimension was restored and further loss of tooth structure was also prevented, thereby. Following completion of the treatment, our patient regained his confidence and was only too happy to smile for our camera. Smile is a curve that sets everything straight!

Meticulous planning is required before beginning extensive cosmetic 5 Sri Balaji Educational & Charitable Public Trust

Post Op Cheery Smile!


Pre Op Smile

Restored Occlusion 2009

A smile can enrich our own lives and the lives of people with whom we interact. The secret of success and popularity in life is a warm and engaging smile. Smiles are instinctive, a universal sign of friendliness that even newborns can recognize. Yet, too often our teeth deny us the benefits of a beautiful smile.

Jul-Sep, Vol 3 |ssue 3

5 Sri Balaji Educational & Charitable Public Trust


Faculty Activities S c i e n t i f i c P ublications »» Kamalam S. Exercises in pregnancy. Pondicherry Journal of Nursing 2009; 2(1): 4-5. »» Renuka K. Frozen embryo transfer for infertility. Pondicherry Journal of Nursing 2009; 2(1): 15-18. »» Lakshmi R. A study to compare normal saline vs tap water in irrigation of chronic wounds. Pondicherry Journal of Nursing 2009; 2(1): 37-42. »» Gokula Priya R. A study on the abortion seekers in Pondicherry region. International Research Journal of Social Sciences 2009; 2(2): 69-82

Vol 3, Issue 3, Jul-Sept 2009

Scientific P re se n tat i ons Dr. Savarimuthammal A, Professor, Department of Medical and Surgical Nursing, delivered a lecture on, “Students needs in clinical area” at the workshop on “Clinical Instructors’ Instruction” organized by the College of Nursing, Pondicherry Institute of Medical Sciences, Puducherry, on 16-09-2009.

Pa rt i c i pat i o n i n A c a demic / S cientific events Ms. Christy Suthasini, Lecturer, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology Nursing; Ms. Joy John, Tutor; Ms. Vimala J, Assistant Lecturer; Mr. Raja Rajan Madhan M, Clinical Instructor & Mr. Ramaprabhu Z, Clinical Instructor, participated in the “HIV/AIDS and ART Training” for nurses under “The Global Fund to fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria (GFATM)” conducted MGMCRI SSSMCRI IGIDS KGNC

at the College of Nursing, JIPMER, Puducherry, between 03-08-2009 and 07-08-2009. Ms. Thiruveni R, Ms. Vairam G, Ms. Rupa K, Ms. Jayanthi K, tutors, participated in a workshop on “Clinical Instructors’ Instruction” organized by the College of Nursing, Pondicherry Institute of Medical Sciences, Puducherry, on 16-09-2009.

C ommunit y Health Services School health programs were conducted by the 6th semester students of B.Sc. Nursing at Govt. Primary school, Kirumampakkam, Puducherry, on 11-082009 and 18-08-2009 benefiting five hundred students. The 6th semester students of B.Sc. Nursing demonstrated healthy cooking practices at Pillaiyarkuppam, Puducherry, on 13-08-2009 and 19-08-2009.

Commemorations World Popul ation Day The 6th semester students of B.Sc. Nursing organized a Poster presentation on 11.07.2009 on the theme “Fight Poverty: Educate girls” at the college premises, to commemorate the World Population Day.

World Breast Feeding Week KGNC observed, the ‘World Breast Feeding Week’ by organizing cultural events in the form of Puppet Show, Role Play, Mime and Lilliput, 26

between 01.08.2009 and 07.08.2009, at the Pediatric OPD and Community Centers to help create an awareness regarding the benefits of breast feeding. Many postnatal and antenatal mothers attended the program and were benefitted by it.

World R abies Day Health talks on Rabies were presented by the 8th semester students of B.Sc Nursing, on the theme for the year “Working together to make Rabies history” on 08-09-09, which convinced the student audience to join hands towards this noble cause. The talks highlighted the various aspects of this gruesome disease.

World A lzheim e r ’ s Day In commemoration of World Alzheimer’s Day, a symposium was organized on 21.09.2009, on the theme “Diagnosing Dementia - see it sooner”. The 3rd and 5th semester students elaborated on the various facets of this degenerative disease.

NSS Activiti e s Student volunteers of the NSS unit of KGNC participated in a career guidance program jointly conducted by the NSS, Puducherry, and Life Insurance Corporation of India, at Community College, Puducherry, on 08-08-2009.

The state NSS cell celebrated the birth anniversary of Sri Rajiv Gandhi, the former Prime Minister of India by conducting an intercollegiate essay competition on “Rajiv Gandhi-His vision and Mission”, on 21-08-2009. Ms. Karthiga A, NSS volunteer from 5th semester B.Sc. Nursing won the “Rajiv Gandhi Siksha Mithra Award” for the same. The second unit of the NSS was formed at KGNC on 25-08-2009 and the new members were oriented towards the activities of the NSS, by Dr. Rajan EM, State Liaison officer, NSS, Puducherry. The state NSS cell organized a rally on ‘Eye donation’ in association with members from Aravind Eye Hospital, on 06-09-2009. The rally was formally inaugurated and flagged off by Mr. Kandasamy M, Honorable Minister for Social Welfare and Co-operatives, Govt. of Puducherry, from Kamban Kalaiarangam. The rally featured educational posters and placards on ‘Eye donation’.

Academic Events


colleges from Puducherry participated in this event. The various competitions included Poster Presentation, Quiz Competition and Extempore on the theme – “Breast Feeding: A Vital Emergency response – Are you ready?” The Judges for the events were Prof. Ramakrishnan VT, HOD, Dept. of Paediatric Medicine, Prof. Shanthi Ananthakrishnan, Dept. of Pediatric Medicine, & Prof. Kamalam S, Principal, KGNC. The teams from Pondicherry Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) & KGNC won the 1st & 2nd prize respectively in the Quiz competition. In Extempore, Ms. Sivaranjini from Mother Teresa Institute of Health Sciences bagged the 1st prize and Ms. Aroakiamary from KGNC secured the 2nd place. Mr. Rajakannu from Sri Manakula Vinayakar College of Nursing, was declared the winner and Ms. Archana from KGNC emerged as the runner-up in the poster contest. The prizes and certificates were distributed by the Judges to all the winners.

S cientific and Academic Forum

SNA In t e rc ol l egiate C om pet i t i on s

The Scientific and Academic Forum of KGNC organized guest lectures during the third quarter of 2009.

The ‘Student Nurses’ Association’, of KGNC organized its first Intercollegiate Competition for the Nursing undergraduate students, on 30.07.2009, in commemoration of the ‘World Breast Feeding Week – 2009’. Seven Nursing

Ms. Manju Dhandapani, Assistant Professor, Department of Medical and Surgical Nursing, Pondicherry Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS), Puducherry, delivered a lecture on “Stem cell Transplantation”. Ms. Vetriselvi,

5 Sri Balaji Educational & Charitable Public Trust


Sister Tutor, JIPMER, Puducherry, presented a talk on “Care of children on ventilator” on 31-07-2009. Ms. Jeyasri Kurushov, Reader, Department of Mental Health Nursing, Mother Theresa Institute of Health Sciences (MTIHS), Puducherry, elaborated on the topic “Features of Mental Disorders”. Ms. Manju Bala Dash, Reader, Department of Mental Health Nursing, MTIHS, Puducherry, enlightened the audience on “Anxiety Disorders”, on 28-08-2009. An intercollegiate quiz on “Mental Health Nursing” was conducted on the same day. The participants were from JIPMER, MTIHS and KGNC. The KGNC team won the first prize.

A pp ointments The following faculty members joined KGNC during the third quarter of 2009. Dr. Savarimuthammal A, Ph D

Nursing, Professor, 01-09-2009. Ms. Lavanya S, M.Sc. Nursing,

Lecturer, 01-07-2009. Mr. Ramaprabhu Z, B.Sc. Nursing,

Clinical Instructor, 13-07-2009. KGNC extends a warm welcome to the newly appointed faculty members. 2009


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The Chronicle Vol 3 Issue 3  

Official Newsletter of Mahatma Gandhi Medical College and Research Institute, Shri Satya Sai Medical College & Research Institute, Indira Ga...

The Chronicle Vol 3 Issue 3  

Official Newsletter of Mahatma Gandhi Medical College and Research Institute, Shri Satya Sai Medical College & Research Institute, Indira Ga...

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