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In little Jackie’s pencil case, there was an eraser named Leo that wasn’t used and felt out of place.

Leo left without saying goodbye. He wanted to get away and didn’t know why. Leo’s body was dry and his mind was awry, for he needed a drink before he would die.

Water did not quench his thirst. He only felt worse and worse. Leo grabbed some of lemonade, and quickly ran into the shade.

Before he knew it, he was cold and pale. He drank a glass of ginger ale.

But that didn’t work, so he laid there. Then, Leo smelled a strange aroma in the air.

As he walked, he saw a chipmunk searching for something good to eat.

The chipmunk ran over, thinking Leo was food. The chipmunk took a bite and started to chew. Leo screamed, “No, please don’t hurt me”.

Leo ran away, crying, “What an awful day! Who’s going to love me looking this way?”

He continued to walk, over the hill and at the top was a boy named Bill.

Bill sat under a tree staring at a piece of paper with scribbles all over it. The eraser ran over the hill and snuck through the clover. Leo thought to himself, “I think I can help, maybe this is where I belong,� so Leo continued to walk along.

Bill looked at Leo and Leo looked at Bill. Bill said, “Hello, I’ve been looking for an eraser!” Leo said, “Well, I’ve been looking for a home!” Bill said, “Then you should no longer roam!”

The eraser said, “Can I help you fix your mistakes?” Bill yelled, “YES!” because when his papers were messy it gave him aches.

Leo the eraser finally got to help someone and began to feel at home.

The Eraser That Ran Away  

A children's book about a runaway eraser.

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