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I randomly showed up at a trail spot we used to call “The View� for obvious reasons. I havnt ridden there in years. Luckily there was 2 LAX homies Jorge and Santi already riding. With all the photos I decided to do OTG v.2

Santi just learned how to get through the set so it was awesome seeing him throw some tricks in the middle of the pack.

Jorge and Santi discussing his flat tire and what to do about it.

In between shooting I rode a bit and had my lady shoot this tobo. Photo: Angela Fink

This was goin down a lot haha.

Jorge walking back from exiting the line earlier than he wanted.

Sanit jumping over Angela and Jorge..... The view man. Epic.

Jorge had to borrow my bike but 4 pegs, freecoaster, and a larger frame didnt slow him down at all.

Jorge Tuck-No-Hander while the sun sets beyond the hill.

Tyler Sewell made it out for the last bit. Toboggan in the dwindling sun to end the session.


OTG v.2  
OTG v.2  

On The Grind v.2 "The View" Trails