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Career Services The Career Development Office (CDO) provides a multitude of expert services and professional resources to assist students and alumni in finding employment and launching careers in the legal profession. The CDO continues to cultivate outstanding relationships with many leading employers, in Florida and nationwide, including a host of public service employers, federal agencies and the Courts. Registrars From left to right: Donna Yff & Ada Rueda-Wright

Registrar The mission of the College of Law Registrar’s Office is to provide accurate academic record information and policy services to the faculty, staff, student, central administration and external constituencies.

Professional and personal satisfaction is critical to any successful legal or law related career. The CDO dedicates its considerable energies and resources to assisting students with developing individualized short and long term career strategies that allow students to successfully navigate through a broad spectrum of career options. The CDO serves as a resource for students and informational bridge between students and employers based in the South Florida community, regionally and throughout the nation.

The Registrar’s Office collects and disseminates student, course, instructional, and academic information through processes that ensure the integrity and security of all academic records particularly with regards to FERPA, the Family Educational ad Privacy Act as set forth by the Federal Government. See FERPA for more information at:

career services From left to right: Kimberly Kabot, Leonela Bravo, Debbie Rowe-Millwood, Alina Rivero, Martha Probst, Lis Morales

CDO Services include the following: + Personalized career counseling + Application material review + Skills workshops and programming + Panel discussions on career choices in the private, public, government and alternative sectors + Professional development programs + Interview programs + Career Resource Library + Job Postings – FIU Law Symplicity Job Bank The CDO is committed to providing students with the tools necessary to pursue a wide range of career opportunities and to make informed career related decisions. 78


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