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The Heinz Appeal


20 638 000 000 * *grams of annual Mayonnaise consumption in the UK

The Heinz Appeal About Us

At the Heinz appeal we are at the forefront of standing up for injustice and equality. Since the turn of world war two there has been a stark rise in injustice, not abroad, but in the UK itself. This prejudice has come in the form of condiment consumption. 19.4 billion grams of mayonnaise have been inhumanly consumed on an annual basis in the UK alone since the conclusion of the war. This has resulted in dwindling numbers of the condiment as well as

over production with in the industry itself, which in itself has its own connotations (green issues). Mayonnaise does not have a voice; do not let it suffer in silence. What we at the Heinz Appeal suggest to combat this problem of gross bias is to donate two pounds a week. This two pounds will buy you a bottle of Heinz Salad Cream. This bottle will stop the over consumption of thousands of pots of mayonnaise and improve the flavour and taste of your food.

The Heinz Appeal

The Heinz Appeal Facts & Figures

Figures show that a pot of mayonnaise is, on average, consumed every 5 minutes in the UK alone. This results in a yearly consumption of over 20 billion grams, in the UK alone. The weight consumed is equivalent to 1,682 double decker buses, 4,586 elephants or 17,544 family cars. What these statistics show is that mayonnaise is in danger of over consumption. The exploitation of mayonnaise is an issue The Heinz Appeal are pleading with you to stop.

As well as the exploitation of Mayonnaise, The Heinz Appeal aims to stop the corruption of food; food that is being corrupted by the inappropriate use of Mayonnaise. This corruption/exploitation spans many food groups from carbohydrates to vegetables, pizza to salad. The Heinz Appeal says STOP. Stop the exploitation of mayonnaise. Stop the corruption of certain foods. Buy Heinz Salad Cream for improved taste and flavour.

The Heinz Appeal Why Heinz Salad Cream?

Heinz Salad Cream was the first brand to be developed exclusively for the UK market, in 1914. It was a wartime favourite, giving the oftenbland meals some added zing and flavour. 98 years later, and it is still guaranteed to add a tasty zing to any salad, sandwich or light snack. With 60% less fat than the average mayonnaise, it is a smart alternative to any salad dressing on the market. By donating just ÂŁ2, you will receive your 460g bottle of Heinz

Salad Cream, delivered straight to your door by a trusted member of the HJ Heinz Company. You will also be pleased to know that, for every donation made, 10p will be given to Oxfam – a charity dedicated to helping those stricken by poverty in developing countries. It’s that simple. Save mayonnaise, eat Heinz Salad Cream.

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