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Year Abroad (European Legal Studies) Where can I go? The Law School offers the unique opportunity to experience living and studying in a foreign country to all of its students. This is a chance to undertake a year studying law in Europe with one of the School’s highly respected European partners. Exchanges take place under the European Union's SOCRATES programme. At the successful completion of the programme, you are awarded with a LLB Hons (European Legal Studies) degree, as well as the diploma you receive while studying abroad (depending on the specific institution). At present we send approximately 26 students abroad each year, to four countries.

Year Abroad Partner Institutions Institution

Number of Places

Language of Instruction

Netherlands Tilburg Utrecht

4 places 4 places

English English

5 places in total

German German German German

9 places in total

French French French French French

4 places in total


Germany Düsseldorf Osnabrück Erlangen Passau France Grenoble Orléans Réunion Valence Vannes (Britanny) Spain Oviedo

Do I need a language? To study in the Netherlands, the answer is no, though you will be given language instruction when you are there. You are also encouraged to study Dutch before your stay. The teaching in German, French and Spanish Universities is entirely in German/French/Spanish and thus an ‘A’ level (of at least grade B), or some other evidence of language proficiency is required. A series of seminars introducing students to German/French/Spanish Law and German/French/Spanish methods of teaching will be given in the second Semester of year 2.

What do I study? You will study Law alongside the home students of these countries. The exact course depends upon the university. For example, Tilburg offer a special certificate in International and Comparative Law. At Utrecht you are free to take a wider cross section of courses. In German Universities, the system is very flexible, and the choice is largely up to you (though there are certain basic subjects that you will need to study to be able to take more advanced ones. Not all German Law courses are examined. More details can be found on the web sites.

How do I prepare for studying abroad? European Legal Studies (ELS) students are entitled and encouraged to take the Comparative Law module offered only to Law/Languages and ELS students. This course examines the operation of legal systems in other countries through a variety of case studies. Students are also introduced to the methods of comparative law which should enable them to gain more from their year studying abroad. The module is optional for ELS students and replaces your current 20 credit options in the second semester of this year. Examination is by two essays and more information will be given to interested candidates after they have been accepted on ELS.

How much does it cost? Should you be successful in applying you will be transferred to the LLB (European Legal Studies) degree programme by the end of year 2. This is a four-year programme with your third year spent abroad. The additional cost to you is that of accommodation, living expenses and travel during the extra year that you will spend at university. Lower fees are payable during the year abroad and student loans for tuition and maintenance continue to be available. In addition, Hull Law School is part of the Erasmus student exchange programme, supported by the European Union. This provides a small allowance to students. At present, this is around £200 per month of study per student going to any European location who meet the eligibility criteria.

What about accommodation? Accommodation will be provided by the host university, although you may rent privately if you wish. The situation is not dissimilar to that which exists in Hull, but you should be aware that student accommodation in Hull is generally of a high standard. The accommodation you will be offered will be fine but may not up to the standard of that in Hull.

How do I find out more? There are links to all of the partner institutions on the Law School's website.

If you have any queries about any matter relating to entry to the Law School please contact one of our Undergraduate Admissions Selectors via the Law School Admissions Office: Tel: +44 (0)1482 465857 Fax: +44 (0)1482 466388 Email: For further details visit:

Hull Law School Factsheet: Year Abroad  
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