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“When you look at the photograph, it feels like you’re standing right there.” I was an artist before I was a Mom. Throughout middle school and high school, I lived and breathed drawing and painting. When it was time to go to college and pick your majoring subject, I first chose computer science because... what the hell do you do with an art degree? I didn’t want to be a “starving artist” like everyone said the art majors would become. I set myself up well by being a part of a research group, taking on jobs where I helped new students learning computer science, and I even did grading for a couple of the professions. But after a year and a half in, I broke down. This was not where I was meant to be! I went against what everyone was telling me and switched back to art. Even today I often reflect back on that moment and wonder if I was courageous for that decision or just completely nuts! My calling was in drawing and painting. I eventually took other classes such as ceramics, printmaking, and sculpture. It wasn’t until the very end of my college career that I took photography classes. My favorite was working with film and developing my photos in the dark room. I faced a whole different fear there too... using scissors in pitch black dark rooms with zero light! Talk about stress! Between 2011 and 2016 I did side jobs here and there taking pictures for families and couples. I sort of tried starting my own business, but didn’t really have the passion

that was required to jump in and do it. I didn’t consider myself a people-person and had a very hard time asking people to pose, hug, or kiss. You think its awkward for you? Pshh! Try being the person bossing you around demanding you kiss your husband! ha! Fast-forward to 2016 when my daughter was 5 months old, I participated in a contest to try to be the brand rep for a work-at-home-mom cloth diapering company. I felt a

sense of purpose again and did everything I could to win that spot. My hard work had paid off and I won! The requirements were you had to had a fluff butt baby and a camera that took high quality photos that they could use on their website and social media page. I really missed my art classes (still do today) so I jumped online and found different photography classes and ran into something called “family photojournalism”. I dug in and learned that there really was a way to be a good photographer and not have to awkwardly pose families! I found the woman who basically started the documentary family photography genre (Kirsten Lewis) and did online mentoring with her as well as an in-person intensive retreat

where her and her close friend (Jenna Shouldice) helped us in-the-field photographing families. While we were at the retreat we talked and dug deep into our “why”. It was at this moment I realized why these real moments matter so much more than your fake posed photos with zero personality. Almost exactly 1 month after my husband and I were married, my Grandma had a massive stroke. It completely her. I still remember walking into the hospital that day and seeing this woman who appeared to revert back to her toddler years. She was always the type of person who had to be dressed up - make up, perfume, and all - just to go to Wal-Mart... and now she was laying in bed with her hospital gown falling off, her hand hitting her knee out of anxiety, and being son-fed pureed food. She could barely talk, she would moan and yell out gibberish, and begged to get out of the bed. She suffered 7 long months being transferred from nursing home to hospital to a different nursing home, until she finally passed away. In between those 7 months, my Mother-In-Law was diagnosed with lung cancer and passed away 3 weeks before my Grandma did. 3 Months after they passed away, my Step-Grandma had a stroke and was taken to be with the lord within a week. 4 months after she passed, her husband passed. Almost 1 year to the date, my Papa passed away at the ripe age of 92 with all of us there in his home. I was the last person to spend time with him and talk to him. I was almost 13 weeks pregnant at the time and was waiting to announce to the family - didn’t even get a chance to tell him.

After talking with my mentors about my experience, I realized the pattern. Every time someone passed away, the family gathered to go through old photographs to relive memories and tell stories about one another. And guess what? Every-Single-Time, the photos that brought out the most emotions were the ones that were taken at random throughout their daily lives. The photographs that meant the most were the ones with Grandma cooking in the kitchen getting ready for Thanksgiving. They were the ones of Grandma sitting out in the front yard in the kiddie pool with her kids running around in their underwear playing in the sprinkler. They were the ones that helped you remember that disgusting old orange and brown plaid couch that every family used to have. I was the person responsible for gathering photos and creating funeral slideshows, and I saw first hand which photos were the most important ones to the family... and it wasn’t the ones where everyone got dressed up and posed in front of a color faded background.

“When you die, what photos will be on your funeral slideshow?” It was at this moment I realized just how beautiful real life is. I’m not talking about lifestyle - posed to look real - I’m talking about you struggling as a parent. I’m talking about the times you get poop on your hand from changing your kids diaper. Real life is where the beauty is. The struggles in our lives are what build us to be who we are today. How did I get into birth? I had my own struggles during my

pregnancy with my daughter that motivated me to get involved. Long story short, we were kicked out of our OB’s office for wanting to create a birth plan, so I transferred to the local birth center. The experience made me educate myself and I quickly became passionate about the process of labor and birth. We were one of the rare few who hired a birth photographer for the birth of our daughter. I didn’t realize until after we received our photo how important they would be. It literally was the best decision I’ve ever made! The birth haze is real, once you go into labor land you completely forget where you are and who’s with you. My birth photos are my absolute most favorite photos of all time! Forget the wedding photos! Who cares about those!?








Your birth space is a sacred place. I 100% truly believe this statement and I say it often. Since I’ve had my own natural birth experience, I recognize and acknowledge how special it is to be in a woman’s birthing space. Any amount of negative thoughts, emotions, or even negative energy can have an enormous impact on the outcomes of your birth. Because of this, I require an in-person meeting when you hire me and try my hardest to attend your birth team meeting if you have one.

What words would you use to describe my presence in your birth space? “Like a shy house cat. In a good way.” - Catherine M.


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Because birth is so intimate, It’s very important that we meet face-to-face at least once before your birthing day. If we haven’t set up a day to meet already, please reach out to me via email with days/times that work best for you. Once you make your deposit to Teri for your package, a non-refundable deposit is paid to me to hold your due date. As you near the end of your pregnancy, you will have what’s called a birth team meeting. These meetings are very helpful for me in learning more about your hopes and dreams and feeling the overall vibe your birth team has. I go on call for you at 37 weeks, which means I am available for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, even on weekends and holidays. All text message updates are encouraged, even if it’s just to say “nothing is happening today.” You will probably be instructed to contact your doula and/or OB/ Midwife when you start to have signs that labor is near. This is the time I suggest sending a group text to your birth team and including me in it, that way you don’t have to work extra hard to keep me in the loop. The more informed I am, the better I can prepare my family and arrange childcare for me to head to your birth.

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I like to arrive when you are in or close to active labor, and how that is defined is different for everyone. I usually don’t care so much about timing of contractions and numbers... what I care about the most is how you are handling each contraction and if my presence is going to slow them down. The closer you are into labor land, the easier it is for me to step into your birth space with no interruptions. Usually the time you need your doula, it’s time for me to arrive to document your story. I arrive to your birthing location and try to feel out the energy of your birth space. I listen closely and study your body language and determine if it’s okay to take pictures or if I should step out for a few minutes. Once you are in transition and your baby is getting ready to come earth-side, I position myself and get ready to capture this incredible moment the way you want it captured! I continue to stay close by to you over the next hour or so trying to capture all these special details that will quickly be forgotten. Documentation usually ends about 2-3 hours after your baby is born, or when the rest of your birth team leaves. Depending which package you chose, you may or may not receive sneak peek photos within 24 hours. It usually takes me between 2 and 4 weeks to finish your full gallery, and if you’ve ordered any prints or products you will choose the photos for them after your gallery is complete. This is the time when we would set up your “print and product ordering meeting” if you wish. It is not required, but I offer it to help you choose photos for your products and bring over any samples if you wish to look through them.

WHAT IS EXPECTED OF YOU, THE CLIENT As your due date approaches, you will experience different signs that your body is preparing for labor. I would love to receive text message updates as things start to happen so I can prepare the best that I can. I am a very talkative and open person, so please don't hesitate to text me often! What I expect from you or any other birthing client is frequent updates as you show signs of labor. This could be your water breaking, contractions are consistent, cramping, bloody show, etc. I fully expect to be called and woken up in the middle of the night, so please do that! The more informed I am, the quicker I can arrange child-care, and the quicker I can leave to get to you. I have missed 2 births due to the family not contacting me. So, if you are ever wondering if you should be contacting me (or a member of your birth team) the answer is yes!

I’M CONCERNED ABOUT MODESTY During our first meeting, I will bring a questionnaire with me and fill it out as we talk. In here we will go over your birth plan and preferences. Most of my clients let me have free range over my creative process, and once they receive their final images they write down in their model release which photos they don’t want shared publicly. I don’t share any of your photos without you saying it is okay to do so.

WHAT DO I WEAR? Since I am a documentary photographer, I don’t like to direct in any way or change anything about the environment. However, I have been asked this question enough times that I should probably give the answer anyway! Honestly, wear what makes you comfortable. If you are worried about photographs, play it safe and do solids. Laboring Moms, you can wear whatever your heart desires!

WILL YOU USE LIGHTING EQUIPMENT OR A FLASH? Nope. No. No way. Okay, that is my first response! Having trained with one of the top family photojournalists in the world, I definitely do not prefer to use flash in your birth space. I want to show your story in my photos, so if the room you’re in is dark, my photos will also be dark and reflect the scene. If for some reason the quality of the photos are suffering due to the lack of light, I will try to open window blinds or turn on a light in a nearby room. If I still find that I can’t do my job, then I will resort to using my flash. When I use it, I put it up towards the ceiling or behind me and never pointing directly at you. Using flash is my absolute last resort, and I have yet to have to use it.

WHATS BETTER, HAVING PHOTOS OR VIDEO OF MY BIRTH? There really is not one that is better than the other, and it just depends on how you want to relive your birth experience. There are some moments that are best shown in photos, and there are some moments that are best shown in video and audio. Video is essential a motion picture with sound, so if you know in advance that you’ll be singing, humming, dancing, or swaying in labor, I usually suggest videography as a way to capture your story. I have been to births where husband and wife joked around in between contractions, and where the husband said the most beautiful words I’ve ever heard to his wife in labor... those I wish would have been video. And then I’ve also had video where a still photograph would have be just perfect. But remember, no matter which one you choose, you will not have regrets! They are both equally amazing!

WHAT IF YOU MISS THE BIRTH? If you keep me as updated as possible, the likelihood if me not making it is extremely low. Of course, there is always a risk! It’s birth, and birth is unpredictable. If you’ve contacted me and I’ve already left, but was only minutes late because your labor went lightening fast... we embrace that part of your story and I continue to document what I can through the golden hour and postpartum period. In the past I have stayed about 6 hours in total as the family set up an herbal bath. If you call me and I can’t make it that day for any reason, I have 3 other back up birth photographers on standby ready to replace me.




Many people get documentary photography confused with lifestyle photography, a style that is becoming popular. Sometimes the photos you get can look very similar, but the approach to getting those photos are on opposite ends of the world. The approach I take is the same as a family photojournalist would... and since there are rules to photojournalism, I think it’s important you know what they are so you know what to expect when hiring me.




When I am photographing you for your family session, I do not change anything at all. This includes: what you’re wearing, what’s in your house, the location in which you are standing/sitting, the lighting in the room, etc. I move myself around in order to get the picture I’m wanting, so I make zero requests from you. I also won’t ask you to repeat a moment again. If I miss it, I miss it... I will wait for it to happen again.

While I’m watching you through my lens, I make sure everything in the frame is exactly the way I want the finished image to be. When it comes time to sit down and edit your photos, I won’t crop the photos to make them anything it wasn’t originally intended to be. I also don’t heavily edit to make the scene look like something it wasn’t or to remove something distracting. The photos you receive are real and raw, and truly of your life.

When you look at my photos years from now, I want it to feel like you were there. In order for it to feel like you’re right there, I have to actually be right there next to you taking the photo. For the duration of your session, I will become a part of your family and get close from time to time. If you’re going swimming, I’m going swimming too! If you’re cuddling in bed with your children, I just may be on your bed too!




Sometimes planning activities is the best way to get you and your family to relax! If you are focused on something else, then you may forget my camera is around. Here’s a short list of activities you can do! Keep in mind to not pick too many activities for 1 session and to make sure some are at least a part of your normal routine. The more out-of-the-ordinary your session is, the more your kids might act a little cray-cray!

Flying Kites Pinwheels Frisbee Bubbles Water Balloons/Guns Swimming Playing in Sprinklers Football Basketball Jump Rope Hoola-hoop Fishing Roller Skating Sidewalk Chalk Silly String Finger/Face Painting Hopscotch Riding Bikes/Skateboards Reading Books Eating Popsicles, Ice Cream, or Frozen Yogurt

Family Game Night Tug of War Apple Picking Pumpkin Patch Picnic in the Park Beach or lake Local Festival or Carnival Amusement Park Gymnastics Class Baking or Cooking PB & J Sandwiches Food Fight Drinking Hot Cocoa Camping Building a Snowman Snowball Fight Christmas Tree Cutting Cooking Decorating Pumpkin Carving Trick-or-treating

DOCUMENTING YOUR BIRTH Every package includes an in-personal consultation, attendance to your birth team meeting, documentation of your labor, birth, and 2-3 hours postpartum, and a print/ product ordering meeting post-birth if necessary. On-call starting at 37 weeks and will remain 100% available 24/7 until your baby is born.

BIRTH PHOTOGRAPHY 2018 Collection: 75-300 high-resolution digital images. 5-10 sneak peek images within 24 hours after birth for social media announcement. Online gallery for viewing and downloading your images. 5 x 7 photobook with 24 pages, holds 24 images + the front cover. Print release for your images.



Trade-in your small photobook to a large photo album and get $50 off the pricing shown in the back of this booklet. The prices in the order form in your client portal reflect the trade-in discount.

BIRTH VIDEOGRAPHY Videography Option: 8 - 11 minute full length film of your labor, birth, and postpartum period. Final video is edited together in a cinematic style layered with music and audio from the scene. Option to purchase digital images from your birth.





$55 + TAX

$650 + TAX

1 High-Resolution digital image. Print release for printing your photos.

50 - 250 High-Resolution digital images. Print release for printing your photos.

DOCUMENTING YOUR FAMILY Prices below are non-refundable deposits to lock in your session date. Each session includes: An in-personal consultation if requested, photographic coverage for the length of time you choose, and an in-person print and product ordering meeting if necessary. The session fee does not include any digital files, prints, or products. You choose from the collection to the right how you want to preserve your memories. My time during your session is flexible and I don’t sit and watch the clock down to the minute. If there are moments happening at the end of our session, I am okay with staying just a bit longer.

3 HOURS $300 + TAX

6 HOURS $600 + TAX

12 HOURS $1200 + TAX




$350 + TAX

$600 + TAX

$825 + TAX

• 8 x 8 signature photo album with 10 spreads, option to add additional spreads. • Your choice of 30 images in your album. • High-Resolution Digital file for the 30 images you select. • Online gallery with your images formatted and watermarked for social media use only. • Limited print release. • $50 gift card to use on prints or products.

• 10 x 10 signature photo album with 10 spreads, option to add additional spreads. • Your choice of 30 images in your album. • High-Resolution Digital file for the 30 images you select. • Online gallery with your images formated and for printing up to 11 x 15 only. • Limited print release. • $100 gift card to use on prints or products.

• 1 matted fine art print - fits a 16x20 frame. • High-Resolution Digital file for the print. • Online gallery with your images formatted and watermarked for social media use only. • Limited print release.

10% discount when booking multiple sessions.

SIGNATURE PHOTO ALBUM These are not your typical photo albums where you insert your 4 x 6 photos from your childhood... these are high quality panorama photo albums with thick lay-flat pages. Images can print across the center with a seamless appearance. Customization options are endless! You can choose between 18 different leather cover options, 16 linen cover options, and even acrylic, wood, or metal cover. Other customizations include etched leather patterns, front cover cameo cut-outs, debossing or foil-stamping personalization, and simply adding additional spreads. These signature photo albums are perfect for showing your full story since you don’t have to pick just 1 or 2 photos to print. You can use them for maternity, birth, newborn, a fun family day, or all of the above!

SIZE & PRICE The price of each album includes 10 spreads (20 pages) and all customization options except for acrylic, wood, or metal cover and adding additional spreads. 9 X 6......$445 + TAX 8 X 8......$475 + TAX 10 X 10....$595 + TAX 12 X 8.....$675 + TAX 2 X 12.....$745 + TAX


The best quality printing on high-quality lustre photographic paper. I’ve ordered prints for a variety of companies and found one I feel is far superior than all the others.


Each print is mounted on acid-free white mat board with foam board backing, ready to frame! FITS A 12 X 16 FRAME...$40 + TAX PACK OF 3........$96 + TAX FITS A 16 X 20 FRAME...$55 + TAX PACK OF 3........$132 + TAX

SIZE & PRICE High Quality Prints of your choice on lustre photo paper, all printed with a 1/4 white border. 4 4 5 5


6 6 7 7

(50)......$45 (100).....$80 (30)......$40 (50)......$60

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beautiful -Lawren


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